Seregech; Senses Lost

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I could clearly see the sex juices oozing out of her pussy from where I was sitting. I could smell it too. It was a strange, but powerful scent. It ran down the skin coloured tentacles, making it shiny and slippery. You could see it dripping down her thighs too. Each thrust went deeper, as Alexandras boobs bounced up and down, and her moans got louder. She was reaching climax.
“OOOOH YES! HARDER YOU DISGUSTING BASTARDS!” She shouted. Just then, he pulled out. His tentacle was dripping warm juices onto the ground. Alexandra hung her head in humiliation. I’m assuming she realized what just happened. The monster brought his tentacle up to Alexandra’s face.
“Smell it” he commanded. Alexandra slowly looked up.
“But I–” she was cut off by the alien whipping her across the face.
“Smell it… you stupid…cunt”
She cried in defeat, then began to sniff the beasts tentacle.
“How does… your whore… juices… smell?” he asked sadistically.
Before she could reply she was whipped across the waist by one of the other mutants. A red line quickly formed on the irritated skin.
“Answer… when I talk… to you!” the leader yelled.
“IT SMELLS GOOD!” she cried loudly, moving her head away.
He wrapped a tentacle around her head, forcing her to look at him, holding onto her firmly. Suddenly, he shot his tentacle into her mouth, and began to fuck her. Faster and harder with each pump. Alexandra gagged each time, but he kept relentlessly going. He slithered down with his free arm and began to play with her sopping wet, stretched out pussy. Shockingly, she began to moan again, followed by her once again humping his slimy tentacle. He pulled out of her mouth, smiling.
“How do… you taste?”
“…I taste good” she replied feebly.
The ugly monster chuckled deeply, then licked his sloppy tentacle. He looked pleased.
Alexandra’s eyes suddenly began to widen, as she slowly started shaking her head. Just then, the thing turned towards where Rayne and I were hiding. That’s when I realized he knew we’ve been here the Kızılay Escort entire time. I stared directly at him, careful not to show any hint of fear. That’s when I noticed a hole in his skin had started forming near what would be his legs. It was like pieces of his skin were peeling off and dancing delicately to the ground. In the middle of that hole was a giant, rock hard penis. It oozed precum from the tip, and it slid down his shaft and all the way to his balls. Just then the smell hit me. I could feel the arousal growing frantically, starting at my pussy and working it’s way up into my mind. I wanted nothing more then to jump out and beg for him to ram his cock deep inside me. However, I resisted. I wouldn’t allow that scum to have any control over me… Rayne wasn’t that strong though. At a moments notice, I tried to grab for her arm. I was too late, as she ran out towards the monsters and bowed before them.
“Please! do that to me too” she begged pathetically. I watched her, looking disgusted. How could she be so weak minded?
“No Rayne!!” Alexandra screamed, squirming, trying to get free of her bonds. Rayne stood up with a sly smile on her face.
“Join me sister, together we can breed… together, we could create a whole new life. Won’t you join me?”
“I…I won’t” It seemed Alexandra had to think about it for a second. What is there to think about when deciding against being a sex slave and being free? I shook my head, trying to shake those harsh thoughts away.
The lead monster then cut in “You should… listen… to your… sister” he said to Alexandra.
“She… knows what’s… good for…her” Rayne smiled, then crawled over to where the leader was. He glanced down at her, then ran his slimy tentacle against her cheek.
“Good… little one” he smiled an ugly smile in approval. Rayne didn’t seem to notice though, as she was staring longingly at his engorged dick. The monster seemed to notice this, as he guided his meat towards her eager lips. Without hesitation Kolej Escort she rammed it inside her mouth and began to suck as hard as she could. Her head moving back and forth, trying to get it as deep inside her throat as she can. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder. The monster began to fuck back.
“Yess… receive… my seed!…swallow… each drop” he commanded, pumping harder and harder. Rayne reached up and began to stoke his balls, encouraging the semen to shoot down her throat and into her waiting belly. A look of ecstasy flooded the beasts features and his hot sticky cum shot out of his dick, and down my little sisters throat. She swallowed hungrily, milking out each drop. The creature moved in and out slowly, then slid easily out of her mouth.
“Thank you” Rayne said happily, wrapping her arms around the things horrific body.
I could smell his sweet cum… it make me tingle, and my pussy drip. I was beginning to get uncomfortable. All this arousal was unbearable, so I slid my hand down my pants, and began to rub and play with my now leaking clit, causing me to squirm, and moan quietly.
The monster looked at Alexandra, bemused.
“Now… your turn…” he whispered more to himself. Those words seemed to turn him on once again, as his dick grew hard. He didn’t waste anytime, as he slid up to her and shoved his dick inside her waiting fuck slot. Alexandra moaned louder then she has before, screaming.
“AHHHH! YES! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK MEEEE!!” I could hardly believe this. Both my sisters have lost their senses! and so have I. Still rubbing against my vagina, I could feel an orgasm coming on.
Rayne moved over to the two other monsters that have been standing there the whole time. Each of them just as horny as the leader. She shoved one of their hard dicks down her throat, and began to rub the other with her small hand. Each of them began to moan, calling her cruel names as she sucked and jerked furiously.

Over by Alexandra, the monster that has been holding her Maltepe Escort the entire time was subconsciously moving back and forth, as if fucking the air. I could see a look of impatience and desperation. He seemed to be getting angrier and angrier. Then without warning he growled, then shoved his giant dick inside her virgin ass. Alexandras screams echoed through the air. He rammed so deep and so hard it looked as if she was about to be ripped apart. With both aliens pumping deeper with each thrust, she was caught between pain and ecstasy. She was sandwiched between the two creatures, and she couldn’t be happier.
She begged for more and more, and each alien happily did what she asked.

The two monsters that were getting pleasured by Rayne were about to cum. She went faster and faster, then in a matter of minutes their hot semen shot all over her face, hand, and down her throat. She continued sucking and rubbing until each drop was out, and they were panting. Smiling at Rayne, who was now covered in sticky white cum.

Alexandra and her fuck buddies seemed pretty close too. Alexandra was moaning and squealing loudly. I leant my head back, and finger fucked myself as quickly as I could, just listening to her voice. Hearing to her beg for more. I was about the cum! harder, faster. I began to moan louder. Just then, the two aliens with Alexandra shot their loads inside of her, each moaning loudly.
One shot his seed up her loose pussy, and the other deep inside her ass. Both held still for a few seconds, waiting until each drop was deep inside her then they pulled out, both limp and tired.
The one behind her dropped Alexandra to the ground, no longer feeling the need to hold onto her. He knew just as well as I did that her and Rayne weren’t going anywhere. As I worked hard on making myself cum, Alexandra moved over to Rayne and pulled her pants off. She reached up under her shirt, and began to squeeze and rub her tiny nipples.
I was about to cum at the sight of Alexandra eating out my little sister, then suddenly, I was hit in the back of the head by what felt like a frying pan. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was Alexandra licking and sucking my little sisters cunt as Rayne moaned back, saying Alexandra’s name seductively and begging for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32