MJ’s College Experience Continues

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MJ and Linda never fucked that night. However, Michelle walked back to her dorm that night very content with her first day of college. She had no idea what other experiences were going to come her way.

MJ attended Tuesday’s classes and came out with more homework. She was used to working hard in high school, but college seemed to take so much more energy and motivation. Classes did not dampen MJ’s spirit, because Linda had planned to take her on a hike, then enjoy a late-night picnic together, and perhaps go for a swim in the lake. MJ was excited, because being inside all day was enough to depress her, especially when the weather was grand outside.

Michelle did as much homework as she could before 3:00pm when Linda came to pick her up. Linda drove a huge black Land Rover with a stick shift. Imagine that! MJ found her SUV with no trouble and jumped it. Linda said, “We need to run by the grocery store to pick up some goodies for our picnic.”

“Sounds good.”

They stopped at a Marsh grocery store to pick up some lovely grapes, bananas, and sandwich meat.

“Turkey, chicken or ham MJ?”


“That’s my favorite too,” Linda shared.

The two women checked out and drove about thirty minutes out of town to a deserted lake and park. Most people did think it was worth the time to drive out that far to the park, but Linda definitely thought it was worth it. By the time the two women arrived, they both felt the need to stretch their legs. MJ and Linda walked two times around the park and lake which equaled about two miles. It was a great time for them to get to know each other more.

“So, how did you find out about the Outdoor Rec major?”

“I worked at a camp where they mentioned it. My boss told me to major in business though. He said I would have more success that way. I kind of wanted to vomit on him by that point.”

Linda laughed. “Did you?”

“No, I definitely did not. What about you?”

“What do you mean?” Linda asked.

“How did you find out about the Outdoor Rec major?”

“Oh, I see. Good question MJ. Well, to be honest, I didn’t even know the major existed until I arrived here to this university. I was planning on majoring in Political Science,” Linda laughed at herself. MJ joined in. “But I got involved with an outdoor club and one thing led to another. Someone told me about the major and I ran for it. It felt so right compared to Poly Sci.”

MJ smiled and looked into Linda’s eyes. “I agree with that one.”

Silence ensued between the two. MJ was starting to take in the facts: Linda was older than her. She had experienced a lot of things already that MJ was just beginning to see. MJ’s stomach knotted up in fear. What if she couldn’t measure up to what Linda wanted?

Linda broke her thoughts, “Are you okay my baby?” Linda smiled and moved her head next to MJ’s head.

“Oh! Yeah, I’m fine!” Michelle waived her hand carelessly.

“Whatever MJ! I know a face full of anxiety when I see one!” MJ’s eyes met Linda’s blue ones. Linda continued, “What’s up baby?”

MJ’s heart raced when she said “baby.” “Uhh, geez Linda. Do you think I’m really cut out for you? I mean, you have so much experience and knowledge over me! I’m not even turning 19 till March!”

Linda wrapped her arm around MJ’s hourglass figure. MJ rested her head on Linda’s shoulder. The two felt so connected even though it was just their second day together. Tears streamed down Michelle’s face. Linda stopped walking, wiped the tears off MJ’s face, and said “Remember what I said about age baby?! Age is just Picture upload a number. It doesn’t reflect your experience or knowledge.”

Linda bit her lips briefly before continuing, “Baby, I say ‘baby’ because I know you’re special! I know you’re self-conscious and worried about what I’ll think of you. I’m here for a reason and so are you. You have so many wonderful qualities and experiences baby, you probably don’t even realize it. In your own way MJ, you’re almost my age. I mean I could say that if we started placing emphasis on age, but I don’t see the point.”

The tears slowly stopped coming from MJ’s eyes. Linda grasped MJ’s hand and the two started walking again. Linda waited. She waited for MJ to speak. Linda wanted to know what Michelle was thinking.

“You really meant that? That I’m wonderful and somewhat experienced?”

“Baby, I can’t give you detail for detail, because it’s only the second day. But I can tell you that I’ve met very few people that have come to this university planning to major in Outdoor Rec. before they even get here. I’ve met very few people as energetic and hard-working as you. Furthermore, I’ve met very few hippie loving lesbians. And frankly, I’m glad I met you!” Linda stopped momentarily and then added, “That is enough for me to know that you are wonderful and experienced in your own way.”

MJ smiled, but her eyes didn’t meet Linda’s.

MJ couldn’t feel her throat. She needed water. She opened her mouth and tried to speak. The words wouldn’t come out.

Linda stopped walking again. “Are you okay babe?”

Michelle had to say it. She knew inside that she had to say it. She spoke softly, “I’m scared. I’m really scared.”

“Scared of what?”

MJ was about to speak, but Linda broke in, “If this is too much for you MJ, we can just stay friends. Friends, seriously. Is that what you want?”

Michelle resisted with, “NO!”

“Then what is it?”

Linda and MJ were getting closer to the car. They were on their second lap. MJ sat down on the sidewalk curb and finally said it, “Sex.”


“Yes, Linda! SEX!”

“You’re afraid of sex? Why?”

MJ needed to go further. “God, I hate this! Linda, I’m a virgin. I’m the only fucking virgin left all on campus I bet ya. I’ve never even kissed a girl! I mean, seriously!”

Linda smiled. She smiled and said, “You are so adorable MJ – “

MJ interrupted, “But no one wants adorable. I want to be HOT for you!”

Linda started to rub MJ’s back again. “Calm down baby. Breathe.” Michelle counted to ten in her head and started to breathe very deeply. “Good baby.”

Linda intervened into MJ’s thoughts, “Baby, you are adorable and hot! I don’t limit you to one thing. And when it comes to sex, I’m flattered that you’re still a virgin. I know that a lot of kids your age are not virgins and in some ways, that makes them kids, because they lost an opportunity to make the sex great for the first time. Anyway, MJ, I’m not saying we need to have sex anytime soon. When you’re ready, I know you will know. Believe me baby, I’m ready whenever you are and I’m fucking patient as hell…especially for you!”

MJ laughed out loud. She hugged Linda and didn’t let go. “Thank you Linda. You are so sweet and loving. I love that about you.”

When the two let go of each other, Linda offered, “Let’s eat!” Linda grabbed the picnic basket while MJ grabbed the lovely white and red plaid blanket.

“Where should we sit?”

“In the shade baby, under that tree. Your cheeks are getting red.”

“Which cheeks?”

Linda images upload just laughed.

The two lovebirds crammed down their turkey sandwiches, grapes, bananas, and goldfish. They were starving. After dinner, they both cuddled on the blanket. MJ fell asleep for about an hour while Linda decided to grade some of her papers from work. Linda stored away all their garbage and food that had not been eaten.

After the hour passed, MJ awoke to dusk. Linda said, “Good evening beautiful!”

MJ’s frizz had sprouted up from the humidity and laying down. She looked around the park briefly and saw no others around. She could hear just the birds singing and the crickets beginning to come out. MJ wiped her upper lip and shouted, “It’s HOT!” With that being said, she RAN towards the lake and started to strip off her tank top and shorts, along with her boxers and sport bra.

Linda watched, laughed, and shouted back, “Oh yeah! You’re HOT!”

MJ turned her head back at Linda, smiled, and swam inward into the middle of the lake. Linda finished her last paper, put it in the folder, and started stripping herself. She joined MJ. MJ couldn’t help but stare as Linda tore all her clothing away — a button down shirt, some short shorts, no underwear!, and a Victoria Secret’s bra. MJ caught a glimpse of her southern region before diving again. She was half-shaven and half-wild — just what MJ liked or thought she liked.

Linda sang the JAWS song as she approached MJ. “Were you staring at me? Were you checking me out Missy?”

MJ blushed and replied, “Fuck yes I was!”

“You’re more bold than you let on!”

“Did you check me out Professor Linda?”

“I really didn’t get the chance, but I know I will someday. Too bad lakes are dirty and brown or else I’d be checking you out right now.” They both laughed in unison.

Linda swam around doggy-paddle style before sharing, “Let’s have a race from one shore to the other shore. Whoever wins, gets to choose the punishment. Are you game?”

“I’m game.”

The two swimmers aligned themselves equally at the shore when Linda counted, “3, 2, 1, GO!” By 2, Linda had already been fast ahead of MJ. MJ was an average swimmer and wasn’t very coordinated either. The chances of catching up for her were pretty slim. Without any surprise, Linda got to the other shore before MJ.

MJ finished her part honorably however. When she popped up, she answered, “Fuck you won didn’t you?”

“What are you a turtle MJ?”

“I know I suck at swimming!”

“And thus you must show yourself to me now. Walk up onto shore and show me your gems.”

MJ laughed as her faced turned bright red. She really wasn’t good at this whole nudity thing. “Ooookay.” Michelle timidly walked to shore, ass exposed to Linda. Linda was right: MJ’s ass was full of muscle. Linda admired MJ’s nice shoulders as well. When MJ turned around, she kind of flapped her arms around without purpose or aim. MJ felt awkward and couldn’t look Linda in the eye.

“Look at me baby.”

MJ obeyed. MJ’s eyes followed Linda’s eyes as she took in her erect nipples, average-sized breasts, nice 4-pack, and lovely trimmed pussy. Linda’s eyes returned to MJ’s when she said, “Baby, you look great.”

MJ blushed and then slowly retreated back to the water.

“Come here MJ!”

MJ swam towards Linda with a new confidence. Linda locked her arms around MJ’s body and pulled her into a deep kiss. It was MJ’s first kiss ever. When Linda pulled away, MJ still had her eyes close and felt like she was floating, floating above the world’s most beautiful mountains and rivers. When MJ finally opened her eyes, she smiled. Her smile was full of sunshine and love.

“Well, what did you think MJ? Still think you’re gay?”

“FUCK Yes! That was amaaaazing!”

Linda laughed and added, “There’s always more where that came from baby.”

The two women curled up on their plaid blanket. By this time, nighttime had set in. The nocturnal animals could be heard. It was exciting for MJ and Linda. The humidity had not died off, but they both felt refreshed from their great swim. While the two women curled up together — MJ in front, Linda in back, MJ started to move her bare ass closer to Linda’s pus. It felt great for both of them. Linda responded by pushing her pelvis forward into MJ. The two kept at it and started going faster and faster. Linda humping MJ.

Finally, Linda said, “God damnit, we can do better than this MJ.”

Linda crawled on top of MJ and met her face with her own face. Linda kissed MJ with a hint of some tongue and started to finger her clitoris vigorously. MJ responded quickly with tongue and by gyrating her hips in response to Linda’s magical fingers. Linda could her MJ’s panting — getting louder and louder. Then, Linda stopped right before MJ could orgasm.

MJ flipped, “What? What the fuck? I was right there with you!!”

Linda replied, “That my little baby is called ‘teasing.’ I just teased you!”

MJ didn’t smile at first, but then finally nodded her head to acknowledge that she understood.

Linda then planted soft kisses from MJ’s navel to her breasts, then to her mouth. She moved to her ear and whispered, “Okay, MJ. Breathe in for me and breathe out. You’re doing great! Spread your legs apart for me really wide and put them on top of my shoulders. Try not to yell too loud. I’ve got it covered from here.”

Linda traced down the center of MJ’s body all the way to her private. She planted tons of kisses around her happy place, adding tongue; in turn, driving MJ insane. Linda could tell MJ was getting tired and finally, unexpectedly, dove for her pussy. With two fingers on her clit, and her tongue centered on her vag, Linda went to town. She didn’t start slow. She started fast for MJ. MJ was already moving her hips and even her whole body in accordance with Linda’s licks and sucking. The two were at it hard and fast, non-stop, almost like a machine, but MJ was cussing and nearly panting.

“This is great. Fuck me faster Linda.”

Linda slowed down.

“Oh God, No Linda! Faster I said”

Linda giggled before speeding up her tongue in the crevices of MJ’s vagina.

MJ started to breathe faster and faster. “Ohhhh…”

Linda sped up her two fingers on MJ’s clit before…she saw MJ’s white creamy fluid flow from her vagina down onto Linda’s hand. Linda quickly licked up them mess before any of it could reach the blanket.

Linda asked, “So, what did you think baby?”

MJ’s eyes were still shut. “Oh, Linda, it was great! I’m so tired! I’ve never felt so great in my life. Better than alcohol! Better than masturbating!”

“You masturbate?” But Linda didn’t need an answer, because MJ was already asleep and Linda knew. Linda picked up MJ after wrapping her in the plaid blanket. She placed Michelle in the back of the SUV. Linda drove home and left their picnic items in the car for the morning.

Linda awoke MJ and the two took a bath together. MJ didn’t have the strength to stand up. She was emotionally and physically exhausted, but very content. After their relaxing calm bath, Linda took MJ to her soft clean bed and wrapped her arms around her as MJ fell asleep again one more time again.

Linda slowly pet MJ’s hair as she whispered softly with a smile, “Welcome to college MJ.”

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