My Perfect Other Half Ch. 11

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Chapter 11: Abducted

“Oh, I made a mistake, Maria. I made a terrible mistake.” Destiny said through teary eyes.

The two mistresses sat across from one another in a booth at one of their favorite restaurants. Indirect sunlight streamed in through an adjacent window. They talked during the noon lunch rush. Although the restaurant was abuzz with conversation and wait-staff took orders and kept their clientele content, the bustle enabled Destiny and Maria to converse in relative privacy.

Maria listened with fingers interlaced. Her glass of wine sat untouched. She could see her good friend was unnerved at what she had permitted to take place in her home.

“How does Tyler feel about all of this?”

“I’m not sure he’s feeling much of anything. As I said, he didn’t know the parameters I gave the girls before turning them loose. Thankfully, he wasn’t able to watch either of them screwing him. From what he told me, one was always planted on his face while the other used his cock.”

“I’m sorry you feel this way, my friend. I have mixed feelings about it all.”

“You do?” Destiny was surprised at her remark.

“Yes, I am. What you did was admirable. I have always thought I should be more open with what Richard and I share. I can’t tell you how many times I felt guilty for not letting other women into the intimate details of our marriage. Your friend, Bree, is to be commended, and so are you. I admire you for opening the door of a non-traditional relationship to these two young girls. You have no idea what impact your actions might have on their future choices when it comes to men. It’s unfortunate, however, that they took advantage of the situation.”

“It sickens me, Maria. I should have never left them alone. What was I thinking?”

“Destiny. Do not do this to yourself. Second-guessing will do you no good at this point.”

“I hear you but I love Tyler. What does he think of me? Does he think I see him as a slut? Does he question my love knowing I let them do what they did? My God, Maria, they did the unthinkable!”

“Think what you must,” Maria answered. She hated when others didn’t heed her direction. “Haven’t you told Tyler you love him a thousand times over? Haven’t you lain beside him and stroked his soldier in that way that lets a man know he’s admired? Have you not looked at him with eyes love and adoration? Have you not let him know in a hundred different ways he means more to you than anyone?”

Destiny began to sob softly. “Yes, Maria. I’ve done that and more but I also allowed them to do what I rarely do. I hardly ever allow him to penetrate me. I allowed them to do what I have purposely not done for months now – not without anesthetizing him first. He hadn’t earned that and yet he felt their pussy’s – not mine!”

“And now you are angry at two teenagers.”

“You’re damn right I am! I want to confront them. Don’t you think I should? They disobeyed a direct order. I mean, it’s like God telling Adam and Eve they can do whatever they want, except eat the fruit from two trees. That’s essentially what I told them. I gave them free rein to enjoy my slave. I wanted them to experience the feeling of true sexual freedom. I wanted them to feel what you and I do. They were free to do anything they want except for one act, and they chose to do that. Damn them!”

Maria reached across and took her hand. “If this was me, I wouldn’t say anything. They may laugh thinking they got away with something but if you’re sincere about having them experience real freedom with a slave’s body, I wouldn’t spoil that. Learn from your mistake, Destiny. Learn and grow. Yelling at them won’t change anything, and you risk tarnishing all you did for them.”

It took some time before Maria successfully diffused the situation. It wasn’t that she had changed Destiny’s opinion, or truly eased her guilt.

Destiny agreed to reconsider venting her anger on the girls. Admitting what she allowed had most likely been an eye-opening experience, she saw the value of it. Maria explored other possible ways to address the girls abuse. Involving Bree seemed to resonate with Destiny most.

“I do have some good news.” The waiter had just cleared their table and left the bill.

“And what good news do you have?” Maria answered.

“Have a look.” She handed over her cell. “Use your earbuds. It’s noisy in here and the audio isn’t the best.”

She watched Maria’s expressions change as the video continued. Her reactions, always so expressive, brought a smile to her face. She was such a fun person and had become a great friend – a confidant even. Destiny could confide in her in ways she couldn’t, even with her best friends. They shared a special secret, and only Maria truly identified and could provide objective input.

“This is excellent! I hope you rewarded him for championing his slave lifestyle.”

“I was proud of him. I told him so. I never thought to reward him.”

“It’s too late now, but think about that when he next goes above and beyond. Not only will it make him feel proud, Kurtköy Escort but it will also benefit you.”


” Yes! I never pass up an opportunity to reinforce Richard’s submission – especially when he does things like this.” Maria handed the phone back to her friend.

Destiny smiled. “See, I learn even when I don’t come asking for help. You are such a wise woman, Maria.”

“Oh Destiny, stop! Stop beating yourself up. Everyone is different. My Richard needs reassurance. Your Tyler, maybe not so much, eh?”

“My Tyler can be such a needy little boy sometimes,” she replied with a chuckle.

“Well then, show him a little love when the opportunity arises. But let’s talk about this Vinny-boy. Tell me more!”

Destiny provided her with the details. Maria listened with approving smiles and gestures.

“And you have spoken to your friend, Jessica?”

“Almost every day. They got away for the weekend so they could talk.”

“Good, good,” Maria added.

“Yeah, I think their time allowed them both to come to an understanding.”

“What kind of an understanding?”

“From what Jess told me, it had more to do with her coming to grips with his hidden life – the blog he secretly read, his feelings about control. All of that pretty much blindsided her.”

Maria grinned. “Sounds to me like she reacted pretty much the same way a beautiful woman I know reacted when first being exposed to a femdom life.”

“Mariaaaa,” Destiny whined, The smile in her eyes betrayed her reaction.

“How easily you forget. But your friend, I think them getting away was smart. And I would agree, your friend Jessica probably did much self-searching.”

Destiny nodded. “She told me all this made her feel somewhat inadequate – like she wasn’t all he needed.”

“Smart girl. She probably wasn’t. He as much as told her.”

“And that upset her. It would upset me too.” Destiny looked at her friend with narrowed eyes. “I didn’t tell you this before but I just learned Tyler had a secret life serving as a sex slave when he was still in college.”

Maria dropped her napkin. “Tell me.” Her voice remained calm but Destiny knew that look. She was screaming for her to tell more.

“I came across a letter from his mom. It was an invitation for him to come to a staff reunion at a high school in the city.”

“Tyler worked at a high school?”

“For one year during his senior year at college. He was a teacher’s aide.” Destiny shook her head. “He did a bit more than help struggling kids.” She went on to explain all she knew, of Bree, of the girls, and her recent findings with Bree.”

“It all makes sense now. This Bree has a little more history with you than just helping the two girls that came over yesterday. She’s been doing this for years! Good for her.”

“I guess you might say that. What I didn’t like was him keeping his past secret. I have a suspicion there is more to the story than even Tyler knows.”

Maria leaned back in her seat and smiled.


“You come telling me there is no dirt in your life – no news of importance, and yet you have so much.” She patted her tummy. “Your news fills me up. It satisfies my thirst. I now have much to think about.”

“Oh, Maria. When will you ever …..” Destiny looked at the time. “Oh, I need to get going. I have a flight to catch.”

“Bringing Tyler with you?”

“Of course, but this will be a quick trip. I should be home by this time tomorrow.”

“Give him a good spanking for me. I’d give Richard one for not telling me everything.”

Destiny stood. “I must go. Give me a hug.”

Two days later

Nya made the long drive back to San Jose. Parking her vehicle down the street from the Rent-a-Wreck dealer, she rented a car for one day only. After driving to an industrial park, she taped a replica of a Utah temporary license plate over the existing one. Stepping back a few feet, she smiled with approval. No one would even think twice. Temp tags were made of heavy stock paper, and this one looked the part.

“Perfect!” she said aloud.

It was another 30 minutes before she pulled to a stop and waited. Luckily there were a few cars parked along the road. What she suddenly realized was how out of place her old Mazda looked in this neighborhood. “Oh well. Can’t change that now.”

It wasn’t until 11 when the garage door at 63 Cheshire opened. A black BMW pulled out and drove off. It was his girlfriend. Nya didn’t know what to think. She had been sitting here, bored out of her mind, since 7:30 Having seen no sign of life coming or going she wondered if Tyler had left for work before she arrived. There was no other car in the garage!

“Shit! I can’t believe I missed him!”

Waiting impatiently for another hour, she saw no indication of anyone being here. Her bladder was about to explode. Deciding to call it a day, she went in search of a place to relieve herself. “I hate the thought of having to come back here,” she muttered. “Where are you, Tyler McGhee?”

Deciding Pendik Escort to take a more proactive approach, Nya returned the rented car and made the long drive home. By dinner time another plan had formed in her mind.

“Hey Solomon, you mind trading cars with me? …. Yeah, just for the day. ….. I know mine runs but I need to take a trip out of town, and I don’t feel safe driving my beater-car that far. ….. Oh, Baby, I love you. You know I’ll make it up to you. I always do. …. Yeah, I’ll be at your place in a few.”

Solomon owned a black Ford Taurus and it was less than a year old. It would blend in perfectly, even if it was a Ford.

“The alarm came all too early. Forcing herself to rise, she showered, dressed, and was out of the hotel by 5. Using the same temporary tag as before, she set off to stalk her pray for a second time. Parking behind the same car as before, she waited. Again, the garage door opened around 11 and again, only Destiny appeared. She drove away in the same black BMW as before.

Nya waited. Finally, it dawned on her. “She’s got him locked in that house!” He’s been in there the entire time. Duh, I’m an idiot!”

Erring on the side of caution she waited for another half hour. She had but one chance to get this right. Deciding now was as good a time as any, she drove the 50 yards down the road and turned into the driveway. Knowing there had to be cameras somewhere, she put on her special glasses.

It took until the fourth ring before someone came to the door.

Tyler stood in the entry. It took him a few seconds before recognizing her. When he did, he burst into laughter. “What in the world are you doing!! You look ridiculous!”

“You don’t like my outfit?” Her giggle was just as flamboyant as his laugh.

“What are you doing here?” He reached for her glasses but she caught his hand and moved it away.

“I told you, I only live a few miles from here. I took a chance. Can’t a girl come and say hi to a friend?”

Tyler grinned. “Sure. I don’t see why not,” he answered. Something about seeing an unplanned guest didn’t feel right. But seeing her wearing a Mr. Potato Head nose and glass contraption eased whatever reservations he held. He’d have to tell Destiny that they had talked while she was inside the cafeteria. She’d kill him for hiding that information.

“Um, come in. I like your nose job.”

Nya stepped inside, beamed with joy and embraced her man. “I like talking to you better this way.” She squeezed his muscular frame again.

“What do you mean?”

“You aren’t stuck behind a glass wall.”

He grinned. “Yeah, but you’re wearing that! Take them off.”

“Nope,” she said giggling.

“Whatever. So, what brings you here?”

“I told you. Do I need a reason to see an old friend?” She walked purposely into the kitchen. “Tyler, I need a drink. Do you have wine in the fridge?” She gripped the door and was about to open it.

“Yeah. What do you want?”

“I’ll get it.” She waved him off. “Sit yourself down. Where do you keep the glasses?”

Tyler sat at the bar and pointed “First cabinet door. Yeah, right there.”

With her back to him, she pulled the cork and asked, “So is your girlfriend here? I”d like to meet her?” Slipping a tiny bit of powder into one glass, Nya filled both to the halfway mark and handed one to Tyler.

“Destiny is at work.”

“That’s too bad. I’d love to meet her.”

“Not looking like that you don’t. Take those things off.” He laughed at how outrageous she looked.

Ignoring his comment, Nya held up her glass. “Here’s to old friends.”

Tyler smiled. “To old friends.”

She giggled. “Here’s to old friends who are still young enough to act stupid.” Tyler chuckled. Once again they clinked glasses and drank.

Nya chattered on for several more minutes about nothing in particular. Once she was certain he had enough of the drug in him she changed subjects. “Hey, do think you can check something for me? I had a hard time getting my car started this morning, and it is making a funny sound. Mind checking?” She held up the keys.

“Sure but I’m not much of a mechanic.”

“You’re more of one than me. C’mon, bring your wine.” She answered cheerfully.

Tyler started to feel woozy. He stood but placed two palms flat against the counter. “Woo, I must have drunk too much on an empty stomach?”

“Oh, you only had a few sips.” She looked at him directly. “You look like you’re getting sick. You OK?”

She watched him shake his head “I’ll be OK. C’mon, let’s go check your car.”

Once outside Nya went to the driver’s side. “Get in on the other side. I’ll show you what I mean.” Turning the key, the car sputtered but refused to start.

“Something’s wrong, Nya.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I brought you out here.”

“No, not the car, me. I don’t feel so well.” He suddenly felt so tired.

“What’s wrong? Are you OK?”

“I don’t know. Everything is spinning.”

“Here, have another sip. Maybe Mutlukent Escort the wine will make you feel better.”

He drank. “I think I need to lay down.” He was now slurring his words.

“Oh Baby, take it easy. Just rest here for a minute. Maybe it will pass.”

Tyler let his head fall back against the headrest. “Maybe. I – feel – so – sleepy.”

“Here, take one more nice big swallow. I’m sure this will help.” Lifting his glass to his lips she made him gulp down a nice amount. “Just rest, Tyler. Let me take care of you.”

“Thanks.” They were his last words. He was out.

Quickly, Nya pulled the lever for the hood release, got out, and rammed two wires back on exposed spark plugs.

Grabbing a pillow from the back seat, she positioned it between the window glass and Tyler’s head.

“Here we go, Baby. I’m taking you home for good.” After patting his legs, she then squeezed his crotch. Something felt odd but she gave it little thought.

The three-hour trip to the San Francisco Bay area seemed to take forever. Nya had never done anything like this. Her plan to bring her old boyfriend back to San Fran had evolved out of thin air. It all came about after getting Bree’s email. Ever since reading it, she couldn’t get Tyler out of her mind. She had to see him. When seeing him at the school, seeing wasn’t enough. In fact, it made her want him more than ever. She became obsessed with wanting him for her own.

Making it her mission to abduct him without being traced, she took precautions like covering her license plate, borrowing a friend’s car, and disguising her appearance. Refusing to do any internet research on her phone or laptop, she instead went to the local public library. Fortunately, she found an unoccupied computer that was still signed in on someone else’s ID. It provided her the anonymity she needed.

Investigating various ways of drugging him, she knew a date rape drug would work but which one? Learning one class of drugs acted faster than others, she purchased a small amount from a seller on the street.

After learning where he lived, and seeing not only the expensive car his girlfriend drove but also the mansion she lived in, it was pretty obvious there would be camera surveillance to negotiate. She couldn’t avoid being seen but hoped instead to use her visibility to her advantage. That’s where the idea of borrowing a car, altering the plate, and wearing stupid glasses stemmed. She could throw any trackers off and lead them down paths that went nowhere. It was the reason she was now driving southeast instead of north, and why she told Tyler she lived nearby.

Figuring Tyler’s woman would do everything in her power to find him, she stayed the course. Her man was fast asleep and looking as vulnerable as ever.

“You and I are going to have more fun than you can imagine.”

Suddenly she pulled off the road. “Shit! His phone. I forgot!”

Groping at his pants, she patted every pocket. There was none. Breathing a sigh of relief she pulled back onto the country road. Once they had traveled at least twenty miles, Nya turned left, programmed her phone app for home, and began the long drive north.

The trip took most of the afternoon before arriving at her flat. Now came the hard part. Pulling in to her parking spot in the underground garage, she looked fondly at the sleeping Tyler.

“Hey, wake up!” She yelled. Tyler didn’t stir.

Getting out of the car, she came around to his side and opened the door. She slapped him several times. Finally, he began to move.

“Come on. Let me get you inside.” It took several minutes but eventually, he stood on sleepy legs. “That’s it. C’mon.”

He was so heavy she could barely support his weight. He wasn’t so much walking as being walked. Holding him around the waist with both arms, she willed herself to the front door. Luckily there were no steps to climb.

Once inside, she hauled him to the bathroom and pulled down his pants.

“Come on Tyler. You need to pee. I know you have to go.”

She caught sight of his cock. To her amazement, she saw more evidence of Destiny’s control. A large lock dangled from the head of his ringed penis. Uttering a few choice words of disgust, she pulled one arm over the sink while he sat on the commode and turned on the water.

“Come on, pee for me. I’ll get that thing off your cock later.”

After a successful trip to the bathroom, Nya pulled his pants completely off.

Tyler’s head was still a swirl of confusion, dizziness, and delusion. It took time but things slowly began to clear. “Wha, wha, what are you doing?”

“Shhhh, don’t worry, Sweetie, I got you. Come on.”

Sensing the drug was wearing off, Nya hurriedly pulled him into the bedroom, forced him to the floor and cuffed both his wrists and ankles. Grabbing two zip ties she connected the two sets of cuffs together behind him.

Tyler grunted when having his body yanked so forcibly backward.

“I’m sorry, but I need to leave for a bit.”

Nya then wrapped several circles of duct tape around his head to cover his mouth. It was at that point when Tyler’s mind cleared enough to realize whatever was happening shouldn’t be. He started to shake and pull but because he was essentially hog-tied, his efforts proved fruitless.

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