Shaving Story Pt. 01

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How stupid can I be? I should have seen this coming a mile away, but I missed it until it was too late. Now I’m a limp-dicked husband with a happy wife.

Here’s how it happened.

Judy and I were on a vacation cruise trip when we met Ross and Dianna at dinner one evening when we shared a table. In the course of small talk, we discovered that we lived in the same vicinity. Ross had retired recently, and he was ecstatic. In retirement he began a new hobby related to shaving.

Yep, that’s where this is going, and you can see it already, can’t you? Why I didn’t is my own fault.

Now, I should mention that Ross and Dianna were attractive and fit. They appeared to be in their late 50s, but they had aged very well. Ross was tall, about six feet three inches, with a trim waist and dark black hair. Dianna was also tall, probably an inch or two less than six feet, with long and straight black hair, and her figure was something to behold. Her curves had me staring too much, I’m sure, and her legs seemed endlessly long, and her breasts were prominent and nicely displayed.

Judy and I are in our mid-forties. I’ve let myself go a bit. My belly is pudgy and my hair is thinning. Judy, on the other hand, plays tennis and runs mini-marathons. She is about my height, five feet seven, and she is practically flat-chested. Her little nipple nubs sit atop a gentle swelling. I reassure her about the appearance of her breasts and praise her appearance. Her exercise keeps her quite thin, and her face is what I would call plain and pretty at the same time. Judy wears her hair short, sort of a Peter Pan cut, and she is a natural blonde.

That last part, her blonde hair, is probably her most striking feature.

Ross told us that he had recently tried shaving with an old fashioned straight razor, and his wife loved how smooth it made his face. Dianna smiled and said, “Oh my gosh! The difference was amazing.” Since then, Ross has become an expert on old shaving methods. Apparently there are websites and an entire culture devoted to gadgets and blades and soaps for shaving.

Judy leaned over and ran her hand over my face and said, “Your face is a but rough.” She is usually shy, but I guess she was just trying to be polite and make conversation.

Ross jumped in, “You should try it.”

I smiled and said that I was satisfied with my multi-blade disposable gizmo for shaving, but Ross didn’t miss a trick. He said, “Well, I think your wife might like you to try a closer shave.”

Ross went on, “Listen, why don’t you come to our cabin tomorrow morning and you can try it. But actually, it’s safer to let someone shave you first until you know what you’re doing. I can do that.”

It seemed silly. I asked Judy, “Really? You want me to try this?”

She replied, “Not if you don’t want to.”

The thought came to me that I would enjoy seeing Dianna again. Just looking at her increased my libido. And who knows what she might be wearing in the morning hours? So I said, “Why not?”

“Great,” said Ross. “Come whenever you like. We’ll be ready.”

After dinner, Judy and I watched them as they danced to the ship’s DJ. As they twirled around the floor, I was aware of what a handsome couple they were. Up to this point, nothing about Ross and Dianna seemed odd except for the shaving thing. They seemed polite, comfortably friendly, and like a happy couple.

After coffee the next morning, Judy put on shorts and I dressed casually, then we went to get a shave.

When I knocked on Ross and Dianna’s door, I heard him call out, “Just a moment.” Then we heard laughing and commotion before he came to open the door.

“Hi, good morning,” Ross said. “Won’t you come in?”

They had a larger state room with a lounge area and large bed. Ross was dressed in exercise clothes that flattered his physique. His tee shirt fit a bit tightly across a muscled chest, and below he wore compression pants from waist to above the knee. I should have noticed the bulge in his cock zone, but I was too busy enjoying the sight of Dianna in a robe.

“This won’t take long,” Ross announced, “And I’ve got us set up over here,” as he pointed to a chair by a sink.

Laid out were a straight razor and a mug filled with shaving cream. “First,” he said, “let’s get a warm moist towel on your face to soften the beard.”

I sat in the chair and let him wrap my face in the towel. It was at that moment, when I was at eye level with Ross’s crotch, that I first saw what appeared to be a monster. The bulge in the center appeared to be only caused by his balls because there was a thick long bulge down one leg, perfected outlined in the nylon stretch pants.

I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Could this be real? Had Judy seen this, too?

As the towel moistened and warmed by face, we four chatted about the cruise while I eagerly looked at Dianna for glimpses of her bra and breasts swaying under her robe. Sure enough, as she moved, Dianna seemed unaware that she was flashing cevizli escort me generous peeks of curving breasts. I strained to see a nipple, but to no avail.

Ross applied the shaving soap and began to gently but firmly glide the super sharp razor over my cheeks and chin and down my neck. Truly, it only took a few minutes to finish the job.

“Judy,” Ross spoke, “come over here now and feel how smooth his cheeks are.”

As instructed, my wife walked to me and ran the back of her hand over my face. “Oh my,” she said, “that is amazing.”

“And,” Ross added, “another good thing about this type of shaving is how sensitive the skin becomes.” He looked at me, “Doesn’t the touch of her hand feel good?”

I had to admit that I did feel a difference.

Were we done? At that moment, I thought we would leave and get on with our morning activities, but Ross announced, “This type of shaving isn’t only good for a man’s face.”

You’d think I would have seen it coming. But nope.

Ross told us, “It’s also great for women’s legs,” as he looked at his lovely wife in her robe. “I’m about to shave Dianna’s legs if you want to see how it’s done and feel the results.”

Well, I was hooked. He didn’t have to convince me to stay and stare at her long lovely legs and then to feel them. I looked at Judy, “Why don’t we?”

Had I looked for it, I’m pretty sure than I would have seen Ross’s cock bulge grow at that moment. But I was too busy watching Dianna.

She spread towels on the bed, then she untied her robe to let is fall apart. I was fixated on watching her robe sway this way and that, exposing peeks of her bra and panties.

Ross and Dianna acted as if all this was normal and made us, or at least me, not think twice about what we were seeing. Looking back, it was all part of their plan. And I was loving their plan, up to this point.

Dianna lay face down on the bed with the towels under he legs. As she did, the robe parted, exposing the back her legs completely up to and including glimpses of her white panties covering her shapely ass.

Ross spoke, “Come over so you can see,” as he applied warm moist towels to his wife’s legs. Judy stepped over beside the bed, and I stood behind her so she couldn’t see me staring at another man’s wife’s panties. And I did stare.

Ross removed the towels and applied warm lather to the calves of his wife’s lower legs. Then he carefully and expertly removed the foam with is razor. First one leg, then the other.

He wiped off the remaining lather and asked us to feel her smooth legs. I let Judy touch her first. As my wife ran her hand over the silky soft skin, Dianna sighed a little sound and I think she giggled slightly and said to us, “Ohh, that tickles.”

I eagerly took my turn, and Ross looked on approvingly as I stroked his wife’s legs. She again giggled a little bit and even squirmed slightly as I intentionally tickled the curves of her calves.

Ron said, “On women, there’s not much hair that grows on the upper part of the leg, but we go ahead and make them smooth, too.” With that, I watched as he applied the warm moist towels again to the backside of her upper legs up to her thigh and almost to her curvy cheeks.

In moments, he had whisked away the lather and once again invited us to feel her legs. This time, Dianna responded with more laughter and movement as she felt the tickling sensations more intensely higher on her legs.

Judy seemed to be participating dutifully, but I was enjoying this immensely.

Then, Ron asked his wife to turn over. As she did, the robe almost came off, and Dianna faced us with her legs fully exposed, her panties fully exposed, and her bra practically exposed. Black haired women often have very thick hair, and I studied the puff of her panties over her pubic area for evidence of a thick bush. As she wiggled on the bed a bit to get comfortable, I could not see obvious pussy hairs but we all could see a slight camel toe forming.

None of this seemed to bother Dianna, and Ross was certainly not bothered by me seeing his wife displayed like this. My cock was dripping and growing, and I think Ross and Dianna knew it and wanted me to get a hardon. Then suddenly it dawned on me. Ross must shave his wife’s pussy, too.

Ross followed the same procedure for the front of her legs, and again he asked us to fell how soft and smooth she felt. Seeing Dianna’s long legs was reason enough to make my dick stiff, but touching them and watching her squirm slightly at our touches made my little dick juicy and rigid.

Dianna arose from the bed and let her robe fall back into place and provide her some modesty.

Ross smiled, raised his eyebrows, and said, “That’s how we do it, and you can see how this kind of shaving makes the skin much more sensitive to the touch.”

Then he sprang the trap.

“Judy,” Ross said, “would you let me shave your legs?”

Being a blonde, erenköy escort Judy does not have much leg hair, and she only shaves her legs about once a month.

Before she could answer, Ross volunteered, “The bed is already set up, and my things are right here, and you’re wearing shorts.”

I looked at Judy, and she looked at me. We shrugged, and in the next moment, my wife was laying face down on the bed on top of the towels.

Ross seemed delighted, and Dianna looked on as her husband performed his magic on my wife. After shaving the back of her calves, he had us all feel her lower leg. Poor Judy was beside herself laughing as these strangers touched her. A wet spot grew in Ross’s pants as his cock got longer and longer. Ross was an expert at taking charge and making us feel that this was all normal.

For example, at that moment he said, “There’s a bit of hair on the back of your upper legs, but I can’t quite see because of your shorts.”

Then, without waiting for Judy or me to respond, Ross said to his wife, “Honey, will you help Judy take off her shorts?”

Without giving Judy time to react, Dianna reached under my wife’s mid-section and began pulling her pants down. Not a word was spoken as Judy was stripped of her shorts. Judy was probably not as alarmed as she might have been because underneath she wore an exercise leotard. It was revealing but she didn’t feel as vulnerable as if she had been wearing only thin panties.

“There!” Ross said, “That’s better.” As he shaved and drew the skin tight, Ross was fondling not only my wife’s legs closer and closer to her nether region, but also tugging and pulling the underside of her buttock cheeks. In a few minutes he had whisked away any hair from my the back of my wife’s legs, and once again strange hands were traveling up and down my wife’s legs and gently trailing over the crack of her ass.

“Flip over,” Ross said

Judy obeyed, showing us her flat chest with little nipple points clearly on display, and down below her pussy bulge was well covered by the industrial strength nylon of her gym wear.

Ross shaved her legs and we all felt them, enjoying watching the tickling sensation make Judy squirm a little.

Judy couldn’t have missed seeing the effect of all this on Ross’s dong. Even I was staring at it.

Dianna broke the silence and said to Judy, “Oh dear, look what you’ve done to my husband.”

Judy was used to being the quiet and shy wallflower, and now she was being treated to quite a compliment about her allure. This was new to her. Our sex life had diminished, and Ross was paying her quite a compliment in his pants. Until this moment, I hadn’t noticed how stimulated my wife was feeling.

Ross said, “There is one more thing.”

My mind raced. One more thing?

Ross explained, “Wherever hair is shaved, the skin becomes more sensitive.”

Judy looked up from the bed curiously as I thought, “Uh oh, here is comes.”

“To put it plainly,” Ross said, “I shave Dianna’s pussy, and I can shave yours.”

Ross and Dianna had set up us perfectly for this. So far, shaving faces and legs didn’t seem too terribly suggestive. Suddenly, I was getting nervous about the situation. I’d enjoyed watching another man’s wife reveal herself to me, but I wasn’t so sure how I felt about another man seeing Judy’s pussy.

But I wasn’t in control. It was clear they were asking Judy, not me, for permission.

To sweeten the offer, Dianna said to Judy, “Yes, dear, you’d be amazed how much more sensitive you are when you’ve been shaved by Ross. In fact, the feel of the silk of your panties against your skin will almost give you an orgasm.”

This frank language was becoming startling.

“And,” Dianna added, “sex afterward is amazing.”

I thought about the last time we tried to have sex. My puny pud was less that satisfactory. But at this moment I was fully hard and ready for action, even if what I had in my pants wasn’t half the size of what I could see thrusting down Ross’s leg.

Dianna seemed to know what we all needed what we all wanted. She lay on the bed next to Judy, who was by now propped up on her elbows. Dianna looked at her husband and said, “Will you show them?”

Ross smiled, then he looked at me and said, “I’d like you to take off my wife’s panties.”

I thought I would have a full ejaculation right then and there. The thought of removing the panties from this goddess of a woman made my heartbeat pick up to dangerous levels.

I leaned toward the bed, my heart pounding as I stared at the beautiful wife who wanted me to take off her panties. But then it occurred to me, “Does Judy want me to do this? Do I want Judy to watch me take off the panties of another man’s wife while she watches? And, most important, if I take off Dianna’s panties, and look at her shaved pussy, does that give Ross permission to see my wife’s pussy?

I think it does.

With esenyurt escort that in mind, I moved over to Dianna and kneeled over her legs on the bed. Then I looked at Judy and asked, “May I?”

Judy just looked down, too embarrassed to reply to my question.

I knew I was giving permission to Ross, but I couldn’t resist. I leaned over Dianna’s legs and put one finder under the waistband of her panties. Then I pulled them down from the center, slowly stretching them down.

Her mons came into view, a little hill that had been snatched bare by Ross’s razor. Then on the downslope the first cleft of her opening. I paused, stared at this first peek of pussy, and had to grab my cock with my free hand.

I stretched the panty down farther and saw a delicious parting of the lips and interior folds of pussy, with more to see below. I stuck my hand in my pants and wanked myself.

I stopped and then began to remove her panties in the old fashioned way, pulling down from the sides until I once again saw her crease come into view, then the puffy folds, and then the curve between her legs. Hairless.

This was an amazing sight. “May I touch it?” I asked Ross.

He said, “That’s not for me to say. Ask Dianna.”

I asked Dianna, “May I touch your pussy?”

She said, “That’s not for me to say. Ask your wife.”

I looked at Judy. She was looking down, not making eye contact with me. I could see her eyes darting to look at Ross’s cock and over to Dianna’s pussy. Finally, Judy shrugged like she didn’t care.

I leaned close and let my fingers graze the surface of Dianna’s perfect pussy. Up and over her swollen lips, down in barely into her groove, little circles where her pubic hair had been. All the while Dianna was moaning with pleasure.

As I played with her pussy, Dianna grabbed Judy’s hand and held it tight.

“See how sensitive she is,” said Ross. “If she had a full bush of hair, you wouldn’t be able to make good contact with her skin. We wanted you to see for yourself.”

As Ross talked, Judy was looking nervous. Ross and Dianna were not insisting that Judy’s pussy be shaved, but they were certainly ready and prepared to do it, and they had made a convincing argument for shaving. But Judy’s modesty might be too much.

I sensed that Judy would not volunteer herself for this experiment but was not resisting either. It would be up to me.

I crawled off the bed. Without saying a word, I took my wife by the hand and lifted her up to a standing position and gave her a big hug. I walked behind her as she faced Ross, and I shifted her leotard straps over her wide shoulders.

Judy just stood there as I revealed her tiny breasts to our new friends. I glanced at Dianna’s large bosoms, still in their bra, then said, “I love my wife’s tits. They are the perfect size.”

Of course, Ross was fixated on my wife’s pussy. I was pretty sure he’s seen a blonde pussy before and knew that true blondes do not have profuse pubic hair. I knew that his shaving job would be quick and easy.

I tugged her tights down to her waist and then over her hips. Her runner’s legs were shapely and fit and left a wide gap at the top of her legs.

To try to soothe my wife, I said, “Let’s go easy now. Don’t be afraid to let these friends see your pussy.”

Maybe that was the wrong thing to say. I could hear Judy’s breath coming quicker.

Fearing that she might resist or back out, I firmly grasped her garment and slide it downward. I heard Ross gasp as my wife’s pussy was revealed.

It is almost bare to start with. Her blonde wisps of hair swirl in ringlet patterns above her slit, but there it almost no visible hair to hide her lips.

Judy stepped out of her collapsed clothing as I hugged her from behind, all the time aiming her full frontal nudity at Ross.

I seemed like just a moment before Judy relaxed and we all sat on the bed. Ross got Judy positioned, face up, with her puffy blonde hairs ready for a trim. He used scissors to remove a layer of longer hair, then Dianna assisted, still with her naked pussy showing, by applying a warm moist towel to my wife’s vaginal area.

Once softened, I watched a virtual stranger smear slippery shaving cream to my wife’s pussy. Judy flinched and giggled and squirmed as Ross moved his hand and fingers over and around and a bit into her nether regions.

As he began to shave, Ross had to pull and stretch Judy’s skin to get a close shave. His thumb pressed down into her love valley to get the right angle. As his fingers probed, Ross occasionally had to say, “Oh, excuse me, or, I’m sorry,” when he accidentally penetrated her or let a finger slipover her clitoris.

Accidentally? The process of shaving was also a process Ross had perfected to bring his wife, and now my wife, to an orgasm. And that orgasm, on sensitive freshly shaved pussy skin, was to be the first of many more.

Ross guided Judy expertly though to a climax, knowing that his ticket was now punched to fuck her. But he could not be so bold as to let her know that was his plan all along. No, Ross was a smooth operator, and his wife was a skillful accomplice.

As Judy lay there gasping for breath, Dianna wiped away the excess shaving lather and applied oil to the shaved surfaces. I looked down at my wife’s gleaming bare pussy with pride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32