Sam Learns about Sex from New Neighbor

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Sam had moved in next door only a week or two ago. He was a young 18 year old guy who I believed was attending the local university. I was 25 years old and finishing a law degree. I had seen him a time or two and waved to him.

I was busy one Saturday afternoon with laundry and cleaning. I had a busy week coming up as I was to be out of town for a couple law classes and lectures. The doorbell rang. I hurried to the door wondering who it would be. I was surprised to find Sam standing there.

He was holding a box. He told me he was the new guy next door. I told him I recognized him and welcomed him to the neighborhood. He was a tall, athletic looking guy. He had light brown hair and baby blue eyes. He seemed a little nervous and jumpy.

I asked him what brought him over to my house. He said a package had been delivered to him instead of me. He handed me the box. It had been opened and I could tell the contents had been moved inside the box.

Then I realized that what he was holding was the sex books I had ordered. I blushed and took the box from him. I thought that was the end of the conversation. Sam hesitated and finally asked about the contents of the box. I blushed and said something about a woman and her needs. He asked what I meant.

I did not know how to answer him. I thought he was trying to be smart or something. One of the books was on sex positions, another was on how a woman could better pleasure herself, and the third was a collection of short erotica stories. I was not currently in a relationship and planned to use the books to help satisfy my needs.

Sam continued to stand there waiting on an answer. I said I guessed a young handsome guy like him had a lot of girlfriends and experience. He blushed and said his parents did not allow him to date. I told him that might change since he was 18 and in college.

He then asked if he could ask Avcılar Escort me a question. I said sure. He wanted to know if the books in my box would explain what sex is to him. I said I guessed they would but I thought he probably already knew everything there was to know.

He laughed nervously. He then said he didn’t know much. I wondered what he was talking about. I asked him to come in and sit down.

He sat across from me in a chair. I sat down on the couch. He said he had grown up in a very strict family. They were not allowed to talk about their bodies or any feelings related to them.

I Also learned he had been to a strickt religious school where there was no sex education. He said he had heard friends relate to things but he just didn’t understand.

I felt that if he was living on his own and attending the university he should know the basics of sex. I told him I would be gone this next week and he could borrow the books. I asked him if I could explain a few things to him. He said sure.

I asked if he knew anything about having sex and he said not really. I told him I would give him a short introduction.

I asked if he knew about his penis. He said yes that is where he peed from. I asked if he’d ever had an erection. He said he didn’t know. I said that was when his penis got stiff and stood away from his body. He said it had happened once and he thought he needed to pee.

I asked if I might examine him. He agreed. He stood up and I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, looking at the large bulge in his underwear I was pretty use he was well endowed. Next I slid his underwear down. There he stood with a semi erecting cock.

I pointed out the different parts: the head, the slit, the shaft, the veins on it. Then I pointed out his balls inside the ball sack that hung at the base of his cock. I couldn’t believe I Avcılar Escort bayan was doing this.

I asked if I might touch it. He said yes. I reached for it and it sprang to life. I was right he was well endowed.

Next, I asked him if he had ever seen a girl naked. I figured he had not. He said he had seen someone’s boobs before but that was it. I undid my pants and pulled my pants and underwear off. I sat back on the couch with my feet on the couch and asked him to come sit in the couch.

I had just started shaving my pussy a few weeks ago. I was glad I did because it made it easier for him to see. I showed him the different parts I had between my legs. He looked intently and even leaned in close several times to get a good look.

This made me so hot. I started to get wet. I could not believe what I was about to say. I asked him if he wanted to have sex with me. He said he did.

I took Sam’s hand and lead him to my bedroom. We both undressed completely. There he stood my virgin neighbor in all his splendor. In just a few minutes he would push his hot cock into me and I would take his virginity.

I told him girls like to have their boobs licked and sucked and he should try it. He did and it felt amazing.

I told him in order for us to have sex he would put his penis which I was going to call his cock inside my vagina that I was going to call my pussy. I told him he would push and pull it in and out over and over and over and it would feel amazing.

Then I told him about having an orgasm. He was rock hard at this point. I did not know how long he would last.

I laid down on the bed and spread my legs open wide. I invited him to come lay between my legs. I told him to line up his pelvis with mine. He did just that. I reached down and took a hold of his thick manhood and guided the tip towards my opening. Then Escort avcılar I told him to slowly push forward and push his cock into my opening.

He did just that. I thought I would explode as he entered me. The look on his face was pure pleasure. He stopped once it was completely inside. I asked how it felt and he said like nothing he had ever experienced.

I swirled my hips and ground against him a few times. Then I told him to slowly start to pull his cock back out. He did. Then I urged him to slid it in and out. He built up a nice rhythm. Sliding in and out of me made me so very excited. I figured he would not last long but at the rate I was feeling I thought I would not last long either.

We were softly grunting and moaning. I could tell he was close. His balls drew up close to his body and he shot load after load into me. It was enough to send me over the edge too. I lost all control and came very hard.

After a few moments we both caught our breaths and he slipped out of me.

He told me that was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced. He wondered why his friends and parents had never told him about it. He wondered if they knew. I laughed and said I was pretty sure his friends knew about sex and I was certain his parents knew if he was their biological son.

I told him I had a lot of things to teach him after I returned from my trip next weekend. There was oral sex, masturbation, birth control, different positions. I told him to read the books over the next week and to touch and explore himself.

We had a few more couplings that evening and several amazing orgasms. I had to get to bed early as I needed to leave before 6 am. He left my house with the books tucked under his arms, a smile on his face, and a growing erection in his pants.

I took a shower. Stretched out in bed. Slipped my hand between my legs and found that wonderful spot Sam and I had share a few short hours ago. I brought myself to orgasm as I drifted off to sleep.

I made a mental note to add my vibrator and dildo to my bag. I knew as I was going to need them as I spent my week away thinking about Sam and the fun we would have next weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32