Microkini Chronicles Ch. 07

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Big Tits

Late in the Summer of 1982, eighteen years old, a year out of high school and already a beach-going thong and g-string wearer for a couple of years, I decided it was time to branch out a bit more and give the nude beach at San Onofre, California a try. While I’d often given it thought, prior to that point I had the usual reservations that stop most people from going; What if I get an erection? Am I good looking enough? What if I see someone I know?

Fortunately, all of those fears were alleviated on my first visit. I did see three people I knew, but since they too were going nude, I knew there wouldn’t be a problem. Thanks in large part to being young, I was considerably more fit than most and sure enough, I spent a good part of the day with a raging hard on due more to the fact that people were having sex all over the place than from being nude. It was an amazing first day and by early afternoon, I’d twice jacked off watching two of the couples sitting near me fuck and felt fully committed to nudism. That first nude beach experience truly changed my life forever. I had become a genuine “nudist”.

Back then, the beach wasn’t terribly well known and folks went nude and even engaged in sexual activity just about everywhere. It was common to see blowjobs in the parking lot, couples fucking on the trail leading down to the sand and open sex on the beach itself was routine. I began to enjoy the nudist lifestyle so much that eventually I got to a point where on the days I’d go to the beach, I wouldn’t put anything on all day, including driving there and back. In fact, one week I went to the beach six days straight and throughout the full six days remained completely naked, losing count of the number of times I masturbated and even scoring a blowjob from the willing wife of a couple sitting next to me.

On one particular weekday morning just after Labor Day, I arrived at 7:00 and ventured down to what was a largely deserted beach. As was my normal routine, I went for a long walk down the empty stretch of military-owned beach, enjoying the warm sunrise on my naked body. The only other people on the beach now ¼ mile behind me, I began to get aroused and was soon stroking a glorious erection as I walked along the waterline. ankara rus escort More focused on my erect cock than on my immediate surroundings, I was suddenly startled to see a small group of people being very active up by the cliffs.

There were five of them in all, two nude couples and a clothed guy sporting a very serious looking video camera on his shoulder. It turned out that he was filming a good looking, middle-aged guy getting his cock sucked by large breasted, twenty-something blonde. The other couple, both in their early thirties, she a petite brunette sporting beautiful, large implants and he very body-builder looking, were sitting close by on a large log, watching the show. For years I’d heard stories about San Onofre having been the setting for some adult films and I suppose part of the reason I always went for long walks was in the hope of catching one in progress, but I never figured I actually would. At that point in my life, I’d been into exhibitionism for a while, even doing some modeling both in erotic swimwear and completely nude. I’d also videoed a girlfriend and I having sex several times for our private viewing pleasure, but I’d never experienced an actual porn flick in the making. Not one to let a good thing go to waste, I slowly walked up the beach to check it out.

About the time I reached them, the cameraman called “cut” and the gorgeous blonde giving the blowjob sucked the guy a few more times before standing up and giving us all an eyeful of her gorgeous body. She kept stroking his cock and kissing him as the cameraman repositioned them and loaded a new tape in the camera. Noticing that the couples had been looking at me, the cameraman turned around and just said “hi”, totally unconcerned that I was standing there watching. With the blonde now on her back, the man knelt between her shapely tanned legs and plunged his cock into her pussy, while the cameraman positioned the lens behind them for a close up. From that point on, he filmed them fucking as they wished as the other couple began to get more into it, feeling each other up as they watched. I decided to enjoy the show too and lay down in the sand stroking my throbbing erection. Eventually, the man pulled out and ankara türbanlı escort came, covering the blonde’s enormous breasts with a huge amount of semen as the cameraman moved in close to catch it all on film. The cameraman then positioned the other couple on the blanket and began filming them as they fucked, the first couple now taking their seats on the log. This time, the guy pulled out very quickly, actually flopping back on his ass and cumming all over himself in less than a minute, much to the dismay of both the cameraman and the woman.

“You wanna take over?” the cameraman turned to ask me, exasperated by the fact that he wasn’t done shooting when the guy came.

“M…me?” I asked stupidly.

“Yea YOU! Get laid and get paid!” he said jovially.

“W…well…I’ve never…I mean…I have, but not for real,” I stammered.

“Two hundred bucks today and 2% of the sales,” he explained.

“Well…yeah…okay, uhhh…why not?” I answered, a bit under my breath.

The cameraman directed me to sit on the log and spread my legs. The first couple moved away and I sat down on the log as the beautiful brunette, whom I’d just watched getting fucked, knelt down between my legs and took my pulsating cock in her mouth. The guy who came too soon, picked up his bag and stormed back up the beach in a huff as the first couple walked down to the water for a swim. After a few minutes, the cameraman stopped directing and just kept rolling as Nature took its course. Pretty soon, I was really getting into it, fucking in a variety of positions and even walking her down to fuck her at the waterline so the other couple would be in the background. Finally, after better than thirty minutes, I could stand it no longer, pulled out and fired long streams of cum across the woman’s writhing body as she lay in the sand. She and I made out for few minutes afterward before walking up the beach to watch what we’d done on the replay and I have to admit, the scenes were very good. The shots of her cumming were truly beautiful and the final sequence of me cumming on her with the waves crashing in the background was awesome!

After everyone introduced themselves, Nick, the cameraman, explained that he was bahçelievler escort filming for Homegrown Video and that they were hoping to get about three hours of film that day and asked if I wanted to do more. Who was I to argue?

We took a fairly long break, Nick working with the camera and explaining the next shoot to us, but as the sun peaked in the midday sky, we were back at it. We shot a fantasy-scenario film wherein the two girls were filmed casually walking down the beach, topless but in tiny thongs, holding hands and occasionally kissing. Eventually, they stopped right in the middle of the beach and sensuously stripped one another’s bikini off. They then walked down and frolicked about in the water for a while before coming out, spreading out a blanket and going down on each other. After each of them had cum, Stan, the other guy, was filmed walking naked down the beach, eventually stumbling across the two girls who were in the midst of a beautiful sixty-nine. He squatted down next to them and strikes up a mock conversation before the girls pulled him down to the blanket and devoured his rigid cock.

A few minutes later, with Erin the buxom blonde and Tracy the brunette, making out in a missionary position with Tracy on top, Stan plunged his ample cock into Tracy. After a few minutes, I watched with a huge hard-on at the ready as Stan pulled his shiny cock out of her pussy and carefully sank it into her ass after she and Erin went back into a sixty-nine. Nick then filmed me casually walking naked up the beach, eventually coming across the horny threesome. As you might have guessed, I was quickly pulled into the little orgy where I immediately sank my cock into Erin’s clean-shaven pussy for several minutes before finally fucking her in the ass as well. Stan and I swapped girls a couple of times before Nick positioned us for the final bit of film. Stan and I were on our backs, cocks buried in the asses of Tracy and Erin, respectively, with the girls facing the camera as we pulled out and sprayed cum up across their abdomens almost simultaneously.

Nick was thrilled, Stan, the girls and I were spent, and we were each $200 richer! I did five more films for Homegrown, a couple more on the beach in San Onofre, the rest at a mansion in Beverly Hills, making a pretty tidy sum of money along the way. Homegrown has become a huge commercial enterprise now, but once in a rare while, I’ll go to San Onofre and catch someone making an armature film. While I haven’t been in any films myself for a while, I certainly would again. Any takers?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32