The Violet Guard Spanks Ch. 02

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Suddenly Samuel was standing next to her, her blouse and skirt and undergarments in his hand. Seona remember her state, and grabbed the clothes off him, trying to cover her nakedness. It was too late, of course. Samuel had seen everything his big sister had to offer, and more importantly, had seen the flaming red of her bottom.

‘What’s going on?’ questioned Samuel

‘Nothing’ blushed Seona, but she knew that he would be more persistent then to just shrug this off.

‘Oh?’ he said ‘Then why are you naked? And who was that and why did he leave so quickly? And most of all…’ he lowered his voice into a gleeful, spiteful tone ‘why did he spank your bottom?’

Seona sighed. ‘I don’t know who he is. Well, I do to a degree. He’s a Violet Guard. And I let him spank me because I had to, I didn’t have much choice, did I? You try saying now to the King’s chosen men’

She pulled her skirt on up over her bloomers, and stuck her tongue out at Samuel. She turned to walk off, but his voice called out after her.

‘I’m going to tell Father’ came his taunt, and it stopped Seona in her tracks. She turned to face her brother.

‘Don’t you dare’ she threatened him, but she knew she was in no position to be making such threats.

‘Then tell me what was going on’ her brother demanded, softly

‘Nothing’ sighed Seona. ‘I was bathing in the stream and he came up. At first I was angry, but then I saw who he was’

‘Violet Guard’ added Samuel

‘Yes’ continued Seona ‘And I knew that I had to obey him. We didn’t do anything, he just made me show him my body, and then he spanked me’

Samuel laughed.

‘Why did he spank you?’ ‘He said he was out looking for a girl to spank’ replied Seona

‘Haha’ laughed Samuel ‘My kind of man’

‘It’s not funny’ snapped Seona ‘It really hurt!’ She was trying her best to conceal the fact that she had thoroughly enjoyed the Guard’s treatment. ‘And then you came and he ran off’

‘I’m still going to tell Father’ teased Samuel, and before Seona could say anything, he had turned and was running away through the forest.

Seona cursed him. No doubt she would get a whipping from her father if he found out what had transpired. And no doubt her father would not believe that nothing else had happened. But she wasn’t afraid of the whipping. She was afraid that he might not let her attend Winters Pageant. She knew that attending was the last chance she would have to find the guard, before he left in a few days and returned to his village.

She walked slowly back to the village, her stomach was turning at the thought of what her Father would say, and she tears were welling up in her eyes at the prospect of not being allowed to attend the festival, to find the Patrick who had spanked and masturbated her with such passion.

She walked straight home when she got to the village. People said hello to her, greeting her warmly, in fact the whole village was abuzz with the impending festivities. The goods for trade were packed and ready, and the men and women of the village were busying themselves getting ready for the first feast.

She entered the thatched roof hut she called home, and saw Samuel sitting with her Father, and her older brother Jacob. She had two older brothers, and three younger. Jacob was twenty four, and looked at her with a knowing smile. No chance that Samuel had kept his mouth shut, then.

‘Boys, I need to be alone with Seona’ said her Father, and Seona’s bottom lip quivered.

Jacob and Samuel got up and walked outside, grinning at Seona as they passed her. She felt her face grow red and hot.

‘So Seona’ her Father started ‘I heard about your little encounter in the woods this morning’

‘Yes Daddy’ said Seona, desperately trying to win him over with her charms.

‘And if you think I’m going to be okay with any daughter of mine parading naked around the forest with strange men, then you’ve got another thing coming’

“No Daddy’ pleaded Seona ‘It wasn’t like that’

But her pleas fell on deaf ears, just as she suspected they would. Her father stood from his chair and took the thin snappy rod down from its prominent place on their wall. Seona hated the tiny instrument, able to cause great pain to her backside.

‘Take off your clothes’ said her Father ‘I’m going to teach you a lesson about respecting yourself. This’ll be the last time Samuel ever has to tell me about your naughty little escapades with members of our Guard’

Seona looked at him pleadingly, but she knew it was no good. In her mind she knew she had done nothing wrong, done nothing to deserve her Father’s whipping, and that there was nothing she could have done to stop the will of Patrick earlier that morning. But she also knew that her Father was intent on whipping her, and that she would have to submit her curved bottom to punishment for the second time that day.

She slipped her simple blouse up over her head, exposing her small bosom to her Father. Then she let her skirt fall to the ground and stood Ataşehir Grup Escort there, in just her bloomers. It had been years since her Father had found it necessary to whip her, but she knew that these would be coming down to.

She hooked her fingers into her bloomers and dropped them to her feet, then stepped out of them. Her father motioned for her to assume the position, lying down across their bare table in the middle of the room.

She did so, and when her Father caught sight of her exposed bottom, he whistled a tiny spot of air between his lips. He was taken aback by the already enflamed state of her bottom.

‘So I see Samuel wasn’t exaggerating’ he said to the bent over Seona. ‘That Guard really took to your backside’

Seona nodded, her breasts pushed tight against the harsh wood grain of the table, her round globes sticking up, spanked and sore.

‘Well don’t think that means you’ll be getting it any easier from me’ stated her Father ‘Of all the ideas, letting a perfect stranger take to you and spank you’

He paused for a moment before the whipping. Memories of his methods of dealing with her came flooding back. This was one of the times in the punishments that she hated the most, when he deliberately made her wait, allowing her to focus on and absorb the impending punishment.

Then without a word, he drew back the thin rod and whipped it into her already sore bottom. Seona had never been whipped on an already spanked bottom before, and the pain was intense. It was a sinister and harsh punishment to begin with, but on an already sore and bruised bottom, it only further intensified the pain she had already felt, causing her to cry out.

‘Shout all you want’ her Father said ‘And the neighbours will just know that even as a young lady you still need to be whipped into line. I don’t mind’

Seona bit her bottom lip, not wanting to call out and alert the next huts in the village of the juvenile punishment her Father was bestowing upon her. But when the next strike came, only slightly above where the first had been, she knew it would be impossible to stay silent.




Seona’s hands gripped the side of the table. Her Father was a master aim with the rod, and his accuracy caused her to shudder and stick her butt out, inviting further swats. The tears had already started rolling down her face, and she was breathing heavily.

He let Seona catch her breath, and then he whipped the thin wooden rod through the air and smacked it into her bottom. He could see the faint line begin to form, harder to see because of the already red nature of his daughter’s bottom.

He whipped her again. Normally he enjoyed the sense of progress of seeing one of his children’s bottoms turn from white to an angry red, punctuated by the thin lines of the rod, but in Seona’s state it was impossible to notice the change.

This only served to make him more furious, more frequent with his strokes. Seona cried and shook, but held her place on the table. The pain striking across her buttocks was intense, reinforcing the terrible punishment she had felt at Patrick’s hands.

He continued, sprinkling her bottom with a liberal amount of hits from the vicious implement. When he had finished, Seona was breathless and sobbing, her bottom was a bright red, with welts criss-crossed all over it.

‘Stand’ he ordered.

Seona stood, and turned to face him. She wondered if he had noticed the growing wetness in her vagina. She couldn’t help it. There was nothing erotic or enjoyable about his whipping, but the attention to her spanked bottom had forced back the memory of being across Patrick’s knee, over his hand smacking her, and of the delicious orgasm he had given to her.

‘Now have you learnt your lesson girl?’ asked her Father

‘Yes’ sobbed out Seona ‘I have Daddy’

‘Good’ he said, and then his next words took her by complete surprise ‘Now tell me about this man of yours’

‘What? What Daddy?’ asked a confused Seona

‘Samuel said he saw you too hugging in the forest. I want to know just how much is going on between you’ he smiled lovingly ‘It’s nice to see my little girl all grown up’

Standing there naked in front of her Father who had just whipped her, her blaring red bottom exposed and stinging, she certainly didn’t feel grown up. But her Father’s tone was genuine, and even a little proud.

‘His name is Patrick’ said the breathless Seona, making no move to cover herself up ‘He’s a Violet Guard. He’s here for Winters Pageant and…’ she paused, trying to think how to phrase her next words. ‘And I really like him’

Her Father beamed with pride. He stepped forward and embraced the naked Seona. He gently kissed her cheeks, then stepped back, still holding her in his arms and smiled widely at her.

‘And what did he say to you?’ asked her Father

‘Nothing’ said Seona, letting her hands drop behind her and rub her fleshy bottom. ‘One minute he was smiling and Ataşehir Manken Escort introducing himself, but as soon as he saw Samuel he jumped on his horse and rode off’

‘Hmmm’ her Father frowned. ‘Well that’s certainly a little odd. I don’t know too many men who’d be frightened of little Samuel, let alone a man riding under the King’s orders as a Violet Guard’

Seona nodded. She too had been running over in her mind possible reasons for his sudden flight. What she had settled on was the most obvious – even as a Violet Guard he was still in abuse of his powers to just roam around looking for women to spank. It was better for him to flee the scene of the crime then to face the accusations of the villagers.

‘What emblem did he have on him?’ asked her Father ‘On his arm and chest?’

‘The Violet Guard one’ she answered, confused ‘King Farrow’s coat of arms’

‘Yes honey’ soothed her Father ‘But he would have had another, too. Next to it’

‘Oh’ said Seona, and her mind flashed back. There was indeed a second image, next to the triumphant roaring horse and crossed swords that made up Farrow’s emblem.

‘It was an eagle’ she said, remembering ‘An eagle swooping down’

‘Ahh’ said her Father, seemingly pleased with her self ‘Far Ridge Swoop, no doubt. He’s travelled a long way to be here. Well I have good news for you baby, it shouldn’t be too hard to find your mystery Guard again.

Seona’s attention had up until now been mostly focused on her bottom. But on hearing that reaching Patrick again was, not only possible, but easy to do, her ears pricked up.

‘At the feast tonight all the Guard’s will be arranged via the areas from which they’ve come’ explained her Father ‘And I’m sure a serving girl could easily make her way to speak to a particular Guard from Far Ridge’

‘But I’m not a serving girl’ stammered the naked Seona

Her Fathers grin widened still. ‘I have a surprise for you Seona. I organised it with Roderick, months ago. You won’t be eating with us commoners tonight, oh no. You’ll be serving the best Guards and Royalty this land has to offer. And I dare say the food they’ll give you afterwards will be a fair shade tasty then our’

Roderick was an assistant to one of the main cooks in Fairport. Due to the close locale of he village, he was often here, buying wild boar or extra grains, or local spices. He and Seona’s father had sparked a friendship up over his many visits to their village, and his position within Fairport had always made Seona slightly jealous.

A serving girl, from the information that Seona had gathered from the older girls in the village, was one of the most sought after and envied roles in the entire Winters Pageant. You ate after the others, and you were forced to wait on the men of the Guard, but oh that was a small price to pay.

Serving girls were constantly around the Guards and the King’s sons and their aristocratic friends. It would only take a sweet smile, or a fateful glance, and a serving girl could find herself swept away, to a life of luxury, wealth, even royalty.

How her father had managed to get the cook’s assistant to pull the strings and allow Seona to serve in this prestigious position she did not know, but the young girl was delighted. She practically jumped at her father, wrapping her arms around his neck and planting kisses all over his face. She had completely forgotten that only moments ago she had cursed his name, as she lay bare across the table while he whipped her.

‘Get dressed baby’ he said ‘You’ll need to report to Fairport before nightfall, so you’ll need to start getting ready’

His entire disposition was changed. Seona loved this about the way her Father spanked. It was stern and strict and no-nonsense, but as soon as the punishment was delivered, she was his little girl again. She could see the hope in his eyes that a Guard of such a high order might be interested in her, and could feel the anticipation in both of them that the night would go well, and that she would meet with Patrick again.

Just before nightfall she headed off to Fairport. It was a fair walk, but the cool winter night and the excitement of the festival propelled her along, made her walk seem like nothing at all. To be a serving girl was one thing, a privilege and honour all in itself, but the added promise of making contact with Patrick again stirred her loins and made her blush and smile to herself.

As she neared the gates of the grand city, her mind wandered to thoughts of herself over the handsome Guard’s knee. She replayed the scenario again and again in her head. The powerful blows to her bottom, sending it red and sending her into fits of pain. And then the intoxicating feeling of entry, of penetration from his hand, that had sent her over the edge. She longed for him.

She walked straight to the main serving tables, and saw a large group of young women standing, being addressed by another young lady. She walked quickly over to them. The young lady giving Ataşehir Masöz Escort the speech had bright red hair, and her pale undamaged skin made it obvious that she was a citizen of Fairport, not a villager like Seona.

In fact, looking around, she could see nobody else that she recognised amongst the crowd of girls. A few of them had the worn, tanned skin of country girls, but the vast majority seemed to be delicate sisters and daughters of Fairport. One girl, with shiny blonde hair, straight down her back, and the pale skin and delicate features of the others, caught her eye and smiled.

The red-haired lady finished speaking. It had just been a welcoming address, and the glare she shot at Seona who had arrived late seemed unnecessary. The girls were to find their way to the Castle’s main kitchen in half an hour, until then they were to make any final adjustments to their clothes or appearances that needed to be done.

The pretty blonde haired girl who had smiled at Seona walked over to her.

‘Hi’ she said, ‘I’m Georgia. I’m Roderick’s sister, and you must be Seona’

‘Yes’ said Seona ‘How did you know who I am?’

‘Oh Roderick’s described me to you. I’m just eighteen as well’ she said ‘And Roderick got me a job as a server, just like you’

For the next half and hour the two girls chatted like old friends, or long lost sisters. Georgia was a pleasant girl, instantly likeable, who had spent her life living in Fairport. She was excited by the prospect of the feast, because she was ready to find herself a husband, and settle down into a new life.

‘What about you?’ Georgia asked ‘Are you hoping to catch a man’s attention tonight?’

Seona wasn’t going to mention him, but thinking about him again was too much, and she gushed out to Georgia the details of her meeting with Patrick. The spanking he had given her, the powerful dominance his uniform commanded, even the sexual release she had experienced over his knee.

Georgia was taken aback, but instantly clapped her hands together and smiled at the nervous Seona.

‘Oh that’s wonderful’ Georgia cried ‘He’ll surely be here tonight, and I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you. Looks like you’ll have another red bottom and a right good rogering before the night is out’

Seona blushed. Georgia was experienced, and talked openly of sex, but it was a whole new world, only properly opened to her that very morning, and Georgia’s words made her feel giddy and light headed.

‘My Father whipped me when I got back’ she told Georgia, not embarrassed at all to be revealing these personal details to the lovely girl. ‘But he seems very happy. I don’t think he’d ever dreamed I’d find a Guard that was interested in me’

Georgia and Seona continued chatting about their various lives, but Seona’s mind wandered to the other girl’s earlier words. There was no doubt about it, that if he had been so eager to spank her that morning at the lake, that Patrick would be the kind of man who would enjoy spanking her again.

Normally the concept would infuriate or embarrass Seona, but at that moment, she could think of nothing better that she would like to do then to go over the powerful Guard’s lap, and have her bottom spanked red.

And the rogering. Seona was a virgin, but that thought of a good sound fucking was a powerful desire. Oh how she longed to be taken across this man’s knee, put in her place, and then forced to submit to the will of his body. Her pussy gushed, and she wondered how she would get through the night.

Georgia and Seona found their way to the Castle’s kitchen. They were late again, but this time the red-haired lady (Kristiana was her name, Georgia had told Seona) stopped what she was saying.

‘Where have you two been?’ demanded Kristiana

‘Sorry ma’am’ said Georgia ‘We just lost track of time’

Kristiana walked through the crowd to face the two girls.

‘Not good enough’ she snapped, reaching behind them in turn and laying a series of quick, hard smacks to each of their rears. Georgia opened her mouth, but didn’t cry out, but the force of the hits on Seona’s already damaged backside caused her to shout and moan.

‘You’d better get used to it’ said Kristiana, to Seona ‘When the mead flows and the Guards eat, you can bet your bottom dollar they like to turn a few girls over the knees. Not to mention that they’re not shy about slapping any bottom that happens to be walking by’

Seona nodded. She would readily have draped herself down across Patrick’s lap and taken the pain, but the thought of hundreds of drunken men groping and slapping at her tender rear was a hideous idea.

Kristiana went over the basics of the serving job. It was fairly simple, bringing the plates of food and setting them on the tables, making sure the Guards had what they wanted, not answering back and taking whatever slaps or insults came their way.

‘Mugs are always to be full’ snapped Kristiana ‘Last year we had a young girl working as a server who missed a mug, and the Guard rightfully bared that bottom and spanked her in front of the entire feast table. Unfortunately for her, by the time he was finished, another had finished his mug. So she was spanked again. And this went on until nearly all the men at her table had smacked her little bottom into a dark shade of red’

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