Her Usual

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“So what did she want?”

There was no reason for Brandon to lie to them, and every reason for him to be proud of himself so he spent told them what she’d said, how she’d said it too. He left out how she’d looked at him and when asked he made sure the pepper his answers with a few not to subtle references to how sexy she was. They were all clearly thinking the same thing occasionally making much cruder comments than Brandon was comfortable with.

Eventually everybody settled down to finish the last few hours of their shifts. Brandon who’d already told the others about his business meeting (which had since morphed into a date with the boss. Actually it didn’t morph, they’d corrected him immediately) had cut out early so he had enough time to stop by the bathroom and make sure he still looked okay and then spend a little time on the phone with his girlfriend since it was a Friday night and he was going to have to explain why he wasn’t going to be home.

Kim took it a little better than he’d expected, which meant she wasn’t screaming at him over the phone. There were no threats about dumping him or how she was going to spend the night hanging out with Sean like she always did when she wanted to make him jealous. She teased him a little when he described her. Apparently the only time he used the world ‘elegant’ to describe a woman was when he found her truly attractive and didn’t want Kim to find out. Once she’d had her fun she congratulated him on a job well done and told him to make sure he nailed the job interview and she expected him to make it up to her next week since he’d gotten such a generous bonus for his hard work.

He’d only just hung up the phone when Ms. Chang’s limo pulled around to the front of the office and the driver came over to open the door for him. “Get in.”

Ms. Chang had changed from the pinstriped pant suit into a slinky black dress for the evening. It was difficult not to notice how the fabric clung to her crossed legs and impossible not to follow her foot as it rocked back and forth. “Thank you for taking me to dinner Ms. Chang.” Brandon said trying to break the silence.

Ms. Chang let the silence last a few beats longer while his eyes moved up to pausing briefly on her breasts, then her throat finally her eyes. She was smiling when he reached her face so she either hadn’t noticed or hadn’t minded that he’d just checked her out. topkapı escort Probably the former, old women just weren’t used to men looking at them and if she’d noticed she would have chastised him. That was just the kind of woman that she was.

“It’s no problem at all. I like to take my workers out to eat. It’s always nice to get to know them away from the office. Find out who they really are.” She leaned forward slightly. “You’ve got a sharp mind and a gift for computers. Your father is absolutely correct in his assessment of your skills but there is more to working at Tepestech than just being a skilled programmer. We’re kind of like a family. I need to know that you’d be the kind of person who could be part of my family.” The way she rolled her tongue on the last word was distracting. Distracting enough that Brandon didn’t catch most of the next sentence. “-do you understand?”

Brandon had no idea what had been said but he knew from experience that it was never wrong to nod and agree with whatever had just been said. That would never fail you and it didn’t this time. She smiled back and her driver opened the door letting them both out and then drove away.

“Your usual?” The greeter asked and Julie told him it was. He smiled offering the slightest bow to her and Brandon. “Follow me.”

Brandon had only heard of Diablo’s it was a bit of a legend, the kind of place that everybody in Sunridge claimed they’d been at least once but nobody had ever actually been. “Wow, you eat here often?”

“Once a week, though usually it’s alone.” She answered allowing the greeter to help her into her seat before retreating back to his post. “I don’t always have the good fortune of company. Now sit, it’s on me so no need to worry about the price of anything. You were telling me earlier that your father thinks you have a gift, you gave me all the answers that I would expect a young man trying to make his father proud would give. Just between us what do you want?”

You. “I do enjoy working with computers, I’m not sure if it’s really something I want to do with my life if I’m being completely honest with you.” She was grinning again. That predatory grin that reminded him of the way a tiger looked right before it pounced. “I mean I haven’t really done anything, I had a summer job working for KFC last year but this is my first real job and it’s not even a paying job.” He swallowed. fatih escort “Generous bonuses of course aside Ms. Chang.”

“Of course. And call me Julie. We’re off the clock. There is a time for work and a time for pleasure.”

“Can I get you two drinks?” Brandon hadn’t noticed the waiter until he spoke.

“Yes. Two glasses of merlot.” Ms. Chang replied.

“But I’m-“

“With me it’s fine.” The waiter only paused for half a second before disappearing.

Brandon held his breath for a moment then decided to test the situation. “My parents don’t let me drink.”

“I don’t see your father here do you?” There was that smile again this time conspiratorial instead of predatory. “When you come to work with me we’re going to go out for drinks after big projects. It’s part of how we all bond. So order anything you want.”

Brandon paused for a moment mulling the idea over in his head then nodded. “Sure why not.” It wasn’t like he didn’t drink, he just made sure he kept it on the low down. His father probably knew anyway. “Can I get a beer after?”

“I already said get what you want Brandon. It’s on me tonight. I don’t like answering questions twice.” For a single moment her gaze hardened and he was able to see the rock hard bitch his father occasionally commented on but then her eyes shifted again and she was back after that thing. “Let me tell you what I think. I think you should keep your options open. You’re clearly a bright young man with an incredible future in front of him. I can give you a job, good pay and just like your father you’d get to make your own hours. I’m much more interested in the job getting done I am in what hours you’re in the office. Which means you can still go to school. Don’t answer right now, enjoy the meal, think about it and we’ll talk about it again later.”

Ms. Chang, Julie, kept dropping hints the rest of evening. Subtle little thing that Brandon mostly didn’t notice like the way she always reached for the bottle of wine a split second after him so she could brush her fingers against his. Or leaning forward till she nearly spilled over the top of her dress. He was completely oblivious, well actually thought it was quite funny, that she kept spilling her drink instead of actually drinking it.

Brandon wasn’t drunk when Julie escorted him back to the limo. He was what he would describe as pleasantly buzzed but eyüp escort completely in control. It didn’t strike him as odd at all when she sat down next to him instead of across from him and he was the one drawn in by the scent of Jasmine who kissed her shoulder. She could have stopped him, she could have said no when his hands started moving to her dress peeling it down over her voluptuous body but she didn’t. She only loosened his tie and gave him whispers of encouragement.

“I don’t normally do this with my workers.” Julie whispered. Brandon ignored her tugging her dress down far enough for him to cup her breasts and kiss her supple flesh. She was busy slipping him out of his coat and loosening his tie. “But I like it.” She growled pulling him up into a fierce kiss.

Brandon had her out of her dress in a moment and just to make a point he tossed it up to the driver between kisses. She was braless, a detail he’d notice earlier. He did however have the pleasure of removing her black lace panties with his teeth then kissing up her calf, along her inner thigh and finally kissing her slit.

“Right there.” Julie whispered crossing her ankles behind Brandon’s neck and pulling him toward her. The young man was happy to oblige slipping his hands beneath her firm buttocks and lifting her towards his eager tongue flicking over and inside her. Just like Kim, Julie started clawing at his back when she was getting close and her entire body went tight as a drum when she came and then completely limp.

“My turn.” Julie purred slipping to the floor of the limo. Unlike Kim, Julie was eager to return to favor. She hungrily devoured Brandon’s cock easily sliding it down her throat. Brandon watched in complete awe as she pressed her nose to his hip and then slowly eased off before plunging down again, and again, and again. Also unlike Kim, Julie swallowed with a smile. He would never kiss Kim after she’d finished sucking him off but Julie simply seized him and kissed him without giving him time to react. He could taste himself on the kiss, salty but not all together unpleasant. “Delicious.” She whispered backing off the kiss.

“This is your stop Brandon.” Julie purred looking out the window. Brandon followed her gaze out the window to his house and sank a little. Julie tucked her panties into his coat pocket and shoved him out the door. “Monday morning if you’re not to busy I might need you to come by for some dictation. My secretary will be on vacation.”

Brandon stood there watching the limo pull away for several minutes. He didn’t even notice his fly was still down until a breeze gave him a chill.

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