New Beginnings Ch. 1

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I floated along the walkway, passing well-lit windows, each teeming with its own private treasures. My body felt like a walking contradiction, tired and weary, yet light and feathery with the freedom that comes after a hard fought victorious battle.

Almost two months had passed since my last opportunity to step out. As the junior member of my firm’s legal team, the burden fell to me to perform all the tedious grunt work. My days had been dominated with early morning meetings, afternoons at the courthouse, dinner conferences with the other members of the firm, and finally, an unending stream of late night research. Many nights, I would crash with exhaustion on the sofa in my office, to tired to make it home.

Finally, that afternoon, the case had drawn to a successful close, with the prosecution unable to provide their burden of proof. The guys, as usual, had invited me to their victory celebration, but I simply wasn’t in the mood to endure another evening of male breast-beating, cussing and down right crass behavior. I had tolerated enough of the old boys club over the past few months to last a lifetime. No, tonight, I was going to celebrate in my own way, in my own time. There would be no testosterone on the menu for me this evening. The night was mine and mine alone. I smiled at the thought.

Before I knew it, I was next to the destination of my desire, brimming with excitement. Nervous, I stole a quick peek at my reflection in the shop window, primped my shoulder-length auburn hair and meticulously applied some additional lipstick — Cover Girl “Cinnamon Spice,” my favorite shade. Confident in my appearance, I gave myself a playful wink and continued on my way.

Taking a deep breath, I pressed my slender body against the heavy mahogany door that stood sentry to a whole other world, my secret world. At that very moment I felt anything was possible. I was genuinely at peace with myself and it felt so good. I was certain something exciting was going to happen to me.

Once inside, my eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim lighting. The pounding rhythms resonating throughout the club attacked my ears. It was still early and the place was relatively barren. I thought to myself, how overeager I had been to begin my night out on the town. The longing and the ache within me had won out over my weariness. I felt I had to make the most of my fleeting moments of freedom.

With excited anticipation, I glided past the empty bar and its resident bartender, a stocky unattractive woman in her early forties. Her name was Alice, though everyone called her Al. She had been working here ever since I had made my first visit, over two years ago. A hard-drinking, tough talking woman, she wasn’t someone you messed with. Personally, there wasn’t one thing about her I found appealing, but for some unfathomable reason, she never seemed to go home alone. How ironic, I thought to myself.

I found an empty booth and sat facing the dance floor, my favorite spot. I was a people watcher who never tired of studying the many varied mating rituals that would eventually take place on the dance floor, later that evening. My mind raced with delicious thoughts of my own anticipated mating dance and the intense joy I found in forbidden fruit.

Al’s husky voice startled me back to reality. “Long time, no see, Sheyenne,” she boomed. I was beginning to think we weren’t good enough for the big-time lawyer.”

“Hey, Al,” I smiled. “Nah, just busy. Just busy is all.”

“Nice to have you back, just the same,” Al growled in her intimidating way. “What can I get ya?”

“The usual, Al,” I grinned. “You do remember what I drink, don’t you?”

“Yea,” she smirked. “I never forget a face or a drink, especially beyoğlu escort not a pretty face like yours.”

“Thanks,” I said politely. “That’s sweet of you.”

“Sweet, nothing,” she bellowed. “I call em the way I see em, is all. One rye and coke comin right up.”

I watched her bulky form stalk back behind the bar. Nice to be where everybody knows your name, I reflected, remembering the line from Cheers. Yea, it’s nice to be back.

“There ya go, darlin,” Al snarled. “Hope you find what you’re lookin for.”

“Me too. Me too, Al,” I replied.

“You’ll have no trouble in that department, Shey. You’re much to pretty,” Al surprised me with her flirtation.

“If a girl didn’t know any better, Al, she might think you’re hitting on her,” I flirted back, my eyes teasing her.

“If I thought I had a chance, Shey, believe me, in a heart beat…in a heart beat,” she said thoughtfully. She smiled warmly and turned away. “You enjoy yourself tonight, little lady, and don’t worry, cuz I’ll be keeping an eye on you.”

“Thanks,” I replied. “I will,” somewhat dumbfounded by her candidness.

I fingered the rim of my glass, staring at the amber contents and the cloud-like images formed by the ice. I thought about what attracted me to a woman. I wondered what Al might have to offer a girl such as myself. I thought about how so many of us are guilty of judging people by their looks and not the content of their character. I felt a little ashamed about my earlier assumptions regarding Al. She really was a sweetheart under that rough exterior. Here’s to you Al, I toasted, raising the glass to my thirsty lips.

Slowly, the place began to fill up. Every type of woman imaginable seemed to show up that night, young and old, slim and overweight, rough and feminine, leather chicks, bikers, middle-aged women who might have been just about anybody’s mother and probably were. You name it, they were there. Many showed up in pairs, obvious couples. More often though, they entered alone. It was these unaccompanied ladies I studied closely, constantly searching for the one I might tame.

Al brought me a second drink and then a third, refusing my money each time, insisting they were on the house. I knew they were coming out of her pocket but didn’t have the heart to refuse her offering. With each trip she seemed to grow bolder, going so far as to brush my hand as she placed the last drink before me. I smiled to myself, thinking how funny it must look to see a rough looking woman like Al trying to pick up someone such as myself. Still, I felt admiration for her boldness and self-confidence.

Lost in thoughts of Al’s flirtatious advances, I scanned the dance floor and began to wonder if there would be a special someone for me this night. By now, more than a dozen couples were up on the floor, grinding to the rhythmic tones. I found it a constant source of entertainment to see the many mismatched couples before me. The most interesting couple consisted of a large leather-dyke and a wispy looking femme. The larger woman looked to be about 40 and was decked out in full leather regalia including the appropriate studs, chains and tattoos. The smaller lady appeared to be in her early 20’s, with a very delicate aura to her. There could be no mistaking who was the top in this relationship.

I couldn’t imagine what they might have in common but there they were, grinding to the music, smiles glowing, hands caressing each other, obvious lust in their eyes, each stealing kisses from the other. Again, I wondered what a girl like Al might have to offer and what I might be missing. No, I thought, some things are best left alone. Still, one had to wonder.

A deep hunger seemed to well up within me as I witnessed sarıyer escort the swirling mass of erotic dance building its synergistic energy. Suddenly, I sensed I was being watched. At first it was just a feeling. I scanned the room, to no avail, unable to locate my huntress. I felt vulnerable, like a fawn alone in an open meadow, frozen with fear.

Peering around, I subconsciously detected a pair of dark eyes ravaging me. Still, I couldn’t pinpoint the source of my discomfort. Then, out of the corner of my vision I detected a set of mysterious dark coal-like eyes glowing between the swaying bodies and flashing lights. I did a quick double take and found myself transfixed by the most exotic gaze imaginable. I sat mesmerized, unable to avert my stare, not wanting to let the object of my desire slip away.

After what seemed an eternity, I began to make out the facial features of the divine creature opposite me. She seemed gracefully older, with high cheekbones, shoulder length shiny raven black hair and the self-assurance of a well-heeled independent woman. Her eyes never left mine.

Slowly, she rose from her perch and glided towards me. Light seemed to frame her face as she approached. She was adorned from head to toe in black attire, broken only by her ruby-red lips and gold jewelry. My mouth became dry and my hands began to sweat profusely. Surely, I thought, she wasn’t coming towards me. But she was.

She stood before me, our eyes riveted and equally thirsty. Standing about 5′ 6,” elegant and sleek, she was dressed in black leather pants and a black silk blouse. She looked to be about 30 or so but my intuition told me she was closer to 40. I felt completely overwhelmed and unable to move, full of fear and excitement. Confidently, she extended her hand, magically drawing me to take it. Seductively, without averting her eyes, she gracefully kissed my trembling hand. Without a word, I found myself compelled to rise and follow her onto the dance floor.

Even though the music was pounding out a fast beat, this raven beauty drew me to her, placing a hand on each of my hips. Hypnotically, my hands slid around her waist and we melted into a single entity. Now facing her, I had to look slightly up, as I am fairly short, standing only 5′ 2.” Slowly, the music swept us up, moving us round and round, our lower bodies pressed together, our stare still unbroken. Eventually, I was unable to maintain my gaze and pressed my cheek softly to her shoulder. She drew me in tighter. I felt my breath becoming ragged and my heart pounding uncontrollably. Our breasts were now pressed together causing a tingle to curse through me.

We danced for nearly an hour, clinging to each other, speaking not a single word. She was simply intoxicating. The smell of her hair, the sweet aroma of her perfume, the rich feeling of her clothes and the warmth of her touch all combined to enchant me. I was in heaven and never wanted it to end.

Finally, she broke the embrace just enough to look into my eyes. She looked deep within me, somewhere inside my soul. I shivered at the power she held over me, once again transfixed by her stare. Slowly, tenderly, she pressed her full lips to mine. Her touch was incredible, sending instant waves of excitement through me. I wanted her tongue inside me but she was in no hurray. Gently, she covered my cheek with precious little kisses, stopping only to nip at my earlobes. I was on fire and felt hopelessly unable to do anything but accept her offerings.

A wicked smile formed on her mouth as she took my hand, turned and led me away from the dance floor. I followed like a love-struck puppy not knowing where she was taking me. We slipped past a previously unknown door, at least to me, down a maslak escort long dark hallway and outside into the cool night air. A long black limousine with tinted windows was waiting for us — it’s driver anxiously hustling to open the back passenger door for us. She entered gracefully, pulling me in after her. The driver closed the door and hurried around to take his position at the wheel. It was very obvious, that my companion was in charge and not one to be taken lightly.

I was in shock to say the least. On one hand, I didn’t want to ever leave this gorgeous creature. On the other, I was frightened by the suddenness of our departure, especially since I had no idea where we were going, or for that matter, who I was with. Still, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in that moment or ever again. Something wonderful surely was going to happen tonight. I felt the car begin to move.

“Wh…wh…wh,” I tried to speak, unable to get even a single word out.

“Shh…shh,” she cooed softly. “It’s okay baby, it’s okay.”

“Who, who are you,” I stammered. “And where are we going?”

She smiled a warm smile and pressed the back of her hand against my cheek. “My name is Megan, she purred. “Megan Summers. And who might you be, my precious baby girl?”

I swallowed hard, feeling her other hand stroking my thigh. “Sheyenne. I’m Sheyenne,” I choked out.

“How pretty,” she smiled. “And your last name?”

“Ba–Bayne,” my voice cracked, betraying me. “I’m Sheyenne Bayne but all my friends simply call me Shey.”

“Then Shey it is,” she spoke softly. “Please call me Meg, or Megan as you prefer.”

“Megan, is a very beautiful name,” I replied.

“Thanks, Shey,” Megan offered. “Would you like a drink darling? What do you prefer?”

“Oh…hmmmm…,” I hesitated, once again, caught off guard. “Whatever you’re having Megan. That’ll be fine.”

“Easy to please, I see,” Megan teased. “Champagne it is then.”

She pulled a chilled bottle of champagne from a silver ice bucket and popped the top. Cold bubbles shot up from the bottle soaking both of us. Megan attempted to take the cool liquid into her mouth without much success. She was wet but seemed oblivious to the mess. Excitedly, she pushed the bottle towards me, so that I might try to swallow some of the overflow. All that served to accomplish was to make me equally wet. Megan giggled naughtily. I followed suit, finally letting my guard down.

Megan poured two glasses of champagne and stuffed the bottle back into the ice. “What shall we drink to, Shey,” Megan giggled. I sat silently, shaking my head, not knowing what to offer. “How about new beginnings,” Meg smiled. “Here is to new beginnings.”

I raised my glass to hers. “To new beginnings,” I smiled back, staring into her sparkling eyes. For the second time that night, I felt like I was on top of the world and I knew I never wanted this night to end.

After calming down, I was finally able to ask, “where are you taking me Megan.”

“To my place baby,” she bubbled. “I’m taking you back to my place.”

With that, she leaned towards me and gave me the most passionate kiss of my life. This time I was able to savor her sweet offerings as our tongues danced. Her hands moved over my body the way the ocean laps at a beach. Her touch was light and graceful and full of tenderness. I couldn’t get enough of her sensuous kisses. I smiled at the thought of what was to come. All to soon, the car had stopped and the door sprang open.

“That will be all for the evening, John,” she spoke to the driver, slipping something into his hand.

“Thank you Ms. Summers,” he replied warmly. “Have a good evening.”

“Oh, I plan to John, believe me,” she shot back over her shoulder as she led me to the door.

I was somewhat uneasy with the fact that a man had just seen me kissing another woman. Obviously, it had no effect on Megan. I hurried to keep pace as she pulled me towards the door.

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