Mindy’s Ordinary Life Ch. 05

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I ummed and ahhed over some of the technical details here, but I figured that a) it’s no fun if every sex scene ends in ‘ow fuck you bruised my cervix’ and Mindy getting blue balls and b) it’s a fantasy world where fifteen-inch dicks exist, so Stacy (and other girls) can (un)comfortably take Mindy’s length somehow.

“All right,” you say, delivering another stinging slap to Stacy’s rump. “On your feet.”

Unsteadily, she wobbles to her feet and looks at you curiously, her chest rising and falling as she breathes deeply.

You spin her around and unhook her bra and garter belt, pulling them off and discarding them on the couch. Embracing her from behind and pushing your rock-hard erection against her ass, you grab her breasts in both hands and squeeze tightly, feeling her hard nipples sink into her palms. “I could fuck you here,” you say, “but I have a better idea. Let’s go to your bedroom. Walk.”

“Oh, yes, Mindy. I like that idea.” Stacy smiles and eagerly leads you out into the hallway, ass sashaying gently from side to side. She’s completely naked now, save for her stockings and heels.

“Lose the shoes,” you say as the two of you enter the bedroom. The bed is still messy and unmade, dented from where you slept this morning.

Stacy notices you looking as she unhooks her heels and drops them by the closet, her naked body shivering. It’s not cold, but she looks a little nervous. “Sorry, I didn’t have time to clean up. I didn’t think we’d be in here.”

“Of course we would,” you say with a wry grin, pulling the covers off the bed and lying flat on your back in the wrinkled sheets. “You want to tell Darren all about this, right? You want him to fuck you in this bed while you tell him how much of a futa-loving whore you were this weekend?”

“Yes…!” Stacy shivers as she speaks, a visible tremble that runs the length of her body.

You stroke your massive cock as she waits for you to provide her with instructions. You’re in no hurry. Teasing her is fun. “Does Darren fuck you from behind? Does he push your face into the bed as he buries his cock in your pussy?”

“Sometimes,” Stacy purrs, leaning on the edge of the bed and staring hungrily at your cock, which now points directly skyward.

“Good,” you say. “So when he comes back on Monday, I want you to let him do that. I want him to push your face down so that you can smell our lovemaking while he’s fucking you. I want you to tell him that. ‘Darren, I can still smell Mindy. This is where she fucked me, and I can still smell her scent.’ How does that sound?”

“Amazing!” Stacy says, one hand absently reaching between her legs as she waits at the end of the bed. “Oh God, Mindy, that sounds amazing, so please, fuck me.”

“All right,” you say, “but you’ve got to do the work this time. Get up on top and put it in yourself, then ride me.”

Without hesitation, Stacy dives forward onto the bed, pushing her entire body into yours. Your cock is trapped between your hot flesh and hers, and her lips are all over your face, licking and kissing with wild abandon. “I need this,” she moans as she lifts her hips, pussy scraping the underside of your cock. “Oh God, I need this big fat cock in my pussy right now.”

By way of permission, you kiss her back then push her upwards, forcing her into a squatting position.

Her legs tremble as she positions herself over your cock. Rubbing her sweet pussy on the head, she coats you in her juices. You’re painfully aware of how hard it is to take the monster growing between your legs, and for the first time it looks like Stacy is too. “It’s almost as thick as my arm,” she murmurs as she grabs it and guides it cautiously towards her dripping entrance.

“You’ll manage,” you say.

“Oh, I will!” She seems desperate to get your cock inside her at any cost, now. Taking a deep breath, she drops her hips a little. The head of your cock gently kisses her lower lips, pushing them apart to make way for its bulbous mass. Stacy gasps as the thick head works its way entirely inside. “Christ, it’s thick.”

You throw your head back into the pillow, squeezing the sheets with your hands. She’s only taken the tip of your cock inside, and her pussy is already squeezing down like a vice. It’s scalding hot, slippery and feels infinitely better than any of the custom fleshlights you’ve been entertaining yourself with lately. But she’s not finished. Not by a long shot.

Closing her eyes in some combination of ecstasy and pain, Stacy drives her hips down further, slowly taking your enormous length inside her. “Stop!” you say suddenly.

Whining, Stacy pauses and opens her eyes again, looking at you pleadingly. “Why?” she begs.

“Did you forget what I told you? Talk dirty to me, lover,” you demand, enjoying feeling the first seven inches of her twitching pussy. This is clearly turning Stacy on beyond all belief as she struggles to concentrate on your words.

“Your cock is… inside my pussy,” she says slowly, almost seeming to have Sinop Escort trouble with that idea herself.

“Yes… tell me something I don’t know,” you giggle.

Stacy grins, a spark of her fire coming back. “This is nearly as deep as my fiance fucks me,” she says, wriggling her hips as more than half of your dick waits for her to take it in. Her breasts sway pendulously as she does so, tempting you to reach out and grope them again.

“His dick isn’t as big as mine?”

“Nowhere near,” she says with a nervous giggle. “It’s big, eight or nine inches, but this? Wow, this is something else.”

You nod, satisfied. “Good. Let’s see if you can take the rest. Not everyone can.”

Licking her lips, Stacy drops her hips further. Soft, wet noises emanate from her pussy as your cock slides deeper inside. It’s getting tighter and more difficult as she goes, and your breathing gets rough. So does Stacy’s. “Almost . . . there!” she grunts as inches eleven and twelve are swallowed by her gaping hole. Inexplicably tight from her opening to her darkest depths, Stacy is now well and truly impaled on your cock – but she keeps going.

“Fuuuuuuck,” you groan as she wriggles her ass from side to side, working your cock further into her. Her head hangs limply to one side, eyes unfocused, as she moves up and down a little, forcing her pussy further onto your enormous member.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” She exhales one final groan as she bottoms out. She’s now kneeling astride you on the bed, your entire length buried deep inside her cunt as she sways uncertainly, rapturing in the feeling of being totally and completely filled. A distinct bulge is visible along her tummy, your cock cramming its way in towards her womb. She caresses the bump lazily, and you feel the pressure vaguely on your cock even through her body.

Licking your lips and enjoying the feeling of being squeezed from base to tip, you reach out and grab her arms, pulling her down to you.

“Uogh!” Stacy groans with pleasure at the unexpected shift in angle. She falls flat on top of you, pressing her massive tits against your smaller ones, and her face inches from yours. Even as her distracted, lust-glazed eyes search for yours, you pull her in and kiss her once more, sticking your tongue into her mouth.

“I’m so – mmph – close – hrmm – to coming!” she pleads in between kisses, grinding her hips on you but not yet daring to fuck herself properly on your cock. She’s still adjusting to it, but you think a nice, bone-rattling orgasm would be just the ticket to loosen her up.

“My cock feels that good?” you ask, knowing full well what the answer is.

“You’re hitting all my pleasure points,” she groans, bucking her hips slightly. “Ones I didn’t even know I had. Darren’s never been this deep.”

“You want to cum?” you whisper, nibbling on her ear. “You want to cum before I start fucking you?”

“Please!” she begs you, pushing her chest against you and squeezing her twitching pussy. “I’m going crazy, I need to come now!”

To help push her over the edge to the first of many orgasms, you whisper something dirty in her ear. What do you choose?

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll never be satisfied with Darren again.”

“We’ve got twenty-four hours left, and you’re going to be my plaything for the whole time.”

“I knew you were a slut when you drank all my cum in the gardens.

“I’m going to cum inside and make you pregnant.”

“Your pussy is the best I’ve ever fucked.”

“I watched you masturbate last night. It made me so hard, I wanted to climb on top and fuck you right there.”

Some combination of the above?

[[I want Stacy to know that Mindy is going to reshape her body from the inside out 🙂 Maybe a dash of pregnancy dirty talk for flavor ;D]]

“We’re just getting started,” you hiss, pushing your voice into her ear along with your tongue. “By the time this weekend is over, your pussy is going to be molded to the shape of my cock.”

“C-cumming!” Stacy shudders deeply at the thought, her pussy convulsing as you lift your hips, grinding your cock against the deepest part of her hole. She wails with pleasure as her entire body starts to shake as the wave of orgasm she’s been riding for a while finally peaks, slamming into her full-force as she revels in the feeling of your cock inside her.

For your part, you hug her tightly against you, feeling her soft, warm body mash against yours as she quivers with pleasure. Her breasts smoosh flat against your chest, a massive, thick presence that threatens to overwhelm you. Her entire body twitches and rolls against you as your cock remains lodged deep in her pussy, grinding against every pleasure point she possesses. She groans and falls limp against you, a faint smile on her face as she comes down from her peak.

“Did that feel good?” you murmur in her ear.

“I can’t feel my legs,” she moans happily, nuzzling against you. “God, and I only put it inside me.”

“Well, Sinop Escort Bayan better get moving,” you say, reaching down to slap both her ass cheeks. “Ride ’em, cowgirl!”

“Huh?” Stacy blinks.

Grinning, you push her up into a kneeling position once again, admiring the way her breasts sway on top of you.. “I thought you wanted this.”

“Oh God, I do, but right now I don’t know if I ca-“

“Ride it!” you say sharply, grasping her by the hips.

Groaning, Stacy obeys. Though she still shivers at every movement, a lustful smile creeps onto her face as she lifts her hips, wrenching your cock out of her pussy inch by inch. The cool air tickles your damp member as she pulls out almost up to the head, then sinks back down with a satisfied sigh.

“Aw, fuck, you go so deep inside me,” she says, smiling vaguely as she slowly starts to ride you. Her thick hips gyrate gently as she settles into an up-and-down rhythm, her pussy gripping your cock unbelievably tightly.

You can’t resist a gasping moan as she rides you at an agonisingly slow pace. You feel every bump and fold as her tightness and wetness envelop you, encircling all fifteen inches of your cock and sliding up and down.

“You like my pussy?” Stacy gasps, pushing her hips down and grinding left and right.

“Best I’ve ever had,” you say, “but we’re just getting started. Kick it up a notch!”

Stacy obeys, lifting her hips once again and beginning to ride you in earnest. You tighten your grip on her hips as she speeds up, throwing her head back and fucking herself on your cock. “Jesus Christ, this is everything I ever wanted,” she says.

“You always wanted this? Or Darren did?”

“He did at first, but I – I liked the idea. It s-started to grow on me, but I… never had the courage to act on it until now.” Her voice grows shaky as she continues to ride you, gasping for breath as her pussy writhes around your cock. Her breasts are shaking deliciously as she bounces up and down, tempting you to reach out and grab them. You do so with great pleasure, feeling their soft, heavy weight rolling in your hands.

Stacy continues fucking you, getting faster and faster, gasping and shivering as she bottoms out on your cock every time. Every now and then she pauses at the bottom to grind back and forth or side to side, introducing curious new sensations as she does so. She’s so close, so tightly wrapped around you, that you feel like two parts of a whole. Like a key carved to fit a lock, you fit so perfectly inside her that you can’t believe you’ve never made love to her before. And that is what you’re doing, you realise. This isn’t just sex, not just fucking. There’s a powerful lust in the air, for sure, but Stacy is filling a more specific need that you never knew you had.

“Did Darren ever tell you what he thought of you getting filled with futa cum?” you ask, gripping Stacy’s hips and helping to steady her as she rides you.

Stacy bites her lip, the thought bringing a look of worry to her face. “He… likes that,” she says uncertainly.

“Do you realise that you’ve been fucking my raw cock for the last ten minutes, and I could blow a massive load inside you at any time?”

Stacy goes slightly pale at the thought, though there’s a hint of lust behind her eyes. Could she possibly want this too? “I do,” she murmurs. “I’ve been thinking about nothing else.”

“You’re going to take my cum, then? You want all that thick, potent futa cum pouring into your womb, making you pregnant?” You know that’s probably a bad idea, but right now you don’t care. It’s not as if she’s guaranteed to get pregnant, anyway. Right?

“P-pregnant?” She barely seems to know what she’s saying any more. Her eyes are closed and she’s clearly struggling to concentrate on anything other than the dick gouging out her insides. “You can’t… but – I want it. I want your cum. Jesus, Mindy, I want you to cum inside of me!”

Those are the words you wanted to hear. You buck your hips to match her rhythm, eliciting a squeal at the unexpected angle of contact. You drive upwards, feeling your orgasm begin to rise. It’s not past the point of no return yet, but you have a curvy goddess bouncing on your cock and it won’t take long if you decide to let it loose.

Cum. Cum now, cum hard, and let her feel your jizz blasting directly into her womb.

Take the safe way out and pull out, and then shower her sexy body with your cum.

Take a break to switch positions (to what? You choose) and fuck her some more. You aren’t done yet.

[[Now for the story, I think it’s time for Stacy to experience her first futa creampie!]]

“All right,” you groan, lifting your hips to meet Stacy’s even more powerfully. “You asked for it, so get ready. I want you to cum again when I do, alright?”

“S-so ready!” she gasps, increasing her pace and squeezing your cock like a vice. “Oh fuck, Mindy, you’re so deep!”

Relaxing into the motion, you let your instincts take Escort Sinop over and roll your hips against Stacy’s body, seeking pleasure in her hot, soaked pussy. You’ve been holding yourself back all this time, ever since she blew you in the gardens. All this time teasing back and forth, pulling her clothes off and making out, you’ve felt it building. Even though you came just a couple of hours ago, you can tell that this is going to be a big one. The risk associated with coming raw in Stacy’s pussy just enhances your desire to fill her up, adding an edge of danger that turns you on like nothing else – and it’s clear she feels the same. Even though not too long ago she was barely able to take it inside her, Stacy now looks well and truly comfortable on your cock, riding you like a champ. Her breaths grow shorter and more ragged as you approach your mutual peak, her walls tightening irregularly around you as she spasms gently.

“Here it comes!” Feeling your orgasm approach, you grasp Stacy firmly by the hips and pull her down hard onto your cock, burying yourself to the hint in her warm, willing cunt and letting your ejaculation explode into her.

Your vision goes white as your head rolls back, your entire body seizing up slightly as you push your hips skyward, almost lifting Stacy off the bed as your balls shiver and contract before releasing, spewing a torrent of semen through your urethra and directly into Stacy’s pussy.

Stacy screams. You thought she was loud before, but nothing could have prepared you for the orgasmic, ear-shattering cry she produces upon feeling your cum slam into her cervix. Delivered directly to the deepest place you can physically reach, it blasts inside her like a firehose, filling her up and tipping her over the edge of her own orgasm. Her abdomen shakes like a leaf, but she hangs on gamely, grinding her hips on your dick even as it continues to fill her up. “F-fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” is all she can say as your cum floods her womb, overflows and splashes back out onto your thighs, her pussy unable to contain all that cum as well as your cock.

Realising this, she shakily pulls herself up, letting your slimy cock – soaked with both your fluids – pop free and hang in the air, still squirting cum over both of you as she collapses back on top of you, sucking in huge gulps of air and shuddering with the aftermath of your shared peak. “Ohhhh, fuck, baby,” she moans contentedly, still breathing hard as she cuddles into your shoulder.

“You’re unbelievable,” you say, breathing just as hard yourself as you stroke her hair with one hand, feeling your dick finally stop spurting cum and begin to relax. Your lower body is wet and sticky with cum, and more is leaking onto you from her pussy.

“I’ve never felt so good in my life,” Stacy murmurs, reaching down with one hand to massage her abused pussy. The squelching sounds tell you just how full she is, and you really wish you had the energy to go another round right now. She sounds like she needs it. But for the moment at least, you need to rest. “It’s so hot inside me, and I’m so full. God, I’m full of your futa cum. I fucking love it.”

“Think you’re pregnant now?” you tease, kissing her on the forehead as you continue to brush one hand through her dishevelled, sex-tossed brown hair.

“Oh, God. Part of me hopes so,” she admits, looking up at you with a mixture of guilt and excitement in her dark eyes. “It’s not the best time for it, though, and with me on top I think we’re probably safe.”

She’s just trying to reassure herself. You want to tease her by promising to put a pillow under her hips and breed her properly in the morning, but… your libido is waning, and somehow that seems like not such a nice thing to do. All you want to do is lie here and cuddle her, finally feeling like you’ve found someone truly special. Your eyelids start to droop even as you think about this.

What’s the plan?

Shower together, clean up and make out under the water. Your cock is spent for now, but you’ll never get tired of Stacy’s body or her lips.

Clean up be damned, you’ll do it in the morning. For now, moving is too much energy and you’re comfortable where you are.

[[Call me sappy but I think it’d be adorable if they fell asleep in each others arms like that :)]]

Stacy sighs deeply, rolling off you for a moment before snuggling gently into your side. She smells sweet, a bizarrely comforting combination of sex, sweat and perfume. She lays one leg across yours, unintentionally pushing her sticky, warm pussy against your thigh. Her breasts couch comfortably against your side. “Nobody’s ever made love to me like that,” she says dreamily, reaching up with one hand to stroke the side of your face.

“O-oh?” you say, worming an arm under her shoulder to hug her gently against you. Her breasts heave softly as her breathing calms, pushing their mass against your side. She’s such a bundle of sex, you feel incredibly lucky to be here with her right now. Even as you think that, she leans in and starts kissing you drowsily on the cheek.

“Mmyeah,” she murmurs. “I still feel so full. Your cum’s leaking out of my pussy.” She giggles girlishly, nuzzling into the crook of your neck, then sighs contentedly, relaxing into you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32