Mum’s Divorce Ch. 03

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The next morning mum came into Jack’s bedroom at seven; she said, “Jack, you’ve only wine in your fridge, I can’t make you breakfast but I will tomorrow. I have a hair appointment at eight, so I’ll go home and change. I will come to the Centre at ten, have you a spare key you can give me for here as I’ll do some shopping, do you still like a fry up for breakfast?”

Jack replied, “Mum, I love my fry up, ten is good as we don’t open until ten, I’ll get you a key now.”

Jack got up and had taken three steps before he realised that he was naked, he picked up a towelling bathrobe and put it on then said, “Mum, please excuse me, I’m so used to living alone and running around here naked, I completely forgot that I was naked, if you’re going to be staying here then I’ll be more careful in the future.”

“Jack, don’t worry about that, you do the things that make you feel comfortable, you work hard, and this is where you live. I’m going to keep your shirt, it’s so comfortable to sleep in, I’ll wear it when I am lounging around the apartment, it’s loose-fitting, and I feel so snug in it. I will phone my lawyer and get things in motion. I’ve decided not to wear my wedding ring anymore, let’s hope a handsome young man finds me attractive though I doubt that will happen. Jack, I appreciate what you did for me last night. I’m looking forward to Wednesday and the theatre again.”

Mum then left, Jack showered and shaved, as he washed his flaccid cock, he thought why didn’t I think before I got out of bed, did I have too much wine last night or was it because I wanted mum to have the key? He then thought mum had taken a good look at him, she wasn’t upset and had been cool about it as Jack dressed he thought about Jo and how to handle the problem with his father.

Mum had kept her maiden name of Ryan when she married; Jack was Jack Ryan, his father’s name was Robert Preston. He sent a message to mum; it read, “Mum, I’m not going to tell Jo that Robert Preston is my father, I’ll tell Jo that we have recovered six hundred and fifty thousand and Robert Preston will be charged with fraud. When you speak to your lawyer, add a clause that he can’t contact any of us again. We ought to keep this to ourselves, don’t rush, I’ll see you when you get here. J.”

Jack arrived at the Centre two minutes after eight, Jo’s car was there, he used his key to get in and found Jo sitting at a computer, he kissed her then gave her an update on the Glazing Company and the money they had frozen in different accounts. He then told her that his mum was divorcing his father and she was now staying with him; Jack then said, “It is going to be difficult but does mummy want a quick fuck now?”

“Mummy always wants to be fucked.”

When the Centre was being converted, the Insurance Company insisted that there should be a night watchman on the premises or they wouldn’t insure for the total amount. Jack’s grandpa had then built a two-bedroom antalya escort flat, lounge kitchen and bathroom where Jack and his grandpa lived in the early days. Jack had then bought several walk-in safes from banks which helped the situation considerably; it was a nightmare to have them installed. Jack then shopped around for other quotes, and their Insurance premium was halved.

They got into the flat, which Jo kept immaculate and went straight to the bedroom, Jo was hot, they were both now naked, Jo said, “Mummy is now going to make this magnificent cock so hard.”

Jo then went down on Jack, teasing his cock with her tongue and lips as Jack teased her hard clit with two fingers. They continued to tease and arouse each other for several minutes then Jo said, “Mummy wants to go on top, mummy wants to be a cowgirl again, play with mummy’s big tits as she rides you.”

For the next forty-five minutes Jo gave Jack a fantastic ride, Jack played with her tits and clit as she rode him, Jo came several times, but they both had a final climax within seconds of each other, Jo leaned down and kissed Jack affectionately then said, “Darling, you should use the lounge here as an office then mummy could come and visit you when she gets hot, the good thing about it would be that we can lock the door and nobody can disturb us, it’s worth a thought.”

“I’ll do that; I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Apart from the occasional times that we use it, the place is lying empty.”

They showered then went down to the primary office. Jo made some coffee. Jack had a call from Peter saying that there was a credit card being paid for from the frozen account; he had cancelled the credit card.

Just before ten mum arrived, she had her hair cut and highlighted; she looked gorgeous. Jack invited her for breakfast in the Bistro. Mum said, “We now have food in the fridge. I have two fresh duck breasts for dinner tonight. Jack, I think that we should give Jo a cash gift in appreciation for bringing this to our attention. What do you think?”

“I think that we should, how much were you thinking of giving her? She was telling me that she was thinking of changing her car but had bought a lot more stock for her stand here.”

Jack then noticed that mum had changed from the clothes she had been wearing this morning, her outfit highlighted her voluptuous body, her weighty tits looked as though they were bigger than Jo’s massive jugs, mum replied, “Let’s not be mean, we’ve recovered over six hundred and fifty thousand, try and find out what car she was wanting then we’ll buy it for her.”

After breakfast, Jack showed his mum around; she was impressed. She hadn’t spent much at the Centre or Auction House. Mum said, “There are so many things going on here, I should have come here years ago instead of living the life of a hermit. I’m sure that I’ll find a lot to do.”

The next two weeks flew in, serik escort Jack’s dad had signed the divorce papers; he now couldn’t contact mum or Jack. Jack had heard that he had moved to a town three hours drive away. The office manageress was now running the Glazing Company. When Jack had seen the operation, he suggested that they rent space in the Centre, a week later they had a small conservatory and lots of different types of windows. The Wednesday nights with mum were good, they both were looking forward to the next week’s performance.

Jack was enjoying his mum’s cooking, she was using a lot of Olive Oil with a lot of Mediterranean dishes, Jack and Jo hadn’t been out for a meal for over two weeks, but Jack was looking after his and her needs by seeing her four times a week. Jo had wanted the small Mercedes estate; Jack had got an ex-demo car which had done a thousand miles, Jo was over the moon with it as Jack had paid the difference between what she got for her old car and the cost of the new vehicle.

Jack’s mum got on well with Jo; they spent a lot of time together; mum was learning a lot about the business from Jo. Jo had told mum that she was happy that Jack and Kay had broken up, she told mum that Jack was too nice for Kay.

Mum’s birthday was coming up, Jack was at a loss as to what he would get her, when he had asked his mum what she would like for her birthday, she had replied, “Darling, I’ve got everything that I need, I’d love you to take me out for a nice meal.”

A new Italian restaurant had opened close to the apartment, and that’s where mum wanted to go. Jack had booked a table. One morning when he was having a session with Jo, he asked Jo what he should get his mum for her birthday? Jo replied, “A nice bunch of flowers, a nice bottle of Champagne and a voucher for Silks Lingerie boutique, your mum loves that shop, every woman loves nice lingerie but let her choose her own by giving her a voucher.”

The following Wednesday was mum’s birthday; mum had agreed to go to the theatre then the Italian restaurant afterwards.

On Sunday Jack and his mum were both working in the Centre, the Bistro had been busy at lunchtime, the Centre closed at four as it got very quiet after lunch, Jack said, “Mum, let’s eat in the hotel tonight, we haven’t been there for ages?”

“I’d love that, what will I wear? Jack, I love the shirt you’re wearing today, I changed our beds this morning, but I forgot to turn the washing machine on, I’m getting old, can you let me have that shirt to sleep in tonight?”

“No problem mum, I’ll change before we go out, I will give it to you then, you look good in everything, I’ll make a reservation, so we get grandpa’s table, I often think of all the great meals I had with him at that table, I’ll make the booking for seven.”

They arrived at the Hotel at seven, and we’re shown directly to their table. The Duty Manager side escort came to their table; he said, “Good evening Mr and Mrs Ryan, it’s so nice to see you, Mary will now serve you your Champagne then take your order for dinner, I hope that you enjoy your meal.”

Mary presented the Champagne. Jack nodded in approval. Mary poured a tasting amount in Jack’s glass; Jack said excellent, then Mary filled mum and Jack’s glasses. Mary left them with the menus. Mum said, “Jack, that was nice the young manager called us Mr and Mrs Ryan, I felt good when he said it, I would like if when we’re out if you called me Dot, mum doesn’t sound so good.”

“Dot, what’s a gorgeous woman like you doing in this beautiful hotel?”

“Thanks Jack, I’m on a dinner date with a very handsome young man who is also taking me out on my fiftieth birthday on Wednesday which I’m looking forward too.”

Jack replied, “He is looking forward to that, too, what would Dot like for her birthday?”

Mum smiled then said, “Jack, I don’t need anything, just spending time with you makes me happy, I’ve bought a lovely outfit for Wednesday, I hope that you like it.”

Mary came and took their order; they both were having steaks. Jack asked, “Dot, you’re a beautiful divorced woman, why aren’t you dating any men?”

Mum replied, “Jack, the only good thing to come out of the marriage was you, your father was having affairs all over the place. My father hated him, he told me not to marry him, but I carried on regardless, I thought that he loved me, I was wrong, and my father was right. I feel comfortable when I’m with you. I am not interested in dating men; I don’t want to be hurt again. Can I ask why you’re not dating anyone? I’m also happy that you are not dating Kay anymore, I didn’t like that girl at all, Jo is a far nicer person than Kay.”

The steaks were served, they were delicious, Jack said, “Dot, Kay used me for sex, I used Kay for sex, there’s no way I would have Kay being the mother of my child. I’m happy it’s over with Kay, I’ve been happier when I have been with you on Wednesday nights. Kay was a few years older than me, but she still thought about stupid things, I think that I prefer being with an older woman, I love it when you mother me.”

Mum lent over and squeezed Jack’s hand and said, “Those were lovely words, I love being with you and looking after you, let’s get home, I want to get into your shirt and have a glass of wine with you.”

Jack paid the bill and left a ten per cent tip; this had been his grandpa’s policy if he was working in the Hotel, the Hotel paid. If he was relaxing in the Hotel, he paid. They got back to the Penthouse; mum looked gorgeous in the slim fit shirt, it was also long and covered half her thighs. They sat for over an hour talking generally, then Jack said, “Dot, I’ve to be in at eight tomorrow morning, I’ve enjoyed tonight, I hope that we have more nights like tonight.”

Jack and his mum stood up. Mum put her arms around Jack and pulled him close to her. Jack felt the weight of her breasts as mum buried her tongue in Jack’s mouth, it was a tender and affectionate kiss, then mum said, “I hope so too Jack, goodnight and sleep well.”

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