Pet’s Pets

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My loyal reader. I am not abandoning ‘The Poker Game’ story. I was inspired to create this side story created from the same world. If this is the first story of mine you are reading, it would be a good idea to read my other story to better understand Stephanie, Ben, and their relationship. Should you read this first, because it is awesome… swears, the timelines are interchangeable. ‘The Poker Game’ will explain the backstory, but this story should still work on its own.

If you have read ‘The Poker Game’, you may find this one is a bit darker. The characters outright take advantage of someone. That person is not choosing to be in the position they are in. I get how wrong that it in real life. Stephanie’s inner slut would tell you she deserves it and the ends justify the means so suck it up and read it or don’t read it. I, however, believe we should present the idea a little more delicate.

The object of Stephanie’s ire here is Tina. She is based off a person I consider a close friend in my personal life. Names were changed to protect me from getting fired. We work together, she is more of a sister to me than even a coworker. I do not hate her or have her in my spank-bank of fantasies. She has amazing breasts and knows it. The reality is, she broke my trust getting myself and another very close friend/coworker in a lot of trouble when she shared private information with the wrong person. I have spent a year trying to forgive her. I try to push it down and get over it. The trust is gone, and her sweet and godly ways have proven time and again to be nothing but a façade. Lessons are learned, the truth is out there, grain of salt, water is still wet, sky is still blue, life goes on. Our relationship is currently nothing more than polite members of the same team.

I wrote this as some therapy in trying to get myself past the hurt I felt when my trust was broken. It is wrong in all ways known to humanity to take advantage of another this way, I know that. I do not want to hurt or abuse her in real life. There is no physical violence here, just manipulation. I cannot even go far as to say it is a fantasy, other than that it is fantasy. When a jackass cuts you off on the road, you may internally wish that the jackass gets into an accident. If you thought logically, you would realize never really want wish harm as much as just wish they would be taught a lesson. But man, you know you would love to watch it bite them in the ass… This is that…

It is strangely therapeutic for me to give her to Stephanie for training. Trust me, don’t fuck with Stephanie.

And with that I give you, Pet’s Pets…


“Wait… she did what?” Stephanie is stunned by what she just learned.

“Whatever you said to Tina… she took straight to Michael and told him.” Ben is obviously bothered to be in this position, and obviously bothered the information he shared with his trusted cohort has now come full circle to the one person it should have never been shared with. The results were devastating. Michael went straight to Ben and asked if he was being let go, because he had heard the rumors. It was never going to save his job, that part was done. They could have done without the embarrassment. This was not how they planned to start the day.

Stephanie and Tina have been working friends for years. Stephanie has always kept Tina in the dark about her most secrets because everyone knows that Tina is a chatty little talks-a-lot who cannot possibly keep her big fucking mouth closed. She has been known to complain about Michael too, so their issues were shared on this topic commonly. They were in the break room refilling their morning coffee when Michael walked thru, late as usual. His back was to the two girls standing at the sink cleaning his mug. Like all women, both are highly versed in language of silent communication.

First, Tina rolled her eyes. Stephanie responded with shocked eyes and a head shake, no. Tina tilted her head to the side, rolled her eyes back as she stuck out his tongue, simulating being hung. Stephanie looked up in the air as if, ‘I am not saying…’. The entire communication taking about 6 seconds, the story was communicated without saying a single word.

Stephanie learned that day that even closer work friends will happily turn on you when the story is juicy enough. Her heart broke instantly the second she realized the damage her mistake had caused. She made Big Daddy look bad. Regardless to their personal agreement, that is something she can get fired for.

“I am so, so, sorry, Big Daddy. I cannot tell you what I will do to fix this, but I promise you…. I will fix this. I cannot believe that chatty bitch said something to him, but I know it was wrong for me to say anything at all. I will make that up to you on my own, I promise. But trust me, that mouthy bitch will pay.”

Michael was not released that day as originally eryamanda yeni escortlar planned. There were a day and a half of emergency meetings before it happened. Tina’s efforts did not save him as much as delay the fall of the guillotine. On the Friday of that same week, Stephanie saw an opportunity for an opening on her boss’s schedule, so she knocked on his open door gently. “Sir, do you have a second?”

“Of course, Stephanie, come on in. What’s up?” He continued to finish typing his thought as she closed and locked his office door before sitting and waiting patiently for his focus.

“So, the Tina situation.” After a pause that seemed like forever.

He looks over waiting for the second half of the whatever-the-fuck she is interrupting him for. “What is the Tina situation?” Turning back to his monitor, he continues to type.

“Sir, I think I found a way to get her back.” She sits to the edge of the chair opposing his desk, legs crossed at the ankles underneath.

Still typing. “Look. I get she crossed the line, and I am pissed about it too, but we cannot overreact. I love your looking to defend us, but revenge? It is not exactly our thing. We cannot really get her back.” He was multitasking fully now. He was having a conversation, but he was also typing. She pondered how he was able to do the two things at the same time.

“Ok, then let me say it differently. I think I found out a way to get her back without repercussions.” Ok, so she has his attention again, so he stops what he is doing and looks over. She has a devilish grin on her face.

He has known her long enough now to know when she has an idea. He also knows her long enough to know she is smart enough to be humored at least. “Ok, wow me with your idea.”

“I can hypnotize her.” Stephanie is glowing with her excitement.

“Wait, what did you just say?” Stephanie has shocked Ben more times than he would like to admit. And now, Ben could only be shocked by the idea of how many times she has shocked him. “Wait… Is that something you know how to do?”

“Ok, so in college, I was a much different person.” She raises her eyebrows mischievously. Ben makes a mental note to later learn specifically what that means. “My roommate and I would hypnotize friends. We would make them blow a banana or do a striptease or speak like characters in movies… Anyway, yes, I can, and I am good at it too. I have not done it in years, but we would do it at parties and stuff and make boys act like girls, or make the pledges do all kinds of fucked up shit. Yes, I can, and I can make her do whatever we want… literally.” To describe her as gleaming with excitement would be unfair to female teen Beatles fans in 1964.

“Ok, so then what? You have a hypnotized Tina. You make her admit she did what everyone knows she did already? Not worth it. Why bother? We can embarrass her by making her kiss a girl? Maybe if we can get her to show her big tits? Ok, I am in…” Now he was laughing.

“No, but the tits are in play. Believe me, I am thinking much more devious.” She stands up and slowly kittens around the desk to lean against the front of it. “I want to hypnotize her to make her my pet when we go to the club this Saturday. We can have her tongue my ass in front of everyone.” Raising her left leg to the right side of his chair, showing off her bare pussy under her skirt. She drags her finger through the moist fold. “Maybe even just give her out for free-use.” Spreading wider, she works her nub. “I can make her think she wants to explore her pervy side and it would seem like it’s her idea… I am telling you, Big Daddy…. I can do this… I want to own her, make her my bitch.”

“Interesting proposal. You make a compelling argument.” Ben pushes his chair back from the desk. He looks down to his crotch in shock implying how there should be a head there bobbing in sloppy effort to convince him of her cause. She immediately remedies the oversight and drops to her knees between his. Her hands on his belt working to free the growing cock beneath.

He shifts enough in his chair to allow her access to provide her service. His mind is off in the distance pondering how feasible the concept is, and how to best make it work. Feeling the warm, wet sensation engulf his length, vigorously sucking in effort to bring him to full strength. “Ooh, very nice… Uhm, mmmm. That is nice. Why do not we take our time here. Just a nice ‘Slow and Steady’ while I think this one through.” Ben leans back in his chair looking out into the distance. Then he reaches in his desk to grab the pre-rolled joint and lighter. “The door is locked, and I have no other meetings today, is that correct?”

Stephanie moans an approval and makes no effort to change tempo. She has sucked him dry in the office hundreds of times and knew they had absolute privacy and would not be interrupted. Friday afternoons were lightly staffed, and they were often in private meetings. Once sincan escort bayan the door was locked, they were a sovereign state of lust, master, and servant. She took her direction and savored his cock.

Not often enough, Big Daddy looked down at her with admiration. She really was gifted in every way and most in this way. She was simply beautiful and enjoyed performing for him. Each performance was treated with pride, given into the moment for another with her entire being. And after a long hard week, it was time to smell the roses and be appreciated while he toked his joint. “Ok, like with our agreement, rules would be needed.”

“Mmmufvf course… mmmuhm mhumm….” She works his cock with her right hand, fingers her pussy with her left. Taking a quick break to further tease, “you know I love rules.” He offers her the cigarette, which she pulls in deep, releases, then takes a far larger drag and holds it before handing it back. She winks at him as she sucks his thick head, releasing the smoke dragon style out of her nose. Another wink and she went back to her work, never breaking pace again.

“Ok, rule number 1… To prove she is under your spell and that it is working properly. She must arrive at my door completely naked. She will seduce me, wanting me to cum in her mouth. She will do anything it takes to get my load in her belly. Every time she swallows my load, she becomes more addicted to it and wants it more. She will be your bitch, but I control you… Is that understood?”

“Mmmof course… mmyyyess migdaddyumm mhmm”

“Stand up and lift your skirt. Bend over the desk. You got me going today, slut.” She does so immediately. She stands directly in front of him sitting in the chair. Spreading her legs to shoulder width apart, she slowly lifts her skirt revealing her perfect, bare pussy. “I… said… the desk.”

She smirked and assumed her position. Bending slightly, she flips her skirt up exposing her ass. She reaches forward to grab the far edge of the desk for support. His slaps have evolved to either a ‘you deserved that’ or a ‘I am doing this because it’s required’ level. Being slightly insolent from time to time is good for them both, and she made sure to earn a little discipline. That act earned two good deserving ones.

Her ass, as spectacular as ever, seems like it had lotion applied in the past few hours. She kept a tan line on her bottom half, but not because she was too shy to bathe without a suit. It was an accessory or add on feature that made her even more perfect. The pinstriping if you will, just to make your mouth water. He stands up, slaps down with a strong hand and rubs it hard, like kneading bread. His free hand grabbing and stroking his cock keeping it at attention while he visually ate her in. Her beauty is unique and can be viewed a thousand times over and still appreciated equally as much.

His hand moved to her pussy to find she was wet and waiting. He moved into position rubbing the head of his cock up and down on the opening, allowing the moisture to lubricate his entry. Once the head was in, his hands moved to her raised skirt holding it to control her like a jockey. Entering her completely, his instructions continue as he fucks her.

“Not the club. Though, I do love where your mind is at my slutty little pet, put that idea on your list to explore later. That would be too much exposure for her and too much for us to control and keep a safe environment. That does not mean we cannot still accomplish the goal of embarrassing the fuck out her all night long. What if we host a party?”

Stephanie knows he likes his idea and is onto something feasible. The intensity of his fucking picks up as he gets closer to having a bulletproof idea, and he is now plowing her. This isn’t romantic, he is fucking her while working through his idea. “My house is big enough to host a nice party of what 20 select individuals. Maybe 12-14 women, 8-10 guys, something like that, we can make sure she fucks each one of them. Get some big cocks in here, invite some of the stallions from the club. I’m sure Henry Johnson and the boys would appreciate an invite. I do like that idea. Maybe just make her a fluffer for the night, someone to just use as needed, then have all the dude’s cum on her face like a Japanese sportscast, or maybe to only clean up messes, like she has to lick everyone clean when they’re done…”

Hearing this makes Stephanie go wild. Her pussy gushes in response. He increases the tempo again as specific ideas formulate. She allows herself to be anything he needs.

“I want her tits. She has gained a few in the past few months with that new boyfriend. Those tits have gotten bigger and are ripe and need to be enjoyed. Pet, you are more worked up than usual, you must have a plan.” He pulls her up and back to his body to reach around and grope her chest. After some good squeezes to check in with the girls, he moves his hands to her elbows, ankara escort forcing her body away from his and down to the desk again.

The inner slut has taken over. She has been driving from the time he said ‘fluffer’. She gives into the moment without bounds or hesitation. Space and time no longer exist, only pleasuring this cock in this moment. Inner slut is racing with ideas… ‘chain and collar a must, going to squirt right in her face, make her eat random ass and enjoy it, nobody fucks with…’

“Ok. Rule 2 is about your suggestion. I want her to remain who she is, but I want her to want to be your submissive. To her, it must be her idea. If she does this, she will want to both slut it up as much as we want her to and keep it enough of a secret that she would not use it against us later. It would embarrass her more as she talked us into allowing her in.”

Responding at this point is unnecessary and feasibly impossible as her brain is so into this fantasy it has consumed her being.

“Rule 3 is the suggestions we leave in her for normal life. She is never allowed to lie or hide the truth from me. Any question I ask her at any time whatsoever will result in the truth, even if we are in a normal office environment.” Her hand works her pussy listening to her Master confirm that this is going to happen. She is getting a new pet.

“This will also help our business environment and prevent the chance of a Michael situation happening again. In addition to this, have her want to share any secrets of others.” Ben feels he is getting close. He looks down at his pet with secret love and admiration. She is amazing in every sense, every day. Knowing she has this devious side to her has done nothing but increase his desire. She reads the sign and puts on her show for him. He likes to watch her anticipating the surprise of the warm blast. He never warns her more than that as his entire body flexes each muscle pulling her to him, driving his cock in as far as he can before releasing deep inside her. He convulsed two large times, each with its own subtle aftershocks before finishing completely, never leaving her warmth.

Looking down to her, “I want her to be your pet.” He pulls out of her and she drops her head down in a single move cleaning him properly. “I want you to run her like a secret slutty submissive.” He falls back in his chair as if a balloon popped and all the energy left at once. “Show me what you’ve learned.”

“Yes, Big Daddy. I will put together a plan of action and review it with you prior to implementation. I promise, you will be very pleased at how I train my little slut. I think I’ll call her….”


Tina is cute, with shoulder length, chestnut brown hair, pretty, green eyes and sweet demeanor. Anyone who knows her on a surface level will tell you she is a sweet, young girl. She has been living with her boyfriend Colby for 5 years. She is a solid worker, but young and naïve in all the worst ways.

Stephanie made sure to get to work early enough to catch Tina walking in. Tina is known to have her morning smoke timed so perfect that she always takes the last drag as she steps up the ashtray next to the office door. Stephanie strategically planned to be walking in from the parking lot at the exact same moment, allowing them to talk as they walked.

“Good morning, Tee. You look nice today. I love that top.” Stephanie knows that Tina is highly susceptible to flattering, and her perfect, enormous tits make every top look good. They are classic sweater puppies and Tina feeds on the attention. It is just an easy in. “Where did you get it?” Stephanie is also overplaying how annoyed she is by being downwind of the cigarette.

“Good morning! Oh, thanks.” Tina finds a way to grab her breasts to adjust her sweater accordingly. Stephanie stares at them for longer than anyone should, deliberately. “I got it last week at Bernards. I like how it fits, it’s a little tight and low cut.”

Stephanie thinks to herself, ‘yes… a little….’, but does not hide that she is continually looking down, likely no longer at the sweater, trying to avoid the smoke blown in her direction.

“The material is itchier than I remembered. I think I was wearing a different camisole underneath and the fabric did not bother me.” Tina looks down at her top like many 4 years old children just realizing mom dressed them on Easter morning.

“Ok. Well first. Wow. I am big, you are… huge, and wow…. Ok… Second, can we continue this inside, that smoke is just yuck….” Stephanie uses her access card to trigger the door unlocking. They walk to their office together.

“Sorry about the smoke. I am so over being a smoker. My boyfriend Colby tells me my lungs are too perfect to be poisoning them from the inside out. I try to quit, but then just end up gaining ten pounds. I have a lot of trouble quitting.”

Opening, check….

“Have you tried hypnosis? I know that works.”

“I mean, I checked it out once, but it was crazy expensive. I cannot afford that. You pay all that money, but how can you tell it will even work?”

DING! Checks, checks, and even more checks…. We have a winner.

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