Naruto: Slave for You Ch. 6

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Bruce Venture

Naruto was glad to be back in the village and that his first A-ranked mission had been a success. In more ways than one. After Haku had become his slave she filled her aster in on how many people Gato had working for him and what kind of weapons that he used. After that it was a simple matter of waiting for him to show up. Boy were they surprised to see Haku fighting on their side!

After that was over Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura headed back to the village saying that their work was done. Kurenai, Hinata, Haku, and Naruto decided to stay for a while and help work on finishing the bridge. Part of the reason why was because they felt that they had to finish the job till the end. Also, nobody on Kurenai’s team wanted to go with Kakashi’s team. There was still a lot of tension between Naruto and Sasuke after what he had tried to do.

The extra time in Nami allowed Naruto to continue his training. Because Haku had water and wind elements, she was better able to help not only her master, but her slave sister as well. Quickly their skills soared under Haku’s training. In fact, there was one training session between master and slave that was very special.

It was just Naruto and Haku in the middle of the woods. Naruto had been practicing using his nature chakra to cut logs for a fire. Haku had been the one to suggest this since it would be an important step in his training.

“Your skills have really improved Naruto-sama,” said Haku as Naruto’s wind cit another log in half. Naruto looked up at her and grinned.

“Well it’s all thanks to your training Haku-sensei,” said Naruto as he teased her a bit. He then stood up and faced her with a smirk, “So maybe I should show my appreciation.”

Before Haku could say anything Naruto had closed in on her and had lock their lips in a kiss. Moments later their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. Haku moaned as she wrapped her blond master in an embrace. She could feel how hard he was and she knew how wet she was. One of her master’s orders was that she not wear any panties while they were training out here. This was because that he didn’t want to have to buy them more because they tended to get damaged or lost during their training. Haku then broke then kiss with a gasp as Naruto inserted two fingers in her pussy.

Naruto smirked at her reaction. So far all they had done was kiss and she was already this wet! He moved one arm around her to keep her close and standing while the other hand began to move faster. After a few minutes of this Haku came. She sank to her knees and Naruto allowed it.

“Your turn master,” Said Haku as she went right for Kızılay Escort his zipper. Using her teeth she unzipped it and then in a single motion pulled down his pants and boxers. As soon as his hardened cock was in front of her face, she grabbed it with both hands and began to slowly lick the tip as she savored his taste. She then let one hand go to hold it up and lowered her face so that she was looking right at his balls. Haku then took one of his balls into her mouth. Slowly she sucked on it before she let it go in order to lick the shaft. She did this for a couple minutes before she stopped and then took the whole thing in her mount.

“Haku-chan,” grunted Naruto. “Your mouth is so warm! It feels so good!” Hearing that caused Haku to bob her head faster. She sucked on it as she tried to get to the treat the she so desired. “Haku-chan! I’m cuming!” Soon Haku’s mouth was full of Naruto’s seed which she drank with great vigor.

Then, Naruto grabbed her by her sides and brought her up. Haku was breathing hard and didn’t put up a fight. Naruto then pushed her against a tree and then lifted one of her legs. Slowly he positioned his cock at the entrance to her pleasure hole and then stopped.

“Why are you stopping Naruto-sama?” she asked.

“You know why,” answered her master. “Beg for it!”

“Naruto-sama, please shove your big hard cock in my wet little pussy,” begged Haku. “It’s so wet and it needs your manhood to fill it. Shove it in me and fuck me like the little slut I am! Just please fuck me!”

“As you wish,” said Naruto. And with a single motion Naruto shoved his entire cock into Haku’s pussy. Haku gasped and came right then and there. But Naruto wasn’t done. He began to thrust back and forth into her dripping wet hole as Haku hung onto him for dear life. She was moaning with each thrust as her back scrapped against the tree behind her. But she didn’t care. She was feeling too good to care about things like that. All she wanted to do was ride these waves of pleasure.

“Ohmykamiohmykamiohmykami,” said Haku.

“Haku-chan, I’m going to cum soon,” grunted Naruto.

“Cum inside me,” begged Haku. “Cum inside your slave Naruto-sama. Fill me with your seed! I want to feel that warmth inside of me! Just please HURRY!” And with that, Haku got her wish as Naruto shot his load inside Haku causing her to cum once again.

A few days later, Naruto awoke in the room Tsunami had provided for him to find that he was alone. He was a little disappointed because he had grown used to being awoken by one of Hinata’s blow jobs. Seeing no reason Kolej Escort to stay in his room, Naruto got up and went downstairs to get something to eat. However, when he got to the kitchen he found Hinata cooking over the stove…dressed only in an apron! The white cloth covered her front, but left her back completely exposed. Not only that, from where he was standing, Naruto could see her hardened nipples.

Slowly, using all the stealth he had, Naruto moved his body until he was right behind his pale eyed beauty. Once he was there, he knelt down and spread her ass checks. Hinata gasped and turned her head around.

“Naruto-sama,” she gasped. “I-I’m not down with breakfast. I w-was going to wake y-you when I w-was done.”

“Well right now I’m a little thirsty,” said Naruto. Before Hinata could say anything, Naruto moved under her legs and began to lick her pussy. “Mmmm, who needs orange juice when your juices taste so sweet.”

“Naruto-sama p-please,” begged Hinata as she used her hands to support her. “What if someone comes h-home?” Naruto didn’t answer but did increase the speed of his tongue. Soon Hinata was panting and standing became harder and harder to do.

Naruto kept on licking Hinata’s pussy and lapping up her juices. With his tongue he played with her clit as well which nearly made slave cum right on the spot. He slowed down his pace a bit and moved back to her slit. His speed was perfect, keeping her on the edge without having that orgasm that she wanted so badly. When Naruto finally managed to pull away, Hinata moaned in disappointment. However, she soon let out a gasp of pleasure as Naruto shoved his entire cock into her pussy in one thrust causing Hinata to cum.

“What’s this?” asked Naruto. “I just put it in and you came. What a naughty little girl!” Naruto then raised a hand and then slapped her ass. “I think we need to try again.” With that, Naruto began to thrust into Hinata’s pussy.

Hinata was tired from her last orgasm, but she didn’t care. The pleasure from her master’s cock was too great. She could feel his member with each powerful thrust, as if he was trying to break her in half. She was also able to feel her master’s hands move. One of them went under her apron and began to pinch her nipple. The over went lower and played with her clit. After a few minutes of pinching her clit, Naruto brought his hand up to her mount and Hinata began to suck on his fingers.

It didn’t take much longer for Naruto to shot his load into Hinata’s pussy, making her cum for the second time that morning. It wasn’t even 8 yet, and already Maltepe Escort she had two orgasms. She moaned a bit as Naruto slowly removed his still hard cock from her pussy. She figured that me might want to have her suck it until he came. However, Naruto had something else in mind as he pressed it against her asshole.

“W-Wait Naruto-sama,” said Hinata in a bit of a panic. “That’s t-the wrong hole!”
“But Hinata-chan, sensei said that we should try using this hole to,” said Naruto. Hinata gave him a light nod as she remembered that lesson. Kurenai had been showing them about all the other ways to pleasure your partner or break a new girl. One of these ways had been the asshole. Hinata had been very nervous about it fearing that it might hurt. But she did consent to having her master tease it with a vibrator.

“P-Please be gentle,” asked Hinata as she grabbed her own ass and spread her cheeks. Naruto grinned and began to slowly press his cock into her waiting asshole. Hinata began to cry a little from the pain, but she was determined to bear it. Naruto was gritting his teeth, it was so tight and warm in her ass that it was taking everything he had not to cum right away.

Suddenly the front door opened and Inari entered the house. He walked into the kitchen to seeing a burnt breakfast on the stove, but no one was there. Little did he know that as soon as Naruto and Hinata heard him come in, which wasn’t all that hard seeing that he wasn’t stealthy at all, they quickly moved into the closet. So quickly, in fact, that they were still connected.

Hinata listened as best she could and activated her Byakugan. Inari was sitting down to breakfast and eating the meal she had planned for her master! If Naruto knew or cared, he didn’t show it. He seemed to be more focused at continuing where they had left off. Hinata began to panic a bit as her master began to trust into her slowly. At first it hurt like hell, but with each trust the pain was replaced with pleasure.

After a while, Naruto began to pick up the pace. He was so turned on right now. Perhaps it was because they were having anal sex. Or maybe it was because they could get caught at any moment. Or maybe it was both. He didn’t care. All he wanted to do was to continue to fuck Hinata.

As Inari finished the meal, he heard a loud noise which caused him to jump a bit. Right now his mom was out shopping and his grandfather was working on the bridge with the shinobi. Well, as far as he knew. There was another loud noise followed by a moaning sound.

“Ghosts!” whispered Inari as he bolted out of the house.

“Hinata!” moaned Naruto. “I’m going to cum!”

“Me to Naruto-sama!” moaned Hinata.

“I love you!” gasped Naruto as he shot his load into Hinata’s ass. Hinata came as well and her tight ass tightened some more. This was too much for the both of them and they both feel to the floor panting.

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