Ringmaster Ch. 09: Ringmaster Danna

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“D-Danna!” I stammered, failing spectacularly to not appear suspicious. “How long have you been standing there?” She looked at me, then at Regina, and then back to me. She looked like she was trying to process what she had just seen before signing something. “Uh, Regina? Translation?”

“Hmm, what is this about a Reality Ring?” Regina translated before turning to me.

“Oh, I was hoping that you didn’t hear that part,” I said with a groan, putting my head in my hands.

“Yeah, so, we’re in some deep trouble.” Regina sighed and shrugged her shoulders. “Look, you can always just wipe her mind of the past few seconds. You won’t have to explain anything.”

Danna immediately looked concerned and about ready to bolt when I put my hand up to Regina. “No, I’m not about to wipe her memory.” I sighed and walked over to her, gently holding her hand. She was nervous to let me hold them, but she did. “Danna, I would never do anything to hurt you, or Vanessa, or Summer. I need you to understand that first.” After a bit of thinking, Danna nodded. I turned around to Regina. “You said that this ring can’t be removed by the wearer, correct?”

“I mean, it can be, it’s just not pretty,” Regina said, realizing exactly where I was going with this. “You sure you wanna do this, Maria?” I thought for a bit, but nodded. “Alright, I just hope you trust her.”

“I do,” I said, turning back to Danna and giving her a gentle kiss on the cheek before holding my hand up to her. “Danna, this is the Reality Ring. It allows the wearer, the Ringmaster, to alter the reality of women.” Danna’s eyes went wide open and she took a step back, as to be expected. “Danna, I have never used this to take advantage of anyone, I swear it.” My eyes glanced down at the ring again before I resolved myself. “And, for proof, I want you to take the ring for a bit. So you can see that it works and that I hadn’t done anything really to you or Summer,” I said, intentionally excluding that I did anything to Vanessa. “I can’t take this ring off, but you can. Please, I want you to trust me.”

Danna looked at the ring and bit her lip, trying to process what I said. Nervously, she reached out and grabbed the ring. Slowly, she pulled it off my finger and I felt the warmth of it fade. “So, it can be removed.” I looked her over, still loving her curves and how beautiful her face was. “Huh, I guess the changes still stay.”

“Yeah, they do.” Immediately, I spun around, surprised to see Regina still there, sitting on the couch.

“Wait, how are you still here?” I asked.

“Oh, once you’ve been bound to the ring, I’m always visible and tangible for you,” Regina explained like this was a casual occurrence. “Once I’m unbound to anyone, then I’m stuck until someone wears the ring.”

“Huh,” I said at the reveal. Danna looked over the ring before putting it on her finger. She shuddered as she felt the warmth, then fell to her knees, holding her hand. She silently whimpered in pain as I ran to get her some ice for her hand. I grabbed a few ice cubes and gave them to dull the pain. “Here, I know it hurt when I did it.” She nodded and put the ice down before breathing normally. “I guess you’re bound.”

“Oh, that’s my cue,” Regina said, pulling her cue cards out of her tits. She cleared her throat before proceeding. “Greetings new Ringleader, that’s you. My name is Regina. You can call me Regina, or Ring Slut, or Ring Bitch, or whatever suits your fancy. You are now the owner of the Reality Ring. Use this to shape the realities of whatever or whoever women suit your fancy. This Ring allows you to change the bodies or the minds of any woman you want with just a simple thought. You can even make them unaware of any changes. Give them commands they must follow or program them to do your bidding. The sky is the limit. Make them sex slaves, dominate your enemies, shape their reality as you see fit. Be sure to flourish. Everything is up to you, so go wild Ringmaster, point to the wearer of the ring. Also, a side effect of this ring is that the Ringmaster, that’s you, will develop a strong carnal lust for women, even if you previously had no attraction towards them. This is non-negotiable and has already begun to take place within you. You also need to train up using the ring or there will be dire consequences.” She looked proud of herself, despite clearly reading just from notes.

“You okay, Danna?” I asked, gently resting my hands on her shoulders. “It was a lot for me to take in when I first was bound.”

She looked down at the ring before signing something to Regina. “Nope, Danna. Using the ring’s power doesn’t require audible cues. You can just think it.” Danna looked at the ring again before closing mamak escort her eyes and focusing.

I felt a wave of energy wash over my body and I shuddered. Danna shook her hand and held it a bit as she made her change. Immediately, I felt myself push Danna down onto the couch and stand in front of her.

“Oh gosh, what’s going on?” I asked as I felt my hips begin to sway back and forth. “Danna, dear, um, what did you do?”

Danna’s eyes widened and she smiled as she watched me swing my hips. She idly signed something to Regina who chuckled. “Well, she didn’t want to do anything too crazy or wild, so she’s just making you dance for her.”

“This feels a bit more than just dancing,” I said, feeling my body betray me as it turned around and ran my hands along my waist. “What kind of dance were you thinking of?” I turned back around to Danna and leaned forward, gently tugging on my robe and showing off a nice view of cleavage. “Wait, Danna, did you?”

Danna nodded and bit her lower lip. “Yep,” Regina said, sitting down next to Danna and enjoying the show. “Her first command was for you to give her a strip tease.” Regina gently guided her hands across Danna’s chest and down along her stomach. Watching Danna get all hot and bothered by my dance and Regina’s touch was exhilarating. Hell, I didn’t care that Danna had forced me to give her a strip tease. After all, I was now dating her and we had already fucked. A simple strip tease was nothing.

Or at least, it shouldn’t be. Internally, I was still freaking out. First, just the feeling of my body doing tasks and actions without my conscious input was just SO disorienting. There wasn’t really any other way to describe it except for dissociating. Though, if I tried hard enough, I think I could take control of my body, provided that I was doing the task I was told. Second, I don’t care how sexual I was last night or anything, before yesterday, the most I had ever done was kiss someone! Being sexy and flirty and all this was still so new to me. Especially doing it with girls! And now I was in a relationship with three of them.

My body lurched myself forward to give Danna the best view as I undid my robe, revealing my bra and panties underneath. Regina gave a little wolf whistle and Danna clapped enthusiastically, loving every moment of seeing me undress. Regina had worked her hands to Danna’s clit and was rubbing it in circles. Seeing that filled me with a little bit of jealousy that that wasn’t me doing that to Danna.

“Enjoy the show… sweetie?” I struggled with that last bit because I still wasn’t used to giving out pet names to anyone, much less someone I was dating. Danna nodded and kept watching for more. My hips swung themselves in a circle as I turned, now giving Danna a perfect view of my ass. Almost immediately, I felt one of them slap my cheeks. “Hey!” I wanted to turn my head to see who it was, but my body just stuck my ass out, begging for more. I felt two more slaps on my ass as it sent a ripple of pleasure through me. “Ahhh, fuck.”

“Wow, you’re a natural at this,” Regina said as I turned around. I ran my hands up and down my stomach as I lifted up my bra off my tits and over my shoulders. I flung it off somewhere in the apartment and bounced up and down, my tits shaking like jelly. Danna traced their path perfectly with her eyes, her mouth watering and half-open from the show and Regina’s fingers.

“Like what you see?” I felt my own mouth betray me as I flirted with Danna. She nodded and I turned once again, swinging my hips and emphasizing my curves to her. “Guess there’s only one thing left to do.” Slowly, my fingers wormed their way under my waistband and tugged on my panties.

“Yeah, take it off!” Regina whistled at the show, encouraging me to keep going like the sex entity that she was. I spun back around and leaned forward, my sweet chariots swinging low as I swayed back and forth. I noticed that my body had made me bend just so that as it took off my panties, my crotch was perfectly blocked for both Danna and Regina. “Boo! Show us the goods!”

I straightened back up, shimmying my hips from side to side and turning slowly to give them both a full range of myself. After I turned back to Danna, I felt myself regain agency of my body and I fell to my knees at the sudden sensation. “Whoa. That was so weird.”

“Oh, that was fantastic,” Regina said with a clap before licking the fingers that were in Danna’s snatch. “Now, what are you gonna do next?”

Danna looked down at me, and I looked up into her gorgeous eyes. I gave a soft smile, both warm and also just a non-verbal way of saying “Please don’t do anything ofise gelen escort terrible to me.” Danna smiled back and leaned down, kissing me firmly on the lips. The sudden thrill of being kissed by a girl revved me up and I subconsciously responded to the kiss by gently licking Danna on the lips. A soft release of air escaped her lips until she pulled away.

“Well, Danna,” Regina said, being the succubus to my angel attitude, “I mean, you’ve got her down on her knees right in front of you.” She gently guided Danna’s legs up and scooted her ass closer towards the edge of the couch. “And you are very wet after all.” Regina licked her fingers and gently traced along Danna’s nipple with it. Danna shivered at the touch and Regina leaned in and bit her earlobe softly. “You know what you should do.”

“I mean, Danna, you don’t HAVE to-” It was too late as a wave of energy washed over me. I felt my body lurch forward, putting me inches away from Danna’s wet pussy that was just aching for me. I panted softly, mostly from the dancing to now this, and stared at her wet slit. I’ll admit, I was nervous because this would be my first time to go down on a woman. But, at the same time, my heart was racing. The smell was intoxicating and my body was longing to know how it felt to do this.

Gently, Danna rested a hand on the back of my head and ran it through my hair. My goodness, that felt amazing. She smiled so warmly and widely at me, I couldn’t help but blush. It was me she was looking and smiling at. I was a reason that she smiled. I suddenly felt my body begin to move forward towards her clit, but I pulled myself away, taking back control, and putting my lips against her inner thigh. She looked curiously at me.

“Don’t you worry, Danna,” I said, looking up at her and gently kissing along her leg. “I’ll get to your sweet spot, but first, just a little tease.” I wanted to drive her wild. I wanted my touch and my tongue to drive her over the edge completely. She squirmed at each kiss, gripping the couch and panting heavily. Slowly, I tilted my head and shifted to her other leg, covering it with gentle kisses. Her bare skin felt warm against my lips, soft and supple. But, the scent of her flower was overpowering and desiring. And, I could tell that she was about at her limit of my teasing.

“Go on then,” Regina said as she used her fingers to part Danna’s lower lips. It was so inviting that my mouth watered a little. “Don’t keep her waiting.”

“You ready, Danna?” She nodded her head, gently biting on her knuckle in anticipation. “You ate me out yesterday. Now it’s my turn to return the favor.” Gingerly, I pressed my tongue against her pussy. Danna let out a gasp as I licked. Instantly, the flavor of it was incredible, a mix of sweet yet salty and all around intoxicating. I wanted more. I gripped my arms around Danna’s legs and pulled her in, my tongue burying itself deep inside of her. She gasped louder and faster as I swirled my tongue deep within her folds.

“Damn girl, you sure know how to lick,” Regina said with a chuckle as she took hold of Danna’s lips with her own. Danna’s muffled moans of pleasure as I ate her fueled me to go even further and faster. Danna squirmed, but I held her down with my arms. She wasn’t squirming to escape, but just from the pure pleasure she was feeling as waves of pleasure washed through her. I wanted to make her cum.

Suddenly, I felt another wave of the ring’s energy course over me. Whatever Danna did, it was something a bit more intense than what she did before as I felt her tense up. I wanted to look up to see if she was okay, but something drew my attention more. I felt myself licking deeper and deeper into Danna’s pussy. Like, even deeper than should be possible. What in the world? I couldn’t even bring myself to pull my tongue out as the ring’s magic was keeping me attached to her. There was only one solution.

I moved my arms down and squeezed Danna’s ass cheeks as I furiously ate away at her pussy. I could tell she was on the verge of cumming as her legs began to tense up. Her hands reached around quickly, finally resting on mine and gripping me tightly. One final push into her was all it took to send her reeling over the edge. Her thighs squeezed both sides of my face as her back arched.

Suddenly, my mouth began to be filled by something. It was incredibly sweet and tasted like Danna. I couldn’t pull away or anything so I had no choice put to swallow. I gulped it down and Danna’s thighs released me. I gasped for air and panted from all the work I just did on her.

“Wath I tha goo… waat minute.” I stared down in shock as I had a tongue otele gelen escort that was a whole couple inches long. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what was more shocking to me right now: whatever juices just came out of Danna or the freakish tongue that would put Simmons to shame. “EH!?” I tried to fit my tongue back into my mouth, but it all just flopped right back out.

“Oh, I think she noticed, Danna,” Regina said with a smirk. “Might wanna make a bit of edit there.” Danna panted and turned to me. She closed her eyes and I felt my body shift. I managed to slurp my tongue back into my mouth and took a deep breath.

“Okay, much better now!” Though, making sure, I stuck my tongue out and sure enough, that thing extended back out its full length.

“Oh, you naughty minx,” Regina said, giving Danna a kiss on the cheeks.

I retracted my new tongue and decided to take a seat in Danna’s lap. “So, have your fun?” I did mean that genuinely, but at the same time, I was a little annoyed at how easily she wielded the ring. Danna stared deep into my eyes and pulled me in for a kiss.

Danna looked into my eyes, but then looked down at the ring. She turned her head towards Regina and signed something to her.

“Really? You sure?” Regina asked back, tilting her head. Man, did I wish I knew sign language now. Maybe the ring could make me learn it. Danna nodded her head and signed something. “Alright, well, you are the Ringmaster.”

“Is everything alright?” I asked as Danna turned back to me. She gave me a gentle smile before I felt the ring’s magic wash over me again. “I made you and Summer not leave at the food truck. That is all the changes that I’ve done to you and Summer.” I shuddered and held my hand over my mouth, having suddenly felt my vocal cords betray me. “What was that?”

“Danna wanted to confirm something,” Regina said, sitting a bit more upright. “She just wanted to know whether or not you altered her or Summer.”

With that, Danna held her hand with the ring out to me. “Wait, you want to give me the ring?” I asked, surprised. Danna nodded without hesitation and signed something.

“She trusts you,” Regina translated, which filled me up with an intense warm good feeling. Danna was so nice, so kind, so gentle. I couldn’t believe that anyone had previously tried to take advantage of her. Gently, I ran my fingers through Danna’s hair and gave her a kiss on the nose. I was absolutely going to make sure that she was happy. Gently, I took the ring off of Danna’s finger and slipped it back onto my left hand. I shuddered as the energy of the ring washed over me, thankfully not burning this time.

“Well, Maria, now that you’re the Ringmaster again, what are you going to do?” Regina asked, leaning in close and giving me a full view down her shirt. Her eyes had temptation behind it and her lips had something naughty bouncing around in her head.

“I guess this,” I said, turning to Danna and kissing her firmly on the lips. Slowly, I snaked my long tongue deep into her mouth. She gripped me tight in surprise but her face showed she was enjoying it.

“Man, you’re so tame,” Regina complained, flopping onto the couch. Oh, I wasn’t about to just get away that scot-free after encouraging Danna. The ring flared up as I saw Regina’s eyes go wide. “aaaaaAAAAHHHHH!” Her back arched and her hands gripped the couch. Her body tensed up as I used the ring to send a powerful orgasm through her. She stayed like that, shaking and quivering for a few second, before collapsing onto the couch. “That’s more like it,” she said with a dreamy tone.

Danna silently giggled as she watched the little show before we heard a knock at the door. Quickly, I put on my robe and walked over to the door, peering through the peephole. It was just Summer holding a few bags. I opened up the door and pulled her in. She gave a quick little yelp in surprise before she shut the door behind her. “Oh! Maria! I didn’t expect that you’d be right at- mmMPH!” Feeling still a little revved up, I pulled Summer in for a kiss, wrapping my hands around her waist and neck.

“Mwah! Good morning to you too, Summer,” I said giving her a wink.

‘…OH MY GOSH MARIA WHEN THE FUCK DID YOU GET SO SMOOTH!?’ I thought to myself as I quickly made my way to the couch.

Summer cleared her throat, adjusted her lovely suit, which really showed off her slim waist, and joined us over at the couch. She took a look at Regina and Danna, then to me with a smile. “Really girls? Already? It’s only 9:30.”

“Wait, 9:30!?” I turned to the clock, then quickly rushed to my room. “Shoot! I’ve got to go!” I threw on a nice peach bra and pink polka dot panties, then slipped into a white tee and a gray cardigan. I put on a pair of skinny jeans and grabbed my bag and my phone. “Okay girls, I’ll see you later!”

“Not so fast,” Summer said, stopping me before reaching into her bag. She handed me a small sandwich wrapped in tinfoil. “In case you didn’t eat.” She gave me a wink, a kiss on the cheek, and a slap on the ass before sending me off.

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