My Sexy Husband Ch. 02

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Note: Please refer to for part 1.

Several weeks had gone by since that one revealing episode in the gym. Many sleepless nights had been spent trying to wrap my head around what I had seen. The shock of seeing my husband intimate with another man still had not worn off. Every night I would lie in bed, slowly bringing myself to climax to the memory of Kevin and Mike naked together. I definitely felt hurt, but I couldn’t ignore just how thrilled and naughty the whole scene made me feel.

Kevin and I had just finished showering together after a quick fuck before work the morning the second ordeal started. Brushing my teeth at the sink, I glanced in the mirror at my husband as he dried off. Time had been very good to us both but Kevin seemed to gain ruggedness and sexiness with each passing day. I admired his beefy smooth upper body as he stood naked drying his hair. I could see very plainly how another man could be attracted to him. Not really noticing me, Kevin bent over with his back to me to dry his legs and feet. My eyes locked on his tanned muscular ass, the ass that I had been married too for almost ten years, the ass that just a few weeks ago had been fucked by a big fat cock. Almost as if he sensed me watching, Kevin reached back with both hands and spread his ass cheeks, giving me a split second tease of his tight pink hole. I nearly gagged on my tooth brush! He stood up quickly, acting as if nothing was unusual and then wrapped the towel around his waist.

“I’m off to the gym babe, be back in a bit” he called over his shoulder as he dressed.

I rinsed my mouth, threw on a robe and chased after him into the bedroom.

“Babe, it’s still early, the gym doesn’t even open up for a few more hours”.

He dressed as he talked, covering his heavenly body with briefs and a tank top,

“Ya I know, I’m meeting Mike for a quick workout before we open up for the day”.

My nipples instantly hardened,

“Oh” I stammered,

“well why don’t I join you guys? I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday”.

“Nah don’t worry about it babe, were just going to work out quick, open up the place and then I’ll come home for lunch”.

I knew I was being lied to, but because I knew WHY I was being lied to I was too excited to care.

“Ok sweetie, I’ll see you for lunch” I grinned, knowing damn well that I would see him before then…..

I threw on a very short skirt that almost showed my bum and a ridiculously small tank top that barely concealed my augmented boobs. I knew I edirne escort looked beyond revealing but with my tight and toned physique I could pull it off easily, also the thought of Mike and Kevin together had me too horny to care how I looked!

I was on my way out of the bedroom when a sudden idea stopped me in my tracks. I went to the end table by the bed and opened the drawer. After rummaging through some thongs and bras I found what I was looking for. My favourite dildo was about 9 inches long and super thick, it had big veins running all the way from the base to the giant silicone mushroom head and was a realistic fleshy colour. I threw the fake cock in my purse and took off for the gym.

The walk to our gym only took ten minutes or so. I was so nervous and excited that I felt I was literally floating there! I strolled into the parking lot and nearly tripped over my own feet when I saw Kevin and Mike’s cars side by side in the empty lot. I knew what to expect, but the realization that my husband was indeed deceiving me did in fact hurt. I was too lusty to dwell on the deception for too long however. I slinked up to the still locked door and as I slid inside with my master key I promised myself that I would confront my husband about things soon.

Just like last time, all the lights were turned off and all the blinds over the windows were shut tight. I started upstairs, sneaking as quietly as I could into the women’s only area. Everything was quiet and kind of dark but I could immediately hear voices in the distance. The women’s only area has a small balcony that hangs over the lower co-ed weight floor, I followed the voices onto the balcony and slowly peeked over the edge.

Like I’ve said already, I knew what was coming but that didn’t stop my jaw from hitting the floor.

My husband was lying naked on the bench press rack with his head back and his hands tweaking his nipples. Mike was down on the floor with Kevin’s hard cock in his mouth. He was moaning loudly as he slurped my husband’s dick like a little slut.

My hands immediately began groping my body. I didn’t bother wearing any underwear which made it all the easier to slowly rub my bald pussy. I crouched down low and craned my neck up to make sure I could still see the boys.

“Ohhhhhh fuck ya suck that cock baby” moaned my strong manly husband as his best friend worked his shaft. I know Kevin enjoyed my blowjobs a lot but he seemed to be enjoying Mike’s even more so. I rubbed myself faster and felt my pussy drip onto my fingers.


A loud strong noise rang out as Mike spanked my husband’s tight ass. Kevin groaned as he hooked both arms under his knees and rocked back. Mike didn’t miss a beat, he dipped lower and starting rimming my hubby’s ass.

I suddenly remembered my fake fleshy friend and quickly snatched it out of my purse. One of my favourite things to do when I masturbate is to suck on a dildo. Something about blowing a big fake cock while touching myself really gets me off. I hungrily brought the big dildo to my mouth and resumed watching the boys.

Mike had slipped a finger into Kevin’s tight ass and was slowly finger fucking him. My husband squirmed but I could tell by the look on his face that he loved it. He looked so sexy lying there naked, exposed and totally lost in the pleasure another man was giving him. I quietly slinked out of my skirt and top and began rubbing my pussy with my dildo.

Mike had worked two fingers into my hubby’s ass now and by the sounds of Kevin’s moans I thought he would cum any second. Mike gently pulled his fingers out and stood up.

“You ready big guy?” he asked.

My husband didn’t speak, he only purred as he flipped over onto his stomach and rocked his tanned ass back and forth.

Standing tall, Mike slowly stripped off his gym clothes to reveal his gorgeous, tanned, muscular physique. Mikes body was perfect in almost every way. His broad strong chest was smooth and rippling, his stomach was flat with clearly defined abs and his arms were huge and powerful looking. My husband is a very fit and muscular person but I would have to say that Mike is even more so. He slipped off his briefs and out sprang his rock hard 9 inch cock. Even from up where I was hiding I could see his bulbous cock head all shiny with pre-cum. He spit on his dick and began rubbing himself up and down my hubby’s ass crack.

I did my best to stifle a little moan as I flicked my clit with the dildo. I watched intently and just as Mike pushed his dick into my husband’s ass, I pushed the dildo into my pussy.

Kevin and I both groaned softly, although neither of us heard the other over the sounds of lust in the room. I rubbed my big boobs gently as I began to fuck myself, all the while trying to match the rhythm of the boys beneath me.

“Fuck you ass feels good buddy” Mike grunted, Kevin only moaned and reached back to further spread his ass cheeks with his hands.

I found myself fixated on my hubby’s ass as his friend’s big dick slowly went in and out. Kevin and I enjoyed anal sex often in our personal life but until a few weeks ago I never knew he enjoyed receiving as well as giving.

“Fuck me good Mike, oh God yes fuck me” my hubby moaned as he rocked back hard against Mike’s hips.

His fuck buddy took the hint and quickened his pace, his big smooth balls smacking against Kevin’s ass with each thrust. I followed the boys and fucked my pussy quicker as well, feeling my orgasm grow and grow.

Mike looked like a man possessed as he fucked himself into a frenzy. I noticed Kevin’s cock looking very very delicious poking out from underneath his body. His big 8 incher was pointing straight down, pinned against the end of the weight bench at its base. Each time Mike thrusted, Kevin’s meaty dick would bounce and swing and smack into the weight bench’s steel leg. I found myself licking my lips hungrily, wishing I could run down and take my husband’s meat in my own hands.

Could I??

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Mike slapped Kevin’s ass hard three times. Both strong muscular men began to nearly howl as Mike sped up and began to give my hubby’s ass the fucking of a lifetime. Each thrust he would pull his length almost all the way out before ramming himself back in. I quickened my pace with my dildo as well and stared lovingly at my husband as we both got fucked.

“Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!” Kevin started panting and moaning like a whore.

I switched my gaze just in time to see his untouched cock spurt a thick stream of cum onto the floor. I nearly came myself as I watched his swollen cock dance and twitch with each spurt.

“Ohhh fuck yeah!” Mike grunted in approval as he noticed Kevin’s Climax.

“You ready to get creamed big guy? Tell me where you want it!”

“On my face” my sexy hubby whimpered.

“Where!!” Mike barked.

“Oh my face, on my face, cum on my fucking face” my hubby begged.

After a few final thrusts Mike pulled out and brought his throbbing cock to Kevin’s face. I felt myself slipping past the point of no return. I came hard and struggled to keep my eyes open. I climaxed again and again as I watched rope after rope of thick cum drench my husband’s face, neck and chest. I felt like I was going to pass out but slowly my pleasure began to subside.

The boys chuckled and talked quietly as they savoured their afterglows. My hubby was still lying on his stomach with cum on his face when the camera’s flash went off.

They both turned up to the woman’s only balcony and froze. My husband’s eyes bulged and Mike’s jaw dropped. There I stood, totally nude, dildo in one hand and a digital camera in the other.

“Well well well” I purred, “don’t fucking move boys, we need to have a little chat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32