New Town Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: The Wrong Club Aftermath

I grabbed at Keon’s arm, and he pulled me closer. Sliding his hand down into the back of my pants, he grabbed an ass-cheek and said, “Let’s get this ass home so I can clean you up!”

Guess that means that I wasn’t going back to my place after all…To tell the truth, I could barely stand up. My legs felt like jelly, so I had to lean on Keon to keep from falling down.

When we stepped out into the open air, I felt the full effect of all the drugs we had been doing hit me, all at once. I thought that I was blissfully out of it before, but in the fresh air I started to swoon. The lights seemed brighter than usual and all had a hazy glow, as if my glasses had fogged. Not that it mattered, since it was hard enough for me to even remain standing.

Keon helped to steady me with his hand on my ass, but I could sense that his mind was starting to ‘wander’ as well. He was rubbing in small circles, working his thumb against my hole as he used his other hand to adjust the expanding cock in his pants.

Neither of us cared that we were out on a public street. It was too late for much traffic, but I don’t think that it would have mattered if the streets were packed.

His big thumb rubbed all over my hole as he hugged me to him. It felt phenomenal, and I couldn’t help but push back every time his finger found its mark. My ass was leaking the cum that Jay had left inside me, coating the fingertip with lube. On the fourth or fifth pass, Keon’s thumb popped right in, and he pushed it all the way inside me, eliciting a moan with the sudden intrusion.

I treated his thumb like a little cock, and started humping back into his hand, hungry for more. He took the hint, and started kneading my ass with his palm as he continued to fuck my ass with that thumb. I was amazed at how deep it went, and could only focus on the indescribable feelings as it moved inside me. We weren’t even walking anymore…I just ran my hands everywhere I could reach on his body as he practically lifted me off the ground with his powerful grip.

We must have been making quite a scene, because the horn of a passing car shocked me to consciousness, and I blushed at their catcalls as it drove past. Keon gave me a quick kiss, and started pushing me in the right direction. With his thumb still working wonders, it was only his hand and our momentum that was keeping me moving. I was so blissed out that I couldn’t see even if I’d been able to keep my eyes open. It wasn’t just the lights…I just found it so hard to concentrate on anything more than the physical pleasure I was experiencing. I hoped it would never stop.

Keon kept up the fingering of my asshole all the way back to his place. I think that it was a couple of blocks, but it was a complete blur. He shifted his hand to push me up the stairs to his place.

At the door, Keon turned me toward him, sliding out his thumb as he kissed me hard. My back was pressed against the door, and it was the only thing holding me up as I surrendered to the kiss. In my heightened state, it felt like his kiss was passing through my whole body…That his questing tongue could reach deep inside me while I teased and licked it with my own.

We just stood at the front door, key already in the lock, making out like high school kids. Our hands were all over each other as we continued to kiss passionately. He found my hole again, and this time slid two fingers inside me. He was moving them an inch at a time, slowly spreading me. I could feel Jay’s cum continue to run out around his fingers. It made me wonder just how much he shot up inside me…

Keon’s fingers had me moaning around his invading tongue, and I thrust back to get more inside me. At this point, I was running on pure lust. My hands roaming everywhere they could reach, as if they had a mind of their own. I couldn’t focus on anything beyond the physical sensations, and it was overwhelming.

I almost passed out from the sheer ecstasy, but Keon must have sensed it, because his hands left my body for long enough to finish opening the door and guide us both inside.

Keon started tearing at my clothes before the door had slammed shut. I figured out what he was doing, and helped his getting me completely naked. As he took off his shirt, I wrapped myself around his naked torso, feeling the heat of his skin, and explored using my lips and tongue. He was moaning uncontrollably as he writhed under my attentions.

When I got to his nipples, he pulled me tighter into his embrace. His powerful arms felt like they could crush me, but I was loving it! I let out a soft moan to let him know as I continued to nuzzle.

The extra vibration must have been too much, because he grabbed my head in his hand and pulled my mouth to his for another deep kiss. His tongue penetrated my mouth like his cock had earlier. It felt powerful as he started to really thrust into my mouth with it. I just massaged his invading tongue with my own, and continued to moan maltepe escort into his mouth. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by this huge man having his way with me. I sucked on his tongue as his other hand snaked down my body…cupping my ass cheek, and rubbing my slippery hole with his thumb.

I leaned back onto his thumb, and he took the hint, sinking it deep inside me. I moaned around his tongue as he massaged me with that big digit. It felt like a small cock with a mind of its own, seeking the most sensitive points inside me.

There was so much cum inside my ass that I didn’t even notice when he swapped his thumb for two fingers, but I sure did when he started spreading me wider. I knew what he wanted, and so did I. I moaned around his tongue as he continued to devour me. I couldn’t concentrate on anything beyond the pleasure he was giving me…from both ends. The drug haze had me so blissed out that I could only press myself into his embrace, trying to pull him closer.

Pressed against him, I could feel his cock against my leg…It was hard, but hanging across my thigh. I reached down and grabbed the shaft, feeling the heat of it. I slid my hand towards his balls, and cupped them…rolling them around in my hand as Keon moaned into my mouth.

He suddenly broke our embrace, and dragged me deeper into his house. I half-registered the obviously feminine decor in the master bedroom as we went straight into a bathroom. I felt a brief pang of jealousy, as I wondered who Keon’s woman might be.

I didn’t dwell long, because we entered an opulent bathroom, and as Keon stopped to turn on the six shower-heads of the giant bath, he told me that it was time to get us all cleaned up. I took that as a hint, and dropped straight to my knees on the plush bath mat, pulling his cock to my mouth, and sucking the head into my mouth. There was a huge drop of precum that had been seeping since we had walked in, and I greedily drank it down.

Keon groaned and fell back against the wall, grabbing my head in both hands. He slipped my mouth off of his cock, claiming that he needed to breathe, so I just started licking it all over. I licked my way down the underside, and rested it against my face as I buried my mouth in his balls.

I was driving Keon crazy, and I could tell that he couldn’t decide whether or not to stop me. I wanted to taste more. I wanted him to cum in my mouth again. I don’t know where these urges were coming from, but I knew that tonight wouldn’t be the last time I sucked that cock. It was gorgeous, and throbbing against my face as I licked and stroked it.

The room was starting to steam, so I slid my way back up Keon’s body…dragging my tongue along his torso as I rose. I couldn’t stop stroking that hot cock, as he led me into the shower by pulling me along.

The pulse of the shower was a whole new world of pleasure. My skin felt like it was alive for the first time…Tingling all over, as the water hammered from all directions, I felt like I was the recipient of a thousand simultaneous massages. It was like a tropical storm of driving warm spray. I could only stand there with my eyes closed, taking in the overload of physical stimulation.

Suddenly, I felt another stream against my body. My eyes fluttered open to see Keon directing his semi-hard cock at my torso and crotch…a stream of piss flowing hard against me. I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed the squirting cock, and directed it toward my mouth. The taste of his cum had made me curious enough to dive for whatever was coming out. I let it splash over my face, and then pointed it at my cock as I stood back up to face him. The stream tapered as his cock started to throb under my attention.

Keon was obviously turned on by my little show, because he grabbed me by the ass, and pulled me into another deep kiss. I just kept stroking his cock, and submitted totally to his embrace.

He told me there would be plenty of time for me to play after we finished cleaning up. What he was really telling me was that I was turning him on way too much. The feeling was more than mutual.

I let him soap me all over, which felt AMAZING with those big hands scrubbing every inch of my skin. I leaned harder against his hands whenever he’d touch a particularly sensitive part. He was better than I at resisting temptation, and brushed aside my efforts as he made sure to get me all lathered up.

I tried to do the same for him. Feeling his slippery body as I soaped him up was driving me insane. I reached around him, to scrub his back, and pressed my soapy body against his. I started sliding up and down, enjoying the sudsy sensations, and soon lost myself. I was cleaning the same part of his back for what seemed like hours as I ground myself against him. Feeling his soapy cock rubbing against my own had me harder than ever, and I humped up against it.

He laughed at my enthusiasm, and steadied me for a quick kiss. I sought out his tongue, but maslak escort he was teasing me, pulling just out of my reach. I jumped up, and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling myself up to his face. His laughter quickly stopped as he gave in to my kiss. This time, it was me driving my tongue into his mouth. He wrapped me in his arms, kissing me back. It was the first time I had become the aggressor, but I just couldn’t help myself. I had never felt anything like it, and wanted to make sure that I savored every facet.

He directed us under the spray, and rinsed us off as we continued to make out. I stayed wrapped around him, as he angled us where he needed to wash away the last of the suds.

Once he was done, he let me down gently, and grabbed a bottle of lotion from a shelf. He spun me around, and squirted a huge glob into his hand…He smeared it across my back, and started to rub it in with both hands. It felt so good that I couldn’t do anything more than lean into his powerful touch.

I closed my eyes as I felt his hands move down to my ass, continuing to spread the lotion as he went. Of course, he couldn’t resist spreading more inside my ass, and soon he was pushing both thumbs inside me, feeding in as much of the lotion as he could. I arched my back, and let out a low moan to let him know I enjoyed what he was doing.

He moved one hand around to my cock, making me realize how hard and throbbing I was at the moment. I had completely forgotten about my own hard on as he was working his marvelous hands all over my body. He started to stroke it at the same time as he started stroking his cock along my ass. His cock must have been covered by the same lotion, because it slid so easily along my crack. Before I realized it, we had a good rhythm going with my humping against his sliding cock as he stroked my own cock in time.

Each time the head brushed against my hole, I felt a little rush, and humped back a little harder. Keon must have taken the hint, because he stopped the sliding, and started to push the head directly against my hole.

Between his earlier finger loosening and the lotion, it wasn’t long before I felt the head stretching into my outer anal ring. Keon was gentle, but firm, as he pulled me against the bulbous cockhead. I was scared, but so incredibly turned on, that I knew that there was no question in what was left of my mind. I wanted it…More than that, I needed that huge cock inside me!

I arched my back to signal him on, and leaned harder against his cockhead. He grabbed my ass with both hands, taking a cheek in each hand and spreading them as far as he could as he pulled me backwards. I felt it pop in, and quickly jump a few inches deep inside me. I made a high pitched squeal, and then a deeper moan, as I felt my asshole adjust to this sudden invasion.

When he felt me relax a bit, he told me to push my ass out to try to let him in. I did as I was told, and felt the next couple of inches slide in easier, making me feel even more full than when Jay had fucked me earlier. Luckily, the lotion had done its job, and despite its thickness, I felt his cock sliding in with almost no resistance.

With only six or so inches inside me, he grabbed my face with his hand and turned me half around so that he could kiss me as his cock throbbed in my hole. I leaned back as far as I could, keeping my back arched to make it easier to handle the monster moving inside me.

Keon leaned down and slid his hands down my thighs, almost doubling us over, but when he got to my knees, he grabbed them from behind and lifted me as he straightened himself up. Before I knew what was happening, he was standing with me in the air, supported only by his hands under my knees and his cock in my ass. He used my weight to slide me down that enormous fuckstick, lifting me slightly, and then dropping me down further onto his cock each time. I couldn’t believe it, but he was filling me deeper than I had even thought possible.

He turned us slightly, and told me to open my eyes. When I did, I could see somebody thrashing his ass wildly on the top half of what was obviously a huge black cock. His cock waved obscenely in front of him, as he jumped all over the larger man’s penis. It was hypnotic, and took me a few moments to realize that it was me. Looking down, I saw that I had a long way to go on my journey down Keon’s giant tool.

I was drawn into the show that I was putting on for both of us in the mirror as I writhed against him. It turned me on even more to watch his cock as I slowly fit more and more inside me. I writhed and squirmed, feeling it fill me deeper. His groans, and the hot breath against the back of my neck urging me on.

I was determined to get it all, but with a few inches to go, I found myself unable to sink further. That didn’t stop me from grinding all over that hot cock as I arched myself against Keon, allowing him to kiss and suck on my exposed neck, which was driving me wild. I reached down, mecidiyeköy escort grabbed the base of his cock, and used it to stir it in slow circles deep inside me as he raised used my legs to continue to slide me up and down. I was his fuck puppet, powerless in his grasp.

Keon was getting a little carried away too, and found it hard to support us both. He kneeled down, and set me on my knees in front of him on the padded bath mat. Moving his hands back up to my hips, he used this new position to start giving me a proper fucking.

At first, it was slow but powerful strokes, each one driving a little deeper than the last. I could feel him back at the point I couldn’t get past on my own, but then felt it yield as he continued past my natural resistance. My moans silenced and my mouth formed a solid O as I could feel him filling me so deeply. I wanted to scream out, but couldn’t make a sound as his it pushed even deeper. I thought it would be painful, but it was as if he was pushing me to a new level of pleasure.

Soon, I could feel his balls pressing against my own as he ground his crotch into my ass. I felt like I could pass out from the combined pressure and pleasure of that amazing piece of meat that filled me so completely. It was well over a foot of cock, and I could feel my insides rearranging to accommodate his girthy length.

Once completely inside, he leaned over my back and started kissing my neck again. I leaned my head up against his, and tried to watch him in the mirror. He smiled at my effort and gave a little pulse of his cock, letting it move inside me.

He asked if I was ready, but didn’t even wait for an answer as he started to slide his cock slowly out of my abused ass. Once the head got to the rim, he slammed it back in all the way, making me cry out. He slid it out a little quicker, and slammed it in just as hard, eliciting another deep moan. Quickening the pace of his withdrawal, he kept up his furious assault on my formerly virgin asshole.

It brought me back to reality for a moment to realize that I was eagerly bucking back on over a foot of solid black cock, helping this gorgeous man fill me with his hot meat. Only a few hours ago, I hadn’t ever even thought of kissing a man, but now I couldn’t get enough of whatever this man wanted to do to me. I was his for the taking, and would have told him so, if I could manage anything more than a grunt as he continued to drive his cock inside me.

I soon lost myself completely to the sensation of that giant cock sliding in and out of my now well-used ass. He had obviously added a little more lube, or my ass was even looser than I had thought, because now I couldn’t even feel the pressure of his expanding me…Just the insane pleasure his cock was giving me. No woman had ever made me feel this way, and I knew that none could. I had found myself on the end of this monster cock, and there would be no turning back.

I went wild, shaking my head as I moaned and thrashed all over that cock. Feeling it batter my insides until I thought that I couldn’t take it anymore. I could feel Keon expanding a bit more, as his cock throbbed even harder inside me.

He told me he was going to cum, and asked if I wanted it inside me…I found my voice enough to let him know just how much I wanted him to fill me up with his cum.

He needed no further encouragement, and started to pick up the pace, slamming into my ass so hard that it echoed off the walls. I was blissed out, and moaning incoherently as I squeezed my ass around his invading cock. I wanted to squeeze the cum right out of him.

It must have worked, because with a mighty wail, Keon began to unleash his torrent inside me. I could feel it shooting deep inside, splashing and filling me up.

That was all it took to push me over the edge, and without touching myself, I started to have the biggest orgasm of my life. My first spurt felt almost as powerful as Keon’s as I saw it shoot past my face…He continued to pound my ass as he filled me up, his pace becoming erratic as he tried to control himself. My orgasmic spasms couldn’t have been helping with that as they continued to milk his cock inside me.

I felt it continue to jerk inside me, as his orgasm dribbled to a stop. My efforts to grip him inside me, only served to push him out quicker. I gave a disappointed sigh as I felt his cock slip free and slide down against me. Trying to keep as much of his cum inside me as possible, I tightened as much as I could…But my ass wasn’t as tight as it was earlier, because now I couldn’t stop it entirely from dribbling out.

Keon leaned over and kissed me, driving his cock against me as he pulled us both up until we were kneeling back to front. His softening cock, dripping more cum, slid across my ass, almost making me wish he’d slide it back inside. I humped against him as he turned my face towards his for a kiss.

We were still on the floor, me half twisted, as we made out and groped each other, when I became aware of a slow clapping that brought me back out of my sexual haze.

I looked up to see a luscious brunette, leaning against the doorway, obviously having enjoyed our performance. I don’t know when she got there, or how much she saw, but her face was flush, and she was hiding a sizable bulge in her tight, figure-fitting dress.

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