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Our story begins as so many do during a period of turmoil. Sandy is a grad student at the local university in a quiet town in Virginia. It was 2009 and the Great Recession had forced her to leave her apartment when the lease was up in search of a better living arrangement. She had scanned several ads and found a furnished apartment with kitchen & bathroom and even its own entrance. It had the seeming drawback of being in the lower level of a family house with two children of two hard working parents. The ad mentioned reasonable rent, a bus stop close by, a request to be able to babysit on occasion, and females only. Sandy met with the parents, Jack and Mary. Jack and Mary both worked for companies which required around-the-clock access. Jack was a system engineer for a large corporation’s main computer and Mary was a nurse.

Jack and Mary sat with Sandy in their kitchen. They went over a few details and Jack caught himself looking at the young lady, 23 with long wavy blond hair, sweet blue eyes, a great figure, and while not shy a little quiet. Jack and Mary felt they found a winner and eagerly helped her move in her stuff from her car. It was at that time their child Amber arrived home from school on the bus. Amber was 18, also a blond, with long straight blond hair and blue eyes like her mother. She was about the same height and shape of Sandy. Sandy was never the tallest girl in her class. Her mother Mary had dark hair, it was Jack who has the blond Their son, JJ, got home from his job 40 minutes later. With dark hair, short and trim, on his 19-year old head. JJ, John as he preferred, was saving up money to attend school next fall. The two acted like typical brother and sister, they got along the best they could, fought at times, and were close at times and others distant.

Brief intros were done and JJ could not take his eyes off Sandy the entire time. Amber noticed this and smiled to herself and yet felt a tad bit uneasy as her eyes were drawn to Sandy too. Dinner was held with just the family as Sandy set out unpacking. Along with her normal clothing, books, and a laptop she unpacked a strap on vibrator with a very realistic looking shape.

The family went off their separate ways. A knock on the door of Sandy’s door led to her finding JJ there offering the last brownie from dinner as a welcome present from Mary. Sandy invited JJ in and asked him what he’s up to this Friday night. He told her nothing. On a small card table in the center of Sandy’s room was a deck of cards.

“Are you a gambler?” asked JJ.

“What? Oh! No, no. Not at all. Well maybe if you count strip poker, but I was going to play solitaire.” Sandy answered.

“Why don’t you just play on your computer?” asked JJ as he stood in the doorway

“You know, my roommate in college during my sophomore year asked me the same question once,” answered Sandy.

“What did you tell him,” JJ asked with a raised eyebrow

“It just feels more natural,” Sandy said with a smile.

JJ shrugged. Sandy then asked him if he knew how to play poker, blackjack, and Spanish-21 wondering if he was a gambler. He said he didn’t know any of them, just Spit and War. Sandy invited him inside, offered him a chair and began to explain the details of poker. It was now late, time had passed since the brownie was eaten and the lesson continued from Poker, various types, and then onto blackjack. It was at this time JJ zoned out. He just looked at Sandy’s body, her great tits, and that sexy little brown t shirt and blue jeans she wore, the pretty blond hair, and began to think of her sucking his cock and him fucking her. He was so zoned out that he didn’t notice the huge bulge in his shorts or that the talking had stopped five minutes ago. Sandy felt herself blush a little. This young, virile stud in waiting was lost in his own world, likely on her. Bayan Eskort She called out his name, softly and sweetly.

“Huh? Oh I am sorry, so if you have two aces…,” JJ stumbled to appear with it.

“You know I grew up with two older brothers, I know what a boner looks like. It appears you’ve got quite a monster there,” Sandy said as she stood up and got near to him, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“I—I am sorry. I guess I just–” JJ said a tad bit embarrassed and feeling like looking away or running away.

Sandy purred a little, “It is okay. I am use to it, I grew up with brothers. I know the cure for it though.”

With that sandy pulled the table back, grabbed a towel out of her knapsack, and put it at his feet. She then knelt down and undid his jeans and moved his Fruit of the Loom briefs out of the way noting the cut head and it’s mushroom-like shape had created a wet spot. She freed it and began to jerk it with her hand wrapped around the 6-inch thick shaft. JJ was about to move, but quickly stopped. Her hand was warm, felt so nice, and he just sat back amazed. He felt a head rush and more blood rush to his cock.

Sandy purred again, “Mmmm… I can smell your excitement. You have a nice cock, about as big as my brothers’.” Sandy saw he liked when she squeezed gently. She saw his veins pulse and felt his cock swell. “I bet you wish you had a girlfriend who’d do this for you a lot. I have no boyfriend right now,” Sandy told him as she jerked his cock up and down, stopping every few moments to breath warm air up and down the shaft, caress, and make sure to look up at him. “Your cock is so hot! So nice. Great shape, a slight curve to the left, but no matter I can take care of you,” Sandy said in a slightly husky voice.

JJ was stunned and could not believe this was happening. He moaned and even moved a little without realizing it. Sandy was having fun of her own, her loins aflame and the area between her legs were hot and getting wet. She decided to bring this to an end and with that she lowered her head and popped the head in her mouth, sucked a few minutes, tongued around, and released. A huge set of moans and even gentle begging to do more came from a JJ not sure if it was his own voice. She smiled and licked from his crotch up to the head of his cock and jerked more. JJ lost it! He felt a shot of his own hot cum go past Sandy’s head and into orbit, the second jet hit her forehead, and the third through fifth got around her hand. She stopped jerking, cleaned her hands, and gave him a peck on the cheek. “That’s all you get for tonight, goodnight. I need to get some sleep. See you later, loverboy,” Sandy said and with that ushered him out of her apartment and went to bed. JJ stumbled back to his own bed in awe, awoke hours later, and felt it may have been all a dream.

The next few days went pretty normal for the home. That was except for JJ who felt he must have been dreaming. Sandy would smile at him and always say hi when he saw her at the bus stop. She would not bring up the subject of “their card lesson” and he was too shy to do so. Finally she stopped him one afternoon as he came home from his job and she was done with her classes and asked why he hadn’t asked for another “card lesson” with a devilish grin. He sheepishly said he was too shy and wondered if it was a dream. Sandy hugged him and pulled him in close to her and whispered that Friday night he should come downstairs to her apartment door at 10PM. She said no more and the parents worked, Amber went to class and JJ went to his job, and finally Friday arrived and 10PM JJ knocked at the door. The door opened fast and he was pulled inside.

Sandy was naked and was like an animal in heat, some would argue she was an animal in heat. Before JJ could say a word Sandy simply smiled at him and took him Anadolu Yakası Escort by his hand to her bed and she laid back and patted the bed. JJ sat down and was a dumbfounded. “Why don’t you start by taking off your clothing and releasing that monster there. JJ hesitated for a moment, thought of getting caught, Amber upstairs and how her size and shape almost matched Sandy’s exactly. He started taking off his clothes.

“I… I never did much with my girlfriends of the past. I am not–” the sheepish JJ said.

Sandy responded, “Don’t worry, I’ll be your guide. Consider it another ‘card lesson’ and tonight’s lesson is ‘Pleasing the Queen’.”

JJ smiled and even giggled a little. Sandy went on to explain to that he is going to instructed in pleasing her and finished by sayingm “Learn this skill and you’ll never be alone.”

Sandy explained oral pleasure technique in vivid and lurid details. Now naked and still with a raging hard on JJ followed the instructions and started with licking his fingers and gently tracing her outer lips while he kissed the inside of her thighs and breathed warm air on her folds. He gently eased his fingers inside the folds, which were getting more and more wet. He’d spread the glistening juices on her clit. He even got bold and started to suck on the clit, eliciting a delighted moan from Sandy. Sandy had a rapidly learning student on her hands. She grabbed his head and pulled him in closer and bit her wrist to keep from screaming. He licked and kissed, he smelled the sea and sweet aromas, all from her folds. He darted his tongue in and out, slowed it down, sucked on her clit, and more. Finally Sandy grabbed her pillow and closed her legs, convulsing on the bed, and screamed into the pillow. No one above stirred or awoke.

JJ was a bit surprised, he’d only read and heard about this. His cock strained and he was unsure it he was getting anything more. He felt his cock was as stiff as a sword and could cut through steel. A moment later Sandy said she felt great and now it was time to please him, at the same time she wanted more. She had him change places with her. JJ now on his back and his cock twitched with joy as he saw a smiling Sandy look at his with fluttering eyes and a sweet, devilish smile as she went down on him. JJ moaned and was in heaven as Sandy was an expert in her attention to his cock. He felt his heart beating in his head, could hear nothing except his breathing, and when he finally calmed enough to enjoy it heard some delicious sounds: her slurping and moving on his cock. She went up and down, around, used her tongue, and even deep-throated him. She made no mention of boyfriends and spoke only of brothers she grew up with, however that wasn’t on his mind, nor was her skill. It was the BLOWJOB. He didn’t last long and a few minutes into it has went to mention, as is to warn, his impending climax. Before he could say anything more than opening his mouth he shot hot jets of cum and Sandy went down more. She knew it was cumming, she felt it in the veins. She could hear the blood rushing to the area! He came and came, he held Sandy’s head there…his cock was too sensitive now and he worried if she moved it’d hurt! Sandy smiled and allowed herself to be held and gently sucked. Finally he subsided, Sandy raised up, swallowed, and put her head on his chest.

“Mmm…you taste good stud. That was your first time getting a blowjob wasn’t it?” Sandy asked already knowing the answer. JJ nodded. Sandy went on to tell him there is a lot more if he wants to learn, he just needed to know that the lessons will change as they go on. There would be a lot more spiritual teachings. Lights wouldn’t always be on, nor would he always see. Sometimes to teach sensual nature and pleasing one has to block out senses, to better learn from and about the others. Pendik Escort JJ almost felt himself falling asleep from the activity and the post climax, but he listened. Sandy spoke of at times being blindfolded to better listen, smell, taste, and touch. Other times not being able to speak to focus on listening as a more powerful response system. Sandy’s head on his chest made JJ fall asleep and Sandy listening to his slowing heart. She let him rest for a moment and then got him up and urged him to go to the bathroom. “But I don’t have to go,” said a confused JJ. “Yes, you do…or you will. Trust me,” Sandy assured him. JJ got up and discovered she was right. She reminded him she grew up with brothers.

When JJ emerged from the bathroom he was flaccid, naked, and again not sure if there was more. Sandy was on the bed, naked, sitting, and patted the place next time him. Sandy said it was time to 69 and learn mutual satisfaction. She placed JJ on his back and swung herself over him, lowering her folds to his face and felt him start to lick and kiss, remembering the lessons. His cock, now in front of Sandy, was starting to harden. Sandy sped things up and moved herself to move her tongue across his rosebud. When JJ felt his asshole being licked his cock surged.

Sandy smiled to herself and thought, “Works every time.” She started sucking his rapidly hardening cock. They pleased each other for a while. Sandy massaged his ass with her hands, JJ reached up to massage her shoulders and tits. JJ learned that sucking on Sandy’s clit made her really convulse and suck him harder, almost screaming onto his cock. He did this, more, and more… and MORE…

Sandy suddenly pulled off JJ and wish a single motion got over him, aimed his cock with her hands, and sank down onto him! He was about to ask if she was okay when he felt the sensation we all remember: SKIN TO SKIN pleasure of a woman lowering herself onto your manhood. JJ moaned and almost got too loud before Sandy’s hand covered his mouth. She smiled as he got quiet…lowered herself to kiss him and without thinking JJ kissed back. Her juices on his tongue and his one hers they kissed and screwed. JJ feeling wonderful and for the first time a little more confident. There was no question he was experiencing this, but yet he could not believe it. He squeezed his ass shut and his veins popped out on his cock. Sandy moaned during her kiss and kissed him harder.

JJ was getting more confident, enough to break the kiss and slowly move Sandy off him. She sat back and smiled. JJ said not a word, being quiet, but moved her onto all fours. Sandy smiled and looked back with a smile. JJ mounted her and started moaning again at just how good it all felt! Suddenly he kicked up the boiler pressure and started humping faster and faster, like a rabbit, like a JACKRABBIT. He held her hips and started JACKRABBITING faster. Sandy, unprepared for her student’s rise and power, started to shriek aloud, and actually woke up Amber now at midnight from her slumbers. Sandy grabbed the pillow and screamed into it. Finally JJ felt another load getting ready to shoot when he started to pull out.

Sandy felt this and locked her legs around JJ’s shins and PULLED HIM back and said, “Jackrabbit! I am on the pill, you shoot in here!”

JJ lost and flooded her with his hot cum and they stayed locked for several minutes. Sandy collapsed and pulled JJ over to give him a cleaning. She put his head on her chest as she sat up and told him he is a good student, a star pupil, and she’d love to teach him more. However, tonight’s lesson is over and gave him a peck on the cheek and a swat on his ass. JJ dressed and felt dizzy and still in awe.

No one would ever believe it, he cared not, for he had confidence now and he knew the truth.

He was in his own world, not even seeing his sister standing in the dark at her door. Amber’s mouth was wide open. Not only did she see JJ leave Sandy’s apartment downstairs, but he REEKED of her juices. She may be 18 and a virgin, but she wasn’t stupid.

There is MORE to CUM, but for now I’d appreciate any comments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32