Searching for that Spark Ch. 03

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DISCLAIMER: This story is a pure work of fiction. All characters involved are over the age of 18. This is my first time writing anything of this nature, so I appreciate any and all feedback (positive or negative).

This is the last chapter of the Searching for that Spark series. But who knows? In the future I may expand and write more about these characters. I hope you guys enjoyed the series and enjoy this. Thanks for everything!

It was about 3:30 when Ashton got out of class and was walking through campus with Nate. They found out they were in the same class the day after they literally bumped into each other in the dorm. Since then, they walked back to their rooms together after class. Ashton liked Nate and was happy that he was able to find a good friend other than Calvin. They were walking for a few minutes when Nate noticed something different about Ashton.

He spoke, “So what’s up with you?”

Confused, Ashton responded, “What do you mean?”

Nate continued, “I mean that last week you were all down and depressed, and now you actually seem to be happy. So tell me, how was it?”

Ashton, still confused at the conversation, asked, “How was what?”

Nate lowered his voice, “The sex.”

Ashton replied, “What sex?

Nate continued, “Look you’re not fooling anyone. You either had sex last night or you won the lottery. Those are the only reasons you’d be all happy and chipper today. Now since we’re not driving around in a new Porsche, we can rule out the lottery.”

Ashton chuckled, knowing that Nate was partially right: he actually was happy. Not wanting to disclose every little detail, he responded to Nate: “Look, let’s just say that I had a really good night and an even better day.”

Nate, not wanting to push Ashton any further, replied, “Well that’s good to hear. Glad to have the old Ashton back.”

Ashton laughed at Nate’s words not because he had seemingly figured it all out, but because he knew that he wasn’t the “old Ashton” anymore. He looked at his watch then turned to Nate, “Oh, I’ll see you later man. I have to go meet up with someone in the park.” Ashton then gave Nate a handshake before running off to meet Calvin.

Ashton walked through the park and saw Calvin lying on the grass under a big tree. He sat down beside him, “Sup stranger, how’s it going?

Calvin chuckled, “So is that going to be my new nickname now or what?”

Ashton responded, “Well for the longest time, and by that I mean a whole day, you were a stranger to me. So why don’t we change that? Tell me about yourself.”

Calvin explained, “Well I’m an only child and my parents divorced when I was about 10. For the most part, it was very civil. It was easy going back and forth because they lived close-by and kept a good relationship for my sake. Um, I grew up in a city much like this. I had friends, but I enjoyed being on my own. I guess you could say that I came here to be my own person and do my own thing. Well, that’s my story. You’re next, stranger.”

Ashton smiled at the fact that he was actually getting to know the man behind the mask. He then spoke about himself, “Well, like you I’m an only child. My parents are still together and we’ve lived in the same small town all my life. I have a few close friends that I touch base with from time to time. And I guess I moved here for a change of pace. I wanted something different and that’s what I got.” They continued talking for about half an hour before they got up and went for a slow walk along the grass. Ashton would look over at Calvin from time to time, so interested in his stories and his life. They had come from different backgrounds that they were starting to really understand the other person.

They eventually sat on a nearby bench as the conversation slowed down. Calvin was staring up at the sky when Ashton finally asked him, “So tell me, where do you see this going?”

Calvin looked at him and answered truthfully, “Ash. To be honest, I don’t know where I see this going. I only met you a few weeks ago and yet I feel like there’s this strong connection between the two of us. And it scares me. I’m the guy that runs away from a relationship the moment I feel like it’s getting too serious. And now we’re here and I’m telling you my life story. I just don’t know if I’m ready.”

Ashton interjected, “Hey. I never said that I had all the answers. I’m probably just as freaked out as you are. And the only reason I’m so calm about this is because I know that there’s something here; there’s this thing that’s between us that I can’t ignore. Those few weeks, I kept telling myself that I was avoiding all these physical urges. Not once did I ever stop to think that maybe, all along, I just wanted to be with you. I’m not saying that we have to drop everything and be with each other for the rest of our lives. I just know that it will be wrong if we continue with our lives knowing that there was this spark between us.”

Calvin was relieved to know that Ashton was fikirtepe escort on the same page as him, but he couldn’t ignore the worries he had. He explained, “Ash, you don’t know how much I want to be with you. And that’s why I have all these inhibitions: I’m worried that I’ll fuck something up and…”

Before Calvin could continue, Ashton leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss, stopping him from speaking. For those few seconds, Calvin forgot about everything he was worried about. He just felt Ashton’s lips on his and his heart beating a mile a minute. Ashton gently let go, biting Calvin’s lower lip in the process.

Ashton finally spoke, “And I thought I talked too much.” Ashton leaned in for another quick kiss then continued, “So what do you say? You want to take a shot with me?”

Calvin smiled, “As always Ash, you put up a great argument, leaving me with no choice but to accept.”

Ashton looked into Calvin’s eyes, “I hoped you would.”

They walked back to campus arm in arm, both happy with their new decision that they made together. All the worries that Calvin had before were gone. He knew that with Ashton’s hand holding onto his, none of that would matter.

Once Ashton closed the door to his room, Calvin pulled him into a deep kiss. Their lips met and Ashton felt that spark once again; he could taste Calvin’s lips. He repositioned his head, allowing Calvin’s tongue to slip past his lips and into his mouth. They stood there for about 10 minutes locking lips, until Calvin broke away to the small crevice on Ashton’s neck.

Seeing what he was doing, Ashton warned, “You’re going to leave a mark!”

Calvin stopped for a second and reassured him, “That’s the point. I want them to know you’re mine.” Ashton just let him continue as his hands pressed up against Calvin’s chest. He loosened every one of the buttons on his shirt, slowly exposing his defined chest. He pulled off Calvin’s shirt and stared in awe of him for a few seconds. His hands made their way to Calvin’s pants, unbuttoning them and dropping them down past his knees. Ashton saw Calvin’s huge cock bulging out, just begging to be free from his tight boxers.

Calvin stopped for a minute and asked Ashton, “So why is it that I’m standing here in my underwear and you’re still fully clothed?”

Ashton fired back, “Then you’d better get to work.” Calvin chuckled, and then pulled off Ashton’s shirt with one motion. He brought his hands back to Ashton’s torso, retracing his fingers along Ashton’s abs. He looked down to see Ashton’s huge boner sticking out against his tight jeans. He could see the outline of his cock perfectly, almost touching the left front pocket. He unbuttoned Ashton’s jeans, revealing the growing cock, still contained by his black boxers. Seeing that they were both in their boxers, Calvin motioned towards the bed. Ashton lied back, getting comfortable, as Calvin followed. He moved up and kissed him sensuously as Ashton’s hands made their way to Calvin’s perfectly round ass. He slid his palms under the elastic waistband and gripped his cheeks firmly. Calvin let out a moan, while continuing to kiss. He then pushed back and they were nose to nose, trying to catch their breath. He could feel the warmth between them as he slid down, slowly licking along the middle of Ashton’s chest. He made his way to Ashton’s boxers, putting his mouth around the bulge with just fabric separating them. His mouth started to water as he felt Ashton’s meat on his lips. Calvin eagerly slid down Ashton’s boxers, exposing his throbbing cock. It flung out, nearly hitting Calvin’s face in the process.

Calvin gripped Ashton’s cock at the base and exclaimed, “Damn Ash, your dick’s making my mouth water!” As he leaned in to lick the slit of Ashton’s cock, a small stream of precum gushed out. He licked his lips and started sucking, only able to get about halfway on the first try. Calvin seemed to be more calm than the other times he and Ashton were together. He didn’t have to worry about scarring him off or making Ashton change his mind. Nope, Ashton’s mind was set and so was Calvin’s. He worshipped that dick, placing his wet tongue around the entire length.

Calvin looked up at Ashton with his warm eyes and begged, “Ash, I want you to fuck my mouth.”

Ashton looked down at him and responded, “Your wish is my command.” Ashton then started to stroke his dick into Calvin’s mouth. Calvin opened wide, allowing Ashton’s length to slide in and out along his tongue. Soon, the tip of Ashton’s cock started to hit the back of Calvin’s mouth and he could feel himself holding back from gagging. Ashton let out a loud moan of pleasure as he felt the slight friction on his cock. He started to methodically fuck Calvin’s mouth, being able to pull almost entirely out and slam it back in. He could see and feel Calvin’s concentration as he closed his eyes and placed a firm grip on Ashton’s waist. He took the trusts for about 10 minutes until he slowly pushed Ashton back.

Calvin gebze escort grabbed Ashton’s cock by the base and started slapping it along his tongue, begging, “Ash. I want you to fuck me tonight.”

Surprised at his request, Ashton asked, “Calvin are you sure?”

Calvin pushed up and positioned himself with Ashton, leaning into a deep kiss and replying, “Yes I’m sure. I want to be with you.”

Please to hear his answer, Ashton asked, “How do you want it?”

Taking one last kiss, Calvin answered, “Missionary.”

Calvin slowly fell backward and lifted his legs, exposing his small hole. Ashton repositioned, eager to dive in for the first time. He slowly licked along Calvin’s hole, kissing his ass. He then started to wet Calvin’s tight hole.

Calvin let out a moan, “God, I never knew how good this could feel.”

Ashton playfully responded, “I could eat your ass all day.” He then stuck his face deeper, poking Calvin’s hole with his tongue. He could feel it slowly open up. Ashton gazed as he saw streams of his spit coating Calvin’s ass.

Calvin had been feeling the pleasure of being rimmed for the first time. And as Ashton licked away, he knew he was ready. He shouted out, “Ash, please just fuck me. I can’t take it anymore. Please.”

Sensing his eagerness, Ashton made one last lick then got on his knees. He slowly pulled Calvin’s ass up and lined it with his cock. He put his head at the entrance of Calvin’s hole, and placing his hands an Calvin’s side, he slowly started to push through.

Calvin let out another moan, “Fuck, I can feel you inside me. Damn!”

Ashton added, “I’m almost all in baby.” Soon Ashton was shoving the last of his cock into Calvin’s virgin hole.

Once he was fully stuffed, Calvin pleaded, “Start slow.” Ashton heard him and started to slowly thrust back and forth. He allowed his length to go all the way in while pulling out very slowly. He wanted to be as gentle as possible; allowing Calvin to adjust to his cock. Calvin winced, trying hold in what he was feeling. While Calvin was inserting his dick, he could feel a slight pain mixed with immense pleasure. Having never had anal sex, he didn’t know how much he would be able to take.

Ashton spoke, “Okay. I’m all in.” He stopped for a second, then started to slowly fuck Calvin’s ass, causing him to close his eyes. He saw Calvin biting his lower lip; a sign that he was enjoying himself, so he started to pound harder. Ashton had found a steady rhythm and was now fucking faster. He leaned in every couple minutes to kiss Calvin, giving his mouth a break from the moaning.

Calvin held Ashton’s face and begged, “Fuck me harder. I want it.” Ashton pulled away and started to ram into Calvin’s ass, bracing himself on Calvin’s chest. He saw how much Calvin loved every thrust, how he lusted for more and how his fully erect dick was a sign that he was doing something right. Slowly, Ashton started to sweat. He had been fucking for a while and soon that familiar urge to cum was rushing through his body.

Calvin had been holding on to the sheets when Ashton leaned in and warned, “Hey, I’m close. I’m gonna cum inside your ass.”

Calvin looked up with confidence and responded, “Do it.” Soon, Ashton could feel his body tense up, his dick had become so sensitive that every stroke made him seconds away from exploding. He pulled Calvin in close and continued to fuck him until he was ready. Not long after embracing him, Ashton started to groan out as streams of warm cum erupted inside Calvin. Calvin kissed Ashton’s neck as he felt the Ashton’s manhood fill his loose hole. He had reached that euphoric feeling; his body became numb to every sensation. He could feel Ashton’s dick grazing his prostate and soon he too would explode. The feeling of a cock touching his sweet spot was enough to make him cum without even touching himself. Jizz exploded out of Calvin’s dick, hitting Ashton’s abs then dripping down upon himself. Calvin had been essentially screaming throughout his ejaculation; having never experienced something this powerful. He fell backward, trying to catch his breath and come down from this euphoric high he was on. Ashton fell on him, losing his strength from their fuck. They lied there motionless for a few minutes, almost in sync. They could feel the cum on their bodies, sticking to each other. Ashton’s cock remained in Calvin’s hole, slowly shrinking to it’s normal size. As they lied there on top of each other, Calvin was happy. Because in that moment, he knew that his doubt wasn’t didn’t mean anything anymore. He pulled Ashton into a kiss.

Calvin then reminded Ashton, “I’m pretty sure you can pull out now.”

Ashton laughed then responded, “I guess I just forgot I was still inside.” He then slowly pulled out, knowing that Calvin’s ass would be sensitive. He lifted himself up and sat on Calvin’s chest. Calvin took the hint as slowly licked the residual cum off Ashton’s dick. He tingled as Calvin carefully licked it clean.

Calvin içerenköy escort wiped his face then responded, “God, that was amazing.”

Ashton smiled at his lover, “And think, we can have countless days of this. Just you and me.”

Calvin ran his hands along Ashton’s side, “I can’t believe I ever considered running away from this.”

Ashton added, “I guess we both just needed to realize that what we wanted was right in front of us.”

They lied there in each other’s arms the rest of the night, not even bothering to get redressed. They both had the best sleep of their lives; Ashton’s mind wasn’t clouded with stress or over-thinking, while Calvin’s held on tighter, ready to stop running away.

Calvin’s eyes opened first, he looked over and saw that it was 11pm. He woke up Ashton with a kiss, saying, “Ash. It’s 11 and you have class in about 30 minutes.”

Ashton rolled over, holding onto Calvin’s arm, “I’ll skip it. I want to spend the entire day with you…stranger.”

Calvin smiled, “Sounds like a plan. Now why don’t get cleaned up and start our adventure.”

Ashton replied, “I’ll meet you in the showers…You know which one.” Calvin then got up and put on his clothes. As he walked towards his room to gather his stuff, he knew that he had one final thing to do. Meanwhile Ashton had just left his room and was walking towards the shower rooms, when Riley came out.

Riley started, “Ash, how’s it going?”

Ashton replied, “Hey Riley, all things are good.”

Riley smiled, “Glad to see you’re doing well. I guess all you needed was to find someone in order to find yourself.”

Confused, Ashton asked, “What makes you think I’ve found someone?”

Riley nudged his shoulder and answered, “Come on Ash, you’re not hiding anything. I know all about your little situation with a certain floormate.”

Embarrassed Ashton continued to ask, “What? How do you know about any of that?”

Riley started to explain, “Well, a couple weeks ago, I headed to the bathrooms late at night kinda heard something going on. Just as I walked out, I head you two introduce yourselves. Now I didn’t really think much about it until I was walking through the hallway and heard, um…moaning coming from your room.” Ashton’s face had turned bright red from the embarrassment as Riley continued, “Then when I saw Calvin walk out half naked, I pretty much assumed you two were a thing. And that’s kinda why I tried to check up on you because I knew this sort of thing is complicated. I know cause I’ve been there.”

Ashton breathed a little then finally responded, “Wow. I am so embarrassed that you had to see and well hear all of that. Haha. Thanks though, for looking out, I really mean it this time. And to be honest, Riley, you were the last person I’d assume to be gay.”

Riley smiled then replied, “Well I’m not sure if that’s a compliment, or. Haha. Don’t sweat it. You kinda remind me of myself when I was just a naïve little freshmen getting to know himself.”

Ashton leaned in to give Riley a hug, “Thanks again for everything Riley, you’re the best.”

Meanwhile, Calvin had grabbed his shower stuff and was walking towards the showers when he saw a name on the door that he remembered. He stopped and knocked, waiting for a response. A few seconds later, Nate answered.

Nate asked, “Hi. Um can I help you?”

Calvin replied, “Yeah. I’m Calvin. Sorry to just come over, I know we haven’t actually met before, but I know you’re a friend of Ashton’s and I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?”

Nate opened the door wider and let him in, “Sure. I’m Nate. I’m assuming you’re a friend of Ashton too?”

Calvin smirked, “I guess you could say that. Haha. See I was hanging with Ash yesterday and he was telling me about you and how you’ve been helping him out and everything.”

Nate cut him off, “Oh, so you’re the friend from the park?”

Calvin nodded, “Yeah, that’s me. I really came over here so I could thank you for looking out for him all this time. I know you’re one of his really good friends here. I also just wanted to drop by, introduce myself and say that now that we’re officially together, any friend of Ash is a true friend of mine.”

Surprised, Nate asked, “Together? Wait so you two are dating? No wonder he’s been all happy and upbeat.”

Calvin admitted, “Yeah, it took us a while to decide what we really wanted. But now we’re both on the right track.” Calvin looked over at Nate who feigned a fake smile on his face.

Realizing the situation, Calvin asked, “So how long has it been?”

Nate looked over, “What are you talking about?”

Calvin continued, “I see that look on your face; the look that tells me that you’re happy, but not so happy that Ashton and I are together. How long have you liked him?”

Nate sighed then admitted, “Honestly, I liked him since we literally ran into each other that first day. But hey, you win some, you lose some. Don’t get me wrong, I really am happy for Ashton…and for you.”

Calvin put him hand on Nate’s shoulder, “Don’t worry bro. You’ll find someone, I promise. And when you do, hold onto him. I almost made the mistake of running away from someone I actually started to have feelings for.”

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