It’s a bit romantic isn’t it…

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Believe it or not, this is the true story of how me, the horny sixteen year old nerd, got laid.
I had to shorten some of the time passage, and change names so I wouldn’t give away real information, but I attempted to retain it’s natural beautey as a story… and yes I’m more of a romantic kind of guy…. SOOORRRYYY! I don’t like stories which give no character development, and just jump into two strangers having intimate sex, so if you’re here for that jump to chapter 5

Chapter one:
Teases me.

Allison was so beautiful in her Blouse today that I couldn’t wait to get home and jack off thinking of her. Although I feel terrible about masturbating to thoughts of her, because of her sweet innocence, I can’t stop myself, I’m only sixteen. No modesty here, if I could ask for anything, it would be some more stamina. I can’t believe in the total backwards mindset I get after spewwing into the kleenex box.
“What am I doing… this is gross!” I quickly throw another tissue in, on top of the mess I’ve made in the worn blue cardboard box.
I’ve had the same technique since I started when I was nine. Computer – Internet – Pornsite – twenty minutes – cum in box – then Halo. I may be disgusted at my habits, but her my imagination of Allison’s naked body sometimes allows me to bypass the first three steps.
When I started, the girls at school were just beggining to blossom into their mature bodies, quickly separating the ugly, from the modest, and the pretty, from the Sexy. And believe me when I say there’s a difference.
But Allison is special to me. Instead of lusting after her soft breasts, or hidden pussy, I find myself being entertained by my own thoughts of us naked tossing and turning, rubbing our bodies against eachother.
“So, there went another day’s worth of skeet, lost in the world…” I muffled a laugh, and hid the box back in the closet, and replaced the old lost library book I found to keep the scent of what I hide inside from causing my snoopy mother to snoop.
I didn’t bother closing the window of the porn I had going in the background incase my imagination ceased to provide me with ample reason to continue my work. (I’m attempting to continue all the way through the porn I’m watching even after I cum, because I think it could cause an increase in stamina.)
The moans of the fake breasted pornstars heaving from constant mutual masterbation while bathing made for erotic music as I did my homework. I managed to finish my rediculously long essay on my own religious beliefs for my insanely hot english teacher just as the porn ended. This forced to start up iTunes to allow my mind to continue thinking so I could quickly finish my 3 pages of math worksheets for my not so hot, and very old math teacher. However since I accel at math, it doesn’t matter how appealing the teacher, or female half of the students in the room must be for me to concentrate.
Then for History. My history teacher is a dude, so no pleasure there, plus I hate history. But Allison is in my class. She could have been the only thing keeping me in the advanced class at some points. I always try to impress her as smart and cunning. That’s what I try for at the least. Sadly, my knowledge of the female brain is no better than any other sixteen year old boy’s. I can never tell if she is impressed or depressed by my work ethic.
If only she had my math class, then maybe I’d impress her enough to pick up my genitals and ask her out on a real date…
“That’s impossible.” the thought came out loud. Very loud. Possibly loud enough for Abby to wake up.
For some strange reason-I don’t care about-, my father forced himself to be sterile after having me, thinking a boy is enough. But after years of protest from my mother, he was forced to sign for adoption. Since my mom wanted a daughter so badly, they got a girl, and I thought they could’ve gotten a kid, but my mom wanted us to be close, so they specifically wanted one preteen or older.
So, perfect, now I have a nosey thirteen year old girl snooping, just like my mother, around anything I do. It’s okay though, because I found out that she’ll fall right asleep if I just lay with her in bed and play some of my more depressing music.
(Don’t ask me how I figured that out, it’s a whole different story…)
Well, I was right, about five minutes later here she comes barging downstairs, and I have to pull up my shorts and zip and button… just in time.
“What’s impossible?” she asks.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to say it so loud.” I quickly reply. Although I am the older brother, and will not hesitate to put her in her place, I do feel strongly protective, and caring for my sister. More than she knows. I always cringe watching my friends abuse their years over their siblings.
“I still want to know.” she more than implied her yearning for knowledge as she tucked her arm under mine and scooted close to me.
She knows this will work, and it does.
“Just fantisizing about Allison again, I can’t-“
“man up and ask?” she took the words right out my mouth. She knows it.
“Sometimes, I feel like girls know way too much about how guys think, and we don’t know enough about you.”
“If it makes you feel any better, I can tell you what would make me say yes.” she discreetly slips her hand under the waistband of my briefs (told you I’m a nerd).
This takes both of the effects I wanted it to. She halted her advance on me, and remembered what I told her last time she said that.
“Fine.” she lets out a sigh that feels a lot more real than I knew -or thought I knew- it was.
She stares at my blinded window, covered both by an old thin blanket, and blackout blinds, since I can only sleep in the pitch dark.
“Is it blinded like that so you can sleep or so Allison can’t see you masturbate?”
Oh yeah, did I forget to mention she lives next door, in the room mirroring mine. And that we walk to the bus stop together every day.
“I don’t masturbate.” I lie, of course I wouldn’t openly admit that, even to my adoptive sister.
“Course not, it’s gross.” Both a lie, one for my sake one for hers…
“No it’s not! Our health teachers say it’s normal!” I’m glad we’re arguing about whether or not it’s gross now, instead of whether or not I partake of it. I continue to lead the distraction.
“Yes, but forcing yourself into an orgasm isn’t just the slightest wierd to you.”
Again, my knowledge of the female brain prevents me from seeing past this remark, so I don’t attempt to.
“You know I wouldn’t tell her, if you did…” she resumes her dive into my underwear hand first.
“Cut it out.” Another double win, she halts her progress once more, and understands I want her to stop teasing me about Allison.
She looks at the computer, and watches me do what I do on facebook. I’ve been doing this the whole time, and I’m glad I have developed an extremely good lying technique of sarcastically implying the opposite of what they think I’ll say, as long as I know what they think I’ll say. Plus, although I know it’s cold, I can look even my father in the eyes as a tell a tale now, so no erratic eye movement will tell me off.
“Don’t say that.” she murmers, it takes me a while to understand she means what I was about to send to Reyia in a reply message.
“And why not you omniscient figure you?” I shake her head, so she’ll think that I’m kidding about what I’m sending to Reyia.
But I’m not. I really would have sex with Reyia if given the chance.
“Your open lust for women is what’s gross, not your closed up feelings.” she replies, I forgot that teasing her about being smart is what she likes the least.
She slips her hand out of my shorts -I forgot it was even there!-, and leaves.
I would make a success sound to irritate her even more, but I don’t want to bother her more.
I might even make up for what I did, it was kind of mean from her perspective.
I just wish she could see things from mine…

Chapter two:
Touches me.

Another bitter cold walk to the bus stop with Allison. Although we’ve done this literally a thousand times before, today feels like a good day to tell her. But now that I think about it, I felt the same way almost once every month for the past three years.
Well, I supposed it’s worth another failed attempt.
Suddenly, she reaches for my hand.
This might have caught me off guard had I not been paying attention to her every movement this entire time.
I see her hand twitch slightly from the cold, as it moved ever so slowly towards mine on her side.
This is out of character, we have almost NEVER touched eachother before (outside my imagination). Only once… before.
Suddenly I’m in the playground. Elementary school. And there she is too.
It’s the last day of school, and we know recess is going to end soon.
Although I know I’ll see her over the summer, the next time I can assure that I’ll see her, is next year at middle school. For the past few minutes, I’ve taken my time and played out the well planned conversation to be had with her, we ARE going to the same one.
Then, there it is.
I’m crying.
Right there, I’m only eleven, about to turn twelve, but I’m totally embarassed. My childhood is ending. Right there I feel the last bits of it fading away. I break down right in front of her. I know that we’ll never have an innocent conversation again. From then on our minds will not be as pure as that of a child’s. Even if it’s just us, as everyone else rushes inside at the sound of the bell. I sit there sobbing, and she just sits next to me. I don’t şişli escort dare look at her, these drenched sockets shouldn’t dare look at her now with the fractured mind whirling with hormones and emotions behind it.
Then it happens.
She hugs me.
I feel a warmth inside. It feels like the empty loneliness which has filled my life up to that point due to my lack of friends, and reason to succeed, is suddenly vibrating itself into an existance. A void filling itself.
This comes back to me now, as I stop walking.
Her hand is entirely enclosed inside of mine.
I want her to feel this warmth. The warmth she gave me.
Oh no, I did it wrong.
I can tell, the smooth cool fingers which were just now clutching for warmth inside my left hand, are slipping away.
I give her time to release.
And she doesn’t.
“Why did you stop?” Her warm words nearly throw me back into tears. It’s been almost four years since I heard them address me specifically. But I’m mature now, a man shouldn’t give in to a lost cause. Tears will not bring me another embrace.
“You, Your hand.” I rack my brain for words with meaning. I know she’s heard me talk many times before, she knows I’m sentient, so she must know that my studderring is due to my feelings for her.
No, I’ll just blame the studder on the cold if she asks about it later.
“I’m…” she looks down, at our hands, and so do I.
she shivers
A second passes by, but it could have been an hour. Another second makes that hour a day. The next is a lifetime. My lifetime. This trance has me captured inside a thick black shell.
Then the shell is broken, a tear falls on our hands. It’s not mine this time.
In the time it takes for another tear to collect and gain enough weight to fall, I have her, In my arms. This moment I feel the best and worst that I ever have in my life. My mind searches for the right question to ask itself. What is happening? Why is this happening? Why is she crying? Why does she grip my chest so tightly? What am I doing? I’m holding her tightly too. Is this real?
I contemplate slapping myself to make sure, but I couldn’t move my hands right now even if I wanted to.
If those seconds felt like a lifetime, then these moments would make for the longest eternity existance could muster.
In that eternity, I have time to take int the beautiful scenery.
I thought snow topped trees looked pretty, but with her in my arms, the ecstasy of my love for her felt like it was pouring out of my heart, warming even the most remote bits of flesh at the tips of my fingers.
She stopped shiverring too, does she feel this?
I almost havn’t noticed her weeping into my chest this entire time, and when I do, it stops. Why is she crying?
“I’m so sorry.” she turns away, and rubs the part of my shirt she soaked with her tears.
I stand there in another trance, her softly stroking that spot of my chest, her head against my right shoulder, her soft body, supported by my hands. MY HANDS.
I slowly realize what is happening, and what it means, and begin to think ‘What should I do’.
I’m frozen solid, although I’m getting hotter with every downward stroke her finger makes on my chest.
I can feel it.
Until now, I have been caught in this moment, and my heart has been too busy filling my soul with warmth to fill it with blood, and I feel it working harder to make up for the lost time.
It now pumps rapidly, my breath becomes short and intense.
I can’t stop myself from feeling as though I’d just run across the city at full speed.
Surely she feels this, with her head lying still against my shoulder.
I can feel my rapid pulse increase through my entire body.
She does feel it.
She stops stroking the stain, and slips her hand under my jacket, around my body.
This is killing me.
How can I let this continue without causing something to mess up.
I’d glady skip the entire day of school to stand out here in the now boiling aura of love I’ve created for myself, but how does she feel.
Is she truly just cold seeking warmth from my body.
If that is the case, she is going the right direction for body heat, I’m pumping out my internal body temperature through my skin.
“You’re very warm…” she mumbles as if she didn’t want me to hear, but without the ambient noise of a class room or lunch room, I can make out every syllable. She shivers again, but this time, feeling her warm arm around my torso, I know this wasn’t from the chill outside.
It’s as if she can read my mind… again with the psychopathic women.
“Is this real?”

shit, that came out.
What will she think.
Will she ignore it, please ignore it please ignore it.
She does that thing that’s like a girly laugh… giggle.
“It’s like you can read my mind.” these words came out her mouth.
That did it. I’m truly in love.
“This is real.” it escaped my lips as a thought, but I wanted her to hear it.
We embraced for so much longer, I should have died multiple times.
“You know…” she speaks.
“What is it?” I answer in the softest voice I can handle.
“Today…” she swallows deep “today is a holiday.”
This takes a few hypothetical lifetimes to wiggle it’s way through my current emotions and reach my logic. She’s right.
“I saw you… outside in the cold,” she said clearly. “like you always are, waiting for me.”
I’m speechless. And she takes this moment to look at me right in the eyes.
How beautiful. Her sharp black eyelashes cut through the pale skin above them, her large blue eyes contrasting this design perfectly with an innocent glance, which becomes us staring into eachother’s eyes. To me it feels as if she is staring straight into that warm love she implanted in me so long ago, making it grow.
My heart hammers now, keeping me conciouse for this event I will treasure forever.
This new trance lasts shortly, as she quickly glances down at the stain on my shirt again.
“You always wait there, leaning against that broken post by the gate.” she speaks slowly at first, but speeds up.
“I knew you had to be waiting there to walk me to the bus stop.” she is speaking in a blur, and I’m just assuming what the smaller words are by piecing together the words I make out.
“My dad was going to fix that post one day, but I stopped him.” again, with the piecing.
“I thought that if it wasn’t there, you would forget to stop, and pass by.” faster now.
“But, what am I saying-“
“I don’t know you talk so fast.” I interrupted her. AGH The first chance I get to talk seriously with my true love, and I pick on her. How could I?
“I mean-” she giggles as I put together a sentance.
“I would never forget, It’s almost natural now, sometimes I stop there even when I go to take a run in the evenings.” Good cover, wait, was that too much. She might think that’s creepy.
“I know, I’ve seen you do it.” she mumbles this bashfully. Somehow, the way she revealed that detail to me made me feel less conciouse about telling her how I stop there.
“But Allison…” I don’t know why I said this, there was nothing to contradict, nothing else I had to say.
“What?” Now she expects an answer, I have to come up with something…
“Allison, I love you.” When I said them, I expected there to be a big release of pent up energy. I’ll admit, I actually thought about saying before I did, and I’m glad I said it then. I truly meant it. But there was no release, at least not until…

Chapter three:
Loves me.

“I love you too.”
The release, it happens, to both of us.
Our bodies are shaking in the cold wind, but not from the cold. The heat eminating from my chest alone warms the area up to a decent temperature, but I feel her now.
Her body is as warm as mine now, and in this embrace, the heat is almost unbareable, at least I don’t feel it.
Maybe we both knew this whole time. That each of us was too timid to approach the other. I never thought from her perspective, I always thought that would be wrong of me, to assume I could understand things the way she should. Especially with my little knowledge of her life.
But that would soon be fixed.
“Lets go to the park.” I suggest it now I’m not afraid.
“Okay, when do we leave?” She thinks it’s a date?
“Right now.” I pull her with me, trying not to break this sweet touch we have made.
“Don’t let go!” she pulls me tighter.
“Allison, we can’t walk all the way to the park like this.” I’m reply confused.
“Then we don’t go.” she sais now in a more commandive than suggestive tone.
“Then, we’ll stay here forever, like this?” I didn’t mean to let out my frustration at her as sarcasm, but I guess it happened, and I couldn’t stop it.
I didn’t expect that.
“Allison…” she is sobbing again, in the few steps I took, she pulled me back to the fence.
“No, stop that.” I can’t bear to watch her sob in front of me again. Before it was my punishment for being so hesitive, but now it was getting to me.
“I can’t,” she swallowed hard again, “I can’t controll it.”
“Please.” I was crying too now, my tears softly dripping onto her forehead.
She slumped down the side of the fence, and in the embrace, I went with her.
“Is this how it felt?” her words take me by suprise.
I try to recognize what she is referring to. She must realize my confusion, and elaborates.
“On the last day of fifth grade…”
“DONT TELL ME TO FORGET!” this comes out choked, and her voice breaks, but she got the point through.
“Allison, please listen.” she attempted to interrupt me again, but just nodded instead.
“Allison, I can only relate to my own feelings, but tell me this.” I continue…
“If what you feel now is the most realization that your desires will never be appeased by love of life, then you do feel the same as I did then.” I don’t understand how I managed to piece that together in those moments.
“What I truly felt when that happened was an emptiness inside, I felt it expanding, but you stopped it.” She seems to understand more now, because she shakes her head.
“I can never thank you enough for what you did then.” I said “But when you did that for me, I really felt love, for the first time.”
She stopped shaking her head.
“No, what I feel is a desire, It’s grown since then, that day.” she is speeding up again.
“I can’t stop the feeling that you’ve been avoiding me, and I don’t want you to anymore.”
Avoiding her? I reallize what she thinks is valid. If she were to think in that way, from her perspective, all I’ve done for these years is avoid her time and time again.
“Allison, please believe me.” I don’t bother to tell her what I want her to believe, she already knows it.
“Okay,” she nods her head once, sharply. “I’ll do it, I’ll go to the park, but under one condition.”
“Don’t ever leave me, or ever stop loving me.”
“I promise.”
Another sharp nod, and we release this embrace we’ve held for so long now.
But she still has my hand.
Then we leave for the park.

Chapter 4:
Wants me.

For days, we did this.
Spending her love and my time together every moment we possibly could.
I would get up early just to wait for her. This simple act made me feel like I truly had her at last, and I was doing all I could to protect this tender love.
She would ask me how long I’ve been waiting for her, and every day I’d answer.
“For my entire life.” It wasn’t all too much of an exaggeration, and she loved it.
We would always go to the park after school, since my parents don’t get home until very late, I was alright, but it eventually had to stop, because her parents were worried about what we were doing together.
This just made her more rebellious and needy, of course I didn’t mind.
February First, Sunday. I woke up early, and waited outside her house. We arranged it the day before, to sneak out at 3 AM. We were both excited, and jittery from the tension building up all night inside us waiting for the minutes to pass by.
I was at the park at 2:50, because I would hate for her to wait on me.
But when I got there, she was early too. We stood there in the bitter cold for a few minutes taking in the reality of the moment.
Then we left.
I told her about the old mini mall close to our town’s ghetto, and how kids have sex there all the time, but I thought we were going there just to explore a bit.
She definetly didn’t think the same thing I thought when I said explore.
She blushed, and called it a date.
Now it was all too real.
We broke in the usual way, after it was closed down, someone broke in the hard way, and took everything they left worth carrying out, and left the doors unlocked… we simply barged in the front door.
Luckily, we seemed to be the only inhabitants, aside fromwhatever rodents called this place home. But I didn’t want to bring that up.
I dragged her along with me through isle after isle, until we found a door to the back rooms.
We went back there, and I started to look for something worth taking, when it started.
“What are you doing?”
“I dunno, I was hoping we would find something worth keeping as a little treasure, just for us.”
“Oh.” she said, and blushed deep red.
I realized what she had anticipated, and why she had worn that blouse underneath her jacket.
That same blouse.
“Well, I was also thinking we could spend our time here doing something else too.” I didn’t want to dissappoint her, but I didn’t bring a condom. Her blush just saturated more… I didn’t think that was possible.
“That sounds like fun.” The way she said this made me blush this time. My imagination, the one I got rid of in those weeks that I neglected my eager dick from my hormones, was back, at full power. An after holding her for all this time, it’s power over me has only gotten stronger.
The image that comes to my mind gives me an instant boner. I think she noticed.
“This place back here’s a little dusty…” she complained.
“I agree, maybe there’s still a mattress left back by the old furnature department.” Even though I didn’t put any stress on any part of the sentance, my meaning still got through a little too suddenly.
She turned away.
“Sorry, I don’t know why I said that.”
“That was a good idea.”
“Yeah…” did she just say good? Damnit, I always have a condom in my wallet, way to fail her now. “Hey, are you sure we should do this today?”
“What?!” she exclaimed. “We set this up specifically to do this, and you’re not ready.”
“I’m sorry, I forgot to bring it, I’m so sorry.” I hated it when I made her mad at me.
“Oh,” she started more calmly. “You forgot… a condom?”
I mumbled a nod somehow, and gave her one eye with as much apology written on my face as possible.
“We’re still going to have sex right?” she said softly.
I guess it was shock that had me that time.
“You could get pregnant.” I knew that I wanted to do it without protection, just for the feel. That’s all we were doing it for anyways. But I felt obligated to protect her in that way.
“Well, you know the saying, you don’t shake hands with someone you love, while wearing a glove.” This made my erection tighten my pants, I’m glad I wear briefs, or this buddy would make my jeans look like a tent.
“I guess you’re right.”
“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” she turned and walked. With our hands still held tight, I had no choice but to follow.

Chapter five:
Feels me.

It’s just what we were looking for.
In the back rooms there was a mattress still inside it’s packaging.
We ripped off the packaging and dragged it into a nicer looking room.
the mattress fell to the floor, releasing years of pent up tension as small soft bits of cloth.
I couldn’t help but push Allison onto it, but as she fell, her tight grip on my hand pulled me down with her.
Will all of my bound up emotions releasing themselves, I quickly tore off my own shirt. At first I was afraid of my physique, but I remembered what two years of RAIDER training in my JROTC class had done to my chest. The half light, caused light to shade my barely defined abs into more pronounced looking muscle, I didn’t mind. She didn’t seem to either, as she began pulling me towards her, in for another lovely kiss. This time, I tried making it a little more special. I shot my tongue out into her mouth, feeling around the inside, and rubbing hers, gently.
She seemed to like this more than I anticipated. The erotic sounds coming out of her throat, although I’d never heard them before, pushed me over the edge with excitement. She slowly pushed the tongueing into my mouth, then I pushed back, until we released.
Although a lot more saliva came off of our tongues than I expected, she seemed to like it, letting it drip onto her chin, and down her neck. In a sudden urge I couldn’t resist…
I licked it off.
This made my body shake both from the fact that this would normally sicken me, and the fact that it turned me on to hear her pleased sounds escape those lips.
I slowly dug my hands under her shirt, and up to her breasts. I’m not an expert, but these had to be big for a sixteen year old. I continued to grasp, and move her around for a few minutes while she licked my ear, which also suprisingly enough turned me on to no end.
After she stopped licking my ear, I thought maybe she wanted me to continue, so relieved her of her cute blouse.
Even though she wore a bra, I could tell from years of watching porn that her nipples were going to be hard from the cold, so as soon as I got the pesky thing disengaged from her body, and let those beauties breath, I grasped them in such a way as to place both nipples in between the middle joints of my middle finger and ring finger.
I continued to spin them back and forth while squeezing and massaging her chest. The entire time, she took up a hobby of making my tongue a permanant part of her mouth.
This got me more and more horny, until I couldn’t take the pressure in my pants anymore.
I released one hand from her breast, but to keep the symmetry, continued to massage it with my mouth, and toungue, mimicking my movements orally on each breast.
All this, I managed to pull off while taking out my dick which had been held back for so long, that it was almost painfull to feel it erect completely for the first time in almost a month.
The sounds she made now I felt were more for her to imply what she wanted.
It’s as if she couldn’t speak in words any longer, as she continually hummed and cooed.
She seemed to be held back by my operations on her chest, so I paused, and took that moment to do what I’ve wanted for so long, and rub her bare chest and stomach against mine.
The feeling drove me wild and seemed to do no less to her. I wanted her to feel more, so I pulled her above me and licked her body from just above her jean-skirt’s waistline all the way between her breasts, up her neck into her mouth.
I’ll admit, my mouth was dry after that run, but she moistened it with her juices as if to say do it again.
I decided to give it a variation, and flipped he over, performing a series of short quick and light strokes straight up her spine.
Her back became more and more arched while i did this, until I could reach around her body and fondle her breasts while licking the tip of her ears the way she did mine.
I again removed one hand from the action to pull down her jean-skirt enough for me to feel around the front for the soft smooth pussy I had dreamed of.
Before I even got halfway through the first stroke of that smooth skin, her body suddenly tensed up, and convulsed. It happened again and again, and she was making sounds as if she was holding back tears. I soon recognized this as probably an orgasm, and in my lost hopes, tried to induce more.
My attempts were rewarded as I found licking her, groping her, and stroking her to be her strait path to pleasure.
Soon I turned her over onto her back again, and started to resume, but she stopped me.
She had been trying to reach my dick with her hands, and I let her.
She soon began melting my burning cock inside her warm mouth.
“I’m not the only one who should be pleased.”
“Don’t stop!” I insisted.
She continued to melt my cock inside her mouth, and gradually her throat.
Although I felt her accidentally gag a few times, she was trying her hardest to get me as far down her throat as she could, and the feeling was amazing.
She eventually had me so far in she could lick my balls while constricting her throat then loosening it, over and over.
She would release for a breath often, and I was amazed at how long I was handling this abuse on my dick, without peaking and cumming in her throat.
I was almost relieved when she released after that, and I quickly assumed a more sexlike position, where I could touch her easily on her chest and crotch, while kissing and licking anything from her head to thigh.
She told me she wanted to please me again, but I told her this was the most amazing thing she could let me do.
This was enthralling both of us, and I soon had her body shaking once more.
During all of these actions, she was making more and more excited noises, this just thrilled me more and more.
Finally, my hunger for her got the best of me, and I slipped my middle finger into her soaked warm pussy.
“Oh, that hurt.”
“If you want me to stop, just tell me, or pull me out yourself.”
I had seen enough porn to know it hurt any girl the first time, so I knew she must be a virgin.
I didn’t ever want her to be hurt, but my hunger had me thinking strangely, so I continued to intrude on her privacy, more and more.
“This hu~rts! I love it.” Although I had seen these mixed feelings plenty, it still confused me.
I kept on, harder and harder, making her more malleable, sometimes she would start to pull me out, but as soon as I stopped she begged me to do her harder.
The first bit of blood scared her, but I told her to hold tight, as I pulled out my cock once more, and took my rightful place on her, thrusting slowly inward deeper and deeper.
Finally is broke. In the same stroke I felt it brake, I anticipated, and thrusted deep into her, forcing aside the blood which released, letting it drip off of my cock. Her sexy moan was unlike any sound I have ever heard out of her. It screamed at me to continue, but preached of the pain she felt. She insisted it was truly the best thing she’d felt her entire life, and I was proud to have let her feel it.

Chapter six:
I feel her.

Deep inside her cunt, I felt her squeezing my dick, and she even tried humping me back at the same time. I forced onward, licking her, groping her, and fucking her simultaniously. She had another few convulsions after a few minutes, and I was beggining to lose it myself. But I had read up about how to please women. I knew that she really wanted me to trigger a real orgasm with her G spot.
Her moans and cries filled the empty room with warmth, and life as I tried different positions, attempting to push deep into her G spot, but it seemed to evade me, almost tauntning me with it’s invisibility. But I continued.
Finally, I found the right position.
I had her on top of me, with her back against my chest, and I bent my cock around her crotch into her pussy. It was difficult to make it far enough in to feel it, but after a few practice thrusts I found that when she arched her back away from me, I could feel that sweet sensative region inside her tight vagina.
I pressed into it, rubbing the head of my cock against it with gentle force, and I even wiggled it a little when I passed by. This threw her over the top.
She was convulsing again, much more violently than before.
“I can’t stop it, I’m coming.” she screamed aloud in the vacant space. She hadn’t yet, and I could feel her trying to hold it back, but this made my intentions more simple.
Force her to come.
It didn’t take long. I felt it start, warm, pouring out of her pussy, quickly, and with my cock filling the opening, any that got out was moving so fast it squirted out into the air.
I couldn’t waste those luscious fluids, so I quickly spun around her without removing myself from inside her, and stopped the gush with my own body. Although it wasn’t much, the feel of it drove me wild, and I quickly went over the top, and started up myself.
In a last desperate act, I took my cock out of her just in time, and came all over her body. My excitement over the situation varied, and so did the amout of cum pouring out the head of my cock. It started as a waterfall, falling heavy amounts over her pubic area, and her stomach, then when I reached her breasts, it came faster, but less in volume, spreading a thin layer over her nipples and sternum. Then I regained my force, but was running out, as I shot small bullets over her mouth and chin.
When it was over, I almost fell on top of the art I had painted over her naked body. Although I was practically exhausted from the indulgement, I knew there was still work to be done.
She was crying again, but moaning with pleasure, as I licked, sucked, scooped, and kissed my cum off of her beautiful body. The entire time, she was tangling her legs between mine.
My cum didn’t taste pleasant, but her body took off the edge, as I teased at her nipples, biting them softly, and sucking them like an infant. All that time I took, dragging out the process allowed me to regain my former stiffness, and by the time I made it up to her mouth, I was passionately rubbing her pussy with my cock the same way I was rubbing her mouth with my tongue.
Once I had finished cleaning up my own work, I noticed how tangled our legs were. She had made it impossible for me to move either leg, using only one of hers. She had also draped the other behind and over my ass, preventing me from moving practically my entire lower body without her permission. She slowly pulled me into her pussy again, by tightening her leg draped over my body, closer to her own. Then, she put her arms around me and tugged my upper body down on to her too.
As my fantasies involve our bodies being as close to eachother as possible, and me rubbing mine against hers, this already had my groin itching to let loose another round of cum. But I held back.
With her legs holding me in the position, I couldn’t thrust into her, so I instead did the most erotic thing I could at the moment, and returned to moving my cock left and right, up and down inside of her.
I could immediately tell this was having the same effect on both of us, as she lost her grip on my body, and used the energy to let out gasps and moans that drove me wild with hunger for her body.
At that moment, I felt so in charge of all of her, that it scared me.
I quickly took to finding her G spot again, but I realized that I didn’t have to change positions.
When she forced me all the way inside of her, she was begging me to trigger it from this position, showing me the key to giving her frontal orgasms. I found it easier to rub and tease her sensative place inside of her, while remaining in control of her movements.
As I took up a hobby in rocking her world, I slowly reversed her control over me, into my control over her.
I had easily forced her arms behind her back, propping her body up on an angle, and prevented her from escaping by interlocking my right arm through them near her shoulders, all the while, I forced my body against hers, as if my entire torso was a dick, and hers that sweet sensative region of her vagina.
Instead of resisting my hold, she passionately frenched me and sucked my tongue as if it were a second cock.
All of these feelings were pushing me quickly up my climb to an orgasm, as they were all better than I had ever expected to find them.
Her humms and moans enticed me, and I couldn’t stop from releasing my pleasure vocally too. For some reason, for me it sounded like grunting, and gasping, instead of the sexy cooing she had going. I didn’t have time to control myself to stop it, so I just hoped it was sexy for her.
I continued my quest to please her as much as I could, and nibbled softly on her ear, while licking the inner curves of it.
She had another orgasm quickly, but it would be her last before I threw myself over the top again. And again, I quickly removed myself for the sake of safety, but instead of leaving it out, I shoved into her mouth, releasing all of my warm cum inside her throat. Overfilling her mouth with it, the cum dripped out onto her face, and down her neck.
Although I had just recently released a gush of sperm over her, I still had plenty to fill her with the thick juice from my cock. This I felt was an accomplishment which I would have thanked god for if only I believed.

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