Niharika’s Friend Joins Us

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I completed my meeting and walked out with the order. I used the phone to call Niharika at my place. She answered and said that she had a few surprises for me when she got back, In spite of my repeated pleading, she refused to reveal them to me over the phone.

I drove at breakneck speed, and walked into my place. I was pleasantry surprised to see Sheetal, who was dressed in her usual style of deep neck T-shirt and short skirt .She had never been to my place before and I was wondering what was happening.

I asked the girls whether they wanted to have a drink and was met with an enthusiastic yes. I walked to my kitchen bar, and made half a dozen tequila shots with lemon juice and sugar syrup.. I offered it to them, and the girls had downed both their shots within minutes and asked for a third, which started going down slower.

I could make out that the alcohol had already hit them as Niharika told me to open the lock of the necklace as Sheetal wanted to examine the pendant. I reminded her that the rule was that the necklace lock would be the last of the three locks to be opened. She said she was quite clear about that and of course she meant that she wanted me to open the other two locks before I unlocked the necklace. I looked at Sheetal and raised my eyebrows inquiringly, to which Niharika nodded.

I stood in front of her, and raised up her skirt and unlocked the front lock. Then I went behind here, raised her skirt and opened the rear lock. Sheetal was sitting and couldn’t see what I was doing. I then unlocked the necklace and gave it to Sheetal. She asked me what the design was. I asked her if she really wanted to know, to which she emphatically nodded yes. I told her that it is a miniaturized version of the real device. Then she asked me what the device as used for, and I said that Niharika would be able to show her. She wanted to see so I told Niharika to show her. Niharika slowly raised her skirt, and Sheetal was stunned to see Niharika’s cunt lips squeezed out from the opening in the harness. It was gleaming with moisture, as the situation and the alcohol had aroused her completely. A few droplets of cunt juice were running down the lips, All of us could smell her arousal. Niharika gave a drunk giggle, and told her that she had said already that Sheetal would be shocked.

Sheetal agreed that she was a bit shocked, but more than that, she was turned Escort Bayan on. I asked her whether from the sight or the smell, nd she answered both. She turned to me and asked me whether I would make one for her. I jokingly asked her how she would pay, and she said she would discuss that with Niharika. She was now fixedly staring at the harness, and we could see that Niharika was getting even wetter. Sheetal leaned closer to her as if to look at the harness more closely, and breathed in deeply, to get the scent of my girlfriend’s cunt. Both the girls were sweating and I could smell them, which was arousing me more. But seeing the scene unfolding in front of me, I was still and silent.

Then as if realizing she moved back, and looked at me. Niharika asked her if she wanted to try the harness,. Sheetal said yes, but I told Niharika that the harness she was wearing was exclusively hers, nobody else was allowed to wear it. Niharika thought for a moment and then asked me about using the trial copper harness. I told I didn’t mind using that but I would have to do the fitting as I would be making it. I asked Sheetal whether she would allow me to do the trial. She didn’t answer, but grinned and pulled down her skirt and panty together. She was dripping even more than Niharika, and her cunt had a different smell. I was feeling like a dog in heaven.

I unlocked my drawer and pulled out the trial copper version I had used as a sample to make sure that the stainless steel harness would fit. I was giving it to Sheetal to wear it, but she gave me a sly smile and told me that as she didn’t know how to fit it, I should do so. This was dangerous territory for me as far as Niharika was concerned, so I looked at her. She dropped down her eyelids while giving me a slight nod, and I felt thrilled, at the breaking of one more barrier. Again I decided to push the limits a bit, since they were both drunk and horny, and becoming more so. So I asked Sheetal what she would pay me for doing the fitting, and she told me I would know after I had done the fitting.

I said I needed some stuff to complete the work, and that I would get it in ten minutes. I went outside and bought two new locks to lock the belt since the ones which I had were used for Niharika’s belt.

When I came back in, the girls were chatting sitting next to each other on the bed and idly fiddling with each other’s wet cunts. They were so drunk and horny Bayan Escort that even when they saw me, they didn’t feel embarrassed enough to stop. I asked Sheetal to stand in front of me and fitted the harness. It was a bit loose, but I got a clear idea of how to fit the final version. I locked the harness on to Sheetal, and kept the keys in my pocket. I told he she would have to keep this on until I made the new one for her. She nodded, and I saw that some more fluid flowed out onto her cunt lips. I made one more drink for each of them, and waited until they had downed them. Then I asked for my payment.

Sheetal came close and started to remove the belt of my trousers. I asked Niharika whether she was OK with this and she said if you can give me three guys, don’t you think I should let you have one girl. I asked her how it was three, and she said to enjoy now, she would explain later.

Sheetal removed my belt, opened the button of my jeans, and pulled down the zipper. She gasped when she saw the big bulge in my underwear, and Niharika giggled when she heard her gasp. Sheetal stopped undressing me, and started pulling off her T-shirt. Niharika helped her to do it saying that is was a good idea as otherwise it may get stained. Sheetal told her that she was not doing it to keep the T-shirt clean but because of another reason. We were wondering what it was when Sheetal pulled down my underwear so that my erection sprang out. She immediately grabbed it and bringing it close to her nose took a deep breath. I remarked to Niharika in Marathi that this one seems to have done this before, and she replied that she knew that as they had discussed their love lives.

Then Sheetal put out the tip of her tongue ans pushed it into the slit of my erection. I moaned and Niharika also moaned as she was seeing this and fingering herself. Then Sheetal sucked and pushed my dick into her mouth until hit hit her throat, and then she did something amazing. She loosened her throat and pushed my erection all the way into her throat so that her nose was pressing my pubic into my belly. I was like in heaven as this was the first time that I was being deep throated. I remarked to Niharika that my full cock was in Sheetal’s mouth, and she came to look closely, and saying it was amazing said she would also learn to do that from Sheetal.

Sheetal put her hand behind her back to remove her bra, all the time swallowing so Escort that my dick was being stimulated by the action of her throat. Niharika helped her and took the bra off, and as he huge boobs sprang free, I came in her throat. Sheetal kept me in for a few seconds, and then pulled out and pointed my prick at her breasts. Some of my cum was in her throat and mouth, and the rest was on her breasts. She showed the spunk in her mouth to Niharika and me, and slowly swallowed it. She said that she loved the smell and taste of cum, and asked Niharika if she had tried it,. Niharika said that she loved the smell, but had not tasted it. Now that she had seen Sheetal swallowing it, she also was going to try. She promptly put her tongue out and licked a drop which was on Sheetal’s nipple, making her shudder. Sheetal pulled her head way, telling her to get her own cum. All of us laughed at the joke. Sheetal rubbed it into her skin so that she could continue to enjoy the smell, as she did not intend to have a bath even when she got home. She said she would masturbate in bed before going to sleep as the smell would keep her aroused. Niharika promptly turned to my prick which was still slowly oozing cum, and started licking it, remarking to Sheetal that it really tasted nice.

I leaned against the pillow on the bed, and Niharika came in front of me on all fours so that she could suck me. Sheetal started licking Niharika’s cunt from behind, making her moan around my cock. Sheetal suddenly noticed the ball against her asshole and asked what that was. I explained what it was for, She said she also wanted something there, but not a ball. She wanted a little longish cylinder, with rounded ends, the same diameter as the ball but about six centimeters in length. She wanted the hole in the cylinder to be drilled in such a way that she would be able to insert either two centimeters or four centimeters into her asshole, depending on her mood. She thought for a while, and asked it I would be able to change the design in such a was that she could change the cylinder to a longer one, and also have one which would go into her cunt when she was wearing the harness. I assured her that I would be able to make the design, and she came to give me a kiss tasting of Niharika’s juices. Niharika also wanted to have a little ball which would press down on her clit added to her harness.

Then it was time for both of them to go home, and we reluctantly parted after I had unlocked Niharika’s harness and given the harness, necklace and snap locks to her. Sheetal did not even bother to ask me to unlock her, having accepted the fact that she would be wearing it until I had the final version made.

To be continued…..

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