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As I walked off the plane into the airport, it was like passing through a wall of heat. Although summer back home, the weather was nothing like as hot and humid as here and I longed for a swimming pool as I waited in line at customs. I stood in the hot queue, imagining the caress of cool water across my skin as I slipped in, the delicious sensation as the water moved between my legs…


Eventually I made it through the bureaucratic rig-moral and with a final, suspicious sniff, the official stamped my passport and I was finally through. As I walked out, into the main arrivals area I looked around the teaming masses, searching for a familiar face, moving slowly and feeling somewhat awkward and lost.

In a moment, the crowds parted and there he was, standing illuminated by a shaft of sunlight, cheeky smile flashing across his face as he recognised me coming towards him. He moved forward slightly and as we met there was a slightly nervous pause, in recognition of our time apart before we hugged tightly. We both inhaled each-others smell, rejoicing in the restoration of senses we had missed when so far apart.

“Hi!” came his muffled greeting, my body suddenly electrified by the feeling of his breath on my shoulder.

“Fancy seeing you here,” I replied with a grin as we finally pulled apart.

I felt heady from the embrace and my lips tingled slightly as I looked at his full lips, wanting so badly to kiss them but holding back, not sure if it was OK.

I realised he was asking me a question but I hadn’t heard because I had been too busy thinking about his lips on mine, of him kissing my neck, remembering his scent and the feel of his skin.


“How was the flight?” he repeated. “I guess not great — you seem a little out of it.”

“Oh! It was OK, the usual,” I replied. “Sorry I was just a little distracted,” blushing a little now and smiling again like a dope.

“Let’s get you out of here.” He leaned Bycasino in and whispered in my ear adding, “So I can rip your clothes off.”

He grinned at me and took my bag leading me out towards his car.

We reached his car and threw my bag in the trunk. Once it was closed he pushed me up against it gently, pressing me with his body and we kissed, slowly at first and I couldn’t help from smiling as he did. Quickly it became more serious, harder and increasingly passionate.

I ran my fingers through his hair and held his face as we kissed, my other hand on his hip pulling him closer still. I could feel his cock straining through his jeans, pressing against me and it was all I could do to keep from wrapping my legs around him right there in the car park.

Eventually we parted, kissing a few more times and as he moved to get in the car I had to pause to recover, feeling like my legs couldn’t support me.

As we drove off I had a wicked urge to make the drive as difficult as possible and carried on flirting, caressing my own body while he tried to make small-talk on the journey. Eventually I slipped my skirt up my thighs and after toying with myself a little through the damp lace, took my panties off, exposing my hot, moist cunt. I slid one finger along the lips of my pussy, teasing myself with a gentle touch, gradually applying more pressure until my finger slid right inside. He groaned and struggled to keep his eyes on the road and his hands from me and his hard cock which was straining to escape his jeans.

“You really shouldn’t do that, I might have an accident!” he moaned.

“Then perhaps you should find somewhere to pull over.” my voice now husky with desire.

I bit and sucked my lips, then brought the finger I had been playing with to my lips and licked it clean. This was the final straw, driving him nuts and he pulled the car over into a deserted side street and switched off the motor. I climbed over to his side of the Bycasino giriş car and straddled him, brushing the hair that fell before my eyes behind my ear so I could look at him. I smiled, suddenly a little shy again and wanting him to make the next move.

“You have no idea how often I’ve fantasised about this.” I whispered.

He rubbed my shoulders and my neck and then brought his hands to my breasts, pinching my erect nipples through the thin cloth of my t-shirt.

“Oh, I think I might have an idea…”

He pulled my face down and we kissed, slipping tongs together, biting lips and devouring each other with the built up of desire of months spent apart. I pulled away and presented him with my neck, one of the most sensitive areas of my body and he reacted perfectly, kissing and biting my neck as I rubbed myself against him and unexpectedly came, crying out as waves of pleasure rolled over me.

My fingers worked at the fly of his jeans, creating an opening and extracting his hard, massive cock. It was as big as I remembered and I bit my lip in excitement, remembering in a moment all the pleasure it had provided in previous encounters.

I ran my hand up and down its length and used his own juices to roll my hand over and around the tip, making him cry out with the intensity of the sensation. I kept going, alternating between long strokes, slow at first and getting faster, and rolling my hand over the head of his rock hard cock. Tracing circles and sliding up and down, kissing him and looking into his beautiful, blue eyes and smiling with the joy of having him in my hand again.

“This always was my favourite toy.”

“Well you are welcome to play with it whenever you like,” he replied.

“I might just take you up on that.”

He pulled my hand away and I made a quiet noise of complaint until I realised he was shuffling down a little in the seat, positioning himself for considerably more fun.

I lifted my Bycasino güncel giriş hips and hovered for a second feeling his hard penis against the entry to my hot cunt, savouring every sensation before he took my hips and pulled me down around him. My hot pussy felt stretched by his enormous shaft — the thick, mushroom head filling me to the brim.

“Christ you’re wet, you’re so damned wet and tight!” he exclaimed.

I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair, “You always did that to me.”

I rocked myself up and down the long hard shaft, my cunt throbbing with excitement, feeling incredible as his hands stroked my body and his lips found mine, kissing me, kissing my neck. He tugged my shirt off over my head and leaned down to bite my hard nipple, making me gasp with the pain and intense pleasure.

I ran my right hand over his body, feeling his chest, pinching his nipple, stroking his arms and enjoying the sensation of his skin and touch as the left held his shoulder anchoring me as I rose and fell, faster and faster driving his big, magnificent cock into my tight, wet pussy. Harder and harder we fucked, and our breath came shorter, moaning and grunting with desire. The heat of the sun on the car was nothing compared to the heat we generated on our own, tasting the salty sweat on each other’s skin.

“Oh God!” I cried, “I’m going to come!”

I struggled to stay quiet as the passion and energy built within me and I suddenly felt that great, shuddering release as every muscle tensed and relaxed. My head exploding with the orgasm and I lost control of my body, bucking and writhing on his cock and bringing him to orgasm as well with the contractions of my body, squeezing and grinding down on him.

I had to stay there for a minute, panting to catch my breath, jumping with occasional aftershocks from the orgasm. It was so nice just to feel him there inside me, my legs wrapped around him and if it weren’t for the heat, and the chance of someone stumbling across us I could have stayed there a lot longer.

“Thank you!” I said as I finally raised myself off him and swung back to the passenger seat.

“Anytime.” He smiled and, after exclaiming a gentle “Hoof!” started the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32