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“See you later, honey!” Lora my girlfriend told me as she kissed my cheek good-bye. She was going out shopping this Saturday morning.

“Okay, have fun.” I replied and warned. “Don’t spend too much!”

That was kind of a poke at her. Lora was a high-level exec at her management company and her mid-six figure salary more than allowed her to spend freely. It also allowed me to develop my own web development business from my home office in our spacious home. Even though business hadn’t been great lately, it was enough to provide for my share and some other things.

Saturday, we had our normal routine. She would go shopping or food and stuff, then clothes with her friends. And as unfairly as it sound, I would do stuff around the house like wash, clean and vacuum. This Saturday was a treat, I would also be polishing Lora’s shoes.

Lora had a million shoes, or at least pretty close to a million. All types. All colours. All styles. Most were all high heels. Today I had selected a number of shoes to clean and polish; all black and all high heeled. I did her red shoes last week.

One other ritual (unknown to Lora) that I followed when performing my house duties was to dress up a bit, not a lot but just a bit. I had “borrowed” a few under items from Lora that she never seemed to miss. In my bottom dresser draw near the back, I hid my outfit. I pulled up my panties that were ratty, old, pink cotton and clipped on the slightly dingy and hooked the tattered, off-white coloured bra. I carefully pulled up a pair of laddered, beige knee high stay-ups; the elastic had long gone. The things were all nice when I took them, but after the number of times I have worn this outfit, I guess they kind of look a bit over-worn. But for me, they were perfect.

I checked out myself in the mirror. My boner tented the thinning material of my panties and poked up through the waist band. The straps of my bra were tight around my chest and the cups were empty and collapsed. Still I didn’t care. The fact I was putting on my girlie outfit was all that mattered.

I pulled on a loose fitting, long jersey which kind of reminded me of a dress, but it barely covered my bum so I pulled on a pair of sweats.

Like I said, I selected a number Lora’s shoes and placed them on them on the bench to begin my polishing task.

One other thing, I loved women’s shoes. Any woman’s shoes as long as they had some sort of heel; especially spiked, stiletto-ed high heels. The higher the better. Fortunately, Lora loved them too. And Lora owned a lot of them. More than three quarters of her shoes where high heeled, most of them spiked.

I started polishing the first pair which was a plain, black patent pump with a simple three and a half inch heel.

The process of care always started with a careful inspection of the shoe. I looked for scuffs and marks or unusual defects and tried to fix them as best I could. This is followed by a careful cleaning of dirt and dust from the exterior and interior. Suede and material shoes required special handling and cleaning. The inside was then cleaned if necessary and conditioned. Depending on the leather shoe and material, I applied either a thin coat of polish or cream to outside on to the fine leather. Any excess polish was carefully brushed off or cream was gently daubed on and absorbed by the leather. An ultra-soft cloth was used to buff the shoe to its beautiful, God-given luster. Sometimes wetting the polish during the buff, really brought out that uber-glow the leather. I would never disrespect the shoe by spitting on it. A gentle lap with the tip of my tongue to a specific spot was the only way.

Depending on the shoe, I can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to properly attend to each shoe. The seven shoes I selected today would take me all day.

Each shoe, each minute, each buff, each lap of my tongue increased the firmness growing inside my panties.

I saved the best for last. Lora’s Manolo Blahnik black, cut-out leather pumps with a slender four and a quarter inch covered heel. By this time, I was already pretty hard. I found a small scuff mark on the outside of her right shoe and a little dust cover both.

I wiped down both shoes using my special cloth. The scuff was lovingly tended to. The outside sole was carefully cleaned. I inspected the insides. The leather of the shoe itself was still perfect. The insole was slightly stained and was fragrant from Lora’s sweaty feet. I used my special formula to clean and restore the inside.

The shoe was basically two sections. A full leather wrapped gracefully surrounded and cradled Lora’s heel and descended down the slim stiletto. Fine, slatted leather would surround the rest of her foot. The toe was pointed.

After I applied and removed any excess conditioner, I applied the special coloured shoe cream I found on line. It was inky black and smoother than super-whipped softened butter. I had to take care not to apply too much and fill the empty space with the polish. Small daubs with steady hands and a Pendik Ukraynalı Escort lot of patience was needed.

Then finally I used a clean ultra-soft buffing cloth to wipe any remaining cream and bring it to a luster. I used my tongue to spot wet buff areas that needed it. The polish was intoxicating. My head was swimming and my dick was rock hard. Carelessly I touch it to my cheek. My eyes closed as I rubbed my cheek against it. I knew I was getting my facial oils on the shoe but I didn’t care.

I could no longer hold myself back. I used my free hand to sneak inside my panties and started stroking my hardened member. My thumb spread my pre-cum over the exposed head of my uncut penis. I moaned, “Oh god that feels so good.”

“Ahum!” I heard. My eyes popped open as everything else froze in place. Slowly I turned to the noise. Lora had returned from her shopping and was standing in the doorway. In her hands were a couple of new shoes she was going to show me.

“Is this what you do when I’m away?” She smiled.

“Uuuh… no!” I answered quickly and not sure why I continued to explain. “Usually I don’t play with myself.”

“Well you seem to be enjoying yourself with MY shoes.” Lora was standing beside me and pick up one of the shoes. “They are pretty and you did do a good job. Try it on.”

Now Lora and I were the same height. She had beautiful strawberry blond hair and a perfect 36C-24-35 figure with shapely legs and woman’s size 9B shoe while I had dark brown hair with a not too muscular body and man’s size 7 shoes.

“No I can’t.” Fearing her retribution if I dared.

“I said, try them on!” She used a little sterner voice.

I swung my legs from under the table I was working at. Lora noticed my feet right away but didn’t say anything. I took the shoe away from my face and pulled it onto the pointed toes of my foot. The heel slipped over and the shoe fit perfectly.

“Pretty.” She commented. “Here. Put the other one on and stand up.”

I complied but wobbly stood up in front of her.

“Pull up your pant legs, they are hiding your feet.” Again I complied.

“Nice, but those beige stockings aren’t right. Take them off, barefoot might be better for now. And lose those sweat pants, they keep covering up your feet.”

I removed my shoes and pulled the pant legs up enough to push down the knee highs.

“Well?” Lora said with her arms crossed beneath her bosom. She stood on her left foot as she tapped her right. “Lose the pants.”

I tried to protest but Lora’s threatening look stared me down. I hooked my thumbs into the elastics of the pants and pushed them downwards. My sweatshirt had ridden up around my waist. Lora’s mouth dropped open as she saw my tattered panties.

“Are those my old pink ones I couldn’t find for a long time?” Lora’s hands were on her waist. “What did you do …? Never mind. Why are you wearing them? And my knee highs?”

My mouth opened but nothing came out.

“Anything else of mine you’re wearing?”

I felt compelled as I grabbed the bottom of my sweatshirt and pulled it over my head to show Lora the bra I had on. Her bra.

“Well, I….” Lora stared at me in amazement. “Is there anything else of mine you are keeping from me?

I shook my head no.

Lora wasn’t angry or upset or anything like that. She just stood there and stared at me. She bit on her lower lip as her eyes scanned every inch of me. Through her eyes, I could see her trying to process what she had just uncovered.

Suddenly she told me. “Take off everything and just stand there.” She turned away without waiting for a reply.

I carefully pushed down my panties, my cock sprang up. There was a noticeable wet spot from where my pre-cum had leaked. I reached around and unclipped my bra, letting it fall to the ground.

Lora returned. “Don’t be such a sloppy little girl. Pick up your things and fold them neatly. Is this how you normally take care of your dainties?”

“No.. Yes… I mean…” I stammered as I picked up my bra and panties folding them into a neat pile.

“Put these on.” Lora handed me a number of things. “Then come into the living room.”

As Lora turned and left, I looked at what she had handed me. A black lace bra with demi C-cups, matching boy short panties, black opaque stockings with garters to hold them up. Unlike mine, they seemed to all be in perfect condition.

My boner was solid steel as I clipped the garter around my waist and pulled up the stockings. I adjusted the strap length and attached them to the welts. I pulled up the boy shorts. They fit perfectly except for my boner that pushed out one of the legs. I tried to adjust it to point straight up but all it did was form a tent. I wrapped the bra around my chest and hooked it up. After adjusting the straps, I placed my arms through the loops onto my shoulders. I pulled the cups down slightly to position them correctly. Unfortunately they were still empty.

I wasn’t sure about the shoes, but took Pendik Üniversiteli Escort a chance. I slipped on the Blahniks and carefully took a few steps. Good thing. I almost fell over as my ankle twisted, but managed to catch myself. It took a few minutes to learn how to walk in them. Once I was sort of stable, I made my way to the living room where Lora was waiting for me. She was seated in the leather loveseat, nylon legs crossed right over left. She had removed her jacket but still wore the white silk blouse and knee high, dark red skirt. She had one of her red high heeled pumps dangling from her right foot.

“Very nice.” Lora smiled. “Give us a spin.”

I looked at her hesitantly and I slowly turned 180 degrees.

“Hmmm. Very nice, Sweetie.” She cooed. “But little girls don’t show their excitement like that. Only slutty girls do.”

I looked down and saw my hard on had not subsided. “I’m sorry, Lora but it won’t go down!” I started to tear.

“Perhaps you should do something to make it, ummm…” She paused. “Relax.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant at first. Her silent gestures of eyes and head nods gave me the answer.

“Here? In the middle of the living room?” I asked.

Lora’s answer was narrowing eyes and a slight nod of the head.

I was about to protest but the glare from Lora told me I should not. I hooked my thumbs into the waist band and slowly pushed my panties downwards and over my cock. When they reached mid-thigh, Lora told me to stop.

“That’s down far enough!” She told me. “Spread your feet and you may begin.”

I parted my feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, restrained by the waist band of my panties. My shoes made my hips push forward as I tried to maintain my balance. I cautiously wrapped my hand around my shaft and started to jerk myself off.

“Slowly, Sweetie.” Lora requested. “Entertain me.”

I slowed my strokes as per Lora’s wishes. I’m only about 5 inches hard but it felt massive in my hand. My other hand pinched my nipples under my bra. I used the pre-cum that flowed from my pee hole to lubricate myself. The slickness it caused along with being “dressed-up” and masturbating in front of Lora was getting to be too much.

“Oh fuck yes! I’m going to cum!” My head was back and my eye shut tight.

“Stop!” Lora commanded suddenly.

I stopped in mid-stroke immediately. My eyes popped open and I looked pleadingly at Lora. I panted heavily as my body shivered with excitement.

“Get on your knees.” She instructed as she rose from the sofa.

The shoes made it a bit difficult but I managed to fall to my knees. I knew it would stretch the shoes. Lora stood right in front of me. She pinched the sides of her skirt and inched her hem upwards. I watched as her hem rose higher exposing the clips holding her stockings, then the tops of my welts and then…

“Oh my god!” I thought as I saw what appeared to be the tip of a cock.

She continued to pull her skirt up to her waist. Between her legs was a six-inch, flesh tone, strap-on cock. Lora grabbed the fat shaft with her right hand and lifted the tip up placing it against my lips. She used her left hand to grab my hair and pull it towards her. I opened my mouth and allowed her to push her cock in to me.

Both of her hands held the back of my head, but I needed no guidance as I started sucking on Lora’s meat. My head bobbed back and forth as my lips made a tight seal around her girth. I was able to take in almost four inches.

“Good girl, Sweetie!” Lora approved. “You are doing a pretty good job. You must have been practicing.”

I stopped long enough to manage a response. “No, Lora. This is the first time I am sucking a cock. Your cock.” Which was true. She had often used it on my but I had never sucked on it. I returned to my cock sucking.

Lora was now slightly thrusting her hips to match my head bob. I now managed almost five inches of it down my throat. I wanted to try more.

I grabbed Lora’s butt with both hands and slowly pulled her towards me. At about four and a half, I felt it touch the back of my mouth. I relaxed my throat as much as I could as I took a couple of deep breaths through my nose. I closed my eyes as I pulled Lora’s bum towards me more as I pushed forward with my face.

“Uuuuh! Uuuuh!” I moaned as I swallowed more and more of the jelly cock.

I felt my nose brush against Lora’s smooth, shaved mound. I managed to take in all of Lora’s cock and pressed my face into her crotch. No small feat for an Asian with a small nose, for sure. Lora held my head hard against her crotch until I had to push away.

I was gasping for air as Lora thrusted herself forward again. My face mashed into her crotch as she held my head. I could smell the excitement emanating from her cunt.

“Oooh fuck!” Lora screamed out. She grabbed my hair and pulled me off of her cock. “Stand up!”

I managed to get to my feet, still a bit wobbly in my heels. Lora pushed me towards the sofa. Pendik Vip Escort She placed a hand on the nape of my neck and made me bend forward. I held myself up with my hands on the seat cushions as Lora kicked my feet apart. My panties still about my thighs.

“Now Sweetie, this is what good little girls get for a reward.” Lora informed me.

I felt a hot gob of wet hit my ass hole. Lora used the knob of her dick to smear her spit around. I looked through my spread legs. I watched Lora reach between her thighs and scoop a handful of her cunt juice. She spread it along her cock.

Grabbing just below the knob, Lora lifted her cock and put the point against my rear entry. Another gob of spit hit my hole. With both hands on my hips, Lora pulled me back as I felt her hips press forward.

Like I said, this was not the first time Lora had used her cock on me as we often used it in our sex play, but this was the first time we used it while I was girlie dressed.

I relaxed my bum as I felt Lora pop through my sphincter. She pushed it in deep, invading my bowels. Repeated full length thrusts ensued as she slammed her hips into my ass cheeks.

“Take it all, Sweetie my little girlie fuck!” Grunted Lora. “You like me fucking you hard like this, don’t you?”

My eye were shut tight as I delighted in the hard ass fucking Lora was giving me. “Oh yes, fuck me! Please fuck me! I want to cum!”

Lora pulled out. “No, not yet, Sweetie! I’m not ready for you to cum yet!”

My ass felt so empty. I felt my pulsing, gaped hole searching to be filled again.

Lora pushed me onto my back. She grabbed my legs behind my knees and held them to my chest. Holding me there and without using her hands, she maneuvered the tip of her cock against my hole. She looked directly into my eyes and smiled as she lowly pushed it inside of me.

“Oooh fuck! Yeah!” I moaned. “Oh Lora, please fuck me good! Please let me cum!”

“Yes, Sweetie. You may cum. Jerk yourself off as I fuck your ass with my cock!” she leaned forward more and spread my legs wider and harder into me making my hole even tighter.

I grabbed hold of my dick and started stroking myself off. In this position, my dick was only a few inches long so I needed only my first two fingers and my thumb to jerk off.

“Oh Lora! I’m going to cum!” I moaned loudly.

Lora slammed into my ass harder.

“Oh fuck! Oooh fuck! Ooooo….” I screamed like a little girl as white cum jettisoned from my piss hole and splashed onto my face and in my open mouth.

I couldn’t believe how much I ejaculated. My face was totally soaked by my own cum. I licked my lips cleaning up any goo around my mouth.

“My little Sweetie likes the taste of her own cum, doesn’t she” Lora laughed. “Clean the rest of it off you.”

“Yes, Lora. If you let me up, I’ll go wash my face.”

“That’s not what I mean, Sweetie.” Was all Lora replied.

She looked at me through my spread legs still pressed against me. Her cock still deep inside me. Hesitantly, I used my index finger to scrap my face and push the white goo towards my hungry mouth. I greedily swallowed it down.

Satisfied with my clean up, Lora slowly withdrew her cock from me and let my legs go. I managed to pull my panties back up and drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I realized, Lora was shaking me awake.

“Wha?” I mumbled as I opened my eyes.

Lora was standing there. She wore a long robe which was wrapped tightly around her body, but I could see she was still wearing stocking beneath.

“Go wash up. I want everything shaved where a proper girl would be hairless: pits, chest, legs, pussy and ass.” Lora directed. “I left everything you would need in the bathroom.”

I stripped off my clothes and went into the bathroom. Along with Lora’s fragrant soaps were a razor and some cream. Really, being Asian, I didn’t have much hair anyways. Any body hair I had was very fine and sparse.

I ran a bath and stepped in warm waters. I carefully washed myself using the girlie soap. Next was the shaver. I lathered my pits and scrapped them hairless. I shave the few hairs around my nipples. Then my legs leaving my pubes and ass for last.

I found shaving my crotch was much easier than shaving my ass. I tried to find the right position when Lora walked in.

“You must be doing a good job since you’re taking so long.” She chuckled.

“Oh Lora! I’m having some trouble shaving my ass.” I admitted.

“Okay, Sweetie. Bend over and I’ll do it for you.” Lora offered.

I stood up and bent over with my ass facing Lora. I felt her lather my hole and press the razor against my crack. “Not much hair here anyways. Not really worth the effort, but still…” Lora told me as I felt the razor slice off any wisp of hair. “I’ll clean up the straggly pieces you missed on the back of your legs.”

Satisfied, Lora told me to rinse off and clean up the hair in the tub. As she left, Lora added. “After, you can go and dress. I left your outfit in the bedroom.”

After cleaning up all the hair in the bathroom, I walked naked into the bedroom. Laying on the bed was some white cotton, French-cut panties and a white bra along with white knee high socks, a white, shortie tee shirt and a pleated skirt. On the floor was a pair of 3-inch heeled Mary Janes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32