Need Him So Much

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I am a 32 year old married guy from the UK. I have been happily married to Angela (29) for three years now. Despite this I would consider myself bisexual. Although I have never had sex with another guy I have had vivid gay fantasies for a long time. I enjoy writing them down and posting them and swapping sexy emails with other guys online. Angela knows nothing of these fantasies or my desire for them to come true. Angela goes to work before me each morning, I like nothing more than slipping on a pair of her sexy panties and letting my mind run wild. I particularly like the idea of dressing up in women’s underwear with another guy. I also love to have phone sex and swap pictures. My favourite fantasy at the moment though is to imagine meeting a gorgeous black stud and becoming his property, his slut. This story is based on this fantasy. If you like it please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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Angela and I had been going to the health club for about three months. We didn’t really use the gym but would go swimming three or four times a week. I enjoyed it as it gave me the opportunity to indulge my gay fantasies and watch a whole host of sexy guys getting changed or swimming in their tight, sexy swimming trunks. I loved to check out the bulge in the front of a pair of tight lycra shorts or swimming trunks, or to feast my eyes on a pair of tight, hard buns. I particularly enjoyed showering next to all of these fit guys and imagining soaping down their hot, tight bodies.

I had a lot of gay fantasies when I was younger. I’d always regretted not doing anything about it. However, when I started dating girls in my late teens I hadn’t given other guys much thought. However, since married Angela things had begun to change. First of all I’d found myself tempted by the endless supply of sexy lingerie I now had access to. Angela loved buying the skimpiest, tightest and most gorgeous lingerie she could. I loved making love to her of course when she was dressed up, but I just couldn’t resist trying it on and was soon wearing her stuff almost everyday. When I was young I used to wear my sister’s underwear. Clearly, my fetish hadn’t gone away. From this it was a short step to reuniting my gay fantasies. Soon I became desperate to experience sex with another guy for real. There was one guy in particular who I’d seen down the health club who I thought was gorgeous.

I’d noticed him one day in the pool as his long, dark, muscular body cut past me in the water. He was tall, over six feet, with broad shoulders and the perfect physique, perfectly formed muscles, a slim waist and powerful rounded thighs. His ass was tight and firm and looked amazing in his little red swimming trunks. His body was ebony black and his eyes dark. He had a shaved head and a small silver stud in his ear. I was transfixed as I watched him slide out of the pool and walk, water dripping muğla escort from his perfect body back to the changing rooms.

I’d never experienced anything like it before. I was stunned. I’d never felt such a bolt of pure emotion on seeing another person before, not a girl and certainly not another guy. I’d had lots of fantasies about black guys when I was younger and the site of this perfect specimen had knocked me out. As I watched him walk away from me, his perfect ass disappearing into the changing rooms I just knew I wanted him more than anything else in the world.

Next morning after Angela went to work I lay on the bed naked. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking of him since the previous night. I wondered if Angela had noticed how distracted I felt. I couldn’t concentrate on that though. All I could think about was this beautiful black guy I had instantly fallen in love with. I lay there, my hand gently caressing my hard, aching cock and balls. I imagined how I wanted to make love to him. To kiss him all over his perfect body, to tell him how much I wanted him, to tell him how much I loved him. I imagined our lips meetings, our tongues seeking each other out. I could feel his cock in my mouth and between my fingers as my fantasy spiralled out of all control. I wanted to shut everything out except the two of us together.

I was moaning loudly as my cum shot out my cock as a shuddering orgasm hit me. I came some much all over my chest. I moaned and writhed around on our bed crying out in ecstasy, wishing it was all real. I ran my fingers through the pools of cum all over my chest, bringing it to my lips and hungrily licking it off my fingers. I felt the hot sweet taste of my own juice and wished it was his.

I tried to live as normal a life as possible over the next few days but it was so hard. Every time we went to the health club all I wanted was to see him. Angela is very sexually demanding and although I made love to her often I couldn’t get my mind off this guy. Almost every time we made love I closed my eyes and imagined it was him who was sucking my cock or his ass I was penetrating. Every time I saw him down the club it only made things worse. My fantasises grew and grew. When I saw him I would drink in his body and look for that bulge in the front of his tight shorts. I could tell he was big, maybe eight inches. My mind just went on inventing more and more hot, sexy fantasies.

I don’t know if he noticed me during this time. I tried to hide my desire as best I could but I thought a few times he saw me looking at him. He certainly never made a move for me or acknowledged me. I became resigned to the fact that he wasn’t gay or wasn’t interested in me. This didn’t stop me thinking of him though. The fact that he might not be interested just made me more desperate. I just wanted him more.

One day after about three weeks of this torture I walked into the changing rooms only to see him disappearing out of the far doors into the pool. I felt the usual jolt of emotion on seeing him and disappointment that I wasn’t going to see him naked. Then I realised that the changing room was empty. I was the only occupant. I noticed a pile of clothes on a bench. They must be his I thought. I couldn’t help myself. I went across and nervously felt the pockets and instantly felt a wallet in one of them. I lifted it out and opened it. Inside was some id with his gorgeous picture on. His name was Bryden and below it had an email address for him at work. I jotted them down and quickly put the wallet back. I didn’t really know what I was doing, I just knew that I wanted to make contact with him somehow.

I quickly got changed and went in the pool. I spent the whole time I was in the pool watching him swim up and down, longing as his body cut through the water with such powerful strokes. I didn’t notice anyone else in the pool, not Angela, not any of the other young women that I would normally find so irresistible.

He got out after twenty minutes. Angela and I normally stopped for far longer than that. I knew it looked suspicious but I called to Angela that I was tired and wanted to get out. I went to the changing room and got my shower gel and headed straight for the showers. The showers were open and in a row. There he was, naked and stunning, washing his dream like body down. I was transfixed as I stood next to him. I estimated he was about 25. His cock was long and thick. The rest of him I knew well from watching him so closely for so many weeks. I tried not to stare but I knew he noticed me and my arousal. I was only feet away from him and wanted him so badly. I wanted to touch him but couldn’t. I turned away and carried on washing myself down. My cock was hard and I was trembling with desire and fear.

I heard him finish and leave the showers. I was there on my own. As soon as he left I took my cock in my soapy hand and started to stroke. I came quickly, thick wads of cum shooting out over the shower wall. I held my breath in case he heard. I stayed in the shower until I heard him go. I knew I couldn’t risk seeing him again. I had no idea what his reaction was going to be. I knew by now thought that he must have some idea how I felt about him.

Next day I was working at home and as soon as Angela had gone to work I found the email address I had written down. I had a hotmail address I used when I was talking to guys online. I longed on. I typed his email address into a new email and then just typed in the subject line “I want you so much” and sent it. I couldn’t concentrate at all that day. I kept checking my email every few minutes, disappointed when my inbox was empty. Then after about two hours I had a message. I went into my inbox and there was a message. It was from another hotmail account but the name id was Bryden. I opened it, my hands shaking with anticipation, but also fear at what he might say. My eyes fixed on the text in the box “So are you the slut with the pretty wife who can’t keep his eyes off me? Does your wife know you chase black cock when she’s not looking?”

I instantly typed a reply. “My wife might be pretty but I haven’t been able to concentrate on her since I saw you”. I sent it and waited. I was so turned on by now I started to undress. Ten minutes later a reply came back.

“So where’s your wife now slut?”.

I typed my reply. “She’s at work. I’m all alone here. I’m naked and hard and thinking of your beautiful black body and what I could do for you.”

A few minutes later he replied. “I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination slut. What could you do for me?”.

I spent nearly an hour typing out my reply. Telling him all about my fantasies about him, pouring everything out to him. I didn’t care about anything just telling him how much I wanted him.

We started to write everyday. I would write every morning before going to work and tell him my latest fantasies about him. I would tell him about how I wanted them to come true and about how much I was in love with him. He would write back with demands that I was happy to fulfil. He asked for pictures of me naked and then pictures of me dressed up in Angela’s underwear. I did everything he wanted. Each morning I would dress up in Angela’s sexiest lingerie and photograph myself for him. I started buying her more and more stunning lingerie. She loved it and we started to have amazing sex again. Little did she realise that it was all so I could dress up for Bryden. Neither did she realise that every time we made love it was Bryden I was thinking of. Bryden and I swapped mobile phone numbers, we would text each other and I would even phone him when I was alone so he could listen to me as I masturbated thinking about him.

During this time we didn’t se each other down the health club. He had stopped coming and had joined another. I kept telling him how much I wanted to see him but he just kept sending the same reply, “Not yet”.

About three weeks later Angela was due to go away for the weekend with a friend. I kept emailing Bryden to tell him about it and asking if we could meet up but he would just avoid the subject. I began to think we would never meet up like this. One the day that Angela left I was on the computer as usual writing Bryden a long email when I heard a knock on the front door. I went downstairs and opened it without thinking. Standing there in front of me was Bryden. He was wearing a short pair of tight lycra shorts and a tee shirt. He had a grin on his face.

“I was just going for a run around the neighbourhood when I saw your pretty wife drive away with her friend. We can’t have you all alone this weekend with me feeling so horny can we”.

He stepped in as I closed the door behind him…

To be continued.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32