My Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 07

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The next day I actually woke up before Sue did. She was still sound asleep next to me. I looked at the clock and it was 11am. I laid there for a moment and reflected back on yesterday. The girls had been off the hook with the strip club then the nightclub and then their tricks at the lake.

I slowly got out of bed so as to not wake Sue and headed for the shower. The warm water felt good and was reviving me back to life. I had gotten all soaped up when the shower door slid open and Sue stepped in. She was still half asleep and just wrapped her arms around my neck then leaned into me. I wrapped my arms around her and placed my hands on each of her firm ass cheeks then held her close to me. We stood there locked in an embrace with the warm water streaming over our bodies.

She let go of me and let her long blonde hair get wet under the flow of water. I stepped back and just looked at her with her eyes shut and her head thrown back and the water trickling over her body.

I said, “Damn, I must be the luckiest man alive.”

She opened her eyes and smiled at me, “I’m so very glad you think so!”

I grabbed the shampoo and put some in my hands then rubbed it into her hair. Sue loves having her hair fondled and her head rubbed. I worked it into a lather and admired the soap running down her chest and off her firm breasts. I said, “Ok rinse.”

She stepped back into the water and rinsed the shampoo from her hair. I then washed my hair and changed places with her while I rinsed. While I was rinsing she wrapped her hand around my cock and said, “I know I’m the luckiest women in the world.” I then felt her stroking my cock and it immediately jumped to attention.

She said, “There you ought to be nice and clean.” She stopped stroking and then added, “We better get on the ball or we will be late.”

I said, “I’m sure they won’t mind if we are just a little late.”

She smiled at me and said, “There will be plenty of time for that later!”

She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her to dry off. I turned off the water and also grabbed a towel to dry off with. Sue moved the towel to her head like a turban and went to her vanity to apply some makeup. I grabbed a pair of shorts and slid them on.

Sue turned to me and said; “I don’t know why you are bothering because you know everyone over there is already naked.”

I replied, “its broad daylight out I just feel more comfortable with shorts on”

She shrugged her shoulders as she turned on the blow dryer. I went out to the kitchen to get a cold drink and a snack. It had been forever it seemed since I had something to eat.

Sue came into the kitchen and had the sheer skirt wrapped around her waist that she had worn last night. There was nothing on under it or on her top.

I looked at her and said, “Why bother?”

She looked back at me and said, “You know your right.” She peeled off the skirt and stood naked now.

She then said, “Let’s go.” And she headed out the backdoor. We went out the gate to our backyard between the houses as a car passed by and nearly slammed on the brakes when they saw Sue naked. She nonchalantly opened the gate to Rachael and Aaron’s and we went into their backyard.

I said, “I think you nearly caused an accident out there.” She smiled because I knew she loved being seen naked.

We stepped around to the pool area and saw nobody. Sue went to the backdoor and it was standing wide open. Sue stuck her head in and said, “Hello?”

No answer so we walked into the kitchen and then heard the sounds of someone groaning coming from the living room.

We stepped around the corner and I think what we saw set us both back just a bit.

Rachael was on the floor with her legs spread wide holding her ankles and between her legs pounding into her pussy was Jack!

On the couch we could see Cheryl bent over and behind her was Aaron stroking in and out of her pussy. They were all groaning and enjoying what they were doing.

Sue looked at me and said, “It looks like the party started without us.”

I could not take my eyes off of Jack’s big cock sliding in and out of Rachael’s smooth and shiny pussy.

Cheryl pulled off of Aaron’s cock and sat on the couch then sucked his cock into her mouth.

Aaron then noticed we were standing there and said, “Hi guys join in!”

Sue quickly turned to me and jerked my shorts down over my stiffening cock. She sucked my cock into her mouth and stroked the base of it. She sat me down on a chair and continued to suck me off. Aaron pulled his cock from Cheryl’s mouth and stood behind Sue.

He looked at me and said, “Do you mind buddy if I fuck your wife?”

I was still in shock at what was happening and how quickly it was happening. I looked at him and said, “No.”

Aaron got down on his knees behind Sue and guided his 9″ cock to her pussy. I was in a position to see it happening. He leaned forward and with a quick movement he was buried in her pussy. This caused a moan to come from Sue as she had my bağdat caddesi escort cock in her mouth. Aaron withdrew and I could see his cock was slick with my wife’s juices. He plunged forward again and I heard his groin slap into Sue’s ass.

Aaron looked at me and winked, “Damn she is as fine as I had fantasized about.”

He then started a steady rhythm of in and out and with each in stroke Sue groaned on my cock.

Here is what I knew had been coming all along. Watching my beautiful wife whom had been only mine being fucked by another man. Aaron had a hold of her slim hips and was now pounding into her.

Somehow when you are in the middle of this for the first time you kind of drift away from the fact that your wife is with another man and you get completely turned on by watching the fucking. That is what was happening to me. I was rock hard watching this cock slid in and out of this pussy and having my dick sucked while watching.

Cheryl walked over to the chair and said, “Damn Sue you are not sharing very well you have two guys.”

Sue let go of my cock and Cheryl grabbed my hand and said, “Come over her stud I want your big cock in my pussy now.”

I stood up and stepped over Sue as Aaron was pounding her relentlessly. Sue leaned her head onto the chair cushion where I had just got up from and was moaning with each stoke from Aaron’s cock.

Cheryl sat me on the floor next to where Sue and Aaron were and then laid me back on the floor. She straddled me with those long legs. I looked up at her hairless pussy that was glistening with it’s own juices. She rubbed her finger along the slit and pinched her little hard clit, “I have been wanting to ride your big cock since the first time I saw it.” She lowered herself down and grabbed my cock. She guided it into her pussy then sat all the way down on it. She moaned, “Oh fuck yesssssss!” She put her hands on my chest and pinched my nipples between her fingers as she rose off of my cock and then slammed back down on it. She then was riding me like a wild bronco rider and threw her head back.

Sue was now squealing with each of Aaron’s thrusts and I knew this meant she was ready to explode. She screamed, “OOOOOOHHHHHH FFUUUUUUCK I’M CUMMMMMMMMING!”

Aaron also groaned and pushed deep into her and shot his load into her. I turned my attention to Cheryl whose big tits were bouncing up and down each stroke. I reached out and grabbed her breasts. That is something I had wanted to do was feel those magnificent globes of flesh in my hands. I pinched her nipples, which caused her to squeal.

Aaron pulled out of Sue and she rolled over to watch Cheryl ride my cock. She got on her knees and kissed me then went to my nipples and sucked one into her mouth. She knows I like having my nipples sucked on.

In the corner of my eye I saw Jack. He was lining himself up behind Sue and I knew very quickly he would be fucking my wife.

Sue let out a groan as Jack entered her. She was having a hard time keeping my nipple in her mouth as Jack was pounding into her sweet little pussy.

I next saw Rachael who was standing next to me watching what was going on. She stepped over me and I was looking straight up at her pussy. She lowered herself down onto my face and said, “Come on Justin suck my pussy until I cum.”

Sue left my nipple and now all I could see was Rachael’s pussy so I started to tongue it. Rachael had a sweet tasting pussy as her juices were dripping into my mouth and onto my chin.

I could feel the cum rising in my balls as Cheryl was fucking me hard now. I moaned into Rachael’s pussy as I felt the head of my dick exploding into Cheryl’s pussy. The vibration from me moaning must have been enough to bring Rachael off because she was grinding into my face and soaking me with her juices.

Cheryl climbed off my dick and Rachael climbed off my face. I turned my head in time to see Sue taking Jack’s load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop except a little than ran out the side of her mouth. Jack withdrew and Sue used her finger to scoop it up and sucked it off her finger.

Everyone was sitting around on the floor recouping from the session except for Aaron. Aaron then walked into the room and said, “Who’s hungry? I have got the burgers on the grill.”

Rachael got up and said, “I’m starved.”

Everyone got up and headed for the kitchen. Sue came to me and asked, “Are you OK?”

I kissed her then replied, “Yes.”

She said, “I better go clean up before we eat.” I looked down and she had some cum running down her leg. Cheryl and Rachael also chimed in, “That’s a good idea.” Each of them had cum running down their leg or dried cum on them.

When the girls were gone I asked, “Damn guys what caused this all of a sudden?”

Aaron said, “We all knew it was coming and last night after you guys left it started.”

I asked, “So you guys have been at this since Sue and I left?”

“Well we did get some sleep about sunrise,” Jack answered.

Aaron popped open bağdat caddesi olgun escort a couple of beers and gave them to Jack and I. Aaron then asked, “Justin are you ok with this?”

I replied, “I was never really sure how I would respond and now that it has happened I was completely turned on.”

Jack said, “I felt the same way.”

The girls came back out then with side dishes and Aaron was pulling the burgers off the grill. We all sat around the table naked eating like nothing had happened carrying on a normal conversation.

The doorbell then rang and Rachael looked at Aaron who just shrugged his shoulders. Rachael got up to go see who it was. She did not bother putting clothes on or covering up.

We heard Rachael squeal with excitement. She then came through the door with Beth and Steve. They were the couple we had bought our house from and Beth was the one that had instructed Rachael on showing herself off.

Beth looked around and said, “Gosh Steve it looks like we are a little over dressed for this party.”

Everyone laughed and Rachael started introducing everyone.

Aaron said, “Come on guys join us for a hamburger and a beer.”

They sat down and started eating. Beth asked Rachael, “So I see you have progressed a little in showing off from when we moved away?”

Rachael laughed and said, “Well it started out with me teaching Sue there to be more comfortable with herself and I’m not sure but I think Sue has become the teacher now.”

Beth looked at Aaron, “It appears that you have become very comfortable with being naked also.”

Aaron said, “I just decided it looked like fun and if I want her to show it off then I should also be comfortable with myself.”

Beth kind of licked her lips and said, “And you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

This caused Aaron to blush slightly and we all laughed at him.

Steve then asked, “Is this just a nudist thing or has it progressed past that point?”

Cheryl answered that one, “As of last night and this morning it went past the point of simply being naked.”

Sue asked, “As of last night? Did I miss something?”

Rachael said, “Sorry Hon but it got a little out of control after you and Justin left last night.”

Sue exclaimed, “Damn it I always miss out on all the fun.”

Cheryl said, “Sorry Babe it just sort of happened. We didn’t mean to leave you out. I think you got to join in today!”

Rachael stood up and started gathering plates. The rest of the girls also got up and helped.

I finally noticed Beth. Beth is a 5’5″ brunette that was wearing a very short skirt that did little to hide her cute ass. She was wearing a very sheer blouse that had a very sexy lace bra under it. The bra appeared to be hiding a very beautiful set of very large full breasts.

The girls disappeared into the kitchen with the dishes.

Steve looked at Aaron and said, “Damn buddy what the hell is going on?”

Aaron said, “Since Justin and Sue moved into your old house it has steadily progressed. Sue took to exhibitionism like a fish to water once Rachael got her going and you can see for yourself the results.”

The girls came walking back out of the kitchen and now Beth was completely naked. She was exactly what you would have expected from first sight. All my mind was saying at this point was “Damn I want to fuck her sweet little pussy.” She had one of those pussies that was nearly smooth. There was just a slit with a small crop of hair at the top of it. She had no outer lips to her pussy it was simply beautiful!

The girls walked toward the pool and Sue looked back at us and said, “We are going to get some sun.”

All four of us guys were just staring at the abundance of beautiful ass walking away from us.

Steve exclaimed, “Shit boys now that is a sight.”

Beth looked at Steve and said, “Don’t be a party pooper take your clothes off.”

Steve said, “What the hell.” He stood up and stripped his clothes off. Steve was a very athletic type with a muscular build and when he took off his boxers he had a cock that had to be 9″ long soft.

I glanced over at the girls and they were all watching. Sue looked at him like he was raw meat to a tiger.

The girls started talking amongst themselves and I am sure expressing an interest in getting that cock in their pussies.

Aaron stood up and said, “I’m going to cool off a bit in the pool. You guys want to join me there are plenty of floats available.”

We all got up and walked to the stairs in the pool then grabbed a raft. I got on and laid on my back while Aaron and Jack laid down on their fronts and Steve laid on his back with his big cock lying over on his hip.

Beth was the first to speak of the girls as she wolf whistled, “Damn girls look at all the meat laying around in that pool.”

Sue spoke up, “I don’t know about you girls but this reminds me of a dream I had once. I was lying in the sun like this and there were four big studs naked just waiting to attend bağdat caddesi sarışın escort to my every need.

I heard her and replied, “Hon that is a dream you never told me about.”

The girls started laughing. Rachael replied, “You guys could not handle some of the dreams we have. That is just for girl talk.”

Steve then piped in, “Well this is like a dream I had once too. There were four naked girls baking in the sun and they each came to me in the pool and sucked my cock.”

Sue said, “Damn that sounds like a hot dream.”

Sue then got up out of her lounger and entered the pool. I watched her because I knew she was ready to make Steve’s dream come true. As Sue passed by me she reached out and gave my cock a squeeze and winked at me. She went to Steve lying on his raft and said, “Are you ready for your dream to come true?”

With that said she reached for his big cock and wrapped her hand around it. Her hand would not even go around it soft. She lowered her lips to the head of it and opened wide. She put the head in her mouth and he quickly started getting hard. As he grew his cock expanded and Sue’s tiny little hand was only about half way around it. The head was expanding in her mouth and you could tell it was filling her mouth full.

She began stroking his cock, as she was only able to get the head and about half an inch below the head into her mouth. Beth asked Sue, “What do you think Sue? He is definitely more than a hand and a mouthful.”

Sue just kept sucking and stroking and continually kept working more of it down her throat. Steve’s cock hard must have been twelve inches long and four inches in circumference. Sue eventually worked nearly a third of it into her mouth. Everyone was watching as she slowly adjusted to his size.

I was floating on the raft and watching her when I noticed that I was rock hard. Cheryl got up and entered the pool and then went to Steve’s raft. She said, “Sue are you going to hog all of it or are you going to share?”

Sue pulled his cock from her mouth and said, “Hon he is all yours my jaws are already tired. But, I do want him later to fill my pussy up with that hunk of meat!”

I thought damn, now she is simply coming out and stating she wants to fuck another guy.

Cheryl wrapped her hand around his cock and again her hand would not go around it. She opened her mouth and sucked it in. She too was adjusting slowly to the size. Sue walked over to Aaron whose cock was rock hard from watching. She opened wide and pulled his cock to her mouth. Aaron’s cock was probably nine inches long hard and much easier to handle. After the cock she had just had she easily sucked three fourths of Aaron’s cock down her throat and was fucking him with her mouth. Rachael and Beth got up and got into the water. Rachael went to Jack and started sucking his cock. The absolute doll Beth was headed my way. My cock jumped at the thought of this beauty with her full red lips sucking my cock.

Beth has adjusted to Steve’s cock so when she came to my eight inches she swallowed it down her throat. Her lips were actually rubbing against my groin and the tightness of her throat was like fucking a tight pussy. I moaned as she massaged the head of my cock with her throat. Rachael was with Jack’s cock shoved down her throat.

What a sight as I looked over the pool and all of us had a beautiful girl sucking our cocks. Rachael pulled off of Jack’s cock and headed towards Steve. When she got there she asked Cheryl, “Are you done I want a go at this monster?”

Cheryl gave it one last squeeze and a suck as it popped when she released it. She said, “I have got to try that a little later also.”

Cheryl walked over to me and said, “Beth go suck my husband I get to suck him all the time. I’m sure from the way your swallowing poor Justin here he will love you.”

Beth let my cock out of her throat and none too soon as she was getting ready to taste of my juices.

Cheryl then looked at me and whispered, “I love sucking your cock Justin you taste so sweet.”

She then lowered her mouth and opened to suck it in. Cheryl’s full lips look amazing wrapped around my cock.

Rachael was working Steve’s cock into her mouth and Aaron was watching her as she stretched to accommodate it.

Beth swallowed Jack’s cock and he exclaimed, “Damn!”

Cheryl looked up at me and removed my cock from her mouth, “I knew he would like that.” She then went back to sucking and stroking my cock.

Aaron started groaning and tensing up then moaned, “Oh Fuck!” as he shot a load into Sue’s mouth.

Jack was next, “I can’t take anymore Beth here it comes!” He bucked on the raft and Beth never even backed off. Jack shot his load straight down her throat and she never missed a beat.

I could hold out no longer and felt the cum rising like lava up the shaft and erupting from the head. Cheryl choked slightly as it hit the back of her throat. When I was done she pulled off and said, “Shit sweetie you were loaded for bear weren’t you?”

Rachael was working on Steve’s cock and he was moaning and writhing on his raft. Rachael kept at it until he erupted in her mouth. With the combination of size and fluid there was no way she was going to keep all of it in. She pulled off of it as it erupted again splashing on her chin. The next one hit her nose. The next one she aimed at his stomach and it shot to his chest.

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