Ms. Marca Ch. 47

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Chapter 47: Does New Orleans…And An Old Guy

A girl friend wanted me to go with her to New Orleans La. To help her take care of some personal business that she had to do. Her aunt had died and she was had left in the will a townhouse to my girl friend and she just wanted some company along on the trip. We had gone down on a Thursday night and the first thing Friday we were at the lawyers office to meet with him and the real estate woman. By later Friday afternoon an offer had been made and my girl friend had accepted it and the deal was done.

Friday night we were the guests of the lawyer and his wife for dinner and later we were drop off at our hotel and had one drink in the bar at the Royal Orleans. We could see that not even dress in our best we had made a big impression on the men who were in the place. Both of us were to tried to party that night, it had been a long day and party time could hold off until Saturday night. We both slept in and did a little shopping on Canal Street. We had ask the bellhop where was a nice upscale nightspot was that had an older group, we didn’t want to be around a bunch of guys who were our age.

The bellhop had a taxi for us at 9 PM and he took us to a place on St. Charles Street. One of those old mansions and it was private club member’s only type thing. We had been told to ask for Blake when we got to the place. He turned out to be a tall nice looking black man in a tux, who escorted us into the bar and he put us at a small table for 2 just off the dance floor and bought us our first round of drinks. We never had to spend a dime that night, I wonder why.

We were dressed to kill; I had on a white one-piece dress that button up the front. It had a built in bra support pads, not a bra just the support. Low cut and the outline of my nipples would show though the material. I had white lace thong panties on with 4″ heels and no stockings. At 5′ 10″ and with the heels which made me 6′ 2″ my 40DD made the rest of my 23 x 38 body stand out in this crowd my hair was long and down my back and the curls in the New Orleans humidity made the hair frizz up even more.

The men in the place were 55 + and most had to be in their 60’s. All dressed in suites and ties and every guy in the place looked like he had class. That was the reason we were there we wanted to be around class, not a bunch of boys who would show us how they could be an ass. The place had a 3 man jazz group and they played slow easy jazz you could dance to and we knew the gentlemen would hold us close and rub up next to us to get a feel of the good stuff. We knew these men knew how to dance and how to treat you like a lady. Nothing like a Southern gentleman to pass the evening with.

It didn’t take long before the first guy was over asking us to dance and we were there to be seen and show them what we had and the dance floor is the place to do that. Each man knew how to dance and they held me in their arms as if I had been a dance partner before and held me very close. One or two of the guys had a big package up front and thought nothing of rubbing it up against me and making it’s presents known to me by pressing it against my pussy area. The few guys that had something to be proud of and when I did feel it I would smile and make little cute commits like “Oh I like the way you dance, you seem to know just how to make the right move!”

Before to long my girl friend and I had picked out the two who would take us back to the hotel. It seems like my girl friend won the flip and she got the room and I had to do whatever it takes to make it any place I wanted, just not in our room. The guy I had picked out was named Henry and had to be about 65 give or take a year or two. He was about 6′ 3″ and had a nice build and I could feel that big bulge in his pants the first time he ask me to dance. He had been on the top of the list from the get go.

When we dance it seem each time he was getting bolder with his big rod and began to rub me with it to the point it must have seem like we were trying to fuck on the dance floor. I felt myself getting very excited. I leaned closer to him in order to get a better feel. My God this guy was hung! It was excitement I was after. Illicit sexual excitement! And yes, I found it here. I looked up at Henry. I didn’t notice before but he was very muscular and handsome. We both knew what was going to happen. I started to pull away when he took my hand and placed it on his crotch as the music continued to play that slow easy to dance sexy body rubbing sound that was filling the room.

It was dark enough that no one could see him move my hand down and to his crotch. nevşehir escort I wanted to pull away, but I didn’t. . Instead, I watched and felt him pull it down his hard member and at the same time I felt his right hand run down my back to my hips. He said to me “I don’t think you are wearing any underwear!” His cock was semi-hard. Oh God it felt so big, so hard he had to have a beautiful rod. My mouth began to water as I felt it though his pants and fingered it in my hand.

“You’re dressed to the nines, you’re so damn hot baby!” He moved even closer and began rubbing his penis against my crotch area and I could feel it at my opening, if I didn’t have my thong on, I think my pussy was ready to snap at it. As he taunted me, challenging me to resist his manhood, I began flooding with excitement. I took him in my hand but after just a slight rubbing of it he pulled away. “Let’s go to my place!” Henry took my hand and escorted me to his car. We walked out of the place with his hand on my ass guiding me toward the parking area next to the club. My office is in this build and I park in the office garage. He open the door to his BMW and I sat down and gave him lots of leg to look at as I swung them in so he could close the door. He went around to his side got in and put his right arm across the back of my seat and looked at me and said, “You one hot lady you’ve had my cock jumping all night and I know you like the feel of it, don’t you?”

If I were to reach under your skirt I would find that you are quite wet, wouldn’t I? Answer me.” “Yes,” I confessed. He dropped his hand from my chin to my exposed thighs. Slowly, he pulled the material back until my white-lace thong panties were showing. I looked out of the car window to make sure no one was watching us. Fortunately, he was parked on the top floor of the parking garage in the far corner. “Take your panties off,” he instructed me. I froze. “Not here. What happens if someone sees us?” I whispered loudly. I was playing hard to get trying to make him work for this pussy. “I said to take them off.”

I looked out every window to make sure no one was around. Quickly, I lifted myself off of the seat and slid them down my legs. I placed them in the old guys waiting hand. He then unbuckled his pants, exposing his semi-erection. I cleared my throat. He held my panties/thong up to his face and took 3 or 4 deep breaths trying to inhale the smell of my pussy. He then took my hand and placed it on his cock. “Jerk me off.” I knew I had little chance of changing his mind. I began stoking it. It grew in my hand as I continued pumping it up and down. He pulled my skirt up again, only this time he exposed my naked vagina. “I see you shave your pussy, God I love a woman who shaves her cunt!” I bet he will like the taste of it I douched with a special wash and I had spread a gel mixture of lime and mint on my pussy lips to give whoever licked it a pleasant taste with there first touch of the tongue.

“Look at you…you’re a hot piece of ass, baby,” he said as we embraced in a tongue twisting kiss. I felt his cock pressing against me as our embrace was obviously arousing him. The ring of the car telephone disrupted us momentarily but he held on to me as he picked up and said hello. After some initial greetings, he gently pushed down on my shoulder with his free hand. Following his lead, I slid down on my knees on the front floor in front of him as he moved over to get away from the wheel and give me room to do my thing. He continued talking on the phone even after I took his big cock in my mouth. Finally! Nothing is more exciting than kneeling down in front of a man. Submissive! Maybe it was the slut in me that made me want to be his whore? All I know is I love sucking cock while on my knees or on all fours.

My right fist wrapped tight around the base, I continued moving my hand up until it met my lips and then let it slide back down again. My hand slid easily up and down the length of him as my saliva, mixed with his precum, rolled out of my mouth and down his cock shaft. Henry’s penis grew to unbelievable proportions as I slurped away. My head was spinning, but I couldn’t help but listen as the conversation changed to me. “…Nothing much. ….” He said to whoever he was talking to on the telephone. I couldn’t believe my ears. Nothing much what was I chopped liver, you old fart!

“If you must know I’m getting one hell of a blow job as we are talking!” I stop for just a second and took my lips off his cock and smiled up at him and licked my lips and went back down on him. “This is one fine woman I’m with, nobody sucks cock better!” I looked up at him after he said that and he smiled down at me. I continued blowing him looking up into his eyes as he continued talking on the phone.

“Shit, she can handle a cock and you know how big my tool is, this is one fine piece of ass!”

I’ll tell you what, we’ll stop by later for a drink and …no way… way, …maybe she will….all right…..right after …I can’t talk about it now….as I said the bitch is blowing me as we speak….later.”

What was he getting me into?

I heard myself moaning, “I’m cumminggg…suck it harder! Suck it you! Oh God yes suck ittt! Yea…swallow my cum,” he said out loud. His sperm filled my mouth and he tried shoving his cock down my throat. He began groan and moan when I gagged but continued assaulting my throat. I was cumming, damn I was so hot!

I love it when a penis ejaculates in my mouth. Henry was cumming in my mouth.

I started to gag a second time as he shoved his big cock down my throat and filled my mouth with his warm semen. I could feel it ejaculating in my mouth. After swallowing every last drop of his delicious creme, I let his cock slip from my lips. Henry was smiling, looking down at me when he said, “Thank you.” “What are you thanking me for?” “For sucking my old cock…for cumming in your beautiful mouth.” “Well, your welcome!” As I licked cum off his shaft and sucked the Pee hole like it was a straw to get the last drop. I licked and wiped cum off my face with my fingers and all the cum that had run down from my chin.

I knelt there kissing his softening penis wishing he had fucked me before ejaculating. I looked up and smiled and said to him, “I love a big cock I love to hold and kiss and tongue it! It has been a while since I had one that big and I almost gagged twice. Do you mind if I kiss it and run my tongue over it for a while?” “You got to be a good 9 or 10 inches and you’re as thick as any man I’ve ever had.” I went back to French his big cock and kissing the tip of his Pee hole and sucking the precum as it slipped out. “Baby you know your cocks, I’m 9 ½ inches and I don’t know how big around but I’ll take your word on being a thick one.”

“Here lets get you ready for more I need to get my mouth and lips on your balls, I mean if you want more?” He smiled and told me I was going to be in for a long night. I pulled his pants down as far as I could as I licked him and moved my lips toward his balls they were like hen eggs and there was no way I could get both in my mouth at the same time. I felt his cock twitch and I knew that he must have had that little blue pill and than I knew what he was talking about a long night. He was getting hard and ready for round 2 or was it 3, who is counting! Henry I want you to fuck me this time, please!” He let out a gasp when I took his entire shaft in my mouth and began sucking it. I wasn’t certain of what time it was but this was the third blow job already tonight or was it morning. This time, however, I was going to get fucked. I was getting vocal wanting him to fuck me. I dropped him from my lips and said, “Set on my side so I can sit on your hard cock and fuck you.”

Seconds later, I was getting ready to try and eases down on his stiff erection. At first I felt I would split, but it slowly opened my pussy. When I had stretched enough to get the head in I started let a little enter a little at time. It seemed like it took five minutes to get it all in. Finally I could feel his body against mine and it was in. God I was so full, then I began slow strokes. Before long we were rocking and I was getting the fuck of my life. I could hardly believe that huge thing was doing me. It was fantastic.

I cannot begin to tell you how good it felt. Feeling like the slut / whore that I had been dressed like, I asked, “Can you believe you’re finally fucking me? Admit it, you’ve been checking me out my leg’s my tits my ass all night, haven’t you?” “Yes…I love checking out your legs, you’re a fucken piece of ass…you have a great body.” “I know I do…. Are you a thong man, Henry? Do you like women in spiked, high heels…like I’m wearing…hmm?” I teased him. What red-blooded man doesn’t? He had removed everything but my heels. I felt liberated.

He took each of my big breasts in his hands and began pulling my nipples. He was gentle at first but that gave way to him grabbing my aroused nipples and really pulling them hard. I placed my hands on top of my head to look even sexier as I bounced up and down even harder now. I was ready. “Fuck me with that fat cock…harder…yes…yess…yesssss,” I cried as I finally came. My legs were trembling as I flooded his cock with my juices. He continued pulling my nipples, which by now was driving me crazy. “Suck them Henry suck them bite on them my nipples are rock hard suck them!”

When my orgasm subsided, I was still riding and facing. “Fuck me dog style!” I got up and step out of the car and bent over the front finder, spread my legs wide and looked back at him with that look of get it in before it gets limp “GOD DAMN IT FUCK MY CUNT!” I could tell he was looking at my ass as I wiggled it and I wanted him to put that big thing back in where it belong. I gasps at about the same moment his lips and tongue connect with my greasy, tight butt hole. Oh God he is licking my brown hole oh my God I love this how did he know how much I love this! Kiss your baby’s, your sexpot’s delectable ass hole. I croons and turns my head to see him feasting away. He dances his tongue around my ass hole, and then pokes it eagerly but slowly inside, trying to draw out all the flavor he can. I groan and moan.

He’s French-kissing my ass. I whimpers. “Good, Henry, good, get it way up there. Ass fuck me with your tongue. Get it so juicy-wet up there, so your big cocks can fit inside.” He eats my butt for at least ten minutes. I went off 3 or 4 times and each time juice ran from my ass. He lets his tongue slide over and over down to my juicy, hot pussy hole. I could feel his eyes on me he was looking at my ass as he tongued me. Within seconds he was feeling my buttocks and then he found my ass hole. He was just getting one of his fingers in there when he said, “I’m going to cum and I want to cum in your mouth!

Please Marca suck me no woman has ever sucked me like you have tonight.” He stayed right where he was. I swung around and grabbed his glistening erection in my right hand and began jerking him off. Slowly I went down to my knees, my favorite position to suck cock. As I engulfed him in my mouth. That sucking sound was not jobs going to Mexico, but me cleaning up his cock.

The bigger they are the more I enjoy sliding my lips around them & chewing down. I can get so into sucking off a big hard Cock that I can actually climax just from that. That’s right, I don’t even touch my pussy sometimes. But the excitement I feel from having Cock meat in my mouth just mounts & mounts until my cunt explodes. A Cock is such a beautiful thing. I showed him my wet tongue as I licked the head of his shiny pink head. I began playing with his huge full balls with my soft manicured hand, as I sucked his enormous cock. I slowly worked my way back to his ass, and began rubbing his ass hole with my long clear fingernail. I was sucking furiously at this point, as if I was on a mission. I was making slurping noises, and sucking sounds as I sucked up and down as fast and as hard as I could. I heard his breathing increase dramatically.

I knew from years and years of expert cock sucking that this was it. Right at the moment of truth, I shoved my wedding finger (all the way up to my wedding ring) right up his old ass hole. I was sucking with all my might as he exploded, like no man has ever exploded before or since, into my hot wet whore mouth! He came, and came and came. Wave after wave of hot salty cum shot into my mouth, he was twitching, and screaming audibly like I’ve only heard wild animals scream. His ass hole tightened onto my wedding band as if he would never let it go. I frantically sucked, slurped, swallowed and gulped every drop that I possibly could. But it was too little too late. He must have cum a half a cup worth, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. His orgasm lasted almost one full minute, of which I spent my time scrambling to eat, swallow, and suck all of his hot load I could find.

I got myself together and looked at my watch and we had been sucking and fucking for almost 3 hours it was 2:30 AM. My dress had ended up in the back seat and Henry told me he was going to keep my panties to remember me by. I got my dress on and ask him if he was going to take to my hotel, I don’t know what I was going to do for the next 6 hours, I know my roommate would not want to get her guy out until 8 or 9 AM. “Baby we got a stop to make before I get you to your hotel!” That must have been the phone call he got that he had said something about coming by for a drink. “Henry you’re not going to hurt me are you?” “Honey did you like what we did?”


With that he pulled out of the parking garage and headed down the side streets while I tried to redo my make up and look hot for whoever was next. I could see I was going to be doing some more of this sperm drinking, cum licking, cock sucking, before I saw the sun. I hope the next guy was his size, but hell a girl can’t be too greedy. I had more cock ready for me and that was the main thing.

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