Of Wine and Pearls

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The hospital Amy works for had its annual awards banquet recently. We had to go because she was getting a 10-year employee plaque. It was a semi-formal soiree, so we both dressed up very nicely. I’m average height and weight, and I wear my curly auburn at my shoulders. I would have looked stupid trying to dress like a 30something hottie, so I wore a plum knee length knit skirt, a matching cowl-neck knit top, and a pair of pumps. I also wore a double strand of pearls, which would find an interesting use later in the evening. Amy, a sleek, seemingly angelic blonde beauty, wore her little black dress, which makes me wet whenever I see her in it. God that woman is HOT! I’m sure she caused more than a few men to drop their drinks.

Amy doesn’t have many inhibitions. She’s very straightforward, not really caring what people think about her. Once she has more than a couple of glasses of wine, the few inhibitions she does have come tumbling down. I’ve learned over the years to keep an eye on her and make sure she behaves when she gets into the wine. I’m always afraid she’ll say something stupid to the wrong person, flirt with some administrator’s wife, or slap a man who gets too friendly. Luckily, I’m not much of a drinker anymore; a glass of wine does it for me.

Amy behaved herself during the pre-dinner social hour, a glass of wine lasting the whole time. Most people from the hospital know we’re married, but some of the newer one’s don’t. It’s always funny to see the newbies’ reaction when we’re chatting with old friends and we show affection to each other, say she stands behind me, resting her chin on my shoulder and her arms around my waist. The men who don’t know us almost always get flustered, and I can see the wheels turning in their heads.

Amy had another glass of wine after dinner. Then they had the awards, and she had another glass, so I started to keep an eye on her. After the awards, it was time for music and dancing, and she had another glass, but she behaved herself.

We were on the dance floor most of the time. Finally, during one slow dance, she was grinding against me, making me flush and tingle. She lifted her head off my shoulder and said, “I think we need to leave. Unless you want me to fuck you right here on the dance floor. You still make me hotter than a two-dollar pistol.” Oh my, she does wonders for my ego!

We gathered up our stuff and made ready to leave. One of the newer department heads, a prissy thing in her 50s who probably hadn’t been laid in 20 years, asked why we were leaving so early. Amy piped up, “We have to go home so I can fuck my wife dry, but she’s never once dried up in 10 years.”

I almost died! I wanted to crawl under a table and hide. I blushed furiously and steered her away before she could say anything else. Embarrassing as it was, that new administrator learned a valuable lesson. If you aren’t ready for full-blown honesty, then steer porno izle clear of her.

In the car, I told her, “You behaved yourself right up until the end.”

She got pouty and said, “Well, she asked. What did you want me to do? Lie?”

I said simply, “Yes.”

Once we got in the house, she was as good as her word. She grabbed me and jumped on me and started kissing me, and they weren’t gentle kisses. She basically fucked my mouth with her tongue while she buried her hands in my hair, all the while grinding her mound against mine.

We were both getting frantic. My pussy was beginning to thump, and my inner thighs were sticky wet. I jammed my thigh up against her crotch and rubbed her until she was on the brink of coming, when I abruptly stopped. She was wild. She growled, “Get your ass in the living room.” She dragged me there, and pushed me onto the sofa.

Her eyes were incandescent. She yanked her panties off, jumped on top of me, and threw them at my face. “There! See how fucking wet you got me?” And yeah, her panties were very wet, and oh my, they smelled like heaven, pure, radiant, female heat!

I slid my hands under her dress hem and squeezed that gorgeous ass of hers, and she let out another growl. “Why the fuck do you wear long skirts?” she demanded, pawing at me. “You know I hate long skirts.”

Of course I knew she hated long skirts, and I knew why, but I couldn’t resist teasing her. “You do? And why’s that?”

“Because it’s hard to get my hands up there to play with your pussy.”

“Well, take the goddamned thing off, you know how.”

“You are such a bitch!” she hissed before pouncing. Somehow, we managed to grope and paw each other until we were naked and our outfits littered the living room floor.

I was happily surprised to see that she intended to do me first. She knelt on the floor while I opened my legs. She slapped my mound, which made me jump and cry out, “Fuck!”

She looked up at me and said, “Everyone thinks you’re such a sweet, innocent little Nursey-nurse, but I know better. I know you’re a hot bitch who gets wet just looking at me.”

Amy pounced on me, corkscrewing two fingers into my pussy, letting a dribble of wetness trickle out. Oh how I love having her fingers in me! She knows all of my special spots. She leaned in to suck and lick my clit while she fucked me with her fingers.

She wasn’t gentle, and I would have been happy if she’d been even rougher. She had me bouncing and squirming and moaning, my insides nearly red-lining. I was totally at the mercy of the throbs of unspeakable pleasure surging over me.

Amy pulled her fingers free of my simmering cauldron and shoved them in my mouth. “Taste yourself! Taste what I love.” Then she slid back to the floor. I had my legs as wide as I could get them, and I used my hands to open my pussy and expose my clit. She used her hands to masturbate while amatör porno she devoured my bud.

Amy does it like no one else. She sucks, and nips, and flicks her tongue up and down, side to side, in circles; she probes my clit nest with her tongue, draws figure-8s over me. She brings me to magic places. She knows how to bring me right to the edge and keep me there so when I cum, it’s an explosion from somewhere deep, deep inside me. She held me there right on the edge. I buried my hands in her hair and held a mass in each hand while I pressed up and fucked her face. At last, something broke inside me. I seized up again and again, crying out like a Banshee, my feet kicking helplessly.

After my climax subsided, she climbed up on the sofa, sweating and breathing hard. She wasn’t about to give me a chance to catch my breath. She straddled my face and opened herself. A little stream of nectar trickled out and fell on my face. “You did that!” she hissed. “You got me all wet. Now do something about it!”

Amy basically sat on my face and wiggled herself all over me. I cupped her tight little butt and held her close. I was snuffling and snorting, just devouring her. She had a lovely, tangy taste, like weak lemonade.

I wet my fingers in her soupy treasure and shifted so I could nudge my middle finger into her ass. Growling, I assaulted her tumescent jewel with my tongue while I firmly fucked her ass with my hand.

Amy was nearly squealing. Her whole body quivered, she grimaced, and cried out, “Oh Fuck! Oh fuck!” A fresh surge of wetness welled out of her, and she smeared it on my face. I greedily slurped up as much as I could. She sobbed and stiffened with each fresh wave.

We snuggled together and took a few minutes to cuddle and catch our breath. At last, Amy grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs. She was a lot calmer than when we were in the living room but she wasn’t done, not by a long shot.

Amy was giggling like a kid. She pulled me onto the bed and we wrapped our bodies together. I love the feel of our naked bodies entwined while we move and grind against each other. She was stroking me all over, scraping her nails up and down my back, and making me moan and shiver. She bit my nose – gently – and said, “You love it when I’m a bad girl.”

“I sure do,” I purred, “the badder the better.”

We rolled around the bed, kissing, sharing our tongues, caressing each other. She ran her fingers between the cheeks of my butt, which made me jump, and laugh, especially when she tickled my rosebud. She teased her fingernails in the sensitive spot between my anal bud and the base of my pussy. I groaned at the lovely, tickly feeling, and that made her giggle. She pushed me on my back, and I knew by then this was going to be a special night; she was going to give me all the attention I needed.

Once I was on my back, she straddled me on anal porno all fours and drew her tongue over my lips before kissing down to my breasts. She squeezed and tugged at my already hard nipples, then, each in its turn, she held them in her teeth and stretched them out before letting them snap free sending shocks rippling over me. I squirmed at those sharp pangs of pleasure.

Amy slid her hand down and began toying with my pussy, smiling wickedly at me. Oh God, her fingers in me, then on my clit, had me moaning and squirming. When she got me all worked up, she brought her hand up to her mouth. “Goddammit Amy! You can’t leave me hanging like that!” I cried out in desperation.

She laughed at me – wicked woman! However, she reached behind my neck to unclasp and remove the double string of pearls I’d been wearing. She dangled them above my face, still smiling wickedly. “Time to make my Mama Cougar purr,” she hummed, shaking the pearls.

I surrendered to Amy. She had me bend my knees and open my legs as wide as I could. Once she was down between my legs, I propped myself on my elbow so I could see what she was going to do. OMG, she took one end of the necklace and started working it inside my pussy! What an exquisite feeling, her fingers probing around, carefully tucking the string of pearls into a bunch inside me. Her knuckles were bumping my special spot up inside, threatening to send me into orbit. I kept going higher and higher, my pussy getting tenser and tenser. She made me wild when she gave my clit a wet French kiss while working the pearls into my sex. She knows exactly where to touch me, and just how much I can take. Right now, she was torturing me, bringing me right up to the edge before laughing and backing off.

Once all of the pearls were in me except for a small tail dangling out, she moved so that she was coming at me from the side. She wrapped one arm around my thigh and used the other to come at me from above. She took the tail end of the pearl necklace in her upper hand, and used her other hand to hold them in place and control how fast they came out. She pulled them up the channel of my pussy, making sure each pearl rattled over my pearl.

I have no idea what she did after that because I started to come. My body surged over and over, and I kept stiffening and yelling. I swear I felt each pearl bump over my clit, and each one gave me its own unique orgasmic pulse. When the last pearl came free, I think she pulled the strand through her mouth. She gave my clit a few more strokes of her tongue, sending electric shocks over me, until I was finally done.

I was ready to take care of her once I caught my breath, but the wine must have caught up with her. She pulled the blankets up, gave me a long kiss, and said in her best little girl voice, “I’m sweepy. Nightie night. I love you.”

I snuggled up as close as I could and put my arm around her. That was one of those nights that remind me why she makes me hot enough to burst into flames, and why I adore the ground she walks on!

Don’t worry; we slept in the next morning, and I finally woke her up with our version of breakfast in bed. She was a happy woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32