Perspectives Pt. 2a – Rachel

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Came Inside

“How big?” Emily cocked her eyebrows and had a smile somewhere between a laugh and amazement. Grabbing a breadstick, she wrapped her fingers around; “About like this?” She asked, looking at her friend.

“Not so loud!” Rachel said looking around the food court. “This is a secret, remember?”

Emily hunkered down closer to the tabletop, cut her eyes both ways pretending to look for spies and whispered, “Sorry, this big?” pointing the breadstick at Rachel.

Rachel was embarrassed and looking around the crowded mall. Crowded even for a Saturday, but Emily was infectious, so she wasn’t surprised when she felt the smile start to form on her face. She grabbed her water bottle and set in front her, “Like, this big,” Rachel said with a big smile.

Emily sat back up laughing, Stop lying to me and don’t hide behind those braces, you slut! I want to know more about the innocent schoolgirl bit you played so well too,” she laughed, as she rolled her tongue over the end of the breadstick and put it deep into her mouth before biting it off.

“Stop teasing me!” Rachel laughed smacking her hands down on the table playfully. “And, I didn’t do that. What you’re doing; I wasn’t ready for it. Do you think he really wanted me to?” She asked.

“Hey, braces,” Emily said, calling her a nickname she’d used for years. “Of course, he wanted you to. Pretty much every guy in the world wants a blowjob all the time. If you walked up to any random guy right now and asked him, you’d be sucking more dicks than you have freckles.” Rachel winced a little at hearing her talk like that. Mr. Morgan was the first person she ever let speak to her so sexually and she still wasn’t used to it.

“You think I made him mad not doing it?” She asked.

Emily had part of a taco in her mouth now, shaking her head no, before swallowing. “I mean, he had a hot, half naked 18-year-old redhead giving him a handjob. He’s good looking but he is, what, 40 or something? And married? I don’t think he was disappointed, Braces.”

“Let’s hope you’re right.” Rachel replied unconvinced.

Emily started gathering their trash and threw a waded-up straw wrapper at Rachel’s face. “Well, I’m always right so let’s talk about it later and shop now!” She said, as she threw the trash at the garbage receptacle from about 10 feet away.

“Damn it, I always miss,” she said walking over to pick it up.

“Yea, and you always embarrass me when you do it; you act like you’re 12 sometimes,” Rachel pouted.

She grabbed the straw wrapper to toss in the trash and saw her friend from behind, bending over to pick up the bag. Emily wore a sun dress that was shorter than one Rachel would go out in public wearing. It was white and thin, showing a light outline of her panties when the flowing fabric touched the sides of her hips and round bottom. She could see up her thighs at the pale white skin that matched so well with Emily’s blonde hair. Working her eyes down your legs she admired how her calves sloped perfectly to her small ankles wrapped in strappy sandals over her manicured feet.

“She is so pretty,” Rachel thought. “I like pretty things.”

“Hey, Earth to Braces? Are we buying some sexy stuff or what?”

Rachel snapped back from her daydreaming, “What? Oh sorry, drifted off there,” she replied.

Emily wrapped her arm around Rachel’s and started towards a department store, “C’mon weirdo,” she said pulling her through the crowded Saturday mall traffic. They were waiting for a dressing room at one of the mall anchor stores when Emily shot out of line screaming, “OMG, we have to get these!” Rachel turned to see her run up with two button-up rompers.

“Tell me you’re not serious?” Rachel asked as she looked at them. “Are those alligators?”

“No! They are dinosaurs and this one is mine. Yours has strawberries on it! We will wear them tonight,” Emily said, as she pushed the romper towards Rachel. “She won’t take no for an answer,” Rachel thought. “You wear me out. Fine, just give it here,” she said, snatching it away from her.

“There is only one room open, who’s next?” The woman at the counter asked, taking a stack of clothes from the previous occupant.

“We’ll share,” Emily said as she helped count all the items. Once in the dressing room, they locked the door and Emily pulled the sun dress over her head, hanging it on a hook. Rachel’s eyes focused on Emily more than the clothes in her arms. She had the flattest stomach without a single blemish on her skin. Rachel saw her butt cheeks dip below the curve of her white satin hipster panties and a see-through bra covered her large breasts showing her nipples pressed against the fabric, straining to get out.

“This place never has good ones that fit me,” Emily said as she unsnapped her bra, “but I like their panties a lot.”

“Well, it doesn’t help that you have those huge melons,” Rachel grabbed one of her bras and put the cup on her head like a hat, laughing.

“Excuse me, DD’s are not ‘melons’; not really,” gaziantep escort She said snatching the bra back. “And you need to get a bigger size. You’re busting out of that one, and I swear you have more freckles now than the last time I saw you. Do you just sprout those things in your sleep?”

Rachel was laughing as she unhooked the bra and tossed in on the seat, “Yea, I know it is too small, that’s why we’re here. He saw me in this one.” Rachel tried on a new one that had see-through cups like the one Emily was wearing. It felt a little rough against her nipples, but it wasn’t really unpleasant, she just wasn’t used to one without padding. She found a another that snapped in the front that she liked, and a few bralettes that she kept. Emily spent most of the time dancing in the small room taking up too much space and pestering Rachel. They were finishing when Rachel noticed Emily checking out her panties.

“Uhm, girl, we’re going to need to fix that,” Emily said.

Rachel looked at her, “Fix what?”

“The ‘grow down below’; that is out of hand,” she said laughing.

“What the fuck! I shave, what are you talking about?”

“Maybe on the sides but I can see that overgrown fire bush through your panties.”

Rachel’s eyes grew bigger as she grabbed her friend.

“Stop! I was kidding!” Emily said as Rachel turned her around and pressed her against the dressing room door smacking her panty clad bottom. Her ass jiggled and she screamed while trying to cover her butt, but Rachel had the upper hand and got one more smack in before Emily squeezed free.

“Owwwwch! That one really fucking hurt!” Emily yelled, rubbing her ass. Rachel was laughing uncontrollably.

“You deserved it,” she said between laughs, but noticed Emily was about to start crying.

“I bet you bruised it, jerk,” she said still rubbing her butt cheek. She was pouting and had a hurt look on her face.

“I did not! Turn around so I can see,” Rachel said grabbing her wrist.

“No! You’ll just hit me again,” Emily replied, making a halfhearted attempt to move away.

“She didn’t try very hard to move away, did she?” Rachel thought.

“I swear I won’t spank you again.” Emily was still pouting when she turned around and poked her butt out so Rachel could see if she left a bruise; she saw some redness but no bruises. She ran her hand over the red spot, rubbing it and then slipped her fingers under the edge of panties, she felt a familiar tingling sensation in her stomach looking at her fingertips under the thin material of Emily’s white panties. Then she heard it, a whimper. Rachel rubbed a little harder and she was sure she heard it again.

“Well,” Emily asked, “Any bruises?”

“No, you big baby,” Rachel said as she made a very light slap on her cheeck. “Stop whining, and I didn’t realize you had a bubble butt,” she said giving it a playful squeeze; Emily spread her legs a little as Rachel slid her hand over her soft panties to her hip turning her around to face her.

“Did she just … I’m imagining things. We need to put our closes on and get out of this hot dressing room,” Rachel thought.

“Hey, look at me,” Rachel demanded as she dismissed her earlier thought, “I’m sorry. It’s just that he saw me in my panties, and I didn’t realize I’d been doing it wrong down there. I don’t know a lot of these things, so you have to help me, ok? I was just playing.”

“Ok,” she replied. Their faces were close, and it seemed so natural as Rachel leaned closer and kissed Emily on her lips. They stared at each other for a moment in the, now, very quiet dressing room.

“Hey, it’s no problem,” Emily replied with a smile. “I forgive you, Braces. I can help and show you how to do it.”

“See look.” Emily pulled her panties down slightly. Rachel’s hands were still firmly on Emily’s hips, feeling the smooth satin of her panties; she looked down her flat stomach to the short blonde hair that formed perfect curls over her mound. She wanted to reach her hand over and feel the course hair and smooth skin. She’d never thought something like this would turn her on so much. She’d surely seen Emily naked before, right? There in that dressing room, there was little else on her mind than those short blonde curls.

“I’m lucky, I’m one of the 2% or so that has blonde hair down here so I don’t shave it all off. You have red hair so it will look good, like mine.”

“Snap out of it Rachel,” She thought. “You just gave your boss a hand job yesterday and now you’re thinking about your best friend’s pussy. And since when did you think the word ‘pussy’ anyway?”

“Ok, will you show me how? I’ve never done it.”

Emily smiled, “Yep! And we will buy the stuff we need while we are out. No worries but you made me cry so you have to finally have drinks with me, to make up for it.”

Again, there was no need to protest. She wasn’t opposed to drinking; she just didn’t do it. Just like trying to sneak around to find alone time with her boyfriend. It was always there, but she seemed focused on other things.

“Fine, but don’t let me get drunk or get sick.”

Emily pecked her lips one more time, “I got you, Braces.”

After paying and leaving the store, they continued shopping for most of the afternoon before Emily drove them back to her house. She lived one neighborhood over from Rachel and it was just as nice. They were blessed. Big homes, pools, and hot tubs. The only reason Rachel didn’t have a car is that her parents were stricter than Emily’s but she was earning money working for Mr. Morgan so she could get her own car soon. She was lost in thought about what she wanted to drive when Emily parked in the garage and grabbed some alcoholic seltzers from the fridge. Rachel grabbed their clothes and followed her inside.

The house rules were that the girls could drink, no boys ever, and even a sip of alcohol meant forfeiting your car keys. Emily’s parents weren’t home this weekend, but they still followed the rules. Rachel grimaced at the first taste of the bitter seltzer. It wasn’t terrible but it would take some getting used to. They each had one in the kitchen and took their second one to the hot tub with them. Rachel loved the hot tub and the feeling of her wet one-piece clinging to her skin. She enjoyed rubbing her hand on the soft, slick material that covered her belly but Emily was nothing short of stunning in her bikini and Rachel was sure she would be caught staring.

“Can I have another one, Rachel?” Emily asked.

Rachel was confused. “Why are you asking me? I don’t care,” she replied.

“I just wanted to make sure since this is all new to you. That’s all.” Emily opened hers and reached across the hot tub, opening Rachel’s. “Here you go.” She smiled as Rachel took it from her hand.

“She is acting so strange. Maybe it’s the drinks,” Rachel thought.

The hot tub temperature was perfect as they chatted in the summer night air and Rachel couldn’t believe the things she was hearing.

“Stop! Did you like it? On your face, I mean?” Rachel asked, surprised Emily had done something like that.

“Not really, I’ll do it if I really like him. It’s just something they do a lot in porn, so it is kind of slutty. I would have let it go but he told his fucking friends that he did it, so fuck him; I broke up with him the next week,” Emily said taking a drink. “I was on my knees sucking him and he kept pushing my head too far, gagging me, which I don’t really like either. I told him to cum on my tits. When he pulled out, I reached up to grab his cock, but he swatted my hand away and jerked off in my face, covering me. I had to meet my parents after that, so I was beyond pissed.

“Is it hard to do?” Rachel asked.

“What, taking a cumshot to the face? Not really, you just kinda’ sit there, and …”

“No, not that,” Rachel said smacking her shoulder. “A blowjob, is it hard to do?”

“I mean, no. You will get better at it the more you do it. Just make sure you don’t scrap it with your teeth. Your guy is really big, so you’ll probably just be able to put a little bit in your mouth at first but don’t sweat it. He’ll like it and he knows you aren’t experienced so it will be fine. Make sure to get it really wet. Lick the end a lot and kiss down the sides. He’ll cum fast, I promise.”

Rachel was about to let her mind drift to Mr. Morgan’s hard cock when Emily yelled.

“Ooouch! Dammit” Emily had been sitting on the edge of the hot tub to cool off but slid in the water holding her butt.

“What now, Em?

“I tore the tabs on my cans and sat on one. I think I cut the back of my leg.”

Rachel rolled her eyes, “Turn around and let me see. I swear I’ve seen your ass more than your face today.”

“Stop playing. It hurts.” Emily bent over in the hot tub, putting her hands on the sides. Rachel got in the water behind her. “Where? I don’t see anything,” Rachel asked.

“Here.” Emily pointed to a spot just below her right cheek. Rachel saw a small scratch and rubbed it. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the blue bikini bottom stuck to her friend’s ass. She lifted her cheek slightly and rubbed. “Here we are again; me rubbing your bubble butt.” But Emily didn’t respond. Rachel wasn’t sure at first, but she heard the smallest whimper again. She thought hard about her next move. She could move her thumb up and rub Emily’s pussy through the bikini. Would she know what to do? She barely touched herself. Another risk like with Mr. Morgan? What if she was wrong this time? Would she lose a friend? She stopped.

“You’re fine. Show me all the shaving stuff before you get too drunk and forget,” Rachel said standing up. Rachel noticed Emily looked disappointed, but she had to get out before she put her hands back her ass and lost control.

Emily looked behind her at Rachel, “I feel better. Can I stand up now, please?”

“Permission again?” Rachel thought.

“Yea, uhm, sure. Here’s a towel,” Rachel felt confused but enjoyed bossing her around a little. It wasn’t something she did a lot and it felt so much like Mr. Morgan telling her to suck his hard cock. The image of him shooting cum all over her and thinking of Emily’s blonde pussy was going to be too much. She wouldn’t be able to resist another tease and that is what it felt like Emily was doing, teasing. Could Rachel do what he did? Could she be a Mr. Morgan for her friend? A Ms. Morgan?

They dried off and went inside. Her parents kept the house cold and it was freezing coming out of the hot tub so they ran upstairs to the bathroom trying to dry off. Emily got all the shaving material and was going through the steps to shave without getting razor burn or bumps, but Rachel was lost and the drinks weren’t helping. After several minutes of Emily’s meandering explanations, a few off topic subjects and random bouts of breaking out into song, she sat on the edge of the tub thinking back to seeing her so exposed in the dressing room and the cute whimpers when she touched her.

She is so cute. Time to be bold, Rachel

“Em, could you just do it for me? Is that weird?” Rachel started pulling the straps of her one piece off, pushing it below her tits. She never took her eyes off her friend as she stood up from the tub and hooked her fingers into the wet bathing suit, pushing it down her legs, letting it fall around her ankles. She stepped out of it and sat back down with her legs slightly spread.

Emily stared at her bush and Rachel didn’t feel self-conscious anymore. She changed right then, just like she did in Mr. Morgan’s office. She ran her fingers through the thick red hair and leaned back slightly. “Make it look like yours; you said that would look nice.”

“Are, … are you telling to do it?” Emily replied.

“Yes, Emily. Do it.”

“Okay.” No protest. She grabbed a razer and a towel. “I’m going to use the electric one at first, but it won’t hurt.” Emily ran the guarded razor over Rachel’s hair making little red tufts fall to floor. Her hand was steady despite the drinks, and she even warned her about the cold shaving cream as she rubbed it on her bikini line. Rachel knew she was wet. Emily kept pressing her thumb down just above her clit to steady herself as she made the soft sweeping motions with the razor. Her face was so close that Rachel wanted to just slide a few inches closer to her mouth.

“How would that feel?” she thought.

She just closed her eyes and drifted into her friend’s hands, the cool shaving cream and the delicate movement of the razor on her skin. She had never really cum before, at least not like how her friends described it. A small one, maybe. She couldn’t seem to get there when she tried to masturbate so she didn’t try often. She felt closer now then she ever had and all it took was some slight pressure (and a day full of subtle teasing as her best friend shaved her pussy) along with the pent-up energy from a previous night of firsts with Mr. Morgan.

“You’re a unicorn, y’know,” Emily said, dabbing off the shaving cream. Rachel looked at her pussy and it seemed like it belonged to someone else. Little red curls close to her mound, just like Emily’s blonde ones, and her white skin was smooth from her belly down to her legs just around the small patch of hair that Emily shaved for her. She looked so pretty she thought.

Rachel snapped back from her daydream.

“What was that? Unicorn?” She asked.

“You have bright red hair and an innie.”

“A what?” Rachel asked.

“An innie, your vulva? Outer lips? Nothing? It’s just pretty, never mind.” Rachel looked down at her friend sitting between her legs. She was gently dapping her newly shaved pussy with a towel, rubbing the soft skin. She looked so sweet, the way she looked at Rachel’s body. She was going to go over the edge if Emily didn’t stop rubbing her. Then it hit her. How Emily was acting, the way she responded to hearing how Mr. Morgan talked to her, asking permission, it was so clear now.

Rachel raised her leg, wrapping it around Emily and placed the heel of her foot into her friend’s back. She froze and looked up at her. Rachel kept pushing her closer, Emily didn’t resist but she kept looking up at Rachel’s face, waiting.

“You said it looked pretty. Kiss it for me, Em.”

“What?” She replied, her voice was shaking.

“You heard me. Kiss it. Kiss my pussy. Now.”

Rachel watched as Emily leaned her face in closer. She spread her legs and felt a chill on her wet lips as they became more exposed to the cold air. Emily never took her eyes off Rachel’s as she pressed her lips against her with a soft kiss.

“Do you think Mr. Morgan’s big cock is going to like it, Em?

Emily’s face was inches from her pussy. “He is going to love it. I hope …” She stopped and kissed Rachel’s thighs.

“Finish what you were saying. Don’t make me tell you twice,” Rachel told her.

“I hope he fucks it hard for you. I want to see it so bad too. See his big cock stretch your little red pussy until he cums on you.” Emily was talking in bursts and breathless as she leaned down and kissed her wet lips again.

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