Midnight Delights

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One of my favorite things in to do in my spare time was to visit my friends and family via the train. The rides were long and tended to be very restricted to certain times, but I loved it. I never really worried someone would bother me or be excessively drunk like on the bus and I didn’t have to worry about falling out of the sky like I did with plane, I did realize it was a unreasonable fear but I couldn’t help it. Anyway, the day I feel in love with train was the day I took an impromptu trip to see my best friend from high school in Atlanta. I was in Connecticut and was bored out of my mind with my fiancés’ family, when my girlfriend called and she made up an excuse for me, they believed it and I was out. I promised him that I would be back at least the day before it was time to go back but would probably be back well before that. My last words to him were I love you, and see you in a couple of days. And I left.

The trip by train was an unavoidable 18 hour trip and with how the train ran most times it would draw out into 20 to 24 hours. One of the things that was wonderful about long trips like this is they were almost always close to empty after Washington DC and you could get the whole seat, I refused to pay an extra 100 plus just for a bed compartment. My conductor had been Jesse today, I saw him often whenever I headed south and I knew would be on till Atlanta because that’s where he was from. So I sat in my seat and every time he passed by we struck up a little conversation. I enjoyed matching wits with him. He was a sexy man that stood at 6 foot 2, long beautiful locks down his back, with a lock charm right by his ear, he also had a rich dark chocolate complexion that was flawless. There was no doubt in my mind that he had a girlfriend waiting for him somewhere, and I definitely had a fiancé, but that did not stop me from fantasizing .

Fantasizing wasn’t the bad part as I found that day, even more I found out I was a bit of a voyeur.

At 11 pm that night the lights went out on all the cars out of respect for sleeping people. While the car I was in was spaced out fairly well to be just out of Virginia, the people were taking forever to go to sleep and my imagination was running antalya escort rapid through my body. I decided that at this point anybody who was still up would get a show, I know that Jesse was watching me very closely, he never went to far from the car, I had no clue what he was thinking, I just knew I wasn’t ready to just let my eyes do the talking. At some point I started to rub my breast, innocent enough not to draw attention from anyone who wasn’t already looking, but good enough to tease anyone who was. I rubbed my breast in slow circles avoiding direct contact with my nipple. My eyes closed as I imagined Jesses’ lips on my nipples and I felt them harden against my shirt, I slowly slid one hand under my shirt and pulled it and moaned slightly at the sensation. I could feel myself getting wet and reached under my skirt. I briefly opened my eyes as I rubbed my nipples and my clit, I saw Jesse standing there and wondered how much he had saw, I smiled at him as I pulled my fingers away from my pussy, and started put them in my mouth. Jesse quickly looked around and grabbed my hand. He put my fingers in his mouth and started to suck my pussy juices from my fingers. I was so enthralled by my fantasy coming to life I didn’t notice the man, two seats back and over, watching. I pulled my fingers from his mouth and ran my hand down to his crotch. I ran my hand and down his pants that hid his dick through his pants and got wetter just feeling the length.

Jesse knelt down in front me, looked up and put his fingers to his lips to let me know to keep quiet. I smiled and nodded. Jesse lifted my skirt and bent his head to get to my pussy. The minute his tongue hit my pussy, I almost screamed with delight right there. It felt so good I almost had an orgasm right there. He pulled me closer to the edge of the seat and wrapped my legs around his neck. As he licked and sucked on my pussy it took everything in me to keep quiet. A few moans of ecstasy escaped with my first orgasms, but I kept it cool until he inserted first one, than another finger into my pussy, at that I squealed trying to contain the moan I wanted to let out, while Jesse had no qualms about continuing his service, I quickly looked around and kemer escort saw the gentlemen who sat a seats over and two back. He was stroking his dick through his pants and looking at Jesse and I. I smiled at him and ran my hands through Jesses hair and let my head fall back and close my eyes. I could feel another orgasm creeping up on me and was riding Jesses face to my fulfillment. As my heart rate calmed and Jesse started to lightly stroke my pussy with his tongue.

Jesse lifted his head than and sat in the seat and started to stroke his dick. I Bent over and took over with my mouth. I ran my tongue from the tip to the base and back. I licked the tip and teased his dick with my tongue and heard him barely contain his groan. I looked up at him, smiled and put my finger to my lips this time. He put his hands in my hair and guided my mouth back to his dick. I engulfed his entire dick in my mouth . I heard the shocked gasp come from him as his head rolled back. I felt his body start tighten, and knew his orgasm was fast approaching and started to speed up my ministrations. I felt the first squirt of his orgasm in the back of my throat, and the next on my tongue. The sweet and salty mix slid down my throat and I looked up and smiled in gratification.

Then, unexpectedly, Jesse pulled a condom out, put it on and slid into my still dripping wet pussy. He had me riding him like a mechanical bull, I had to hang on to the armrest to stay on, even though Jesse had my thighs tightly in control. I looked up and was surprised again to find that the gentleman that was sitting one over and two back was now next to my seat with his dick out. He grabbed my hand and had me stroke his dick to the rhythm of Jesse fucking me. My shock was obvious in my face, but I went for it. As stroked I got the urged to suck him off. I slid his dick easily in my mouth. While Jesse had length and girth, this gentleman had a lot of girth and less length.

Jesse wanted me bent over doggy style, so the gentleman sat in front of me while Jesse stood and bent me over. I Moaned as I felt Jesse slide deeper into me, he moaned as he felt his dick get deeper into me. The gentleman moaned as the vibration konyaaltı escort of my moan hit his dick. Jesse started to ride me faster, forcing me to suck faster to keep up, we were all so close, and Jesse’s hand on my thigh was squeezing tighter while the hands in my hair was pulling tighter.

I was the first to let go, my orgasm rocked through my body while Jesse rode me harder. The scream that would’ve come out, had my mouth not been full, stayed in vibrating around my mouth causing the gentleman to cum in my mouth. I was barely aware enough to do more than swallow all that he shot into my mouth. As I was swallowing all of my gentleman’s gift and my legs were no longer holding me up, Jesse came last. Jesse pulled me so tight to him my weight was no longer mine to hold. Once Jesse let me go I collapsed forward. I barely registered that the next stop was coming up. Jesse, sat down for just a second as he rearranged his cloths in a neat and orderly fashion, and than rearranged my skirt, I had decided to go without my panties today, it was simply to hot. I was glad I did, no other way would’ve this have been as smooth. I looked at our partner in crime, he had a content look on his face as he adjusted his own pants. He noticed that I was staring at him but not moving , he smiled at me and winked, never said a word, just walked calmly back to his seat pulled his cover , adjusted his pillow and went to sleep. I looked at Jesse and he was up and whistling as he went over to the intercom to announced the next stop. I finally conjured the energy to move and sat down in my seat, as I started to recline in my seat, my eyes immediately closed, giving me barely enough time to adjust my pillow and blanket.

I heard Jesse chuckle and say “Maybe I’ll see you on the way back.”

On my way back I missed Jesse, but maybe that was a good thing, cheating once is bad enough, twice there’s just no excuse. I got back to my Fiancé with two days to spare, I was so well relaxed and rested that I felt like I was ready to take on his entire family at once now. He came to the station to pick me up and as soon as he saw me, he was all hugs and kisses and full of question. ” So baby how was everything in Atlanta, and you God daughter? Is everything okay with her? I want to here about everything you did from the moment you got on the train to leave, to when you got off the train here.” I smiled at him and said ” Well sweetie, it was a little after midnight and everyone was sleep . . .”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32