My Very First Time!

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This is my first story so please go easy on me!

It was a Friday night and I needed something to do. I made a few phone calls to see where I could go and what I could get in to. I decided to text this one guy I knew would come get me and show me a good time! I text him and asked him what was up?

“Just getting out of practice” was his reply.

“What are you about to get into?” I asked

“I don’t know yet. What about you” He said

“Anything to get me out of this house!” was my response!

“Well where are you trying to go” he asked.

“Wherever the wind takes me!” I told him.

“How about my bed?”

“Let’s go” I said

Perfect! My plan was about to spring into action! He showed up to my house about 30 minutes later. In my mind I didn’t want to do anything but tease this boy but I knew it might go further.

When we pulled up in front of his house, butterflies filled my stomach! Was this really about to happen?

We went to his room and turned on a movie. At this point nothing was going on and that was the way I planned it! Before I knew it, we began kissing! My mouth was saying I’m not ready but my pussy was saying take me now!

Due to previous “accidents” my shoulders and neck were killing me! So I asked him for a massage. He told me if I wanted a massage Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort I had to give him one first! No problem! I loved giving people massages because it was my specialty!

Well needless to say, he fell asleep on me within 5 minutes! About 20 minutes after I began his massage, he woke up. We began kissing and he started playing with my vagina! I wanted to stop him but something in me couldn’t!

Before I knew it, both of our pants were off! I didn’t tell him I was a virgin but he would soon find out! I started out on top and as soon as he slid his penis in me, I wanted to cry! I lifted up and tried again! Same pain.

So I decided to try to switch things up! I told him that I wanted to get on the bottom but he hated being on top. If I was on top we wouldn’t be doing anything! It hurt me so much but I wanted to keep going!

I finally convinced him to out me on the bottom and he get on top. He began to finger me and it felt so good! I’ve master bated before in the past but the feeling I was getting was nothing compared to the feeling I gave myself.

Before I knew it, he slid it in. The feeling that I got in that instance was unlike any other feeling I ever had! He wasn’t that big but baby he could hold his own! I couldn’t help but let out moans of pleasure!

“Oh yes!” was the first moan that escaped my mouth! After it came out I felt so embarrassed! But I couldn’t help it! The first moan was followed by a lot more! This dude had me saying things I never thought would come out of my mouth!

He took his hard dick out and began to finger me again! I could feel myself reaching the point of body convulsions! I wanted him to stop and put his dick back inside my leaking pussy! The second time he put his cock in sent me over the edge!

He controlled me at this point and whatever he wanted I was here to give it to him! In the back of my mind I knew what I was doing was wrong but it felt so damn good! We came almost simultaneously! I felt him shoot his load inside of me and it felt so good! Before I knew it I came as well!

After our sex session, we both took a hot shower together. He lathered up the towel and began to wash me up. As he ran his hands against my body I recalled what we had just did. I then stood on my toes to kiss him. it was a long passionate kiss and I didn’t want it to end. I then took the towel and began washing his back. He fingers led to my wet pussy and began fingering it. This time however, his fingers went deeper than before.

My pussy was now wet from soap, water, and my juices. Then my hand found his semi-hard dick. His smooth cock felt so good in my hand. I began jerking him off until I thought he was about to cum. Before he did I got on my knees and sucked him off. I couldn’t believe what I was doing because I never sucked dick in my life!

Feeling his hard dick in my mouth was amazing! I remembered what I use to see on the porns I use to watch. I tried my best not to let my teeth scratch him! I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth so I stood up. By this time all the pain had left. It wasn’t pain anymore but now it was pure pleasure! I stuck his hard cock in my wet and ready pussy.

He seemed so in to it and that made me go crazy! I began to push up against him so he could slide in deeper. He must have got the hint because he began pumping harder. Every time he pushed up, I pushed back. It felt so good to have his hard cock inside of me! I could feel his cock getting harder inside of me and I knew his second load was coming!

I felt his hot load inside of me and it felt so good! We went back to washing each other up and we got out and dried off. This boy made me feel so good and I loved the way he was catering to me! He dried me off and kissed every part of my body. He then began to lotion my back and stomach. We took turns lotioning each other up and kissing each other.

By the end of the night he left me feeling very satisfied! Maybe it’s time to make this boy my main!

Part 2 will be up shortly I’m sure! As long as he keeps doing what he does!

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