Pouring Love

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Hi to all Literotica readers. Let me introduce myself first. I’m Abhi (name changed) from Kerala. This incident happened while I was doing my engineering. My first two sexual experiences were with my tuition teacher. But this is something different. So in this story, I will narrate my hot experience with my batchmate, Reshma.

Let me tell you about Reshma first. I don’t think that words in English would be sufficient to describe how beautiful she is. She is really a beauty queen with mesmerizing assets such as sweet red lips, large and well-shaped boobs, round buttocks etc. Most of the boys in our batch used to ogle at her heavenly body secretly and publically as well. I really admired her beauty and used to compliment her as we were good friends.

One day, while I was talking with my friends on the corridor, Reshma called me from some distance. I went to her. She said that she wanted to talk to me. She requested me to walk with her for some time. I agreed.

We walked through the long corridor. She wasn’t uttering a word until we reach a junction near the stairs. Then she asked me suddenly – “You write sex stories, don’t you?”

As you can imagine, I was terribly shocked and totally taken aback by her question. I was sure that my image in the college is going to be ruined. I was almost fainting.

Up to that second, I hadn’t thought of getting identified through the stories I write for various story sites. My mind automatically flashed back to my published stories and started to scan for the point that caught me redhanded. I didn’t have to think much. I understood that if I have been caught, then it’s only because of my email address. I remembered that many of my friends including Reshma knew my secondary email address. I was sweating heavily. But Reshma was very calm. I was wondering what to say. I just I pleaded her not to tell this to anyone.

She told me that she would not tell this to anybody if I obeyed certain things. I asked, “What should I do?”

Her answer really aroused me. She said, “You should satisfy me!!” with a naughty smile. Well, I wasn’t sure and thought she might be kidding. So I just kept looking at her. She said, “Hey, I am not kidding. I meant that!”

Now I understood what she wanted from me and it was actually very difficult to believe as she was the beauty queen and I was just a regular guy. While my brain was thinking, I sensed some movements inside my pants the moment after she said that. Then she asked me several details about my tuition teacher (heroine of my previous stories).

After that, she told me that her parents would be leaving to their native place for their temple festival and so she was going to be alone at her home the next day and I must come after the classes. I was overjoyed and promised her to come in the evening.

The following day, at evening around 7’o clock, I left my home telling mom that I will return very late as I was going to watch a movie with friends. Since there were rain clouds in the sky, she insisted me to take the umbrella, which I readily refused! I reached Rehma’s home at 7:30 pm. I rang the calling bell.

The door was quickly opened and there she was standing in a blue sari over a matching black blouse. She was absolutely terrific in that dress and also it was the first time I was seeing her in a sari. She invited Esenyurt Escort me inside.

We sat in the living room and began to chat about many things except the thing we both wanted! Suddenly she requested me to accompany her to the terrace. She said she liked to spend time under the open sky during weather conditions like this. I said ok and followed her to the terrace, curiously watching her bouncing buttocks. She took a small battery operated chimney lamp on her way as it was a little dark by now.

The terrace floor was smooth and white. She sat on the floor and I sat beside her. It was getting darker. She kept the lamp near us. I thought that this small lamp would be the only witness to our deeds.

I realized that I was sitting near a sex bomb, which was ready to explode at any time even with my small sparks. I couldn’t control myself further as my tool was creating higher angles with my body. I guess the dark and breezy conditions made me bold and I slowly placed my hand on her shoulders. Finding no resistance from her side, I moved my hand to her neck and caressed it. Her skin was so smooth. I gave a gentle peck on her neck. I felt that she was trying to avoid showing her place to face.

Then I slowly laid her down. I placed the lamp beside her pleasure-packed body. Her body appeared to be glowing in that small light. I pinched her soft and trembling lips and then leaned and kissed those wonderful lips. I was getting the aroma of her lipstick. I dragged her lower lip with my lips softly and kissed on her teeth.

Then I slowly inserted my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues were meeting at variable depths inside her mouth. Our saliva was mixed in the process. Five minutes after the hot kissing session, I started removing her fabrics one by one. First I removed her pallu, exposing her sexy tummy and deep navel.

She was now in her blouse and panties. Her cleavage was white and bordered by her stunning boobs. I started swallowing her boobs above the blouse itself. Her nipples were becoming erect as a result of my vigorous sucking and biting on them. Reshma was making muffled moans. She must be feeling quite horny by now.

Within seconds, the protruding portion of her blouse was soaked with my saliva. A cool wind was blowing across our bodies. I unhooked her blouse. Now there was only the barrier of a black bra between her nipples and my mouth. I unhooked her black bra and released her white big boobs.

Then I started sucking her pleasure globes one by one. I squeezed them for a drop of milk. Reshma was now moaning louder. I sucked her boobs like a hungry baby sucking milk out of his mom. I bit her nipples softly, which soon turned reddish.

The cool wind was blowing more frequently and the inevitable rain started to drizzle. The rain was gaining strength minute by minute and I thought Reshma would run off from there. But she was beyond my expectations. She was thoroughly enjoying the nature’s gift on the golden day of her life. The rain seemed to be actually embracing her heavenly body. The intensity of the rain was increasing further and we were fully drenched in the rain by now. Rain drops were dancing on her body. Her deep navel was filled with water.

Her nipples were flooding. I hastily began to wipe out the water from her body. My clothes were Esenyurt Escort bayan also drenched in water and it got stuck to my body like my skin. Reshma suddenly turned me and got on top of me. Strangely, the wet rain must have made her ‘hotter’!

Her suppressed sexual emotions were bursting out at that moment. She started unbuttoning my shirt and then she removed my pants. Now I was only in my underwear.

Water droplets from her long, silky hair were dripping onto my face. Some of her hairs were stuck to her face also. She quickly took off my underwear and threw it aside. She grabbed my wet cock and started sucking it without wasting a second. I was witnessing the wild side of my classmate. It was a perfect blowjob and I felt like I was flirting in heaven with the angels.

The rain and her intense sucking were evoking indescribable pleasure in me and soon I ejaculated my hot cum into her mouth. She was able to drink most of it and the remaining few drops went along the flowing water. The tickling sound of the raindrops could be heard everywhere. Now it was time for the highlight of the day (or night).

After a minute of staying still, I quickly came on top of her. And in the next second, I unwrapped the rest of her saree and removed her panties which were the last fabrics on her body. I moved to the entrance of her heaven, which was neatly trimmed. It seemed like the raindrops were more eager than me to kiss her pussy as they were striking on her pussy lips trying to get a free pass. I moved my head in between her already spread legs and separated her pussy lips with my tongue. She hissed!

I then parted her soft pussy lips with my fingers and extended my tongue into her tunnel of love. She was moaning quite loudly now and her body was moving, unable to hold still. But her moans were getting absorbed by the rain. She grabbed my hair was pulling it in extreme sexual ecstasy. My intention was to make her cum and so I swiveled my tongue inside her pussy and was licking each and every bit of it. Soon her grip on my hair loosened and she attained her first orgasm. I wiped off her juices with my tongue.

My tool had returned to full health by this time. I widened her legs more and directed my tool into her pussy steadily. She was still panting after her first orgasm. I rubbed my tool on the walls of her wet pussy.

The path was slippery and it wasn’t easy to find the right spot with the help of a small chimney lamp.

Finally, I managed to place my tool at the right place and then I slowly slid in. Her pussy was tight and she made a crying sound when I tried to insert it. I didn’t want to harsh on her even if she may not object. I took some water in my hand and poured it into her pussy and also on my dick. It wasn’t much of a lubricant but it was the only thing readily available when you fuck under the rain!

Then I carefully inserted my tool into her, slowly and steadily. A quarter of it went through. I had no other option than applying force now.

So I gave an upward thrust with more force and she screamed in pain and my entire cock was inside her. I hugged her tightly and kissed her to calm her down. I didn’t move my tool for another minute and just concentrated on easing her. Then I slowly started giving her the strokes of pleasure. I moved in and out Escort esenyurt laying on top of her and caressing her wet hairs.

I sucked her boobs and licked water from them. She was moaning in pleasure more than in pain now, “Ahhhhhhh… Deeper…fuck me deeper…itsss so good” and many rude words which I’m not going to describe here. There were a few claps of thunder in the sky while our bodies mated in lightning speeds. Water began to flood all over the terrace. But none of these could cool down our boiling bodies and desires.

Soon her pussy muscles were tightening, hugging my ramming tool and I knew she was experiencing another orgasm. I was also about to reach my climax by then and soon started shooting my hot cum inside her after getting her permission. I fell aside and both of us were very tired. It was difficult to lay on the back as the raindrops were quite heavy and hitting the eyes. So we laid sideways.

After few minutes, we decided to leave the ‘sex stricken’ terrace. We grabbed our wet clothes and went down.

She led me to her bedroom. We both dried our wet bodies. Once again her body amazed me and this time under the lights. Her naked buttocks were so irresistible. While she was searching for some clothes in her shelf, I hugged her and dragged her to the bed.

I started kissing her all over again and started sucking her swollen nipples. I saw some red marks on her breasts, which was the result of my earlier actions. Soon she was hot. I told her my intentions and also convinced her that we might not be getting another chance any soon. She was hesitant at first but I convinced her and I adjusted her in the doggie position.

I took some Vaseline from her dressing table and applied it on my cock as well as on her ass hole. I led my cock into her virgin ass hole slowly. Even with that much lubrication, I wasn’t able to penetrate her ass much. She was suppressing her pain. But I applied more and more force on my cock and soon it was buried in her sweet ass hole. I started pumping her. She was screaming with pleasure.

She was once again at the peak of her pleasure mountain. I generated more speed as the time went by and at last cummed in her ass hole. She had attained another orgasm by that time.

We fell on the bed very exhausted. Our bodies were sweating even under the air condition. I buried my face in her long and silky hair. The time was half past ten. The rain was still pouring with all its might.

She called her parents and told them she was fine and was going to sleep. She then requested me to stay with her that night. I couldn’t ignore her request as she gave me the finest pleasure of my life.

I phoned my mom and said that I’m at my friend’s home and due to this heavy rain I won’t be able to come home that night. She had no objection, as it was very dangerous to travel in such conditions.

After an hour of rest, Reshma woke me up and we cleaned ourselves. She served me food. She gave me a T-shirt and jeans of her to wear and she wore a nightdress. After dinner, we watched TV for some time. She laid on my lap while watching TV and we had many small funs the whole time.

Then we went to the bed. I fucked her one more time in the night. The next day morning she called me. She had already packed my wet clothes for me. When I was about to leave, she kissed and gave a wonderful smile. I told her that I can fuck her whenever she wants.


So that was the end of my first experience with Reshma. Hope you all enjoyed reading the story. Please do give me a thumbs up if you liked the story and if you want to see more works from me.

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