My Chinese GILF and Surrogate Mom

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Here is my story of how I met my Chinese GILF and surrogate mother. This story is real!

Background first:

I am a middle aged, married man with kids, and a techie engineer in the booming Silicon Valley. Life for me is pretty ordinary, I work hard to survive in the expensive bay area; mortgage, teenage kids, etc. Its not cheap to live here, so everyone works long hard hours to stay ahead. I was under a lot of stress from tight deadlines at work, and to top it off I was mourning the loss of my recently departed mother. I was told to take some much deserved PTO, but I instead choose to work, to avoid depression and drinking which we all know would be the case. My mom like many was the pillar in my life.. whenever I needed anything, even if I needed to complain or get something off my chest, my mom was always there to listen to me and provide advise.

One day at the office a group of visitors arrived, they were contractors brought in to assist with some systems integration. I was tasked with giving them a tour of our offices, a technical overview of the project ahead and of course working alongside them to achieve the goal. This group consisted of 5 people, one of which caught my eye immediately. She was a very well dressed and attractive older Asian woman. When I say older, I knew she was close in age to my mother. I soon learned her name was Mimi. Let me describe Mimi. She is 4’9, 90lbs wet, perky B cups, a cute little petite woman with a bob style haircut that she dyed to hide the grey. She was born in China but came to the US in her early 20’s. She wore very professional skirts and blouses with nice heels and stockings which, beautifully highlighting her lovely legs.

Mimi and I had instant chemistry, it was obvious to both her and myself, thankfully no one else seemed to notice this attraction.

Mimi and I worked closely together on this integration project, she and her team were making great progress. I got to know more about Mimi as the project progressed and the comfort level and relationship between Mimi and myself grew. At the end of a long day, Mimi asked me sweetly if I would be so kind to help her to carry boxes full of documentation to her car. As a gentleman I said of course and I helped her carry out and load up the boxes in her car.

At her car, she asked me if I was married, I admitted to her I was. I asked the antalya escort same from her and she admitted she was a widow, her husband passing 10 years earlier. She asked if I knew her age… I said (not seriously) that she was 40… she laughed and admitted she was 59 years old. I was 38 at the time, so we had a 21 year difference between us. She caught me off guard and asked me if I was happy.. I asked her why.. she said she noticed me noticing her and saw me at times looking sad. I had admitted to her that I had lost my mother about a month prior and that it was hard for me as I was close to my mom and was still dealing with her estate and other details. Plus I admitted my wife was not very supportive of me dealing with this loss. She asked me if I had time over the weekend to stop by her house because she needed help with some things. I once again agreed without hesitation and asked her for her address and what day and time she would prefer.

3 days later on Sunday I went to Mimi’s house to help. She opened the door wearing a fashionable pink sweat outfit, when I say pink, I mean the brand Pink, well it was also the color pink. I had always seen her dressed up, but I admit she looked really hot in her sweat outfit. She needed my help moving a few heavy boxes and she also needed some help setting up a WiFi router she had purchased. I set it up and configured her laptop and her devices.. she was so happy and pleased, she gave me a big hug and held me. I was so turned on by her holding me that I instantly got hard and she felt my cock against her tummy. She and I looked at each other and then we were deeply locked in a kiss. Not just any kiss, but a deep, passionate kiss, her tongue in my mouth and mine in hers.

I began to use my hands to caress and feel her lovely body. I had always wanted to touch her cute little ass. If any of you know about Asian women, they tend to have very lovely and petite bodies with firm little butts. I also kissed and licked on her ears and neck.. as I was kissing her all over, we were still standing.. the grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into her room.. she said, lets get more comfortable. We began removing each others clothes and we were soon naked and making out like teenagers. I began to kiss and lick her nipples while she was touching and caressing my now hard cock. As I was kissing and licking her nipples lara escort I began to touch her now soaking wet pussy. She was so wet, wetter than any woman I have been with before, I admit her being this wet was a HUGE turn on for me. By the way she had a bush full of hair (she later shaved it bald for me, but that’s another story). I began to kiss my way down to her tummy and then began to lick her deliciously wet and hairy pussy. She was moaning, bucking and hold the back of my head as I slurped and feasted on her lovely pussy. I licked and ate her pussy for at least 20 minutes.. I was loving every second of it. I only stopped because my poor tongue was worn out..

She flipped me over and said that no one had ever done that to her before but that she had always wanted a man to do that and that she loved it.. she kissed me deeply and lovingly and said that it was my turn. She was shy and also admitted she has only had one cock in her life and that she only gave a blowjob a few times.. she then went down and begin to kiss and lick the head of my cock, then licked up and down the sides, she licked my balls and and back up to the head, and finally sucked my cock deep into her mouth and began to bob up and down.. wow she was amazing for a woman who claimed she had only sucked cock a few times in her life and that it had been a long long time.. I told her that if she kept it up that I would cum.. she stopped looked up at me as said to me, please cum on my mouth! She told me she always wanted to get a man off with her mouth and wanted to taste cum for the first I said ok.. she went back to sucking my cock and within a few minutes I blew a huge load into her mouth.. she swallowed every drop, then proceeded to lick and clean me up with her mouth.. she looked up again and smiled.

I couldn’t believe it, here was this conservative little Asian woman, nearly 60 years old and she sucked and swallowed me dry!

She came up and once again we were making out like teenagers.. our chemistry was amazing and it showed with how passionately we kissed. She then said to me she wants me to make love to her and then admitted she hasn’t had a man in over 10 years and really wanted to feel like a woman again. I said to her that I didn’t have any condoms.. she said she has never used them and asked me if I would be ok making love to side escort her without a condom..

I didn’t think twice…. Mimi reminded me its been a long time and asked me to be gentle and insert my cock in slowly. I started by kissing her more and rubbing my cock along her slit coating my cock with all her juices… I then slowly slid my cock into her… she tensed up and squeezed my arm… wow was she tight.. her pussy was the highest pussy I had slid my cock into since I broke a virgin in high school.. I began to slide a little more and a little more into her… I eventually worked my entire cock into her. She asked me to just lay still for a few minutes while she adapted to my cock inside her.. so we laid there, kissed passionately and I held my cock deep inside her and remained still for her to adjust. She then looked up at me and said to me “fuck me honey, fuck me with your big cock”. I began to move in and out of her slowly, in and out, in and out, then she begged me harder… so I really began to fuck her good.. she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. I admit was afraid I was going to hurt her, being an older woman and not having sex in a long time… but we fucked like animals for a good 20 minutes… I told her I was ready to cum and she begged me to cum inside her.. so I came.. I came a huge load and it felt like heaven (my toes curled). Her tight pussy milked my balls dry. She held me and asked me to stay inside her… so we held each other until I finally slipped out of her.

We kissed some more and she asked me if I would be willing to come see her more often. I said absolutely! This began our love affair which continues to this day. Mimi would not only become my regular lover, she also became a very close friend and my surrogate mother. She is there for me when I need her and she happily fills that motherly void that I had in my life. She and I are very close to this day, we see each other regularly and make love as often as we can. She has helped improve my marriage with my wife, although my wife has no clue Mimi is also my secret lover and Mimi and I text and chat daily. She is my mom and she is my lover. I love and care for her deeply.. she is now 67 years old and still looks amazing! She has shaved all her pubic hair for me, she likes to wear sexy lingerie, and still has the tightest pussy I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I have pushed her sexual boundaries and have been lucky to be her first of many new sexual experiences. Its amazing that a lovely conservative Chinese GILF on the outside is a sexual kitten on the inside.

I will share more stories if you liked this one!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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