Rough Treatment Ch. 01

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Two weeks ago I went to Best Buy to pick up a computer part to fix my internet. This cute guy, George, helped me find what I needed and showed me how to install it. Then he asked me for my number, and he was cute and nice, so I gave it to him. I waited a week and a half and he still hadn’t called, and I wanted to check out some digital cameras anyways, so I went back to Best Buy. I saw him and he came over and told me that he was having problems with his car and so he hadn’t really been able to do anything except work, but that he’d call me the next day and we’d do something. Well, he never called, and here it is three days later and I’m actually upset about this, which is ridiculous, because I barely know the guy. So I decide to go back to Best Buy and give him a piece of my mind.

I pull into the parking lot and get out of my car, wearing a short, tight jean skirt, a black sleeveless blouse unbuttoned low enough to show off some cleavage, and some three-inch, black, stiletto sandals. I look up and he’s just coming out of the store. He recognizes me and walks across the parking lot towards me, so I lean against my car and cross my arms. “Hey, I was gonna call you when I got home,” he says.

“Ya know, it’s really funny cuz I’m actually almost upset that you never called me. But that’s ridiculous, cuz I don’t need to wait around for you to call me, it’s not like I’m desperate. So honey, you missed out cuz I’m the best sex you’ll never have.” He stares at me with his mouth hanging open and I turn to walk back around my car so I can leave. He grabs my arm and spins me back around to face him again.

“Look,” he says, “you’re gorgeous and sexy and probably way out of my league, so asking for your number was tough enough, but working up the balls to call you takes some time, especially when I wasn’t sure if you were really interested, so cut me some slack, OK?”

I pause and look him up and down and say, “Well first of all, I’m not out of your league, and second of all, I wouldn’t have given you my number if I wasn’t interested.” I step a little closer so my breasts are just barely touching his chest and say in a softer voice, “So, you think I’m sexy, huh?”

“Oh, hell yes,” he says as he slides an arm around me to pull me closer. I feel his cock hard against my thigh and moan softly as I press against him. “Just seeing you standing there in that outfit was enough to make me hard,” he says, and then leans in closer to whisper in my ear, “I want you so fucking bad you little tease.”

I smile at him and say, “Well then, what are you gonna do about it?” He pushes me back to my car so I’m leaning against it and kisses me forcefully, sliding his tongue between my full lips to taste me. I close my eyes and sink into the kiss, feeling his hands roaming my body as I suck his tongue. He pulls away and leans down to kiss and suck my neck as he runs his hand up the back of my thigh, pulling my leg up to wrap around his. I moan as he sucks my neck just below my ear and I feel his cock pressing harder into my thigh.

“Maybe we should take this somewhere a little more private,” I say as an older woman walks past us and glares before looking away.

“My apartment is 15 minutes from istanbul escorts here,” he mutters as he continues to kiss me, now working his way down the line of my blouse. I push him away gently and he pulls me to his car, opening the door for me. As I brush past him to get in, he grabs my ass and pulls me roughly against him. Then his grip softens and his hands move up to my back and he says, “Are you sure you wanna do this? We don’t have to.”

I take one of his hands and run it up the inside of my thigh to my pussy. He can feel my hot wetness through my satin panties and groans. “I think that answers your question,” I say, and get into the car.

He shuts my door and runs around the car, starts it and peels out of the parking lot. He reaches over and runs his hand up and down my smooth thigh as we get on the highway. I spread my legs slightly and he runs his hand under my skirt to my pussy. He pushes my panties to the side and dips a finger into my wetness. “Damn, you’re so fucking wet,” he groans as he easily slides his finger inside my hole. I pull his hand away from my pussy and up to my mouth and suck his finger like I would suck his cock.

I pull his finger out of my mouth and lean over to run my hand up his thigh until I feel his cock, hard and hot under my hand. I squeeze it gently and start to rub it through his pants. I feel his cock get harder in my hand and he moans, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop. I can’t concentrate on driving at the same time.” I stop rubbing him long enough to undo his belt and unbutton and unzip his pants.

I reach in and pull his big cock out and start to stroke him as I lean down to lick his head. I run my tongue under his foreskin, teasing him before I take him into my mouth. I hear him moan as I take his long shaft deep into my throat, tracing the underside of his cock with the tip of my tongue. I stroke his cock and tease him with my tongue, not enough to make him cum, just enough to drive him crazy.

After a few more minutes the car stops and he turns off the engine. He runs one hand through my hair, gently encouraging me to suck him harder as he says, “Oh fuck yea, you’re mouth feels so fucking good on my cock. Suck me hard sexy, make me cum.” I start to suck his head harder as I stroke his long shaft faster, occasionally taking him deep into my throat. I feel his cock swell in my mouth and he thrusts his hips up as he shoots his cum into my mouth. I swallow as much as I can but a little trickles out the side of my mouth. I sit up and wipe it off with a finger and then lick it off my finger. “That was incredible,” he says as he zips up, “now let me return the favor.”

He gets out of the car and walks around to open my door for me. He leads me to his apartment and as he finds his keys and unlocks the door, I run my hands under his shirt to feel the hard muscle of his chest as I kiss his neck. He groans and grabs my ass and pulls me up so my back is against the door and my legs are wrapped around him. He kisses me and opens the door and carries me in.

He kicks the door shut behind him and carries me to his bedroom. He puts me down on the bed and lies to me, kissing me and touching me all over. istanbul eskort He kisses down my neck and unbuttons my blouse, kissing my skin as it’s exposed. I sit up to take off my blouse and throw it to the side and he reaches behind me to undo my bra. I pull that off as well and he sighs as he sees my perky, D-cup breasts with hard nipples.

He lays me back and cups one breast as he kisses the other, making his way to my erect, sensitive nipple. I gasp as he finally takes it into his mouth, sucking it and gently biting it. He continues this as he unbuttons my skirt and pulls it off me along with my soaked panties. He covers my bare pussy with one hand and teases my opening with the tip of his finger. I arch my back and he slides his finger deep into me, rubbing my G-spot before pulling back out. He fingers me slowly, teasing my G-spot and rubbing my clit with his thumb as he sucks my nipples, alternating back and forth between them.

“More,” I groan, knowing I’ll never cum at this pace. He slides another finger inside me and kisses down my stomach to my pussy. I gasp as he licks my clit and he starts licking and sucking my clit and fingering me faster. He pulls his fingers out of me and lies down flat between my legs and wraps his arms around my thighs. He licks me from my hole up to my clit, then stiffens his tongue and plunges it into my wet hole. He rubs my clit with his thumb as he tongue-fucks me.

“Oh God yes! I’m so close,” I gasp as I run my hands through his hair, pulling him closer to my cunt. He keeps going and I let out a hoarse scream as I cum hard, flooding his mouth with my juices. He keeps licking me, cleaning up all my wetness before coming up to kiss me, letting me taste myself on his lips and tongue.

I moan and glance down to see his cock tenting his pants again. I pull his shirt off and then go to work on getting his pants off. Once he’s naked, I push him onto his back and straddle him, guiding his cock to my opening so he can feel my wetness on his cock head. He grabs my hips and pulls me down on his cock, thrusting up at the same time. I gasp as his enormous cock fills me completely, stretching my pussy.

Before I can start to ride him, he flips us over so he’s on top of me, never taking his cock out of my pussy. He pulls out so just his head is in me, then thrusts hard and fast all the way into me again. I gasp in a little bit of pain, startled by this rough treatment. “You’re a little slut, aren’t you? You love my big cock. You want me to fuck you. You want me to hammer this cunt.” He thrusts into me on the words slut, cock, fuck, and cunt, shaking the whole bed as he slams into me. All I can do is nod as I adjust to this rough fucking. “Say it! Tell me what a slut you are. Tell me how you love my dick in you,” he yells, fucking me even harder.

“I love your cock,” I say lustily, “I want you to fuck me hard. I’m such a naughty slut, punish me. Fuck my cunt.”

He pulls out and says, “Turn over slut.” I don’t move for a few seconds so he leans in close and whispers, “Are you my whore?” I nod and he yells, “Then get on your hands and knees! Show me that sweet ass.” I scramble to turn over onto my hands and knees and eskort istanbul stick my ass out at him, shaking it a little side to side. He kneels behind me and thrusts into me again.

“Do you know what naughty whores like you deserve?” He doesn’t wait for me to answer, he just brings one hand down hard on my ass. The slap resonates in the room and leaves my ass stinging. I moan in pain and pleasure as he continues to fuck me hard. “Don’t complain bitch, you want this, you begged me to punish you and that’s what I’m gonna do,” he growls as he spanks me again. He continues to thrust in and out, and each time he pulls out, he spanks my ass harder. He reaches around to my breasts and pinches and pulls on one nipple, rolling it between his fingers.

I’m gasping and moaning loudly from the intense combination of pain and pleasure. “Fuck me harder,” I manage to gasp as I rock back to meet his thrusts, “I’m gonna cum.” He spanks me harder one more time, then pulls out, depriving me of my orgasm.

He holds onto my hips, not letting me move to rub against him until I calm down, then he slides a finger into me and pulls it out and drags my wetness up to my tight asshole. He repeats this several times, pushing his finger a little deeper inside my ass each time until he can easily slide it in and out. He guides his cock back to my pussy and fucks me as he fingers my ass. It doesn’t take long for me to get over the slight discomfort and start to enjoy it. He slides a second finger into my ass and I groan, enjoying the increased stimulation.

“Yes, oh fuck yes I’m gonna cum. Please let me cum,” I gasp. He increases his pace, fucking me harder and faster. I scream as I cum hard, my pussy gripping his cock and my ass gripping his fingers. He pulls out of both my holes and I collapse on the bed, gasping for breath.

He lets me rest for a minute before rolling me onto my back and spreading my legs wide up over my head. “Hold your legs there slut,” he says. I grab my ankles and spread my legs farther, giving him a perfect view of my pussy and ass. He kneels between my legs and slides into my pussy again, stroking in and out slowly for a minute before pulling out and placing the head of his cock against my asshole and pressing in slowly.

I’m moaning from the strange combination of pain and pleasure, my tight virgin ass is stretching to accommodate his big dick. He slowly fucks my ass as I adjust to the feeling, then he starts fingering my pussy and fucking me harder. I moan louder as he rubs my clit with his thumb and continues to fuck me fast. I can feel my orgasm approaching fast. “You dirty little whore,” he mutters, “you naughty slut, you like my fat dick in your ass, don’t you?”

My orgasm starts and I scream, “Yes, yes, yes! FUCK ME!” My ass tightens on his cock and he pulls out and cums all over my ass, pussy, stomach and tits.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck that was so intense, so fucking good,” he whispers as he collapses next to me on the bed, “You’re so fucking sexy, I can’t believe it.”

I stare at the ceiling as I catch my breath. I roll over and walk to his bathroom and get in the shower, letting the hot water wash his cum off me. After about 10 minutes, I get out and walk back to the bedroom and find him asleep, not having moved since I got up. I silently gather my clothes and get dressed and call a cab to take me back to my car. As I sit in the taxi I go over what had happened and formulate a plan to get my revenge on him.

To be continued…

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