My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 26

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The bright morning sun shone down on suburban Kansas City. The weather forecast had predicted extremely high temperatures for the next few days. Katherine Jackson, the beautiful married mother, looked out of the kitchen window with a dreamy expression in her hazel eyes. The hot wife wrestled with the images and emotions that filled her mind as she set the coffee cup to her flawless lips and took a sip.

She was set to be a candidate on the popular TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in just a few weeks, a move that she hoped would affirm her status as a national celebrity. Katie knew she should be elated yet the former beauty queen couldn’t help the sense of uneasiness that was building up inside her.

It had been more than three months since the Jacksons had allowed their ugly old neighbor Phil Dorman to move in with them following his release from jail.

Katie shuddered as she thought about the old man’s impact on her life and how she had gone from being a faithful wife to becoming a total slut for her neighbor’s big cock. It was something she had dreaded since the very first time the ugly widower had used her sexy body for his perverted pleasure a few years ago.

At times, it felt like her whole world had been turned upside down. Katie couldn’t remember ever having so much sex. Each encounter with her well-endowed neighbor would leave the hot wife shaking and drooling, her body racked with mind-blowing ecstasy while the fat man’s chunky semen leaked out of her gaping holes.

To her amazement, although Phil would fuck her on a daily basis, making her cum again and again, she found herself in a state of constant horniness, always eagerly anticipating the next ruthless pounding. Much to her shame, she usually caught herself nervously waiting for her family to leave in the mornings so the obese man could have his way with her.

Over the last few months, he had fucked the sexy mother in virtually every room of the house. In the bathroom, on the stairs, in the garage and even standing at the window with her face and tits pressed to the glass, her naked hard body at full display as the fat man had brutally reamed her ass.

Shaking her head, the hot wife took a deep breath as she stared out onto the street. She couldn’t believe some of the things she had done and how much pleasuring her old neighbor excited her. Just as demanded, she had completely ceased to have sex with her husband Fred.

It was becoming more and more difficult to come up with excuses for her increasingly frustrated husband and Katie knew that her behavior was taking a serious toll on her marriage.

The sudden sound of her spouse’s voice in the hall snapped the sexy wife out of her thoughts. Moments later, Fred’s silhouette appeared in the doorway.

“Sure, no problem” he said, talking into his cell phone “I’ll drop them off this afternoon. Hang on!”

“Why isn’t he up yet?” he hissed, covering the phone with his hand as he gave his wife a puzzled look “he should be here any minute. Maybe you should go wake him”.

Katie swallowed hard as she watched her husband leave the room as he went on to discuss his business.

The hot wife straightened her short summer dress and took a quick look at her reflection in the window as she ran her hand through her soft brown hair before slowly heading towards the hallway, her high heeled sandals clattering on the kitchen floor.

Standing at the top of the stairs to the basement, she turned her head sideways and listened. There was no sound coming from downstairs and all seemed dark. Taking an anxious look over her shoulder, the beautiful mother gingerly started to descend the steps.

It seemed strange to her that Phil hadn’t gotten up yet. Two days ago, the obese man had informed the Jacksons that a probation officer would be visiting their home, apparently to check up on him, interested in inspecting the old felon’s new surroundings and talking to his hosts.

The ugly geezer had practically begged the married couple to help him make a good impression, telling them how much he feared going back to jail. Fred reluctantly assured his long-time neighbor of their support and he had taken the day off from work as Phil had planned to take them all out for lunch. As hard as Fred tried to hide his frustrations; he knew having him in the house was affecting the relationship with his wife.

Katie had also vowed to do her best. Though it had been her who had initially sent the compromising material to the authorities, the thought of her well-hung lover going back to jail filled her mind with conflicting emotions.

As she turned the corner to the fat man’s bedroom, the hot wife could hear the distinctive sound of snoring. The air was thick and humid and the pungent stench of sweat and smoke made Katie cringe her pretty nose. Slowly stepping up to the bed, she could make out the shape of the old man’s obese body curled up under the sheets, his huge belly heaving with his snores.

“Phil!” Katie hissed “Wake up!”

Getting no reaction, gebze escort she took another step forward and reached out with her hand, touching the old man’s naked hairy shoulder as she gently shook him.

“Phil!” This time it was a bit louder, “It’s past ten thirty. You need to get up!”

The fat man let out a series of grunts as he slowly rolled over, his puffy eyes opening and adjusting to the dim light as they took in the sight of the gorgeous woman, clad in her short summer dress.

“Oh, Freckles” he mumbled, his deep voice sounding more raspy than usual “Damn it, I know you’re horny, but at least you usually wait until I’m awake”.

“It’s not like that!” Katie hissed, blushing. “Your probation officer will be here soon!”

She watched as the old man rolled onto his stomach and lifted his heavy body towards the edge of the bed. Reaching out with his hand, he gently ran his fingers along the hot wife’s waist and hips, tracing her curves above the flimsy cloth.

Knowing that Fred was upstairs, Katie stood silently, frozen to the spot as she felt his hand knead her scantily-clad ass.

“Relax” Dorman chuckled “it’s just my probation officer, not the king of England.”

Suddenly and with a speed that defied his overweight body, the old man turned and grabbed the hot wife by the waist, pulling her onto the bed on top of him as he fell back onto the mattress.

His shirt was soaked with sweat and Katie noticed that his breath smelt even worse than usual.

“I’m really grateful for your support” the old man snarled into her ear “Look at you, dressed up all sexy just to help me. What a good neighbor you are, Freckles.”

“Don’t Phil, Fred’s upstairs!” the hot wife whispered as she closed her eyes, feeling the old man’s bulge pressing into her groin as he started to lick the side of her neck with his thick, wet tongue.

“I want you to be really nice to him. It’s very important! Do you understand?” he continued, groping her firm breasts as he pinched her erect nipples through her bra, “you wouldn’t want me going back to prison, would you?”

“Stop it!” Katie said softly, letting her head drop onto the ugly man’s shoulder. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt his hands bunch up her dress around her waist.

“Do anything you have to! Compliment him! Flirt with him! Let him have a feel if he wants to!”

The sexy mother was frozen for a second at the thought of what Phil was asking. The panting wife whispered, “What if I’m not his type?”

“Don’t worry, Freckles. I’ve never met a man who hasn’t dreamed of getting into your panties” Phil snickered “you sure know how to get them all worked up. Hell, you spent years teasing me with this hot body!”

Dorman once again reveled in the power he had over the married woman as he cupped and squeezed her ass and tits simultaneously. It had taken years of manipulation but he had finally made his sexy neighbor a slut for his big cock. The fact that the beautiful woman would do anything he asked her to, fulfill his every need, made his fat prick throb with excitement.

“You like that, don’t you? Teasing men?” he taunted, slowly pulling Katie’s panties down her thighs, exposing her naked ass to the humid air. The married mother lifted her hips a bit as she allowed the old man to pull them off her toned legs and over her high heeled sandals. Squirming , she watched as he threw them onto the floor.

“Phil!” the married mother whispered, panting as she wrapped her arms around his neck “We haven’t got time for this. Fred might…Ohhhh, Fuck!” she moaned, feeling her neighbor’s pudgy middle finger sneak its way past her slick pussy lips as he wiggled it around inside her cunt.

“I…I didn’t come down here for…Ooooh God!” she exhaled as she felt it slide deeper into her.

Burning with lust, the sexy mother opened her toned legs a bit, giving the fat geezer better access to her swollen cunt.

Though she felt guilty, Katie couldn’t help herself. Grabbing her lover’s ugly old face with both hands, she forced her open lips onto Phil’s bloated mouth, her tongue wrapping around his as she French-kissed the disgusting man while he continued to finger fuck her. The intense smell of his foul breath nauseated and aroused her at the same time while her luscious naked hips kept gyrating and convulsing on top of him.

Knowing her husband was upstairs, she fought the growing urge to roll over, pull away the sheets and suck her neighbor’s oversized prick deep into her hot throat.

As if reading her thoughts, Phil broke their kissing. “Maybe we’ll have time for that later on” he chuckled, pushing Katie away as he awkwardly rolled over the bed.

“Besides… he added, grinning as he meaningfully raised an eyebrow “I need to pee”.

Katie stared at him open mouthed as the memories of what Phil had made her do after she had drove him home a week ago came rushing back.

“Maybe you’d like to help me?”

The göztepe escort hot wife blushed. She still could not fathom that she had actually enjoyed the old man peeing all over her. It had been utterly humiliating yet the images had haunted her ever since. She remembered how incredibly turned on she had been, begging the old pervert to piss all over her. And how, lost in the depravity of the moment, she had even swallowed some of it.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined relishing such a vile treatment and even though Phil had not mentioned it since, the married beauty knew that she would do it again if the obese man demanded it.

Groaning, Dorman got up from the bed, picking up Katie’s panties from the floor. The sexy mother watched helplessly as the disgusting man held them to his nose, sniffing at them as he limped into the adjoining bathroom and switched on the light.

“Damn, my bladder feels full” he laughed “why don’t you come here and see for yourself?”

Her mouth wide open, Katie’s heart skipped a beat as she watched the old man step up to the toilet and grab the waistband of his underpants.

“I think he’s here!” Fred’s voice suddenly resounded through the basement “I just saw a car pull up”.

Like a shot, Katie jumped up from the bed, wiping her mouth and pulling her dress back down before hurrying out of the room and up the stairs.

The sound of the doorbell ringing and the front door being opened and shut could be heard, followed by muffled voices in the hallway just as Katie reached the top of the steps.

Moments later, Fred appeared, followed by a big, elderly black man in a cheap suit.

Katie’s eyes widened at the sight of the stranger. He had a round, friendly face and seemed to be well in his fifties, his shortly-cropped hair and goatee being tinged with grey. Judging from his paunch, he seemed to be a little on the chubby side, though nowhere near as obese as Phil.

The black man looked around the living room with interest before his gaze wandered to the hot wife as his eyes seemed to travel all over her body. Katie couldn’t help but feel nervous and uneasy. For some reason, she had expected someone different.

“Reggie Peterson, pleased to meet you” the officer said with a bright smile, extending his hand “I’m here to check on Mr. Dorman”.

“Hi, I’m Katie” the hot wife said softly, as he took her delicate hand into his big, sweaty palm.

“Wait a minute!” he cried “You’re that beauty pageant contestant! Allow me to say this…you’re even more beautiful than in those magazines”

Blushing, Katie gave a faint smile at the cheesy compliment as she glanced towards her husband who beamed with pride.

The black man seemed unwilling to let go of the hot wife’s hand while his big brown eyes appeared to be peeling off her skimpy summer dress.

“Can I get you a drink?” Fred asked “It’s terribly hot outside”

“Sure is” Peterson laughed, finally releasing Katie’s hand “That would be lovely”.

As her husband made his way to the kitchen, the sexy mother gave the black man a faint smile while he continued to stare at her. The silence that followed was painfully uncomfortable.

“Ah, I see you’ve already acquainted yourselves!” a raspy voice said suddenly.

Katie and the officer turned their heads to see Phil Dorman limping into the living room with a smirk on his face.

The sexy mother cringed at the old man’s scrubby attire. He was wearing stained cargo pants and an ill-fitting shirt which he was still clumsily trying to button up. She wondered why he hadn’t at least given some kind of thought to his appearance.

“Good to see you Mr. Dorman,” Peterson said as he walked over to him.

The hot wife watched as the two men briefly shook hands just as Fred appeared with a tray carrying a carafe and some glasses.

“I’d like to have a few words with him in private first, if you don’t mind” the probation officer said, nodding his head in the direction of the obese man.

“Afterwards” he added, winking at Katie “I’m going to have to look around the house for any contraband. You know, procedural stuff,” as he waved his hand in the air, “I’m sure I won’t find anything.”

Again, the hot wife couldn’t suppress a feeling of uneasiness as she noticed his stare.

“Sure, no problem, we’ll be in the kitchen” Fred interjected as Katie quietly followed her husband out of the living room.

“Seems like a nice guy” Fred whispered as they turned the corner “I really expected a probation officer to be much more…I don’t know…businesslike?”

Katie didn’t answer as she sat down next to her husband at the kitchen table.

Fred watched his beautiful wife cross her sexy legs, licking her finger as she flipped through the morning paper. He felt his cock stir in his pants as he marveled at how she seemed to get more desirable each day. He had noticed the way the black man had ogled her, obviously halkalı escort struck by her beauty. Putting his hand in his pocket, Fred rearranged his growing erection. Ever since Joel had blackmailed them; the thought of other men lusting after his hot wife always excited him.

Frowning, the loving husband thought about how, in recent weeks, Katie had somehow never been in the mood for sex, mostly feeling tired after her numerous promotional appearances. Yet he couldn’t help feeling that there was more to it than that. Fred wondered if his wife’s decreasing sex drive had anything to do with Phil’s presence in their house. Perhaps Katie was feeling self-conscious with the ugly, obese neighbor being around all the time.

He was snapped out of his thoughts as the two old men entered the kitchen.

“That was quick!” Fred exclaimed.

The black officer seemed very pleased with himself, beaming from ear to ear as he stepped towards the hot mother. “As per the agreement when you allowed Mr. Dorman to stay with you upon his release from prison; you are subjected to searches of your property to maintain that nothing illegal is occurring within the residence.”

Smiling faintly, Katie spoke as she glanced at her husband, “We can show you around if you like.”

The probation officer nodded his head, “That would be wonderful.”

Katie stood up from the table and straightened her short dress as she turned and made her way to the stairs in her high heel sandals.

Fred’s phone rang as he looked down at it and back up towards Katie, “It’s work again. I need to take this.” He quickly answered and walked out of the room towards the den.

“Mr. Dorman if you can just wait in the kitchen,” as the officer looked at the stunning wife, “We will be right back.”

“Right this way Mr. Peterson,” the sexy wife smiled. Knowing that Phil was watching, she added just a little bit of extra swing to her sexy hips as she slowly made her way across the room, remembering how he had told her to act seductively.

As she began to climb the stairs to the upper floor, the married mother could practically feel the black man’s hot breath on her swaying ass, his face just inches away from her gorgeous behind as he shuffled up the steps behind her. The fact that she was wearing no underwear sent a shiver down her spine.

After showing him the children’s bedroom, Katie led the way to master bedroom. Up until then, Reggie Peterson had seemed much more occupied with the beauty queen’s body than with her interior furnishing, his eyes were practically glued to her and he had a cheesy grin on his face as she showed him around.

The master bedroom however seemed to be of much more interest to him as he took his time strolling around the bed several times, his hands in his pockets, while he inspected the room.

“So this is where you sleep…with your husband?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“Y…Yes” the hot wife replied, puzzled at the weird question. There was definitely something strange about this man yet she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

He walked around their room and opened a few dresser drawers; Katie meekly protested, “Is that necessary?”

“Ma’am I have to at least make it appear as though I’m checking the dwelling otherwise I’m not doing my job,” he turned and smiled at the beautiful woman in the doorway, “It’s not like I’m expecting to find anything.”

Mr. Peterson walked over to the nightstand and Katie cringed as he opened it. He paused and stared down at two dildo’s along with bottles of lubrication and other sex toys that she and her husband enjoyed.

Mrs. Jackson’s face turned red as he leaned down and picked a black dildo up from the drawer as he turned his head towards the wife, “It looks like I found something!” He grinned as he laid it down and closed the drawer.

The sexy mother was embarrassed and what he had discovered. The probation officer could tell by her body language that she was upset. He grinned, “it’s okay Mrs. Jackson everybody enjoys sex!”

She nodded her head as she was too ashamed to say anything. She didn’t expect him to be looking in the dressers otherwise she would have hid her toys.

As they stepped into the adjoining bathroom, Katie suddenly realized that she was alone with a man who had the power to put Phil back in jail. What if she told him about what the obese neighbor had done to her in here on the very first day of his release? How he had basically raped her, slapping her around before roughly stuffing his giant prick up her ass. Surely Phil would find himself back behind bars in no time.

The hot wife quickly discarded the idea as she stared at the bathroom rug, remembering the way she had dug her fingers into the carpet while her fat neighbor had reamed her ass before making her suck on his filthy, reeking cock and how much it had turned her on. Katie felt terrible for her husband yet at the same time her pussy moistened as she realized that she didn’t want her old lover going back to jail.

“You’ve got a lovely house” the black man stated briskly “Although” he added, smiling “not quite as lovely as its proprietress. Phil really is a lucky man to have such wonderful neighbors”.

“You think so?” the sexy mother said flirtatiously, running her hand through her soft brown hair as she looked into the officer’s eyes.

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