Cathy’s Permission

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I originally published this story in another site as an anonymous author, but I like it here. I thought you might enjoy this story.


There wasn’t a sound. Yet.

But she knew she was in for a night to be remembered. Greg had walked with her blindfolded not too far away. When the blindfold was removed she didn’t recognize where she was. He told her to undress down to the bra, the one he had chosen.

Cathy, alone in the room, waiting for the door to reopen. She had asked to be used anyway Greg wanted. She didn’t know how long it had been since he put her up like this, but she was impatient. Greg had told her to just wait and not move from the spot she was in, not that she had much choice.

Her white, curvy 5′ 9″ body was tied to the post, her arms loosely bound to her sides; so she could move them to keep circulation. Her voluptuous breasts were bulging out of the skimpy black bra she wore, accented by the rope holding her to the post tied just above and below them. She was a beautiful woman with hips and ass to match her magnificent breasts. Her long legs, which she always thought of as her best feature, slightly parted.

Parted enough to allow the dildo that Greg had slowly, achingly slowly, inserted into her pussy with the instructions that she should make sure it was still there when he returned. He would whip her if it wasn’t and she didn’t want that. Really didn’t want that. She hated pain, almost in any form, let alone intentionally inflicted pain. She wasn’t entirely sure Greg would whip her. He knew she couldn’t stand it, would hold it against him. But she had submitted to his control signing an agreement he could do ANYthing he wanted and that was that.

But she struggled with her thoughts. Could she not resent it? Would Greg whip her anyway? He had tapped her ass with something before he left, and it had stung just a bit. She yelped, but as the sting had subsided, it felt hot and good. Damn it. She didn’t want to like it, but it was still there just a bit. Warm and feeling good. Oh, God, she was confused and in a bind, literally.

She had been tied up, oiled up till she shined. Greg had stimulated her breasts and clit. Teasing her within an inch of coming before he put in the dildo so slowly, and left her. Her head was held in place by the strap across her fore head. She couldn’t see him insert the dildo. She felt the lube, cold and slick. But the unseen dildo felt different than any before that they had used. Not bigger, not harder, not too much wider, just different in a way that half excited her even though she couldn’t define why.

The last thing Greg had done was to cover her ears with something that looked like headphones, and then, removing the strap holding her head still, place a black sack over her head. The sack had a cinch which closed around her neck. It was silence and total darkness for her. She could breathe, but it felt warm, moist. The feel of the ropes binding her, and the dildo which kept trying to slip out of her pussy when she lost her concentration about holding it in place, all of this added up to a slight rise in her excitement level.

She was starting to feel that he would never return when she felt from her feet more than anything that the door had opened and steps were approaching. The ear muffs were quite effective at restricting her hearing, but she could her a voice talking. She was surprised to perceive the possibility of another voice, too. Then it began.

First the ear mufflers started playing music softly. They were headphones! Cathy now realized then she couldn’t hear anything BUT the soft music. She felt a hand softly touching her oiled skin. First at her feet, softly rising along the back of her leg, circling and swirling sensuously. Rising slowly to her hips, and then the back of her hips and squeezing her butt. The hand circled slowly towards her clit and stayed there. Lightly circling the outer edges of her labia and occasionally brushing her Ataşehir Esmer Escort nub, giving her a start. She would twitch her hips, but the finger still found its mark. She knew this was Greg touching her. The soft touch was his style and she loved it.

Suddenly, another pair of hands gripped her breasts from behind. Oh, my God, Greg had brought someone with him! These hands were less gentle, but still not rough. Her bra was removed, well, more like cut off of her. She could feel the back of the knife blade’s cold steel as it sliced off the straps, then the steel reappeared at her back. Her bra fell at her feet. Her breasts were hefted and cupped, and then she felt fingers making their way slowly towards her nipples. They stopped just before they got there. They moved back down the skin of her breasts. Again slowly. Then her neck was kissed.

And sucked on. She broke out in goosebumps involuntarily. She forgot about the dildo just long enough for it to slip out a bit. She tensed, and squeezed her pussy to hold it in place again. But the neck kissing kept up with more intensity now. There was nipping and sucking. She moaned.

Then the hand at her pussy was joined by another. The dildo was thankfully pushed back in. Then her labia were spread wide, and a full blown assault on her pussy started, softly at first, but slowly rising in both pressure and pace. Just the lips were being touched, up and down, right to her opening where the dildo was and then up around her clit, not quite touching it but not quite not touching it either. She moaned again.

The kissing on her neck stopped. The attention to her breasts resumed in earnest. Her nipples were circled then held between a pair of thumbs and forefingers. Squeezed and pinched then pulled out and then circled again. She felt her self getting wetter and her breathing changed to deeper, faster breaths.

She tried to raise her hands, but she had forgot in the heat of the moment that they were not available to her. The ropes snapped tight. Her hands opened, wanting to hold something. Everything stopped.

Her ass felt another snapping blow. She yelped in surprise. Again with the sting! Then the heat she felt subsided ever so slowly. Damn it again. It felt good in spite of herself.

The dildo started a gentle vibrating. It was slowly removed only to press against her clit softly. It slowly moved around her labia, fingers stretching her lips apart. The vibrations were having an effect, and then she felt more lube being applied. Relentlessly the vibrations continued to move around her exposed pussy area.

Her breasts were again being stimulated. Her nipples circled again but with a bit more pressure. Then one breast cupped, lifted and her nipple sucked into a warm mouth. Gently suckled, and positioned so that the strange tongue was underneath her nipple, stroking it back and forth. She felt a stubble from the person sucking her. The other breast was being pressed with a heal of a hand circling that nipple. She loved this.

She was starting to get wet in earnest. Cathy was betraying her resistance to being used in this way, against her will, against her upbringing. She knew she was in deep trouble when two fingers plunged into pussy moving in and out and the dildo vibrations increased a bit in intensity and more closely to her clit. Her breathing was getting ragged. Her hips started moving encouraging the fingers probing her. She was close; so close.

She asked out loud if she could come. Everything stopped again. Again after a moment she felt the sting of whatever the hell it was that was hitting her ass. Once on one side and the once on the other. Slightly harder this time. It didn’t sting so much as hurt. She cried out, “Please, no more.” Then a repeat on each ass cheek to silence her.

The heat lasted longer, but so did the warm, strangely good feeling as the hurt went to sting then to hot then warm then slowly disintegrated into…She Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort couldn’t say it wasn’t there, but she couldn’t sense it as being distinct either.

She was in trouble. They were going to do what they wanted. The dildo was reinserted into her pussy, still vibrating, which made it slightly harder to keep in her. It was slipping out slowly. She squeezed her pussy harder.

Nothing moved for a long time, not her, not whoever was with her. Just the dildo vibrating away softly. And the music in her ears. It was softly musical with out having a definite style. Sometimes piano, sometimes an ensemble, sometimes she thought she could hear the sighs and moans of sex, but it was all recessed just barely audible behind the music. Her legs were starting to ache. And the damn dildo was ever so slowly answering the call of gravity besides her efforts to hold it in place.

She sensed movement. She was being slowly untied. First her head, then the ropes around her breasts, then… no, her hands were still tied to her waist. She tried to grope around with them only to be rewarded with a light swat with what she now termed “the instrument” to her left breast. The implication was clear enough. She was to remain passive, or be whipped. Then the dildo was thankfully removed and she was led away. The music remained as did the hood. Hands were holding her on each side. They walked. They walked for a while.

Suddenly, she felt the cool outside air on her body. She didn’t like that. Who would see her? She wished she could hear or see, but that was not possible. Her nipples hardened on their own. This was rewarded with gently circling fingers, which only made them harder, more visible, more sensitive, and her more wet.

Oh, lord, Greg really got her this time. She didn’t know where she was or who she was with, really, and who was seeing her. She had no control, and no one would know it was her, what with the hood and all, but still she resisted actually liking what was happening. She wasn’t supposed to like it, was she? Then the thought bloomed in her mind that she really did like it. What choice did she have anyway?

The fingers stopped circling her nipples. She was lifted off the ground slightly. Suddenly it was warm again. They put her back down and proceeded a short way, holding on to her at each side.

They stopped. The hands and arms still held her. But now new hands groped her. Her breasts were touched, her body stroked, her legs massaged, her butt touched and squeezed. She felt new oil being applied to her body. All over her body. Into her pussy, running down the crack of her pretty ass, over her breasts.

Then Cathy felt all the hands picking her up. Easily. They placed her onto a … platform? It was padded, but not soft like a bed. Hands were all over her. She couldn’t keep track. It seemed like every part of her was being touched, and oiled and slick. Her pussy was penetrated with what she felt were fingers, her clit circled, her breasts were fondled. Her legs stoked along with her feet. All not harshly, but insistently.

God, how many people were there? Six, ten? Who were they? Were they all men? Did she really care? Every now and then a finger would dangerously circle her anus, and she would tighten it. It felt good along with every other thing that was happening, but she didn’t like anal penetration. Again she realized that she didn’t really have a choice.

Cathy wanted to have the hood removed, then she didn’t, then she did. She couldn’t make up her mind, but she was afraid to ask out loud for fear of ‘the instrument” striking her. Actually as she though about it, it wasn’t unpleasant, per se, except just for a second, then it felt …well, good. But she didn’t like that particular second very much so she kept quiet.

Again, as if on signal, everything stopped. Moments passed. She felt eyes gazing at her. At her untrimmed pussy, at her belly, which she always felt Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort embarrassed about, at her breasts. She was on display. Like it or not. Timed past, she lost track of her thoughts and time. She did notice that the music got just a bit louder. And so did the sounds of sex in the background. Every now and then she could make out phrases like “oh, fuck me!” and words like “harder!” spoken with real urgency amid the moaning and the sighing.

Then, finally, her arms were gently untied and pulled over her head, and retied, not tightly, but she couldn’t move much. A pair of hands messaged her arms, adding a bit of warm oil. She forearms lightly stroked, then her biceps, then onto her shoulders. It was a nice massage, not deep, but intimate. Then another pair of hands started the same way on her feet and up her legs. Again another pair of hands, maybe it was two pair, were gently stroking her stomach and then even more hands a pair per breast were kneading her, teasing her, exciting her. She had never had so much attention to her body and she was overcome with sensation. Her embarrassment was gone and replaced with sheer sensation. Her moans were mixing with the the sounds she was hearing in her ears.

She felt her legs being raised and separated above her and tied from above with soft silk streamers, as near as she could tell. She felt the platform, or whatever it was being folded? Anyway it was knocking around as it was being manipulated. She sensed it was being tilted down slightly. For a moment everything stopped as if someone had pressed the pause button. Nothing and no one moved. Then she felt it.

At first she though it was the dildo again, but it was bigger. And warmer. A penis, an erect penis. And it was moving up and down her labia. Then it was at her opening, just resting there. Suddenly, it plunged into her with force. It surprised her, and she moaned in response as it filled her. It started stroking in and out of her, slowly at first then with increasing speed and force. Hands reappeared all over her body. Her breasts were being fondled, and nipples pinched and circled. Hands at her neck, on her stomach. Under her butt. Kneading, insistent, filling her with sensations she couldn’t keep track of.

She was being fucked, and fucked like she could never have imagined. Then more lube was applied to her labia and a finger, then two stoked up and down her lips keeping pace with the cock that was impaling her again and again, deeper, then almost out then pushing in again touching every part of her insides. The fingers were finding their way to her clit. Her breasts were alive with the sensations of stimulation and circling, and pinching and …she was loosing it. Two fingers found her clit, back and forth right on it. Her breathing became more ragged and shallow.

She felt the orgasm start deep in her. She was being fucked and felt up and massaged, and now she was going to come. She knew she couldn’t stop it, nor did she care. It welled up hard and fast. She started squeezing the cock inside her, pulsing her muscles, then her stomach started to spasm, tightening and rolling. Finally she felt her whole body twitch uncontrollably. She gasped then moaned loudly.

The hands disappeared immediately from her body and the cock in her pulsed and shrunk, slowly popping out of her. Her legs were untied. Her arms freed. All the hands in unison lifted her off the platform, placing her softly on a bed. Then she was being held tightly and a knee was pressed gently into her pussy as she came down from her orgasm. For minutes she held on to a body next to her and calmed down.

The music slowly abated in her ears and the hood and headphones removed. She was told to keep her eyes closed until she heard the door close by a voice she didn’t recognize. She could hear now the sounds of people leaving, and whispering. She heard individual words like “awesome” and “beautiful” and…The door closed.

When she opened her eyes, Greg held her close and told her how much he loved her and how wonderful she was, and they slowly came back to normal and their normal life. She was in her bedroom with her husband holding her tight. Filled with both memories and the love that surrounded her, she kissed him and fell into a deep and satisfying sleep.

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