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Shape Shifter Part II

During the next few days Jake dropped in at a few folk, blues or country music bars, finding some really nice looking but loniness-driven young women who were happy with the attention, and often as not, after a slow dance with his thick long erection was pressing against their bellies, he found more often than not they were curious or horny enough to accompany him for the rest of the evening having their brains fucked out.
One was so young-looking, despite her wedding band, so when she ducked in to use his washroom, after a few beer, just after they went back to Jake’s house, he sneaked a look at her driver’s license, startled to find she was seventeen, just a month shy of her eighteenth birthday.
When she came out bare as the day she was born, Jake had to admit she had the body built like a porn star…
She padded over to him, unzipping his fly as she sank to her knees to pull down his jeans and boxers. He was impressed at her technique for her age, but slid one knee between her thighs, so his shin was rubbing against her crotch, her wetness soaking him, running down his skin to his foot. Jake led her to the bedroom, playfully walking on her knees as he shuffled backwardss, teasing her with his hefty foot-long cock. As he helped her up onto the bed, he reached for the condoms, when her hand stopped him… Jake began to protest when she said, “you want to know why not?”
Jake nodded yes, “of course…”
“I’ve been married two months, an old perv twice your age,” she said, “but stinking rich. The thing is, he’s convinced he popped my cherry, knows from the doctor’s checking me, that I’m not on the pill or any birth control. Even though he had me signed a pre-nup when we flew out to Vegas for a chapel wedding, he actualy does want an heir, but I have my doubts – If he’s firing sperm that’s been in him so long it’s fallen asleep or he just hasn’t got many left. The thing is, he’s around your height & general build, had similar brown hair when he was younger. If letting him work away at me twice a week until ‘he gets me pregnant,’ and I can produce a healthy baby to seal the deal, the pre-nup is toast, which means I’ll inherit everything.”
“So you want me to stud you huh?” asked Jake with a grin, “when was your last period, just so we have an idea if you’re close to your fetile time?”
“I started my bleed two weeks ago, so if I’m not laying an egg now, I will in the next couple of days, so if I have to get knocked up, I want to damn well enjoy it, okay? I’m pretty sure he figures I’ll find someone on the side to help, as long as I keep it discreet…”
“Okay, fair enough, but don’t you think he will want to check the baby’s DNA or at least blood type to be sure it’s his?”
“I hadn’t thought of that, what’s your blood type?” she asked, stroking his long heavy erection, “I know mine, and his both from the Vegas wedding license, so if you’re a match, I’m begging you to give it to me more than this once… please?”
“I’m an O-Neg bloodtype,” said Jake.
Perfect, same as mine, universal donor O-Neg…” she giggled, parting her sweet legs, showing him the clean shaven slit with the small tuft at the top, “I started looking at porn when I was eleven, and while he was wrong about breaking my cherry, it was just a drop of mid-cycle spotting I had, but he was so worked up, he didn’t wait for me to get wet, so between me feeling tight from what he took as nervous dryness, and that blood spot, he believes he took my virginity.”
Jake bent down, gave her a lick, savoring her sweet musky wetness, then lifted her by her slender hips, he speared her on his monster cock, holding her firmly until every inch was shoved deep inside her, then started to fuck her like a long piston in it’s cylinder. If she’d been any tigheter on him, he was sure she’d have squeaked with each stroke… But she was gasping, moaning, begging for more, so Jake continued, even as he felt her come, her inner walls grasping his thickness. That improved the slip factor, and he sped up his thrusts, but was slamming deeper inside her than he knew anything else could have before from how she was acting, continuing to pound her even as she came again, then again, until after about six climaxes, she was almost fainting in his grasp, as he unleashed his load with the head of his cock far into her womb, making a direct injection of his sperm into her, giving her as much as three or four normal orgasms would have.
She was sobbing and moaning as he finally pulled out, waving the come-coated brute in front of her face for her to lick him clean. “I’ll do you tomorow and the night after, but I have somewhere that I have scheduled the next four or five days and nights away from home…”
She was inspecting her drenched and stretched pussy, as if looking for damage, when she looked up and said, “okay, but if I don’t miss my next period and get a positive pregnancy test, I’d like to arrange a repeat performance like tonight for the same time next cycle… Deal?”

“What’s in this all for me?” Jake asked, “like just say for instance someone that is suspicious he was the one who did the deed finds a way to run a DNA test, not only can you find your cute ass on the sidewalk, but you’d start looking for child support from me as the natural father!” He leaned forward, giving her a serious look, his eyebrow raised in a question… “I’m no gigolo, but one, I have to live, and two, you could have had a sperm bank do this with the allowance your sugar daddy is giving you, and be 100% sure it was done and done right… So?”
She wavered a long moment, then said, “fair enough, fifteen hundred each session, especially if they’re all like this one, but only up to three months. If you havn’t got the job done by then, I’ll have to try a sperm bank like you said… but this way is a LOT more fun! If you get me pregnant within three months, I’ll add twenty thousand to that.
When a healthy baby is born & he’s accepted the idea he or she is the result of those twice a week sessions with me, I’ll top that with firty more, but you and I sign a mutual non-disclosure, alright?”
“That seems fair enough, except I want a hundred grand…,” Jake said, “though maybe if you’e not pregnant this month, we should get one of those tests that look like the pregnancy test, that says when you’re ovulating, to help target when we try, and even add a couple more times, around the nights when your husband expects you to be in his bed for him to try his luck.”
“Oh yeah, that is a good idea!” she enthused, “so what time tomorrow for round two this month, like will 8 or 8:30 be best?”
“Definitely 8:30, so I got time to clean up after work,” Jake said… “meantime, do you need a taxi called?”
Sent on her way in a yellow cab, Jake called Vonn to see what her schedule was for the coming week, trying not to sound too eager about having the girl he wanted to keep, not just ones he could rape or fuck in a cuckolding.

It turnd out she was off two nights in a row, in four night’s time, so should she pack an overnight and over a second night bag? Jake could imagine her sassy grin in his mind’s eye. “Okay, want to spend it at my place or go away and make it a mini-vacation?”
“If we can leave by lunchtime, I’ve got the keys to a family cabin my folks had a couple of hours away from here, so we could really do the mini-vacation thing, and in summer too!”
“Sounds perfect, your car or mine?” Jake asked.
“Well, I drive a pickup, which could be a better ride once we’re off the highway, but your car is what two or thtree years old, while I inherited that truck off my great uncle and it’s around the same age as me!” she laughed.
“Hey, I LIKE your age,” Jake said, with mock indignation, “there’s NOTHING AT ALL wrong with how well YOU run or look from my close personal examination,” he retorted.
“Hey, it sounds like I have you interested… or am I reading too much into that remark?” she asked.
“I… hmmm, well YOU were the one that told me age is just a number, so yes, if things continue like this, I COULD get very interested, I mean like a LOT more interested than I am already!” Jake covered his comment with a little flattery.
“I did didn’t I, and it’s ben the best, most frigging awesome times I ever had in my life,” she responded after a moment, “like THE BEST” ones for real.”
“Hey, you can be straight about it,” Jake said, “I can live with being second-choice, if that’s who wins your heart, if Mamak Escort it came to that.”
“Oh My God Jake!” Vonn exclaimed, “that wasn’t what I was thinking at all when I said that. It’s well, Mom died when I was barely past thirteen, and I think that took the good out of dad, he was at my graduation from high school, but died before I finished my EMT training, and in between one of my grandfathr’s died, and the only surviving grand’ma, so apart from an oldr brother that I’m not that close to, all I have left of the family I remember from all my really good times when I was a kid… Up until age thirteen in other words. I had a dozen years of special memories, but then they all began being taken away from my life, one by one… Until I’m left with a brother eleven years older than me, who’s a total stuck-up ass, and an old man who I hardly know, really since they lived out west, I never really got to know and now he’s too senile to know my name from the medical reports I get every time I call to check on him.”

Jake heard her soft sobs, and asked if she needed him to come drop by and see her for “only a hug time” but she said, no, it was the first time she began thinking lately how much she’d lost over les than half of her twenty-three years. Next month would be her twenty-fourth birthday, and she didn’t know what her work schedule would be, if she’d even have her birthday off, much less how she would be spending it. “If you have that day off, I want to take you out then,” Jake said softly. “I’ve had far too many birthdays working or without anyone but the people at work to share the day with, and that’s not the same thing at all…”
“No brothers or sisters Jake?” Vonn asked, “or grandparents, or other family? You never mentioned having kids, only that you were married for several years, and nothing much about that either…” She sighed, sniffled and excused herself, “I’m sorry, you called to ask me for a special date and I’m venting my sadness at you, and fishing for information from you now! You must think I’m horrible…”
“Hold it!” Jake said, all business now,”I’ll give you the whole enchilada, all in one go, just so you know, and never need to ask again… “I lost both parents in a car accident when I was nineteen, before I started working at the zoo, a drunk driver ran a light and that was it, they died together. They joined my little sister up above, lukemia got her before she turned fifteen. What I got from them in real terms, apart from good memories like you have, were younger days, this house, which is the same one I grew up in, and dad’s life insurance, plus lucklily a friend of theirs was a lawyer who sued the drunk driver and the bar that served him… So there was a big settlement, turned out the guy was some big-shot rich corporate guy, and he wanted to make sure I was seen to the rest of my life if I fell on hard times.
“That’s why I can keep this place up like I do, and buy a new little car every two or three years… Dad’s parents, well, Grand-dad died young himself of a heart attack, and my grandmother is in a place for final stage alzheimer’s care… Mom was as far as she knew, an orphan, grew up in foster homes, so the one very old totally zoned-out grandmother is all I have. My ex-wife and I tried to have kids, but the spirit went out of her after she miscarried, and by a year later, she was drinking, and with her drinking came sleeping around… which led to an uncontested divorce. So you and I have a lot more in common than being what I feel is a seriously huge sexual compatibility… Maybe much more. Okay?”

“Wow,” Vonn said, still sniffling, “I was feeling so sorry for me I guess I forgot how many other people out there get to live a shitty life sometimes too. I owe you an appology Jake…” She gave a big sigh, “so why didn’t you go to college or university from the money you got, or is that crossing a line? Like I have inherited the cabin, that old pickup and half an insurance policy that I don’t get until I reach twenty-five, and some bric-a-brac, as soon as I was done high school and went off to start training as an EMT, my brother sold the house for the bit of equity there was in it – we hardly lived in a palace… The cabin was as good, just far out in the country, which didn’t interest my brother. I only let him use it a week or so each fall for deer hunting, just to keep on friendly terms. I think he still has the same girlfriend, no kids there, as far as I know, and they keep to their own… meaning her family and their friends.”

“So, what you’re saying is,” Jake waited until she stopped to breathe, “if we ever try making a regular relationship out of ‘us,’ we’d have my house and car, your antique truck and cabin, the stuff we each have in our homes, plus we both have money in the bank, both of us have steady employment, so we could be a lot worse off – that about cover it?”
“Well, I do have a car – about six years old. It was a graduation present when I finished high school, a new previous year model from dad, totally base-model. It’s been out of commission most of the past two years, I haven’t tried geting it fixed because I have the truck. Dumb huh?”
“Nope, it’s sad though… Where’s the car and can I borrow your keys to check it over to see what it’ll take to get it back as close to 100% possible, so that you’ll have the graduation gift your proud dad wanted his daughter to have?” Jake asked, “and before you ask, I have enough driveway and amazingly, my garage out back is NOT stuffed with junk, so since I’m only doing two part-shifts a week at work yet, I have time when I can check it – indoors, and what I know how to fix, I will, and if there’s anything big, it goes to the repair shop at the corner – I went through school with the oldest brother that owns the place. Short of it being totally trashed, we’ll restore it as close to new and have a fresh safety inspection, so you have something newer than the truck. If I’m still not back on full-time hours when the car is done, I’ll check your truck, make sure it’s as good as can be, maybe repaint it, since next year it’s going to be antique, so restore it – you still drive it, but save a bundle on your insurance !”

“Stop trying too hard, you don’t have to buy me to get me to have serious feelings about you Jake…”
“I’m not trying trying to show off, I’m bored being off work, and want you to have the best. Learn to cope with someone caring Vonn… I had to, or I could have given up on the gurney in that ambulance – I heard from way out there in the ozone your partner saying he didn’t think it was worth shocking me after the first two, but you insisted on going was it two or three more times? I KNOW that YOU did save my life in that van – So stop arguing and let me try unless you’re not really interested. Even if you’re not, as a friend, let me do these things for you by way of giving me stuff to do while I’m off work anyhow, okay?”

“Okay Jake…” Vonn said, her voice barely above a whisper, “but let’s be straight, I am serious and I am interested.” Call me later – I have to find the keys for that darn car.”


The next morning, Jake retrieved it, with help from one of the guys from the repair shop. It was as he expected, the smallest, economy model GM made that year. It needed TLC, but as his friend said, for a few bucks it’d turn into more like the up-scale model, just by getting some good used parts, instead of a radio with two speakers, it was simple to put in a factory radio-stereo with 4 speakers, where the economy-grade seats were worn, it was easy to get used leather ones, maybe heated ones, and better grade wheels and tires, things like that could make it less of a hardship and more fun to drive. Once it was running like new, give it a fresh coat of paint so it’d shine like it too.
Vonn was told none of that, just that the battery was on a charger in the repair shop, she was going to need tires and a muffler, he’d see, and let her know what else if it was serious because she needed to concentrate on work, not how her high school grad present’s repairs were coming along.
Vonn’s reply was he’d better concentrate on what he was taking to the cabin the next day and if he had any, bring Viagra with him too. He said okay, but was going out to see if the battery was charged enough to try staring the car yet, he’d talk Ofise Gelen Escort to her in the morning to be sure everything he’d need was on board before he came by to get her loaded up for their trip to the cabin. He did that, and the little engine cranked over, sputtered to life, well enough that jake knew the TLC was going to be most of the esential part of the job, and what else would be to make it something more that she could trust and enjoy.
Ten minutes after he got back from the garage & washed up, the doorbell rang.


It was the young rich-man’s wife, asking if he would do a quickie with her that night, she ‘had a feeling’… Even though he said he was about to pack, he was going out of town in the morning, but she passed him over two thousand cash, and pulled down her jeans and thong, and said, “come on please, just fuck me” – Anyway he wanted her positioned, just blast his come in her young cunt right away before she had to get back, in case her husband got back early.
Jake pulled her into the spare room, positioned her on all fours on the bed, as his erection rose, lengthening and thickening as large as he’d ever put in her during the week, slid inside hard, noting she felt wet, not turned-on wet, but come wet, so he asked. Her aging husband said he wanted to try right after dinner, because he had a two hour meeting to go to, was concerned he might be too tired to do the deed when he got home, so the second he left, she drove across town to Jake, to have him pump her full of ‘insurance’ come.
It bugged Jake a bit to be fucking seconds, so he pounded her, thickening and legthening himself more than the fourteen plus inches long he’d been using in her, going harder and faster than usual, so she was crying out, grasping the covers she was kneeling on, shrieking as Jake gave her what she’d asked for, so the entire act took about a fifth of the time it usually did, as he told her, the lack of her usual wetness and her request he go hard and fast, Jake didn’t spare her, but his load was bigger and more fertile than typical. She came once and had a second small orgasm as Jake was pumping his load into her. She dressed and left, saying she’d be in touch one way or another before her next ovulation was due, or was about to happen, whichever way the next month’s cycle happened. Jake got the idea she’d come back for more regardless…


The thought of him studding out himself for pay like this made his erection stir, and he stripped and shifted into the ‘invisible’ state he used at the zoo… He found a couple at the end of the block doing outdoor bondage sex. He could see the guy using coke before he moved in to fuck his rather hot-looking black female partner, gave him a tap on the back of the neck that left him down & unconscious, and since she was blindfolded, he walked up to her, and slapped her pussy until she was moaning, her wetness coating his palm.
Then he lifted her legs into the crooks of his arms, and enhanced himself to larger than the guy who’d been snorting the coke when Jake tapped him on the head, he slammed inside the black girl easily enough, then backed out, lengthened and thickened himself, before pounding into her the second time, and she yowled into the gag strapped across her mouth, as Jake smiled to himself. Once he was deep inside her, he kept making his erect cock thicker and firmer, until he was hard as cast aluminum, and as big around as a roasted chicken, nearly 20 inches long, giving her everything that could fit, as she moaned and came over and over… Her tight pussy was quivering, pulsing against his hardness as she was climaxing but unable to squeeze against his hardness.
He drove up into her until he decided to come a torrent, but stay hard, and still pulsing, went around behind the rope seat the girl was wrapped it and lined up at her anus, which made her whimper, but he narrowed himself while staying the same length, about the same size as the dildo he saw on the deck, but once fully inside her, swelled his erection as he fucked deeply inside her gut. She was past screaming or moaning, just making huffing noises as he pushed into her the last six or seven inches each time, until he flooded her insides with what in his thoughts would be around a gallon of warm sticky come.
When he pulled out he wiped off with a wet towel, he fucked her drooling pussy once again, stopping in mid-stroke, made his cock fork, so he was able to fuck her pussy and ass at the same time, though the anal cock was more like a typical foot-long sex-shop double dong. Finally he decided to unload, pouring enough ultra fertile sperm inside her pussy that if she wasn’t on birth control, she just became pregnant for sure, and her ass bubbled as the extra come was pushed into her colon… Jake held back from laughing, and wiping off in the wet towel once more, left and walking on slightly shaky legs of his own, headed home.

As he passed the park near his house, he saw two girls about to jump another one, and turned tiger, and erect… One screamed and ran as he battered her on the arm, but the second girl tripped and fell, exposing a bare ass as she landed in the ass-up, head down position, so Jake pounced on her. She gagged on her scream as the huge thickness of a tiger cock opened her slightly damp pussy, driving deep into her rapidly until the binding knot formed. That swelling at the base meant until he came, it wasn’t possible to dislodge the tiger cock from inside her stretched cunt. It also began him coming, which continued until he was finished with her.
The girl who’d been their intended victim ran as soon as she heard the taller girl yell and run forward, and didn’t see the tiger mount the other girl.
The injured, terrified girl stopped at the far side of the park to snort some coke, watching disbelieving as her comrade get fucked by a full-size tiger as she watched. Her drug-addled brain didn’t think of calling for help, she merely watched fascinated while her friend was fucked by the big cat. Jake was pumping his hips, his milky cum oozing into the semi-pro hooker drug user. She was trying to pull herself away from the knot that held her insides in place during the bestial rape, tried to turn and slap Jake until he slapped her across the head with one huge forepaw that knocked her senseless. He sped his pace faster than a tiger’s reality, knowing it was possible for police to turn up, so he pumped deep and fast, finally pulsing over and over, more than a quart of animal sperm gushing inside her. He felt his knot slowly start to diminish as he heard sirens in the distance, and forcefully pulled out, and ran off, changing as he ran as soon as he was on pavement, going invisible.

He son saw the person who’d called the tiger sighting, another semi-pro hooker crouched in the bushes just inside the park gate. He slapped the phone from her hand as he grabbed her by the hair and rising erect, drove his erection into her open mouth as she started to yell. He face-fucked her violently, the length making her gag as he went far deeper than any john ever gave her.
He grasped her hair at the sides of her head as he fucked her mouth, finally gushing a load big enough that she choked but was forced to swallow as it was pumped down her throat. More and more gushed inside her. As Jake stepped back he slapped her face and began to piss over her as she sat, sprawled on her ass in the bushes. The stream of piss emerged from thin air apparently drenching her from the top of her head, her dress, legs, soaking her like a human urinal, then staying invisible, turned himself to a bird so he could take to wing, no scent touching the ground in case Police brought a dog to the animal call at the park. he landed on his back step, unlocked his door, and stepped inside, safe and out of sight from ‘the world’.


An extra couple of thousand from the teenage bride wasn’t chump change, and he was going away in the morning, so he gathered whatever he figured he’d need into his two duffle bags for the morning, since he’d already made sure the car was ready for the trip that afternoon. He looked in his fridge, set aside wine and cold cuts Otele Gelen Escort for sandwiches, side-snacks he would put in a cooler in the morning, last thing before he went to collect Vonn.
He went and showered scrubbing well to get the sex scent of his adventures off. He hoped in a way, he’d succeeded impregnating the cheating teenage bride this week, he felt the deception in what she was doing that had the potential to blow up in their faces if he didn’t set boundaries on her before next month, if his swimmers were not ravaging her eggs already.
He put it out of his mind, and went to bed to be well-rested for Vonn, reflecting as he went to sleep how much he was starting to have really serious feelings for her, not just because she saved his life either, but something far more, deeper than he’d felt since the girl he’d been dating back when he was nineteen and lost his parents had slipped away as he was consumed by misery in the year after their deaths.
He didn’t even recall her name, but he knew in his heart, he’d never ever forget Vonn’s. He was awake and made his bed fresh, also making up the one in the spare room, running the short load of laundry while he made breakfast, threw it in the dryer, so by the time he was fed, cleaned up, had the car loaded and was ready to go, calling Vonn to warn her he was on his way, he’d unloaded the dryer, folding the sheeets, and locked the door behind him, setting out on his special adventure.


Vonn was dressed like a rockabilly boy’s wet dream when Jake picked her up for their cabin date. Heels with bluejean cut-offs that were moulded to her sexy butt, and a plaid cotton shirt that was tied off at her midriff. Her stuff was in a scuffed old army duffle bag, and she too had food in a cooler, which Jake loaded in the car. He stopped Vonn in the hallway of her small townhouse, asked her if she needed him inside her before they left…
“Oh fuck yes!, I can’t wait until this afternoon,” she said, dropping her jean shorts. No underwear, already wet from wanting him, as bending from the waist, she looked back over her shoulder and smiled. His jeans and shorts dropped around his ankles, and he slid his already hard as steel cock in her all the way, then began slipping in and out, as she grasped her ankles, while he steadied her by grasping her hips, driving into her like a madman, as she shook and moaned through her first orgasm after about a dozen strokes.
It was a faster pace, a less ‘courtship’ type fuck for them, but as Jake buried himself as deep as possible, he felt connected in his mind, suddenly clear about what was wrong with what he’d done earlier that week that bugged him, but hadn’t ben able to put his finger on…

It wasn’t that he really begrudged helping the rich couple have a child, but that when she was pregnant, and he was paid off, she was gone from his life, he’d insist forever, even if she was young and cute…
His mind focussed on Vonn’s sexy butt held tight between his hands, as he realised that while he’d been pumping sperm into the rich girl, he really wanted to be making a baby for real. It was just he wanted to spill his seed in Vonn instead, to make a whole life with her, one that hopefully included a child, maybe two, maybe even more… During the thought, he realised he’d stopped talking to Vonn, and just pounding her pussy hard so he could come as much as possible inside her. She was climaxing for about the tenth time when he unleashed a surging wave of hot come, feeling it flow up inside her, filling her womb, wishing the sperm were able to get past her birth control, into her eggs, to create new life inside her, and he groaned loudly as the final waves of come burst out of his cock, “Vonn?”
She gasped something that indicated she was aware he was speaking to her… but she was too breathless to speak…
“Vonn, I… I love you, I want a life with you baby… a real life – I mean, one for keeps…”
“Oh Jake, thanks…” she panted breathless, “I didn’t want to have to be the first one to say it. I love you too, I just… well I’ve never been in love before, and didn’t know how to say it right – I love you too Jake.”
“You take your pill yet today?’ he asked. She shook her red hair no, as he swallowed hard, before saying, “then don’t, just forget them, let’s flush them, whatever… I want you forever and I also want to have a family with you.”
She looked back over her shoulder again, a very different smile this time, one with tears as well as the smile, “yes, I think that’s ‘that magical something’ we both need isn’t it? Like really, if it doesn’t happen this month, it will next month or the one after”… a long ragged pause, “Jake?”
“Yes my beautiful Vonn?” Jake puffed, still a little out of breath.
“Can I straighten up now? Let’s get on the road, now, I want to work on us making babies tonight!” She pulled up her cut-offs as he slid back into his jeans, and took his hand, setting the security alarm, locking the door behind her, as they walked out into the sunshine to his car for the drive to the back country.
It was a lot of talking happened on the way to the cabin. Vonn confessed to having wanted to stay right where she was that first morning she woke up in his arms, just stay and never leave. She said something inside her had said the first day, while they were en route to the hospital that she must make the extra effort, that he was supposed to be an important part of her life, so she ignored the senior EMT and gave Jake the extra couple of more powerful shocks that brought his pulse and heart-rate back.

The reason she chose to go on the date when he came to thank her outside the hospital the day he’d been to see his specialist was her clincher… That was when she knew, whatever the question was, the answer had to be “yes”… that Jake was “him” – the one she was supposed to have in her life, however long they were allowed to have each other.
Jake replied, if he hadn’t seen her from “out there where he felt like he was in the ambulance that day,” he’d have wondered if angels had dark firey red hair and wore uniforms when he’d opened his eyes, because all he recalled being able to see was her beautiful face hovering close to him, bringing him back…

“Jake?” she asked after several minutes while they just listened to the sound of the radio playing low, not talking, “I know you’ve had to go back to see the specialist we handed you over to the day you got electrocuted a nuber of times. Is there something seriously wrong – like is there nerve damage or is your heart weakened – No, forget I asked that last part, if your heart ewas weak, they wouldn’t have cleared you to use Viagra. But there IS something isn’t there?” she asked, looking steadily at him.
“Yes, and they tell me fyi, they will never know the exact level or long-term nature of just what the lightning electrocution did to my nerves, but at times I fel like my entire body is buzzing, and then I get headaches, which he gives me pain killers for… they’re in my bag if you want to see, because you probably know exactly about them.” He breathed a deep intake, and continued,
“it’s what I feel like when I get spinning sensations from it that scares me, the other effects which is when I go see him asap. In between, there’s an effect I get that after we’re at the cabin & have eaten, and can rest and unwind, it’s easier to show than try to explain, to share with you what else I experience that didn’t show up on any tests, but it happens. Just let that stick on the shelf for now,” Jake said quietly, seriously,
“Like I said,” he continued, “what would need at least a set of books to describe by words alone, being with me will make clearer to show you, for you to know what is hapening, okay? Please trust me on it for now, by tonight you’ll know as much as I do, and with your training, maybe more, since all I have is theories that the doc can’t explain away when I tried to describe it. If it freaks you out, I won’t hold you to having said “yes” to me either…”
“Fair enough,” said Vonn, “just tell me this – will it shorten your lifespan or send you into early dementia that you know of?”
“Nothing like that at all that I know of,” he replied firmly. “It’s not something that affects me like that, thankfully…”
“If it won’t steal you away from me or our kids, I’ll be okay, whatever it is, no matter how strange it is,” Vonn said, a woman with her mind made up about the subject already. Jake hoped she was able to be right when he revealed what the acident had done to him to Vonn that night. He guessed it was going to make or break not only their relationship, but also his life in very important ways.

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