The Unknown Assailant

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I woke to find myself blindfolded with my wrists bound and fastened with what felt like soft rope to the wall above my head. I had no idea where I was or how I had got here; yesterday was a blur. As I struggled against my bindings I heard footsteps slowly approaching. I was suddenly very still; the footsteps came closer. Suddenly I could feel his hot breath on the skin of my neck, his breathing, slow and even. I didn’t dare move; my skin had grown cold and my breathing erratic. As he moved his lips closer my heart began to pound. When his cool lips lightly touched my skin I gasped. He continued to kiss my neck and I could feel his unshaven skin seductively moving against my soft skin. When he reached the small depression at the base of my throat his tongue darted out to lick my now warming skin. His soft kisses were followed by soft touches of his fingers, moving across my bare shoulders. My breathing was getting deeper and the corset I was wearing began to heave with every breath, the restriction was making me quite Ataşehir Fetiş Escort light-headed. Suddenly he kissed my lips; my stomach flipped and my knees buckled. His kiss was cool, but hot, soft but hard. His tongue flicked into my mouth, and his teeth nipped at my lips. Suddenly when I thought I could take no more he dropped to his knees, leaving me gasping for more.

He started to slowly run his hands up my stockinged legs until he reached bare skin. He continued to caress my legs and thighs with his hands as he planted soft warm kisses on my skin. Moving his fingers up hooking them under my black lace thong he slid it slowly down to my ankles, carefully removing the now redundant item. I was so wet I felt sure I must be dripping. His hands and mouth crept achingly slowly back up my legs, playing special attention to first my ankles and then the soft skin at the back of my knees. Standing up he circled my waist with an arm. I was surprised and not a little disappointed. Kissing me again Ataşehir Gecelik Escort he slid first one and then another finger inside me, his arm holding me firm as my legs buckled once again. Sliding his now wet fingers into my mouth he let me lick and suck my juices off them. He then kissed me hard, tasting my mouth with renewed eagerness.

Suddenly all contact was removed. I didn’t know what to think, what had I done wrong? What was going to happen now?

When he returned I was relieved. He held my bound wrists to the wall, un-necessary, I wasn’t going anywhere. He kissed and nipped hard at my neck, with his other hand he slid an ice cube inside me. I gasped with pleasure. As it melted, cold water oozed down my legs, cooling my now feverishly hot skin. The contrast of his hot fingers and kisses and the cold, cold ice was exquisitely delicious.

Before the ice had melted completely he grabbed my leg and hooked it round his hip, doing the same with my other leg and slid his Ataşehir Genç Escort cock into me, we both gasped at the same time. Holding me against the wall with the weight of his body and with his hands on my hips we stayed locked together for what felt like forever. We started to move rhythmically against each other, slowly at first, and then with more force and urgency.

Before too long he pulled away from me and roughly turned me to face the wall, bending me over as far as my wrist restraints would allow and entered me from behind. With his hands on my hips his thrusts became faster and harder, harder and faster, making me gasp in painful pleasure until I felt him cum inside me. We were both gasping for air and I’m sure he could hear my heart beat, it was so loud. As our breathing slowed he released me and allowed me to stand and rest against the wall.

Once again he left me with no contact and I heard footsteps retreating across the room. Minutes later he returned, breathed softly in my ear “Thank you.” and placed and ice cube against my lips. I eagerly took the ice and his fingers into my dry mouth.

He untied my wrists from the wall and still blindfolded led me across the room to a bed. We lay down together and fell asleep. That is the first time either of us had slept soundly for a long time.

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