The Training of Jeff Stintum Ch. 15

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Chapter 15: A Different Kind of Dinner

Sarah had just served Jeff a steaming plate of bar-b-que ribs, complete with helpings of broccoli and mashed potatoes, and was about to serve herself a (much larger) plate, when her phone rang. Jeff jumped a little in surprise at her sudden ringtone; it was some kind of fast aggressive club music. He would have been surprised a few weeks ago to learn this was Sarah’s ringtone, but now it seemed to make sense. He felt his mind wandering uncontrollably…did Sarah go out clubbing a lot? He imagined her huge lithe form twisting and twerking its way through a crowd on the dance floor as purple lights flashed through the dense nightclub fog.

“Oh, what the fuck?” said Sarah, smiling as she took out her phone and saw who it was. She turned to Jeff, who was sitting down at the table with his full plate in front of him, his legs dangling from the chair. “You go ahead and dig in, Jeff. This’ll just be a minute.”

She turned away as she answered the call. “Still having some issues with the report, Steve?” A few silent moments passed and she laughed. “Well, I just assumed it was important, since you decided to call my personal number.” Jeff started to pick at his food, his eyes on Sarah’s back. He wished he could see what her expressions were. Her wavy blond hair swayed from side to side as she shook her head. “You don’t have to apologize, Steve. You’re having some concerns.” A few more moments passed and Sarah began drumming her long fingernails on her marble countertop. Jeff was mesmerized by the sight and sound…her fingers looked so huge when she was moving them like that. Was she getting impatient with this guy? Who was he anyway? Without realizing it, Jeff was beginning to hope that Sarah would get mad at this “Steve” on the other end and abruptly hang up on him.

“No, uh-uh,” said Sarah suddenly, shaking her lovely head as she turned around in a flourish to face Jeff. “That’s where the problem is, Steve.” She immediately noticed that Jeff hadn’t touched his food and furrowed her brow at him, pointing at his food and throwing her pointed hand around and around in a quick rotation, as if to say ‘Come on, come on!’ Jeff looked at her, confused, and she rolled her eyes and sighed genially as she walked over to him in a couple of long graceful strides.

“Yes, I’m aware that’s what the manual says, Steve,” she was saying patiently as she sidled over to stand behind Jeff. She now stood completely behind him; he couldn’t see her, but he could hear her voice high above him and felt the enormity of her presence. “But remember, we’re not dealing with the Multix Fusion Max model, right? This is the Ysio Max model we’re talking about. It’s much newer.” Jeff felt Sarah’s right hand touch his shoulder and then gradually envelop it in her soft but powerful grip. He felt her big hand snake down his arm like syrup…she paused for a moment on his bicep to show how she could wrap her hand entirely around it. Jeff was breathing heavily again and craned his head directly upward to look at Sarah. From the part of her face that he could see past her breasts, she seemed to be looking out straight ahead into the room, listening to the other man on the line. Jeff kept looking up at her for a few more moments, and she glanced down and gave him a quick smile as her eyebrows went up and down at him. She pushed her hand farther down his arm, making sure that Jeff felt the soft healthy skin of her forearm against his. Then she knelt down behind him and took his right hand in hers. Holding it lovingly but firmly, she manipulated it over to his fork and made him pick it up. Kneeling down behind a seated Jeff, Sarah’s head was still taller.

“Yes, I know there are many similarities between the two,” said Sarah, apparently interrupting what would have been a long ramble by “Steve” on the other line, “but there are several essential differences that you need to remember.” Jeff’s hand was thoroughly engulfed by Sarah’s now, and he was powerless to stop her as she guided his hand holding the fork over to the broccoli on his plate. Using his hand as a proxy, she stabbed into a couple broccoli stalks and then brought the food slowly up to Jeff’s mouth — she was feeding him using his own hand. Jeff felt a splash of shame at this newest ridiculous show of power, and he almost decided to shut his mouth and refuse to be fed. However, even Jeff knew at this point that such a gesture would have made him look more, not less, childish. He looked up at Sarah who smiled down at him and mimed opening her mouth at him with her wide eyes — she was enjoying this exchange, but might have enjoyed it more if she hadn’t had to deal with this “Steve” on the other line. As he resigned himself to the mouth full of broccoli which Sarah gently pushed into his mouth, Jeff felt discombobulated by his irritation at Sarah’s treatment of him and his jealousy of the other man she was talking to. He did not have the mental wherewithal to realize the ironic humor of his situation: he was annoyed at feeling humiliated yet again by Sarah, but dammnit Ataşehir Anal Escort he didn’t want this humiliation to be interrupted, especially not by some other guy.

“Well, no, both models have a maximum exposure voltage of one hundred and fifty kilovolts,” said Sarah as she guided Jeff’s fork over to the mashed potatoes. “But it’s the MAX wi-D detector that you have to pay attention to.” She shoveled a mound of potatoes into Jeff’s mouth as he struggled to take it all — he hadn’t quite gotten done chewing the broccoli yet. “Nope, nope,” said Sarah, managing to keep the annoyance out of her voice by maintaining her chipper professional demeanor, “You’re thinking about the MAX static detector.” She let a few seconds pass, listening to Steve bumbling his way through on the other end. She glanced over and slightly down at Jeff, whose mouth was still full of food despite his best efforts. She couldn’t help but laugh to herself as she felt a brief flash of heat like lightning through her loins. She was going to start some shit tonight with him…she really was.

“Correct,” she said into her phone, smiling at Jeff as he turned around to look at her again. “Yes, the MAX wi-D detector. And unlike the MAX static detector, it has a cesium iodine scintillator. Yes…” A brief garble of words on the other end made Sarah laugh. “Don’t be silly, Steve — I just pay attention to things.” She squeezed Jeff’s hand and released him, apparently satisfied that he could do the rest of the work on his own, and stood up. Jeff could feel the vacuum of space where her body had knelt behind him swiftly fill up with cool air, as it whipped around him and even ruffled his hair a bit. He turned to look back at her and saw her once again in the kitchen, beginning to serve herself dinner. She had her head down and was smiling at the floor.

“Steve,” she said playfully, “if I didn’t know better, I’d say that you purposefully didn’t take notes at the orientations just so you could call me up at night after hours.” Her smile widened at his response. “Oh, is that right? Hmmm, we’ll see, we’ll see.” She had turned and was bringing her heaping plate over to the table. Jeff quickly picked up one of the pork ribs to make it look like he was doing anything other than eavesdropping on the conversation. The rib was warm and sticky and felt big in his fingers…he glanced over at Sarah’s hand holding her plate as she put it down on the table, noticing that her hand spanned the entire plate, and more. Without even realizing, he put his own hand next to his plate in response. It stretched just barely half the plate’s length. He swallowed nervously and waited for Sarah to hang up.

“Ok, ok…all right Steve…haha, ok I have to go — I’m eating dinner! Yeah! Yeah…ok, and don’t forget, the cesium iodine, right? Right. Ok, good. Ok, haha, bye Steve.” She looked at Jeff with wide eyes and heaved a great sigh, expanding her diaphragm hugely in the process. “Sorry about that,” she said, “That was Steve from work. He’s a fourth-year med student.” She took her fork and lost no time in stabbing a few fat bunches of broccoli, swirling them around in her mound of buttery mashed potatoes, and plopping the whole concoction smartly into her mouth. Jeff stared at her mouth chewing, unable to process how much food she had just taken in one bite.

“What, Jeff?” asked Sarah, chewing. “You don’t like it when people mix their food?”

“No!” said Jeff quickly, “N-no, I just…I just…, uh…” and he had nothing else to say. Sarah gestured to his plate.

“Eat up!” she said, “I’m not gonna keep doing it for you!” She smiled at him as she took a large swig of water from her glass. “Yeah,” she said, reaching for one of the ribs on her plate, “you’d kind of expect a fourth-year to understand the difference between MAX wi-D and MAX static detectors.” She brought the large rib up to her face, sizing it up. It must have been around five inches long. “Not to mention the fact that MAX wi-D uses a cesium iodine scintillator.” She casually inserted the entire rib into her mouth and sucked on it thoughtfully for a moment, baring her teeth inside her closed mouth to tear off the meat. A moment later Jeff saw her withdraw the rib from her mouth — it was completely clean. He looked at the rib in his own hand; it seemed to be roughly the same size. It was absurd to even think about eating it in the way Sarah just had, so he brought it up to his mouth and took what he thought was a respectable bite. The meat was soft and tender, and was infused with that delicious rich smoky-tangy spice of well-executed bar-b-que. He chewed a while and swallowed, legitimately enjoying the food.

“Good, huh?” said Sarah, eying him as she inserted another long rib into her mouth, and again pulling it out clean. “Pork is high in thiamin — really important micronutrient. Helps metabolize glucose and amino acids and lipids.” She chewed as she watched him, and she smiled. “You’re not really absorbing any of this, are you Jeff?” He struggled through some more chewing as he tried Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort to nod his head, managing more of a half-shrug.

Sarah laughed as she collected another massive forkfull of broccoli. “That’s ok Jeff — you don’t need to know all that stuff.” She put the fork in her mouth and pulled it out again. “But what you do need to know is that eating is important. Nutrients are important.” She regarded his blank stare as she chewed her food. She looked at his thin, waifish little body, which she had draped with the sofa blanket once again before they sat down. ‘Fuck it,’ she thought lustfully, ‘I’ll go for it.’

“And speaking of nutrients, Jeff,” she said, “you definitely need more of them. Look at you!” She indicated to his tiny body with an open hand, inviting him to take a good look at himself, which he did…through the blanket hanging over him he looked down at his exposed ribs, his bony pelvis, and over and across his gaunt chest and skinny arms. For the first time in her presence, Jeff truly felt the reality of what she was saying. He was a shrimp. And compared to her…

“You’re all skin and bones!” said Sarah cheerily, but with a touch of concern, as she cleaned off another long rib with her teeth. Jeff stared at the clean white bone of the rib she held casually in her fingers, before she dropped it into a fast-accumulating pile on her plate and reached for another. He couldn’t believe how fast and how thoroughly she was eating — he looked at the partially-eaten rib he was holding, which seemed untouched save the small bite that he had taken a minute before. It had seemed like a pretty respectable bite to him that had taken a while to chew completely, and yet here Sarah was literally inserting each rib into her mouth whole and pulling it out completely spotless.

“You like watching me eat, Jeff?” asked Sarah, winking at him as she stuck another rib in her mouth. She rolled her eyes back in her head and closed them, uttering a deep and exaggerated “Mmmmmmmmm!” before pulling it out again and tossing it unblemished onto her pile. She made wide eyes at him again and smiled, licking her lips and laughing. Jeff felt the now-familiar white hot anxiety intensifying within him…he couldn’t even watch her eat for more than a few seconds before she caught on and made fun of him. More and more, he was feeling trapped at this dinner.

“Come on, Jeff — eat!” Sarah laughed, her play apparently over. “I’m serious, you really need to get more nutrients. Especially before a major surgery, it’s important that your body has what it needs to function properly.” She was performing some deft work with her fork as she neared the end of her broccoli and mashed potatoes, and Jeff could feel an emotional volcano bubbling inside of him, threatening to reach the surface. He had no idea what it was, because the sheer speed and insane range of his thoughts were combining to completely overwhelm him. Plus he was not used to analyzing his own feelings to begin with. His fixation on Sarah’s size in relation to him reigned at the forefront, along with her cool demeanor and seeming effortlessness of motion. She was so big, so huge compared to him, and yet she moved about like water, like some kind of graceful goddess…though Jeff would not have thought about it this way, it seemed to him like the laws of physics followed Sarah, rather than the other way around. He was utterly entranced by her and everything she did.

And yet at the same time he was becoming fast and crushingly aware of his own tininess. He had known he was a smaller guy for a while, but he had not truly realized how small he actually was until Sarah began calling his attention to his own body. Especially since he started staying in her house, and spending more time around her, this reality was becoming more and more apparent. He had not realized how much his ribs stuck out, how weak and bird-boned his wrists looked, and how pathetically small his legs and torso were. Even his skin, which felt ashy and had a dull grayish pallor, looked unhealthy to him, especially in comparison with the vigorous and healthy white shine of Sarah’s skin. His mind shot back to her bathroom, and all of her lotions on the counter…yes, Sarah definitely took care of her skin. That’s why it looked so good…but…but also, his thoughts were complicated by the fighting remnants of his old self. Of course Sarah looked better and younger — she was 21 and he was 28! Of course she looked better than him — girls were supposed to look hotter and sexier anyway, weren’t they? Jeff surprised himself with these spirited flashes of resistance; part of him couldn’t even fathom that he was still telling himself these things, and believing them. It was true that this part of Jeff had been squeezed smaller and smaller each day he was at Sarah’s, and yet, the smaller it got squeezed by the reality of his situation, by Sarah’s clear superiority, the more hot and intense and vicious it became. His old pride was not going down without a fight.

“W-what do you mean, “more nutrients?”” Ataşehir Zenci Escort he asked Sarah in a voice that sounded smaller and more submissive than he intended.

Sarah looked across the table at him as she cleaned off another rib. She paused a second or so before answering…did Jeff see her nostrils dilate a bit? Was that a little smile that flashed across her face? “I mean exactly that, Jeff. More vitamins. More minerals. More healthy fats.” She deposited her seventh rib into the pile and, for emphasis, leaned across the table over her exposed forearms, making them look even bigger. “And definitely more protein.”

Jeff knew she was right. About everything. But he felt like arguing with her. “B-but I’m healthy!” he said indignantly. Sarah kept leaned forward and simply looked at him, patiently waiting for him to say his piece as her sea green eyes smoothly held his. He backtracked a little; he had to at least say something believable. “I’m not — I’m not that healthy, and I know…I know that I’m not that big for a guy my age, but…but you make it, you make it sound like I’m — I’m about to, to die or s-something.”

Sarah leaned back in her chair and laughed. “Not big for a guy your age? Jeff, no offense, but you’re not that big for a guy or a girl…in high school.”

She reached out her hand across the table and pinched Jeff’s exposed upper arm with her fingers. He flinched at her sudden motion, but had nowhere to go — he simply sat there, stock still. Sarah pinched and prodded his arm with her large fingers, testing it for size.

“See?” she said gently, yet matter-of-factly, as her fingers worked, “I mean, Jeff…come on. Look at that. You’re a man…who’s almost 30. And there’s really…uh, really not much there.” Sarah had briefly lost her train of thought, as she herself had become mesmerized by the sight of her hand feeling up his upper arm. She felt the steady calm boil of lust begin to quicken in intensity, as she felt shivers of pleasure go up and down her spine and linger lusciously in her loins. She breathed in and out purposefully a few times, reminding herself to not go too quickly. And then she went deeper.

“I mean,” she continued in the same gently pragmatic tone, taking advantage of Jeff’s paralysis, “it isn’t really normal for a guy your age to be this…this small.” She took his bicep and deliberately wrapped her hand completely around it — it wasn’t even close. Her hand and fingers easily spanned its circumference, to the extent that her middle finger came all the way around and went past the knuckle of her thumb. She held his arm like this for a moment, and then lifted it up slightly, showing how easily she could manipulate his body.

“Look at that, Jeff…I mean, wow, look at it!” Her tone wasn’t mean or harsh — it was simply expressing the genuine amazement that they both felt, that anyone would have felt, in witnessing such a lopsided size difference. Especially between a man and a woman, and especially between a man and a woman who was 7 years younger. After marveling for several moments at how tiny and weak his arm looked in her grasp, she turned to look at him. His eyes were looking helplessly at his arm. ‘Perfect,’ she breathed to herself, looking at him with cool fire. He tried to move his arm down a bit. Sarah held him firmly; she noticed his attempted resistance, but it did not come close to budging her own arm. Jeff’s breathing became labored as he realized that he could do nothing to make Sarah let go…he was trapped, but he could not fail to notice her long manicured fingers wrapped so elegantly around his shriveled arm, and her warm plush palm holding him like a patient vise…and his eyes kept traveling across to her arm, to her strong shapely wrist and full voluptuous forearms. Her shape was so strong, so fluid, so elegant…and she was calling attention to his…his…and he couldn’t keep up the thought and began to panic as he felt her eyes penetrating his flesh. He turned desperately to look at her.

She held his eyes without making an expression for a few long moments: it was just her staring at him, her eyes infiltrating his cowering form. But then she blinked and her eyes gleamed playfully again as she smiled at him.

“I’m not trying to embarrass you Jeff,” she said kindly, giving his arm a last squeeze and releasing him. “I’m just — it’s just that…well, you’re really tiny, and I just wanna make sure you’re getting all the stuff you need to stay healthy.”

Jeff’s ego was completely cornered, and another person with more sense might have simply gone along with the obvious truth Sarah was speaking. But Jeff was beginning to resent the way that he felt Sarah was controlling him. As she had wrapped her hand around his bicep and tested it for size, he had noticed, yet again, that his cock had started to harden, utterly against his will. The more he looked at her large elegant hand (with her long red nails) wrapped around his arm, at her strong substantial wrists, at her undeniably strong, healthy, feminine arms, at her entire body, next to his own, the more uncontrollable his arousal became. She was manipulating his body, his thoughts, everything. She must know…and like anyone who has no control over their own thoughts, who is not accustomed to managing their own insecurities, and who is afraid, he reacted angrily.

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