Cannonball: Lust at the Circus

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I walk across the large field and can see the tents growing larger as I approach. I have decided to treat myself with a trip to the circus that is in town for the week. This is not like a lot of those big city style circuses that come to arenas and the like. This is like in the old days, with the massive tents, lines of smaller tents and hundreds of people wandering along to see all the attractions. This one includes a carnival, with rides for all the children and the all too familiar sideshow.

As I walk along, listening to the bells and chimes of the rides, I reach down and take off my sandals, feeling the sun warmed grass between my toes. I am getting closer to the tents and now I can truly see their magnificence. Bright tones of red, green, yellow and blue all around and the voices of people as they “ooooh” and “aaaah” at the various sights.

I start to approach the smaller rows of tents and notice the sideshow row. Mixtures of oddities are listed on posters attached to some of the tents. Some say, “See the amazing bearded woman.” Others show, “The sword swallower.” And of course, there are, “The smallest adults you will ever see.” I wander along, looking at some of the people, watching as some laugh, some look away in shock and others just stare with a look of disbelief on their faces. I look around, taking in all around me and breathe in a huge, exhilarating breath.

I walk along between some of the tents and as I am about to round a corner, I bump into a man a bit taller than I who is built well. “Pardon me,” I say shyly, looking up at the man I just smacked right into.

“No problem at all, miss,” he replies with a grin. “To be honest, I am pleased to have bumped into such an appealing young woman as yourself.”

I can feel the blush rising in my cheeks and I look away. “Thank you for such a compliment,” I say as I slowly return my eyes to him, allowing them to trace along his arms and neck to his face. “I am not unpleased by your appearance either.” I take in his appearance and burn it to memory. He stands about four inches taller than I, has short blonde hair with a goatee and has piercing eyes. I can feel myself melting as I imagine the most impure of thoughts. I barely hear him as he asks a question.

“Might I inquire as to your name, miss?” he asks as his eyes wander over me as well.

“Most everyone calls me Red, because of my hair,” I reply, too shy to tell him my given name.

“Ah, so a nickname then,” he says, again showing the marvelous grin with slightly crooked teeth. “Very well, everyone here calls me Cannonball, because of the roll I play in the circus.”

“Are you telling me that you get shot out of a CANNON?” I ask in shock.

“Yes indeed, Red,” he says, “I do. But that’s not all I am capable of, if you catch my meaning.”

Again, the flush fills my face and I can feel its heat, but there is another area that also feels this heat. I am unsure of how to answer this, so I simply reply, “Is that so?”

“Would you like me to accompany you through the rest of the tents?” he asks, putting his arm out for me to take if that is my desire. “I have some time before I am expected to perform.”

I look into his eyes, thinking to myself that this is so unlike me, to wander with a complete stranger, especially one that is only in town for a short amount of time. I think a moment longer and I can see his eyes questioning me. I reach out and loop my arm around his, feeling the strength and warmth of it against my skin.

We wander through the swarms of people and aisles of tents, all the while him telling me about his life and how he came to be “Cannonball”. I am intrigued and drawn into his words, as though hearing them has put some sort of spell over me. Listening to his voice, as it calms and soothes me and drowns out all the chaos and noises around, almost putting me into a trance.

“Would you like to see my tent?” he asks as we walk towards a row of smaller tents along the edge of the massive area.

“Yes, I would,” I respond, knowing full well what is to come next.

He leads me to one of the small tents and pulls back one of the flaps, allowing me entrance. He comes in behind me, allowing the flap to fall closed, blocking out a good amount of the sounds from the people and machines outside. He comes up to me and places his hands upon my hips. He leans in close to me and I can feel the heat of his breath a moment before his lips touch mine. He kisses me firmly and presses his body against me. I feel my knees begin to weaken as my entire body heats up as if by electricity.

He pulls at my hips, pressing his stiffening cock against my stomach and I moan lightly against his lips as his tongue pushes through into my mouth. His hands slide down to my ass, lightly pressing his palms against the cheeks and grabbing slightly. My summer dress is light and thin and I can feel the warmth burn through the material to my skin. I moan again as his mouth moves down along my neck and illegal bahis begins to kiss it gently. I bring my own hands to his waist, under his shirt and then up around to his back. I let my fingernails slide carefully down his skin, lightly scratching as they trail down.

He pushes me backwards and I feel something hard behind me. There is a small desk in the tent and he reaches around behind me, dumping everything off of it. He lifts me up, placing me on it and then reaches up under my dress, looking at my eyes the entire time. I feel almost dizzy, as if the heat has somehow intoxicated me. I am not sure I want to proceed, but at the same time, my body is pulsing and screaming for pleasure.

He runs his hands up along my outer thighs and finds the edge of my panties. He tugs at them, pulling them down along my ass, then my thighs until they appear from under the hem of my dress and disappear off the ends of my feet. He then brings his hands up under my dress again, this time running his hands along my inner thighs and I spread them apart a bit, allowing him better access. His hands glide slowly, each increase in pressure from his fingertips sending a new jolt of excitement through me.

They come to where my legs meet and he begins to tickle at my shaved slit. His fingers caress and rub along it slowly. He does not slip any fingers between the silky folds, only fondles the outside, watching my face as he does so.

“Would you like me to fuck you?” he asks, his words seeming so harsh in comparison to his actions thus far. “I would really like to take you right here on this desk if you would let me. I want to have my way with you.”

I whimper quietly as I contemplate his offer. While I do want him to take me and do with me as he would, I am afraid to give in to that desire. I quietly answer, “Yes.”

With this he begins undoing his pants and dropping them around his ankles. His cock springs forth and he leans in close, spreading my thighs even further apart. He guides his cock into my wet and waiting pussy, letting the tip slip in with ease from the natural lubrication that my body has provided. He puts his hands on my ass and pushes me onto his cock as he thrusts forward. His cock fills me completely and I moan loudly as he pushes in fully.

He starts to fuck me fast, sliding in and out at a rapid pace as he grunts and moans against my neck. The fast pace brings the start of my orgasm building, but I know from this position, I will not achieve it. He fucks harder and faster, pounding into me again and again, his rigid cock burying itself inside my warm, wet walls.

He pulls out of me and then tugs me off the desk. He turns me around and says “Put your hands on the desk.”

I do as he says and he pulls my dress up around my waist as he slams his cock into me again full force. His hands pulling at my hips as he rams me rough. Soon my orgasm is coming and I bite my lip to keep from screaming out. His grunts continue from behind me as he slams me from behind. He leans against my back, as he starts to release inside me. I can feel the heat explode against me as he moans loudly into my back. He slows his thrusts and pulls out of me.

“I have to get ready for my show now, so you need to go,” he says with an almost glazed over look. “If you would like to come play with me again, you can come see me tomorrow at about the same time. Just come into my tent.”

I stand there a moment, collecting myself a bit and then grab my panties and pull them on. I grab my shoes that had been flung at some point after entering the tent. I look him over a moment and then kiss him quick on the cheek as I walk out of his tent.

I walk through the crowds of people, the sweat from my excursion drying on my face and arms in the evening breeze. I move towards the main tent, the one that has the posting for “Cannonball”. I enter the tent and take a seat near the front where I will get the best view.

The tent fills with people and soon there is a parade of animals and clowns roaming the floor. Comes to an end and then the acrobat’s come out. Several more acts are performed and then a large cannon is rolled out. I see as “Cannonball” enters the floor and bows to the crowd. A ladder is brought out for him to use to climb into the cannon. He drops inside it and out of view. It is lit and after a few moments, there is an explosion and I am reminded of the explosion he let loose inside my throbbing pussy. He sails through the air and lands in a net on the far side of the tent. He gets off the net and again, bows to the crowd.

I rise from my seat, already having decided that I will return the next day to engage in more sexual acts with the man known simply as “Cannonball”. I leave the tent and walk home as the sun sets and the evening air fills my lungs.

I return the following day and enter his tent as instructed the previous day. He is lying on a makeshift bed that is to one side of the tent and he is completely naked. His cock is hard illegal bahis siteleri already and he is gently stroking it. “I was hoping you would return to, Red,” he says with a mischievous grin. “I have been waiting for you.”

“I would like to watch you, if that’s ok,” I say in a very shy voice. I have never watched a man masturbate before and the thought of it has already gotten me wet.

“It’s more than ok,” he says. “I would love for you to watch me stroke my cock, but you must masturbate yourself while you watch.”

This is also something I have not done before, so I think about it a moment. I then slide my dress up, revealing no panties and start to stick one finger into my wet pussy. He watches as I do this and his stroking speed increases. I watch his motions and match them with my finger as it slides in and out. I rub my thumb across my clit as I slip a second finger inside. I keep my eyes on his stroking hand as I finger myself deeper, keeping time to his strokes.

He watches as my slick fingers slip in and out and then I slide a third one in, still thumbing my clit as I push in and pull out. He quickens his pace and I match mine to his. I lean back a little as my orgasm starts to build. I look at him and say, “I am getting very close. Do you want me to come?”

“Yes,” he says, “I want you to come so I can see how you look as you pleasure yourself.”

He slides his hand along his shaft faster still and I mimic the actions with my fingers. I rub my clit furiously and soon I can see his come spurting out from the head of his cock and it drips down towards his hand. I start to come then and shake as it takes me in its clutches. Before it is done, I straddle over his face, dropping myself down close enough for him to smell my juices and then lower my mouth onto his cock. His hand moves away and he brings both of them up to my pussy, spreading my lips so he can lick at my clit.

I slide my lips down along his shaft and the heat of his cock is so satisfying. He slides a finger inside me as he continues to lick and suck at my clit. I rub my tongue around the tip of his cock and then drive my mouth down, taking him in completely. As I pull up, I suck hard against it, feeling it press against my tongue. He moans against my clit as I move towards the tip of his cock and then slide down again.

I moan as he adds two more fingers to the first one buried inside me. The vibrations against his cock bring out another moan, vibrating against my clit again and sending shivers along my body. I start to devour his cock, sliding all the way down, then back to the tip and repeating the action. He slides his fingers in and out, sucking hard against my clit and moaning onto it from time to time.

His cock gets harder in my mouth and soon I can feel the gush of his juice as it slides into my throat. I start to come then as well as his fingers keep working my insides. He licks at me more, letting his tongue slide hard against my clit. I keep sliding along his shaft, swallowing his come as quickly as it escapes him. I roll off of him and he gets up. Again, just as yesterday, he gets his things together and says that he needs to go perform. Today I do not watch him as he is shot across the large tent; instead I headed for home to sleep.

I return for the next few days and things go much the same. We try some various positions and at times I feel like an acrobat! During one of our meetings, he had me lean my hands on the desk again and this time he held up my legs with his hands as they ran along his sides. Keeping my balance during that was hard, but the rewards of the position were amazing. On another day, he had me lay down on the desk on my back, leaning my head down as he fucked my mouth and played with my breasts, squeezing the nipples. The most adventurous one had to be when he had me do a handstand facing him and he brought himself down into me from above while helping me balance by holding my legs. While it was hell on my arms, I was so aroused from this position that I had four orgasms in a row before he was done with me.

Today is the last day that the circus is to be in our town, and I went to his tent again. His things are mostly packed up now, as he is preparing to journey to another place, and possibly to another woman. He is in the middle of packing a large trunk when I come in and does not notice me. I come up behind him and start to run my hand along the front of his pants, feeling his still limp cock beneath the cloth. He jumps a little at my touch, as though he was not expecting me to be there.

He turns to face me, but before he can completely turn I say, “No, I want you to keep facing forward.”

He complies with my request and stands there as I undo his pants and drop them to the floor. I pull off his shirt as well, and then pull my dress off, which has nothing beneath. I press my breasts against his bare back, letting my nipples poke into him. I run my hands along his chest, letting my nails tangle canlı bahis siteleri through the hair there. I slide them down to his thighs and run my nails up them, then wrap my hands around his stiffening cock.

I start to work the shaft and the heat emanating from him is making me very wet. As I am stroking him, I rub my breasts into his back and thrust my pelvis towards him from time to time. “I want to feel you fuck me so badly right now, Cannonball,” I say as I continue to rub my hands along his cock. “I want to feel you take me and fuck me until we are both completely spent.”

He laughs at my words as his hands come around to pat my ass. He presses me against his back and I can feel myself quiver under his touch. He rubs my ass with his strong hands and I can feel my wetness leaking from me. I continue to stroke him and then whisper, “Do you want to fuck me?”

He does not say anything, only turns around and grabs me. He kisses me hard and brings a hand to my wetness. He sticks two fingers in and massages my clit gently as he backs me along. He then turns me to face a full-length mirror. He is standing behind me and I can feel his cock pressing against my back. He runs his hands around my front, one to my breast, the other to my little kitty. He slips in two fingers again and grabs my breast hard as he gently bites at my neck. He is rubbing his cock against my back and the sensation of it is making me wild.

I move against him harder, feeling it slide to the top of my ass. He continues to finger me and pull at my nipples while still nibbling at my neck and shoulder. I am moaning and yearning to feel his cock inside me and I start to beg and plead with him. “Please oh please won’t you just fuck me?” I ask him.

“Would you like to watch in the mirror as I fuck you?” he asks.

“Yes, I want to see you sliding in and out of me,” I say as he starts to pull his hand away from my soaked spot. I spread my thighs a little further apart as he squats a little behind me to get a good angle. He slips into me and I can see as my flesh envelops his. He puts one hand against my hip as he starts to pump into me again and again and I can see the slickness shining on his cock. He starts to push hard and I hold my stance, giving him a little resistance. He grunts into my ear as his eyes peer over my shoulder to see the action in the mirror.

I take one of my hands and place it over his on my breast as I move the other to my clit. I look into the mirror and glance into his eyes, seeing the beast within him that so desires to be fed and satisfied. He pushes in to me and I can see his eyes gleaming with his need for fulfillment. I rub my clit gently as he watches our movements in the mirror and I look down to see him slipping in and out. I lick my lips and look into his eyes again.

My orgasm is building and I know soon I will be coming. The hand resting on my hip is pushing hard into my skin and his pounding cock is driving me to the verge of insanity. My beast too is in need of satisfaction.

“I want you to come for me,” he whispers through his ragged breaths. “Do it and then I will come for you and we can begin again.”

I start to rub my clit faster as his thrusts increase in speed. He is slamming into me from behind and I can feel his balls slapping against me. I can feel as it starts to take over and my eyes roll around in my head as the lids shut. My fingers take on a mind of their own as they play with my clit and he continues his rampage from behind. I lean my head back against him and although I try to be quiet, a loud moan escapes me followed by a scream as my orgasm consumes my body and does with it as it will.

He is still pounding into me and I am trying to quiet down, but I am unable to. My screams continue as he starts to fill me with his own wetness. I start to regain my senses and open my eyes. I can see the juices start to drip along my inner thigh as his pushing slows. He is still holding me tightly to him and I am shaking in his grasp. My entire body feels electrified and I protest a bit as he starts to pull out of me.

He pulls me along behind him and I follow eagerly. He moves over to a chair and sits down, bringing me down onto his lap facing away from him. He positions himself so that his cock slides easily inside me as I find my position on his lap. He moans a little as he enters and each inch penetrates me, filling me completely. I shift my hips as I move along his shaft. I press down hard into him as I come down, feeling the full length of him.

He reaches up and grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls my head back gently as he bites lightly on my back and towards my neck. I rest my hands against his thighs as I bounce up and down in his lap, feeling his teeth as they slip along my skin and bring me exorbitant amounts of pleasure. He brings his other hand under my arm and around to my breast, cradling it in his grasp.

I start to move very slow, allowing his penetration and the feeling of it to last as long as possible. I slip along his juice slickened shaft, sensing each of our twitches and slightest movements. I then increase my speed and my fingers start to grab harder at his thighs, the nails bedding into his flesh slightly.

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