Saying Goodbye

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I met Teri while I was going to college. I was a teaching assistant for one of her classes and as soon as I saw her in one of my tutorial sessions I was hooked.

She was about 5’4″ with just past shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. As I got to know her I learned that she used to be a body builder which explained her firm physique. She wasn’t muscled bound, just nicely toned and in great shape. She was a few years older than I was but it didn’t seem to matter to either one of us.

Being a young, naive 20 year old from a small town I didn’t have much experience with women. Sure I had had girlfriends and I wasn’t a virgin but I was still shy and insecure. After months of “stalking” her I finally got up the nerve to ask her out. Things progressed slowly for a few months until it came time for me to leave for a couple of months to finish my degree at another campus. The last night we had together was one I will never forget.

She came over to the house I had shared with 3 other roommates to help me pack up the last of my things. My roommates had either left already or were out with their own girlfriends so I knew we would have the house to ourselves. She brought take out which we ate sitting on the floor in the empty living room. We talked about what our plans were for after school and other casual conversation.

When we finished eating we both went into the kitchen and cleaned up. Teri sat on the counter and watched as I cleaned up the last of the mess in the kitchen. When I finished I looked up and said, “there, all done. I guess we’re ready to go in the morning.”

She smiled and said, “so when will your roommates be home?”

“Probably not until late” I said. “They are both out with their girlfriends so I can’t see them being back for a while.”

She smiled a knowing smile and said “so we have the house to ourselves. What do you want to do now?”

Seeing the way she smiled at me I really hoped we had the same thought in mind. We had done some heavy petting but had never progressed further. I was really hoping tonight would be the night.

I smiled and walked over to where she sat on the counter and placed my hands on either side of her. We both leaned in and our lips met. It started slow but quickly grew in intensity as our lips parted and our tongues began dancing with each other. I moved my hands from the counter and onto her sides, never breaking from our kiss. I began to move my hands around and up and down her back. I could feel her press her mouth harder into mine, her tongue moving more intensely. She mover her hands off the counter and wrapped them round my neck, pulling me closer until I was right against the counter, our bodies pressing together. My hands continued to caress up and down her body moving down her thighs and up her sides. As my hands moved back up my thumbs caressed the side of her breasts through her shirt and bra. She moaned softly and I knew I could continue. On the next trip up my thumbs came across her stomach and up to the under side of her breasts, pressing the soft flesh. Growing bolder I brought my hands up over her breasts feeling her nipples beneath the material. This brought another moan. Only then did she break our kiss. Afraid I had pushed it too far I moved my hands back down. Her next movement showed me how wrong I was.

She leaned back a bit and ran her hands down over my chest. She had a sexy smile on her face as she watched me. She then moved her hands off of me and to the bottom of her shirt, moving my hands down onto her thighs. She grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and lifted it over her head. All I could do was stare at the beautiful sight before me. Her firm breasts were covered by a white lace bra, her nipples poking through the thin fabric. I looked up and saw her looking at me, a satisfied smile on her face. She reached behind her undid her bra shrugged her shoulders and tossed it onto her shirt.

“Your şişli escort turn,” she said and without hesitating reached down to the bottom of my shirt and pulled it upwards. I raised my arms and let her pull it over my head and it joined the pile on the floor. She put her arms back around my neck and pulled me close and I felt her bare breasts press into my chest, feeling her nipples harden with the contact. Once again our lips locked in a passionate kiss but there were other things I wanted to kiss. I moved my mouth away, down the side of her neck to her shoulder. She leaned her head back as I continued across the front of her neck and down her chest. I trailed kisses down between her breasts admiring them as I went. They were a nice handful size topped by pencil eraser sized nipples. I kissed up the side of her right breast over the top and down to her nipple. I flicked my tongue over the firm bud feeling it harden further and drawing a louder moan from her.

I looked up and saw that her head was back and her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the attention I was giving to her breast. Her hands were working the back of my head encouraging me further. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it enjoying the texture of my tongue. Meanwhile, my right hand was working her other breast and I marvelled at the firmness of it. I took more of her breast into my mouth and suck harder working the nipple with my tongue, her moans growing louder as I nipped it lightly while I squeezed her other one with my thumb and finger. I then switched sides eliciting louder moans and feeling her hands pull my head into her chest. After a few minutes of this, she pulled my head up.

“Let’s find somewhere to lay down” as she pressed her lips to mine.

I was all for that as my cock was pulsing and straining in my jeans, begging for release. My only fear that the smallest touch would set me off but I was willing to risk it.

I stepped back and she jumped down off the counter. I grabbed her hand and started towards my old bedroom as she grabbed her purse from the counter and followed. I figured the bedroom was safer just in case one of my roommates decided to come home early. I thought about our clothes laying on the kitchen floor but figured they would get the message and leave us alone.

As we entered my room I turned and saw she had closed the door behind us. I admired her again as she turned and walked towards me. She placed her hands on my chest and traced them slowly down across my stomach and then back up. She looked up at me as she moved her hands down again this time continuing down past the top of my jeans to where she could feel my cock straining to get out. I flinched as she touched me through the material but just stood there enjoying the feeling and trying hard not to cum in my pants. She looked up again as she rubbed my cock.

“I bet that’s uncomfortable. Let’s see if I can release some of the pressure.”

With that, her hands worked to undo my jeans and pull them down my legs. As they got to my feet and stepped out of them and kicked them away. She ran her hands up my thighs and once again pressed my cock through my underwear. I flinched again and let out a soft moan. She looked up and smiled before hooking my underwear and pulling them down over my cock and down my legs. I kicked them away as well looking down and seeing my cock pulsing and throbbing between us. She once again ran her hands up my legs and then lightly over my cock which jerked under her touch. “Oh fuck” I moaned. She looked up and smiled again.

“I definitely think this needs some relief. Do you think you will still be able to get it up again if I do? I don’t want to be left hanging” she said.

I nodded affirmatively as she smiled sweetly.

“I hope so” and then sank to her knees gently caressing my throbbing hard-on.

She leaned forward and licked up taksim escort the length of my shaft. I groaned again and looked for something to hang onto. Unfortunately, there was nothing in the room, only a sleeping bag on the floor. I concentrated on keeping upright and not blowing my load too soon. She licked up and down the shaft a few more times before moving her tongue slowly around the head. She kept one hand at the base, stroking gently while gently working my balls. I’d had blowjobs before but nothing like this. I continued to focus on making it last as long as possible but I knew it wouldn’t be long. When she finally sucked the head of my cock into her hot wet mouth I thought my knees would give out but I managed to stay standing. I placed my hand on her head, both to steady myself, but also to encourage her to keep going, not that I thought she needed any as she seemed quite happy doing what she was doing. As she worked her my cock in and out she gradually took more and lore of it into her mouth until I thought she would gag. She continued to increase the intensity of her sucking and I could feel her tongue working around my cock. Her hand continued to stroke the base of my shaft starting to move faster and with more pressure. I was getting close to cumming and I told her so (I knew some women didn’t like to swallow) but this only seemed to encourage. It only took a few strokes and I could feel the pressure build to the point of no return.

“I’m cumming!” I moaned.

She sucked my cock as far into her mouth as she could and stroked the base rapidly as the first shot erupted from my cock. Shot after shot erupted from me as she continued to suck and stroke my cock. I held onto her head as I came more than I thought I ever had before. Stream after stream shot out and she swallowed them all. As the pulsing slowed she continued to suck me gently draining me of every last drop. I had cum so much I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise. I was amazed to find that as she continued to suck on me my cock only softened slightly before I felt it begin to harden again. I released her head and she released my cock from her mouth, continuing to stroke it gently. She knelt back licked her lips and looked up at me with a satisfied smile on her face.

“It looks like you were right,” she said as she continued to stroke my hardening cock.

“Now I really need you inside of me.”

She released me and reached for her purse, opening it and pulling out a condom. She ripped the package open and placed it over my cock head. My cock throbbed and pulsed as she rolled the condom down my shaft. She gave it a couple of strokes before standing and quickly undoing her jeans. She pulled them down and kicked them away and then did the same with her underwear until she stood naked before me. My eyes took in her entire body, from her firm breasts and nipples down her flat stomach to the dark patch between her legs. It looked like she had trimmed it as I could make out her pussy lips already moist with desire. She walked towards me and placed her hands on my chest, pushing me down. I quickly complied, laying down on the sleeping bag. She then stood over me letting me take in the sight before me. From below I could clearly make out her pussy, the pink lips standing out clearly glistening with juices. She rubbed her hands over her body and down between her legs running a finger through her lips. It glistened as it was coated with her juices.

My cock bounced and throbbed in anticipation. She did this a couple of more times, opening her lips until I could see the wet pink opening to her pussy. Satisfied that she was wet enough she squatted down until she straddled my legs. She lowered herself until I could feel the heat from her pussy on my cock. She rubbed her wet pussy up and down my shaft, coating it with her wetness. She moaned softly, all the while never taking topkapı escort her gaze off of me. I just lay there enjoying the sensations, hoping I could last long enough to give her the same pleasure she had given me. She licked her lips before reaching between us grabbing my cock and guiding the head to her opening. As she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit I could feel the heat and wetness through the condom. I leaned my head back and groaned but then looked up to watch her guide my cock into her hot hole.

As her pussy slowly gripped the head of my cock I focused on not cumming too soon. It felt fabulous as I felt my cock sink further into her depths. I looked up and could see the look of pleasure sweep across her face as my cock entered her. Finally, her desire overtook her and she sat down completely burying me into her. She sat there and I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock. I could believe how tight she felt as my cock throbbed inside her. She opened her eyes and looked down at me, lust evident in her face. She placed her hands on my chest.

“You feel so good,” she said. “We should have done this a long time ago.”

“Agreed,” I said, “So let’s make the most of it now.”

She smiled and began to move on top of me. I was content to just lay there and let her do what she wanted. She started to move up and down slowly letting my cock come just about out before sliding all the way back down. Each time it felt like I went a little bit deeper. She started to increase the pace as I saw the pleasure build on her face. I focused on her face, wanting to make myself last as long as possible. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders and around her face. I reached up and grabbed a breast in each hand. I massaged the firm soft flesh in hands, working my palms of her firm nipples. I then worked my thumbs over them before pinching her nipples and rolling them between my thumb and fingers. As I did this she leaned her head back.

“Oh yes, don’t stop please!”

I didn’t need to be told twice and increased the intensity and pressure on her nipples. By this time she was moving her pussy rapidly up and down my shaft. She sat up and started to rock back and forth putting pressure on her clit. As she increased her movements she brought one hand up to her breasts while her other hand moved between her legs. I watched as her hand began to rub the top of her mound, working her clit moving closer and closer to climax.

“Yes, Don’t stop!” She yelled.

I watched mesmerized and she approached her climax. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. As she rocked faster, her one hand pinching her nipple her other working her clit I felt her pussy begin to tighten and knew she was close. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust up into her as she rocked on top of me.

“I’m cummmming” she yelled as I felt her pussy contract like a vice around my cock.

Her body began to shake as her orgasm hit her. She clamped down her breasts as she spasmed onto of me. Feeling her pussy contracting around my cock and seeing the look of pure pleasure was all it took and with one final thrust, I exploded inside of her. My cock pulsed inside her filling the condom with shots of cum, her pussy trying to milk it out of me. She continued to spasm and shudder above me for what seemed like several minutes before she collapsed on top of me. I put my arms around her as we both began to calm down, our breathing coming down together, my cock throbbing slowly inside her still pulsating pussy.

We lay there for several minutes, both just basking in the after glow of our shared experience. She slowly rolled off of my, my softening cock slipping from inside her. I reached down and pulled the condom off of me and dropped it on the floor. She curled up beside me, my arm wrapped around her holding her close. She sighed contentedly and snuggled in closer, her fingers tracing circles on my chest as she looked up at me.

“I hope you’re not too tired,” she said. “I want to make up for lost time and have something to keep me going until I see you again.”

I smiled down at her. “I was hoping you would say that” as I leaned over to kiss her. This was the best goodbye ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32