Models of ‘Perfuction’! Ch. 05

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The first rays of sunlight had not touched the street when they left and I felt a sudden surge of loneliness. I descended to my studio, slid into the bed, and sensing Laura’s fragrances upon the sheets drifted back into sleep craving her presence.

Noon arrived, the phone summoned me from my doze and fumbling for the receiver I heard her voice. “Jack’s golfing. It’s my turn for coffee, Mister,” she said.

“Give me half an hour,” I pleaded.

“I don’t know if I can wait that long for you to ‘cum’ again, but I’ll try,” she giggled into my ear.

I showered, shaved, dressed and presented myself at her side door in twenty minutes. She answered my rap in her lilting contralto voice, “I’m coming…” the emphasis of her voice clearly a play on ‘cumming’ and then she was before me as radiantly beautiful as I had ever seen her, dressed in nothing but a thin wrap around robe, her bare feet pattering on the landing.

She pushed the screen door open, I stepped inside and enfolded her luscious little body in my arms for a kiss that melted us together in the embrace. The aroma of fresh coffee drew us into the kitchen, and she settled herself beside me in the cozy breakfast nook, the warm sun streaming through the windows.

“Hungry?” she purred.

“Ravenous,” I groaned opening the collars of her robe to expose her luscious little bosom and kiss her breasts. In a moment I had captured a nipple and was sucking it into tumescence. Tolerantly she wrapped her hand around my head and cuddled me to her tits.

“I guess you nursed me dry last night and if you don’t stop doing that I’ll just have to fuck you like crazy again right now,” she giggled. “but I think we’d better have some eggs and bacon first so we don’t burn out.”

“Whatever you say my love,” I yielded as she spread the repast before us and we dined alone together for the first time.

“So are we on for tonight?” I asked at last.

“Yeah! We are. Only you are stuck with me again. Jack has a golf tournament this weekend and the only thing he’d rather do than fuck is play golf,” she laughed invitingly up into my face.

“What did he say about last night?”

“Well he did take Mae’s cherry. She really was a virgin.”

“I know, I found a bloody towel in the bath,” I laughed.

“Jack was in seventh heaven. He said she is really a hot little twat and she wanted to get rid of her cherry. It didn’t hurt her much I guess cause she gave him all the fucking he wanted last night. And he asked about us too…” she said gravely with a little tap on my chest.

“What did he want to know?”

“How many times we did it …I told him just once and that I sucked your cock and that you fucked my butt without giving him all whorey details. He was satisfied after we did a quickie.”

“You did a quickie with him last night?” I said incredulously.

“Yeah. It turns him on to think of you fucking me. It turns me on too,” she giggled cuddling up to me for a kiss. “I guess I should have been a whore cause I love to fuck so much,” she whispered with her mouth on mine.

“You would have been a very high-class call girl,” I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Yeah. And you’re getting me for free just because he wants to fuck Mae,” she sighed sexily.

“My lucky day for sure my love,” I returned with long deep caress of her lips, my hands slipping her robe from her shoulders so that it fell about her hips and opened over her thighs, leaving her naked in my embrace. I felt her hand finding my organ, already firming under my fly, and stroking it into full erection.

In a moment she had extracted it from my trousers and was lowering her lovely face to its length. Holding it in her hand she kissed sexily up the length of my shaft and placed a shower of caresses over its aching head.

Her eyes lifted to mine as her tongue licked lingeringly over my pee-hole, her hand stroking ever so knowingly over the bulk of my erection then she lifted her mouth to mine for another passage of kisses while my hands played with delight in the flow of her soft fragrant dark tresses down her bare back.

“You give such good head, Laura,” I groaned.

“Like I said, I’ve had lots of practice,” she murmured into my mouth, her tongue finding mine.

“How many cocks have you sucked?”

“Lots and I started early,” she laughed drawing back and gazing up into my eyes with that wry smile on her beautiful lips.

The sun poured through the windows of the breakfast nook and over Laura’s sleek curvaceous back as she stretched her length out on the bench, her naked buttocks lifting to the caress of my hand, her mouth warm, wet and perfectly molded to mine as we kissed and cuddled amorously together. She was silent now, her wide bright eyes fixed on mine, reading the emotions passing between us with our kisses, soft lingering and tender.

“When did you start?” I smiled.

“I started having sex with my finger and I haven’t stopped since. It makes me feel horny just talking Ataköy escort about it” she laughed, “…so shall we go upstairs and fuck now or save it for later?”

“Whatever you want my love.”

“I just want to make love with you now, and then we can fuck our heads off with Jack and Mae later,” she whispered her mouth warm on mine.

“You are so incredibly beautiful, your face, your body, your whole being. I can’t believe I’m so lucky in finding you and knowing you in this way.”

“I’m glad you appreciate me,” she murmured with a keen glance up into my eyes.

“Yes, I think I’ve found you at the ideal moment in your life when your beauty and your life experiences have made you into the perfect woman for me.”

“You like gorgeous little nymphos don’t you, Mister? What the Greeks called Sirens!” she laughed.

“Yes. You are Venus, Aphrodite, the essence of erotic femininity in its most beautiful presentation.”

“And you Mister are just what I have been looking for all this time, a man who can appreciate me for what I am with a god-given organ for my endless satisfactions,” she whispered, her hand fondling my aching phallus into throbbing tumescence.

“I want to capture your beauty and your whole being in my painting Laura. I want the world to know you as I know you, the goddess of love and sex.”

“Then I’m here for you to explore me, to know me, and I will share everything with you, everything in my life that has made me what I am today, all for you,” she sighed lifting herself to straddle my loins with her luscious thighs.

“Fuck me!” she ordered, her shapely hips rising over my erection to take its length up into sheath of her long taut vagina, her arms wrapping around my neck, her mouth coming to mine for a passionate deep kiss.

In that instant I felt her vagina was already in the midst of an orgasmic climax, her head thrown back, her eyes closed with the intensity of her vaginal convulsions, her mouth gaping with excitement as I felt the surges of her sheath milking my cock into spurting my semen into her depths.

We clutched each other in silence then, our bodies hovering together without moving while our orgasms soared into a tsunami of blissful waves surging though our bodies. How long the crescendo of those sensations careened through us we never knew, only that it seemed forever, and that we were left breathless and glowing with satisfaction when the intense pulses of pleasure diminished into delicious trickles of delights.

“Oh my God!” Laura gasped at last, “It’s never been like this before! I was in my orgasm the instant your cock was in me, and it was fantastic. I felt so sexed up and so satisfied at the same time. We are perfect for each other! And no matter how much we want to fuck with someone else it will never be the way it is now between us.”

“Yes and I want to paint you now, this instant, my love,” I whispered through the touch of my lips on hers.

“Okay. Do you want me to get dressed or shall I go bare ass over to your studio and let the neighbors in on our secrets?”

“I want you stark naked under your sundress, and I want to capture that glow I see in you right now.” I muttered.

“No problem. I’ll be there,” she laughed as we untangled and she pushed me to the door.

Moments later I was in my basement studio making ready for Laura’s arrival where no prying eyes could observe our work in progress. Soon she announced her presence with a light tap on the door at the head of the stairs and then descended to me, carefully balancing a tray with coffee and rolls in her graceful hands.

“Ah! The arrival of the Goddess,” I greeted her.

“At your pleasure, my good man,” she returned offering me her mouth for a soft kiss, setting the tray on the table holding my painting paraphernalia.

In a moment my fingers found the zip at the back of her dress and it fell in a soft heap about her bare feet, leaving her as lusciously naked as I had left her in the breakfast nook.

“It’s been centuries since I’ve been painted,” she smiled, “how do you want me to pose?”

“Any way you feel like it after this,” I whispered my fingers sliding down over her bare belly to fondle the shape of her naked delta and discover the prominent protuberance of her clitoris for a quick massage.

“Oh God!” she gasped flinching under my touch and then lifting her pelvis eagerly into my fingering. “You really know how to get to me, Mister!” she moaned, lifting her hands to my shoulders to brace herself for my massage that only ended with the penetration of her vagina, inducing her to rise upon her toes and meet my moving fingers with excited surges of her shapely pelvis.

Gazing into her face I gauged the state of her arousal by the now familiar puffiness under her lovely eyes and their quickly distracted stare. With a groan of satisfaction Laura cuddled her naked little body into mine, her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and our mouths met for another lascivious Ataköy escort bayan session of deep tonguing and kisses.

Satiated for the moment she settled back on the modeling couch and gazed happily up at me. I looked down into her face reading not only contentment with our lovemaking, but again the sensual radiance of her features that had so enchanted me on our first meeting.

A woman may have beautiful features that reflect many moods, but Laura’s face always struck a chord of sensuality within me, she just looked sexy and she was! There was that knowing glint in her eyes and that wry acknowledging smile on her lips always bespeaking her awareness of the effect she produced on her admirers that had apparently started when she was but a girl. There are beautiful girls and horny girls and Laura had been both, and still was!

“Do you want to finger, or fuck, or paint, or what?” she moaned.

“I want you to take up where I leave off. Just lie down on the cushions, and make yourself comfortable for fucking your finger,” I instructed her.

“Oh you are so sexy!” she laughed settling herself so that her luscious thighs were spread to the full revelation of her sex and one hand caressed her breast while the other descended to her vulva.

“Now Laura, I want you to show me how you pleasured yourself from the time you were a little girl,” I ordered.

“You must be planning a whole gallery of pictures of me,” she laughed. “I did it in lots of different ways and I still do.”

“The pose you are in now is lovely, just give me a glimpse of what feels good to you right now.”

“You got me all nice and gooshey with your finger in my cunt so now my clit is already soaked,” she sighed sexily as her fingers spread to find her outer labia and open them to the full revelation of her pink and her inner petals. “Is this what you want?” she muttered suddenly between clenched teeth, her fingers working wildly over her shapes sending wet sounds into the air.

“Yes. Now just keep on doing it while I work,” I said picking up the brush to begin the drawing, “this is going to take a while and I want you sexed up for it.”

“I’m always sexed up Mister, only sometimes more than others.”

“Like when you were with Mae and me last night?” I laughed.

“Oh God Yes! I’ve got a terrible case of the hots for that girl,” she moaned, her finger flicking furiously over her clit.

“And she returns the favor my Love,” I laughed.

“I can’t wait to suck her sweet little twat into orgasm.” Laura groaned her hand curling her fingers into the crevice of her vagina.

“I’m going to get the two of you into a sixty nine for my next painting,”

“Then plan dozens of modeling sessions for that picture,” Laura laughed happily.

“And of course I will have to take turns in your twats with my cock while you’re sucking each other off,” I added casually.

“I’m sure Mae and I will be hungry for all of your cum that we can lick out of each other’s cunts and I want to start right now,” Laura giggled. “Give me your phone.”

I handed it to her and in a minute she was talking to Mae. “Good morning darling. I’m stark naked in Mister’s studio, fingering my clit and craving for you to join us. He wants to pose us together. How about it sweetie? GOODIE!” Laura laughed hanging up the phone. “She will be right over.”

“How did you get started with cunt-loving Laura?”

“Well, I had this girl friend in high-school. She was a cute little blond like Mae. Her name was Rachel. We had been close for years and there was this boy Freddie that we both liked a lot but he never asked either of us for a real date. Instead we just paled around together at movies and ball games and stuff. Rachel and I dated other guys a lot and told each other everything that happened to us like our first blow-jobs, and who was really good at heavy-petting, and how many times we had fucked with this guy or that one.

On our sleepovers we would cuddle in bed together and tell each other all the sexy details of our dates. One night Rachel told me that Freddie had been looking for us after school to take a ride in his dad’s car. I had to stay after class so she went alone with him and they ended up in a park where kids went to get it on together. He started to make out with her, she let him and he ended up going down on her pussy with his tongue. She said he gave her the most fantastic orgasm she had ever had and then she pulled her nightie up and showed me her pussy. Not that I hadn’t seen it before because we showered together. And we had even shaved each others twats.

I had discovered I was fascinated touching her like that and I always took my time lathering her pussy and feeling its shape with my fingers. Her clit was nice and big like mine and it got firmer and firmer the more I touched it and played with her pussy lips while I shaved her.

After Freddie had sucked her clit she kept telling me how good it felt to have her pussy licked escort Ataköy like that and she began fingering her clit until it was all hard and peeking out from her pussy lips. And then she reached out with her other hand and slipped it behind my head. That’s when I knew what she wanted me to do to her and it just made me laugh.

‘Do you want me to lick your twat Rachel?” I giggled. ‘Please, Laura” she pleaded. ‘I just want to see what it feels like to have a girl suck my clit.’ I thought ‘Oh what the heck’ so I snuggled my face down to her pussy and touched her clit with my tongue.

‘Oooh that’s nice’ she moaned so I did it again, and then I ran my tongue all around her clit and slipped it between her pussy lips and I couldn’t believe how excited I felt doing this to her and seeing how she loved it. Rachel groaned, opened her thighs and pressed my face into her pink and I began to tongue her vagina and I loved it.

‘Fuck my cunt Laura’ she pleaded so I tried to shove my tongue into her vagina and she began to pump her hips and then I caught her clit in my mouth and began to really suck it. That’s when she had her orgasm and it was a good one all right!

After she quieted down we just laid there together with our arms around each other and she told me that she loved me and always had and I told her how special she was to me. And then she said, ‘Do you want me to make you come like that?’ ‘Sure’ I whispered and then she kissed me on the mouth. ‘I can taste my cunt on your tongue,’ she giggled, ‘and now I want to taste your cunt too.’

She sat up pulled her nightie off and then got me out of mine so we were both naked only she didn’t go down on my pussy. She started with my tits, began to suck my nipples and she really knew how to do it. Then she began to finger my clit and kiss my mouth and when she slid her finger up in my vagina and fingered my clit with her thumb all I wanted was everything I could get from her after that.

Then she slid over on top of me so her butt was above my mouth and her mouth was over my clit and we were in a sixty-nine. That’s when she really began to devour my pussy like it was what she had craved forever. I had an incredible orgasm, another one, and when another one started I spread her buttocks with my hands and went to work on her cunt with my mouth until I had her screaming with excitement.

We fucked the whole night away with one orgasm after another until we were both so worn out we had to go to sleep even though I was still feeling horny and so was she. After that we didn’t stop going out with boys we just looked for guys who could make us feel as good as we did with each other. And now I’ve finally found you Mister.”

My eyes devoured the pose Laura was offering me with one hand cupping her breast her fingers tweaking her nipple, the other hand buried in her crotch, thighs spread to the full view of her sumptuous sex; two fingers thrusting in and out of her vagina, her thumb in furious massage over her clitoris; her face reflecting the arousal of her masturbations and memories. Her fabulous face filled with passion, her quick tongue circling her lips with excitement, her fingers fucking her sex into the crest of her climax.

Laying my brush aside my hand traded it for the bulge of my erection freed from my fly and directed it to Laura’s mouth. Her lips closed eagerly over its bulk, her tongue licked languorously over its length, and her hand left her breast to pump furiously over my shaft. In a moment her skill, her beauty, and her passion had roused me to the brink of my orgasm and her climax coincided with the patter of Mae’s bare feet down the steps into my studio.

“Would you like some help with that Laura?” the girl giggled. “Mister is a real mouthful!”

Gasping Laura relinquished my cock from her mouth and lifted her arms to Mae. The girl stood silently before us and then her hands seized the hem of her dress and lifted it slowly over her shapely thighs to the full revelation of her naked sex.

Instantly Laura’s hands encircled Mae’s girlish buttocks and drew the girl’s vulva to her mouth for a long lingering kiss on Mae’s pussy lips. With a droll smile and a knowing lift of her pretty brows Mae’s eyes captured mine as she lifted her clit into Laura’s kisses, and her hands swept her dress over her shoulders leaving her naked to our appetites.

I stood contemplating the naked beauties of the woman and the girl as eager for each other as for my aching phallus lifted to its height of excitement from Laura’s caresses. Happily I gazed at the treasures before me, taking in again Laura’s lush womanly beauties contrasted with Mae’s delightfully girlish charms.

As always I was fascinated by the way their delightful figures complimented each other, the total effect being to heighten their attractiveness intensely and it struck me that a painting was in order now that we had the time on our hands to pursue our lusts in leisure.

“Lovely ones,” I spoke out, “would you model for me now. I feel the urge to capture your loveliness on canvas by posing you together in a sixty-nine.”

“What?” Laura exclaimed. “Aren’t we going to fuck now that Mae has got your cock all ready for our cunts? What do you think Sweetie, do you want to pose for a painting?” Laura pouted.

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