Sex Wars Ch. 1

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NOTE: This work is a dedication to my all-time favorite set of movies, Star Wars, which I have always thought would be even better if made into a porno!

* * * * *

A long time ago in a galaxy far away there was a great conflict between good and evil. Where once the galaxy prospered under the peaceful banner of the Republic, now only strife remains as the evil Empire has arisen to gain dominance. A group of rebel fighters have banded together to battle the forces of the Empire, and have recently made a horrific discovery. The Empire has been secretly building a giant space station known as the Harbinger, which gives the Empire the power to destroy planets. At risk to life and limb, a small group of rebel spies infiltrated the Harbinger base and stole a copy of the station’s plans. Now, they are headed to the planet Arkon where a great council of leaders sits and waits for the possible advantage they need to finally defeat the Empire.

The loud shouting throughout the meeting room increased in volume forcing Princess Tamara to hold her black-haired head in her hands and sigh. “This meeting is pointless!” one of the Ambassadors was shouting. “The Empire has to know about the theft of the Harbinger plans and will be looking for us even as we speak! We should be heading straight to Arkon and not floating about pretending to be on a diplomatic mission!” That brought a chorus of both approvals and disapprovals from the other Ambassadors. “No! No! No!” another shouted. “We must continue the ruse! We cannot trust to the fact that the Empire is looking specifically for this ship, thus the disguise must be continued.” Another chorus of “yeas” and “neas” echoed throughout the large chamber.

Princess Tamara wanted to scream “Shut up” at all of them, but decided that in her present state of mind, she would only anger the men more. She glanced over at her aide-de-camp, Giselle, and smiled. Giselle was sitting across from her, head bent, tongue sticking out of her mouth at a side angle, her hand scrambling to write down the minutes of the meeting. Giselle was a perfect aide to Princess Tamara. She was smart, dedicated to the rebel cause and to the Princess herself. But, Giselle was also someone who the Princess considered a friend, always ready with a shoulder to cry on when the stress of being nobility and a leader in the Rebel Alliance became too much to bear.

Giselle was a 19 year old, short woman, around 5’4″, full-figured in all the right places. She had shoulder-length cropped brown hair and wonderful brown eyes of the same shade as her hair. Giselle had a firm ass and a large pair of breasts, at least C-cup, that the Princess had recently started to notice more and more. It was not strange for Princess Tamara to look fondly at another woman’s figure, nor was it strange for her to feel the tingling sensation in her pussy while admiring a woman. After all, over the course of her 21 year old life, she has had a number of female lovers, as well as male ones. However, in the past 2 years that Giselle has been her aide, she never felt anything but friendship towards the woman before. Until recently that is. Maybe it had been the stress of the past few months, with all the secret planning to infiltrate the Harbinger and steal its plans, then the frantic escape into space and the race towards the rebel meeting on Arkon, that made the Princess a little horny.

As she gazed across the table at the frantically working Giselle, dressed in a light blue, silken robe, pulled taut by the golden star burst clasp (that the Princess had given her for a birthday gift) worn proudly around her neck, Princess Tamara’s mind wandered. She imagined Giselle’s pouting lips gently licking and kissing her large nipples. Giselle’s hand running all along her tight ass, her fingers running along Tamara’s pussy lips, slowly sliding inside her. “Mmmm,” Princess Tamara moaned softly.

Giselle stopped writing and glanced up when she heard the Princess moan. Princess Tamara’s eyes popped open quickly and she glanced around the room nervously. Giselle smiled widely when the Princess looked at her. “Is there anything wrong, m’lady?” Giselle asked. Princess Tamara smiled in reply and shook her head “no.” The Princess then shifted her gaze back towards the arguing Ambassadors, but Giselle’s eyes still focused on her lady. Giselle looked with longing at the Princess, her eyes taking in her royal beauty. Princess Tamara was a little taller that Giselle, standing at 5’7″, with pure black hair that framed her smooth face and hazel eyes. Since the very fist day Giselle became her aide, she has longed to feel Princess Tamara’s warm kiss on her body, her gentle hands on her breasts and ass, her loving tongue on her pussy. Almost ever night since that fateful day, Giselle has fingered herself to sleep, or sought out a man to fuck, with Tamara’s image in her mind.

Today, she has been so busy, that until now, Giselle hardly noticed how incredibly beautiful the Princess looked. Her long black Ankara escort hair hung down past her shoulders, her slim body dressed in a loose fitting white robe, that was clasped over one shoulder, leaving the other bare. The tops of her breasts were barely seen, but Tamara’s ample cleavage was shown off in a respectful manner. Now, seeing how stunning the Princess looked, Giselle’s pussy was almost drooling between her thighs with longing and delight.

Giselle found herself fidgeting in her seat, trying desperately to rise up a little to see more of Princess Tamara’s large breasts. Giselle felt a bright blush spread across her face, realizing just how damp her panties were with desire. Looking around to see if anyone, especially the Princess, had noticed, she relaxed a little. Giselle attempted to return to her writing, but her hand and mind were not on the same page, and she dropped her pen down onto the floor. While leaning down, Giselle could not help but steal a glance under the table at the Princess. What she saw made Giselle bite down on her bottom lip to keep from gasping out loud.

The Princess was actually masturbating right there in the meeting, with Giselle and all of the Ambassadors shouting and standing around her. Princess Tamara’s white robe was parted to each side of her long, lovely legs, and her fingers were working their way along and inside her wet pussy. For a number of seconds, Giselle just stared, not believing her eyes. She suddenly became aware of her own juices dripping down her thighs, and she realized what she was doing. Giselle quickly jumped back up into her seat, hoping the Princess hadn’t noticed anything. But, when their eyes met, the Princess gave her aide a wide grin.

“Gentleman, gentlemen,” Princess Tamara began, slowly rising up from her seat. “Enough bickering for today. We have accomplished nothing today but yelling at each other. Let us adjourn this meeting to collect our thoughts, so that when we next meet on the morrow, all of our heads will be cleared of distracting thoughts.” Princess Tamara stated that last line looking directly at Giselle, a slight smile coming to her lips. “Goodnight all, until tomorrow,” the Princess finished, and with a wave of her hand, dismissed the Ambassadors. Giselle herself rose to leave, but the Princess stopped her.

“Giselle,” she said. “Please remain behind so that you and I may review the minutes of the meeting.” Giselle slumped back down into her seat as the last Ambassador bid them both “Goodnight.” When the door to the meeting room had closed, Princess Tamara walked over to stand next to Giselle’s chair and grinned. “Well, Giselle, let me blunt with you,” the Princess stated. “Were you staring at my pussy a few moments ago?” Giselle began to stand up, stuttering an apology, but Tamara calmed her with a gentle touch to her shoulder. “No need for apologizes, Giselle. Honestly, I was hoping that you were.” Giselle stared up from her seat in shock and surprise. “Actually, I got the feeling that you had wanted to see my pussy for the past few months.”

“The past few years is more like it,” Giselle responded to herself, but a little to loudly. “Really?” Princess Tamara laughed. “Well, that is very good news, Giselle,” Princess Tamara smiled, sitting down in the seat next to her aide. “Honestly my friend,” Tamara began, clasping Giselle’s hand in her own, “You are an extremely beautiful woman. One that I have been very attracted to for these past few months. On top of that, I have been wanting to see your pussy as well for quite some time.” This comment made Giselle’s heart swoon as she realized the Princess had these feelings as well. Giselle glanced down at her hand clasped inside the warm grip of her lady’s hands. “Actually Giselle,” Tamara continued, “I have been wondering just how wonderful your pussy might be…and how nice it might look with a dildo shoved inside of it.”

“By the Gods!” Giselle cried in surprise. “M’lady, I never knew you spoke like that!” Princess Tamara smiled, standing up and pulling Giselle up beside her. “There is a lot you might not know about me, Giselle. Shall we adjourn to my room and explore the possibilities?” Giselle gave a shy smile and let the Princess lead her down the hall to her chambers. The door opened revealing a sparsely, yet eloquently furnished room with a large, comfortable looking bed in the center, covered with white, glistening sheets.

Princess Tamara led Giselle over to the bed and guided her into a sitting position at the end. Standing before her aide, Princess Tamara unclasped her robe, letting it fall to the floor in a pile of silk around her feet. Giselle stared up at Tamara’s large breasts, and yearned to fondle them and suck her large, hardened nipples. But, Princess Tamara’s perfectly trimmed, black bushed pussy was staring Giselle directly in her face, and she did not wish to pass this opportunity up. Giselle could see the wetness along the Princess’s puffed up lips and smell her sweet, sexual aroma.

Giselle Ankara escort bayan ran her hands up and along the outside of Tamara’s thighs, eventually resting on her firm ass. Cupping her ass gently, Giselle pulled the Princess closer and inhaled the sensual smell of her sex. Giselle’s hands left Tamara’s ass and her fingers traced gently along her thighs until they reached her lips. Giselle gently pulled the Princess’s pussy lips apart, her years long desire taking over. Giselle ran her tongue along Tamara’s pussy, eagerly lapping up her royal wetness. “Oh yesss,” Princess Tamara moaned, grinding her pussy against Giselle’s darting tongue. Giselle slipped one, then two fingers inside her princess, moving them in and out rapidly, while her tongue flicked over Princess Tamara’s rock-hard clit. “Oh yesssss…that feels sooooo goooood,” the Princess was moaning loudly now, her hips grinding against Giselle’s face, her pussy tightening against her aide’s fucking fingers. Princess Tamara’s movements sped up and her cries became even louder when Giselle sucked her clit into her mouth and began to gently suck and bite it. “Oh fuck yessssss…suck it Giselle…suck my clit baby…mmmmmaking me cummmmmm,” Princess Tamara cried, her hands grabbing Giselle’s hair and forcing her face hard against her grinding pussy. Giselle felt Tamara’s pussy clench tightly around her fingers and savored the taste of her juices flowing into her mouth.

“Mmmm,” Giselle moaned, her tongue licking around her lips, tasting more of the Princess’s cum. “It tastes like a sweet nectarine m’lady.” Princess Tamara smiled in reply as she unclasped Giselle’s robe, letting the top half fall down to her waist, exposing her perfectly round breasts. “Oh Giselle,” Princess Tamara began, her hands gently fondling Giselle’s tits, rubbing the palms of her hands across Giselle’s hardening nipples. “You are so beautiful, Giselle. Like a princess yourself, you are so beautiful.”

Princess Tamara pulled Giselle down onto the bed to lie alongside her, both women’s hands squeezing and playing with their tits. Princess Tamara brought a tit to her mouth and greedily sucked the nipple inside, her tongue flicking at it between her nibbling teeth. Her other hand squeezed and fondled Giselle’s free tit roughly, making Giselle groan in passion. “Ohhhh…mmmmm…my Princesssssss….yessss.” Princess Tamara’s hand slid from Giselle’s tit down to her legs, sliding up underneath her robe and inside her very wet panties. Princess Tamara started to tease Giselle by running her long fingernails lightly along her wet slit, making Giselle squirm in pleasure. “Please m’lady,” Giselle almost cried, “Please do not tease me anymore.” Princess Tamara gently bit down on her lover’s nipple in response and slid two fingers inside Giselle’s wet pussy. Princess Tamara crossed and bent her fingers inside Giselle, then began to forcibly finger-fuck her. “Ohhhh yessssss m’lady,” Giselle cried and cooed, entwining her fingers in the Princess’s long hair and pulling her hard against her tit. “Faster Princess…mmmmmm…please harder…ohhhhh,” Giselle groaned and when she felt Princess Tamara’s long thumb nail lightly flick her clit, Giselle was driven over the edge. “Yessssss…by the Gods…ahhhhh…fuck me m’lady…finger-fuck me…yessssss.”

Much to Giselle’s disappointment and surprise, the Princess suddenly stopped fingering her. “What!? Oh Princess, please finish…please m’lady make me cum.” Princess Tamara smiled as she rose and went over to her large oaken chest, rummaging through it for a moment, before returning to the bed. Giselle’s eyes widened when she saw the large 10″ dildo in the Princess’s hand. Kneeling next to Giselle, Princess Tamara playfully pinched her hard nipple. “I told you before that I wanted to see how wonderful your pussy looked with one of these shoved in it.” Princess Tamara grinned down at her lover. “And now I will.”

“Mmmmm please Princess,” Giselle sighed in anticipation, lying on her back and spreading her legs wide. Princess Tamara removed the rest of Giselle’s robe and panties, then began by rubbing the head of her dildo firmly against Giselle’s clit. “Ohhhhhhh,” Giselle moaned, her body moving on the bed in total pleasure. The Princess then slipped the head of the dildo between Giselle’s drenched pussy lips, sliding it slowly inside of her. “Oh Gods, yesssss…Harder m’lady…push harder…fuck me with that dildo as hard as you can…mmmm,” Giselle was now thrashing on the bed in ecstasy. Princess Tamara complied and shoved the entire 10″ dildo inside Giselle’s pussy, bringer her to an immediate orgasm.

“Yessssssss, oh Princesssssssss,” Giselle screamed in pleasure as Tamara slid the dildo in and out of her dripping pussy, fucking her hard and fast with it. “Oh Princess…making me cummmmm againnnn!!!” Giselle cried out, as Princess Tamara bent forward and sucked a hard nipple into her mouth just as Giselle had another massive orgasm. For the next hour, Princess Tamara used the dildo to Escort Ankara get her lover off, then pulling that out and replacing it with her tongue caused Giselle so many orgasms that she passed out.

When Giselle came to, she had a cold, wet cloth on her forehead, and she could see Princess Tamara leaning over her, softly stroking her hair. “Welcome back, my love,” the Princess spoke softly, kissing Giselle’s forehead while removing the cloth. “How do you feel?” Giselle quickly sat up and pulled the Princess down onto the bed. “I feel wonderful, m’lady! I have never felt so good and I want you to feel the same way!” Giselle grabbed the dildo out of Tamara’s hand and ran its head along her clit, causing the Princess to grab her tits and moan. “Mmmmm, that feels divine Giselle,” Princess Tamara cooed, fondling her tits roughly. Giselle could now watch as she slipped the dildo inside Tamara’s juicy pussy, watching her red lips engulf it.

“Oh yessss Giselle, that’s it…work it in and out sweetie,” the Princess purred. “I’m soooo close to cumming already!” Giselle began pumping the dildo in and out of the Princess’s pussy, shoving it inside her up to the hilt, then pulling all but the fat head out again. “Oh Gods yessssss…YESSSSS!!!” The Princess yelled, her body thrashing about the bed, her back arching up in orgasm. As she came, Giselle crawled on top of her, using her free hand to rub her tits against the those of the Princess. The Princess was shaking all over and Giselle took this opportunity to have their first kiss. Giselle let the dildo slip from Tamara’s dripping pussy and grabbed her tits with both hands. She leaned in and passionately kissed the Princess, who eagerly opened her mouth and accepted Giselle’s probing tongue. They kissed long and hard, tongues playing, hands fondling, until they could take no more and Giselle curled up lovingly beside the Princess.

Tamara gently kissed the lips of the woman lying naked next to her, tasting the sheen of her own juices still lingering on her lips. “That was simply wonderful,” Tamara cooed in a dreamlike state, drawing her lover into her arms. “Simply wonderful.” Giselle snuggled her brown-haired head against Tamara’s bare shoulder, her fingers still lightly toying with Tamara’s hardened nipples.

“Princess,” Giselle began, “that was well worth the horrid trip on this space ship. I did not think that we would ever be together like this. I had always thought that even if I admitted my feelings to you it could never happen, with all the meetings you have had to attend lately.” Giselle’s fingers softly pinched the Princess’s nipple, pulling it taut making her gasp in pleasure. “I’m glad I could make you feel so wonderful, m’lady. It makes me so happy to see you this way.”

“Oh yes,” Princess Tamara grinned, absently running her fingers through Giselle’s silky hair. “I certainly needed this tonight, Giselle. It has been very hectic these past few weeks and keeping my desire for you a secret has been so hard for me.” Princess Tamara traced her finger along Giselle’s cheeks and lips, lovingly kissing her forehead. “Do you know how many nights I’d finish a meeting with those boring Ambassadors and want to be with you? Even my fingers became too much of a tease.” Tamara laughed, “A poor substitute for your kisses and tongue.” At this comment, Giselle’s hand trailed down to Tamara’s moist pussy, cupping it softly. “And,” Tamara continued, her own hand lifting Giselle’s off her body, “if you don’t stop this I will never get some sleep, lover.”

Giselle leaned up on her elbow and bent her head, pressing a kiss on Tamara’s lips. “Well then, I guess it is goodnight for now, m’lady.” Tamara gathered Giselle in her arms, kissing her neck and ears, whispering, “I don’t need that much sleep.” Giselle squeezed Tamara’s large breasts, when the entire room shook violently.

“What was that?” Giselle asked, with a little fear in her voice and as the red emergency lights flashed in the bedroom, her fear turned to terror. The room shook again, and the Princess jumped out of bed and ran to the com-link on her wall. “Captain, what is going on?” she asked. A fuzzy picture of the Captain appeared as he stated, “Princess, we are under attack by an Empire combat vessel. They are preparing to board us.” Princess Tamara gathered up her robe and quickly started to get dressed. “Giselle, you had better find someplace safe to get to,” she spoke while dressing. Giselle had also began getting dressed and said, “I have to find my brother first, m’lady.”

After the two women finished dressing, Princess Tamara grabbed Giselle by the shoulders and yelled over the roar of the newly sounding boarding alarms. “You must find someplace safe! Get your brother and make your way to the escape pods!” Tears were freely running down Giselle’s face now. “What about you, Princess! I can’t leave you behind!” Princess Tamara ran her hand gently along Giselle’s teary cheek. “Don’t worry about me! I’ll meet you there! But I must see to things first!” The two lovers stared at each other and kissed passionately, their lips slightly opened, taking in each other’s warm breath. “Now go!” the Princess yelled and pushed Giselle out into the hallway, following her into chaos.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32