Mia’s Christmas Party Ch. 02

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Part 2 of Mia at TIASS

For Part 1 read Mia’s Christmas Party Ch: 1


The janitors smiled and said good night to Caleb as they turned away to start cleaning. Caleb entered the room, closed the door, and saw Mia sitting on the desk. His eyes darkened again as they stared lust-filled at Mia.


Caleb walked up to me and grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to the edge of the desk. He positioned himself so my legs were on either side of him and I could feel his semi-hard dick through his pants. I looked up at him and gave him a small smile, wink, and with an innocent tone in my voice “Working late? Hope I can help alleviate some of your stress throughout the night. Wouldn’t want you to not finish all the work you have to do”

He gave a small throaty growl and spread my legs wider as he gripped me tighter. Making me moan at his dominant behavior. He ran his hand up my side to my neck, cupped my face, and pulled me within inches of his lips. “Hope you can keep up with me then”

He pulled me in for an aggressive kiss. I moaned into his mouth at the feeling of finally getting to kiss him after all our weeks of teasing each other. Our tongues danced with each other as we fought for dominance during our steamy make-out session.

Our hands were everywhere. I reached for his jacket and felt my way down to the button. I pulled it off and like lightning, he pulled his hands away from my body to fling his jacket across the room only to put them right back on me. He groped my tits making made me moan out loud. I loosened his tie and began to unbutton his shirt wanting to see his body before he stopped me. His response made me hmphed in frustration. “Hold on, if they come back in, what will they think of their naked boss? Smirking he added, “Don’t worry, we’ve got ALLLLL night”.

I giggled at his witty response as we began to make-out again. Slowly he trailed his right hand down my body. He gave my nipple a squeeze and a twist that sent a rush of pleasure that made me moan into his mouth. He continued downward until he reached the slit of my dress. I felt his hand firmly grab my thigh and begin to massage it making me moan again in pleasure. He slowly lifted his hand raising the hem of my dress higher and higher until he saw my underwear. A black lacy thong. He growled around my lips and gave them a little nip to show his appreciation for my choice in attire.

He began to tease all around my thong, but never going to where I wanted him. I give him a little mewl of whining to show him that I couldn’t stand his teasing anymore and wanted him to touch me. Right as the sound left my lips, not half a second later did I feel his hand rush into my underwear and graze the outside of my pussy. “Ohh” I gasped out loud at his touch before he, once again, began to tease my pussy. After feeling I was wet enough he slowly inserted his middle finger making me moan into his mouth. He looked down breaking our kiss, “Damn Mia, your tight”.

I blushed and pulled him back into our kiss. He began to finger me and felt around as I gave little moans for the spots that felt good to me until he grazed over my g-spot that gave me a rush of pleasure and made me gasp quite loudly into his mouth. He gave me a smirk and did it again which made me gasp out loud again. He knew he found my weak spot. He slowly began to insert a second finger began to tease and touch my g-spot over and over up building the pleasure.

His other hand began to trail from my face to down my breasts and began to knead my rock-hard nipples and groping my breasts. I couldn’t help but moan in appreciation because of the pleasure that his hands had on my body. His hand on my breast giving that slight pain as he played with my nipple that only amplified my pleasure. His lips and tongue made my heart and mind melt with his expertise. I began to feel a surging underlying pleasure that welled up inside of me. He began to finger me faster and faster that made me pull away from his lips and gasp out loud “Fuck yes! Right there! Don’t stop baby that feels so good!”

He fingered me faster and faster while teasing my nipple more and more. I felt my orgasm seconds away only for him to stop on the verge of it. Panting loudly “WHY DID YOU STOP, I WAS SOOOO CLOSE!” I said in anger. He looked down at me with that smirk and took his fingers out of my pussy, put them in his mouth, and licked my juices off his fingers causing me to blush. He pointed to his ear “The janitors are still out there; they might hear you.” I blushed “Was I that loud?” To which he only confidently replied, “Well I am that good, so yes.”

I slapped him on his chest and pulled him back in for a searing kiss. He laughed a little as we began kissing Rize Escort before he re-inserted his fingers back in my pussy and the pleasure came back two-fold. I felt myself teetering on the edge again. His fingers went faster and faster while I held onto his rock-hard muscles under his shirt gasping into his mouth. I gave him a playful nip as we kissed making his fingers go even faster, hitting me in all the right places. Causing me to moan out in pleasure.

On the verge of orgasm, he took his thumb and rubbed my clit with his thumb causing my orgasm to come crashing down on me. I squealed into his mouth and tightened both my legs around his body locking his fingers inside me making my pleasure skyrocket. He didn’t stop fingering me and made my orgasm last forever. Pulling away breathlessly moaning “Pleeeassee, ssstttopp, it’s too much.” My brain was trying to cope with all the pleasure I was receiving as his finger assault continued.

He broke off from our kiss and bit down on my nipple while increasing his fingering speed making me orgasm even harder. I began to gasp out loud about to scream out before he caught my mouth with his and brought me in for a kiss to silence me as I screamed out the pleasure into his mouth. Eventually, he began to slow down and slowly pulled out his fingers. He pulled them up to his mouth again as he ate all my juices “Delicious.” Giving me that stupid smirk of his.

I could hardly breathe “Holy fuck, that was amazing.” He gave me one last kiss before backing away to let me recover. I began to laugh “If this is any indication of tonight, then I can’t wait to go to work.” I looked down and saw the major tent he was pitching in his slacks. “Here let me help you out with that” as I reached for his belt.

I pulled him closer and began to undo the belt on his pants. I unbuttoned his pants and slowly pulled them down. I could feel the heat coming off his throbbing cock and hoped to God that he was bigger than my last BF who was only 5″. I grabbed the top of his underwear and pulled them down where his dick sprang back up and smacked me in the face.

I gasped out loud as I saw his well-endowed package. I wanted to know so badly how big this monster was and wondered if I’d even be able to fit it all inside me. I looked up at him with a questioning look which he only rolled his eyes “9 inches since you’re so curious” I internally celebrated knowing I scored big.

I gave him a huge grin and wrapped my hand around it gasping again, only to find that my fingers didn’t even touch. It looked like a good inch was still leftover. I felt my mouth salivate and then wrapped my other hand around it. Again, I was in shock to find that even both hands didn’t cover all of his immense meat, there was still a good 3-4 inches left over. Criss-crossing all over his cock was a web of pulsing veins.


As Mia grasped both hands around my dick it felt exquisite. Her hands were so soft and felt amazing. Based on her reaction my size didn’t scare her but made her even hornier. After seeing her cum earlier I was pent up as my cock head was a mean red in her hands. I began to enjoy the sensation of her hands and I felt a warm heat around the tip of my dick.

I looked down and saw her begin to shove my dick inside of her mouth. She took off one hand to fit more in her mouth while the other played and fondled my balls. She started slow and got about halfway down before I felt the back of her throat. She pulled off and began to repeat this motion. When her mouth was at the tip, she made sure to gather the saliva from the rest of the dick and jack me off with it. I was in heaven. A hot girl like Mia with those maroon lips just puckered up around my dick made me throb in her mouth and made me even harder.


I had never taken a dick quite as big as his before in my mouth EVER. His girth made my lips stretch taut around his dick and his length made me get only halfway down before I had to stop and go back up. I looked up at him and occasionally took it completely out of my mouth with a popping pound and gave him a lick from the base to the tip “Mmmhhhmmm”.

I gave him a smirk as I felt his heartbeat through his dick as it pulsed in my hand. I gave him one more hand job from the tip to base before I steeled myself and tried to deepthroat him. I began to work it to the back of my throat again before I felt my gag reflex kick in. I suppressed it and pushed down and with that, I got 1 inch down my throat. I smiled celebrating my small victory tried to breathe only to find that was a huge mistake, causing me to retch his dick out of my mouth and began coughing. So much for sexy.

He laughed at me and I looked up at him angrily before grabbing Rize Escort Bayan his dick and with fierce determination in my eyes took him back down. This time I knew what to expect and the second time was a lot easier, I was able to take 5 inches with relative ease but that wasn’t good enough. After his amazing display with his fingers, I knew I had to show him I could please him as well.

I took him down again and when I got to 5 inches, paused, and slowly pushed until I got down 6 inches. With only 2 inches in my throat, I could feel my throat expand in an attempt to fit his monster and felt my throat airway clog with all his dick and saliva build up. I could only breathe through my nose and smelled his musky smell making me addicted to his scent.

I continued to repeat this for the next 5 -10 minutes making a wet GLUCK sound with every decent and wet SHLCK sound with every ascent. Probably a medley in his ears as I gagged over his size. I continued until I finally got 7 then 8 fat inches down my throat making sure to swallow as best as I could to make pleasurable constrictions around his dick.

At this point, drool had begun to seep from the edges of my mouth dripping down onto my tits making them shine in the light of the room. His hands ran through my hair guiding his dick into my mouth time and time again as he groaned to show the pleasure he was receiving. He was grunting, moaning, and muttering under his breath. “God, you’re the best. You fucking magical cocksucker!”

My throat was beginning to get very sore after deepthroating his monster for so long, so I used another asset of mine to drive him crazy: tits. I pulled it out with long SCHLICK and wet POP letting all the excess saliva from his dick and my mouth fall and pool onto my tits. Breathing in some much-needed oxygen I made sure to slowly jack him off as I rubbed my tits with my hands and his dick making them shine with a faint layer of sweat and saliva.

I put his dick between my tits as I began to give him a titjob. The saliva around his dick and the stuff that had already fallen made for perfect lubrication as I moved each up and down around his meat. Shockingly, a couple inches still stuck out which made me hornier at the fact that not even my 36C tits were a match for his size.

I leaned down and angled my mouth to accept any inches not covered by my glorious tits. He groaned out loud at the new sensation of my tits and mouth around his dick. When my throat became less sore, I stopped the tit job to attempt deepthroating again, when we heard a noise coming from outside the room.


Mia was the best cock sucker I’d ever had. Most girls could barely even take 6 inches while Mia was taking 8 with ease and looked hungry and ready for more. The sounds that came from her mouth made it even hotter as she gagged and slobbered all over my dick.

She would play with her saliva covered tits making me moan in appreciation. After some time, she took it out and gave me an amazing titjob while still blowing my dick that her firm tits didn’t cover. I was in heaven, groaning in appreciation. While she was blowing me, a voice called out feet from my door “Hey boss man”

My heart froze. She looked up at me in absolute fear. I thought fast and motioned to my desk and chair. We both sprinted as fast as we could. She leaped under the desk while I threw myself in my chair as the doorknob turned.


My heart was beating a million miles an hour. I thought for sure we’d be caught, fired, and ruined all in a matter of seconds. I was hiding underneath his desk kneeling on the floor. Hair in disarray, saliva all over my tits, mascara beginning to run down, and a massive throbbing member that belonged to my boss sitting in front of me. I’d never felt more alive than right now and wanted revenge.

He teased me saying that they almost got caught earlier with how loud I was when he fingered me to that glorious orgasm, time for some payback. As I heard the door open, I took a deep breath grabbed his dick, and threw myself down. I took all 8 inches in a matter of a second and made him bend over his desk as he gave out a deep grunt of pleasure. I held it in my throat and began to slightly hum while doing my best to swallow repeatedly to make it as pleasurable as possible. I readied myself again and with one final push hilted that last inch and took all 9 massive thick hard throbbing inches down my throat.


I had never wanted to marry, kill, and scream at a girl at the same time more than at that very moment. Mia, that perfect slut, decided right when the door opened to deepthroat my entire dick. I felt my balls tense and knew Escort Rize the tell-tale sign that I was gonna cum soon if she kept this up.

The janitor opened the door and peaked his head inside “Hey boss, just wanted to let you know that we finished cleaning and wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.” Trying my best to not sound like a slut was deepthroating my dick underneath my desk “Thank you, guys.” Pausing to catch my breath. “May you all have a Merry” Clearing my throat as the pleasure escalated “Christmas as well.”

“Just wanted to make sure that you were gonna lock up tonight, right boss?” Fuck this slut was good “Yup I got it.” Clearing my throat again trying my best not to grunt in pleasure. “You okay boss? You seem a bit red and sweaty?” Thinking up the best excuse I could “Ohhhhh Yeah, no worries just ahhhh a bit stressed cause I’m backed up in work right now.”

“Okay well don’t stay up too late and make sure you get some plenty of rest. Can’t have the head figure go down” Hoping Mia heard “Oh I don’t think I’ll be going down anytime soon. Have a good night.” He waved and closed the door as he said “Night.”

As the janitor closed the door I looked down and pulled the back of her hair to get her off my sensitive dick, pulling her up into a dominating sloppy kiss. Glaring at her. “You’ll pay for that you know.” She just laughed and smiled. “The janitors are still out there.” Then pointing to her ear “they might hear you.” I just pushed her back down to which she happily went back to deepthroating me.


I knew I won and wowed him. Stole his heart with my looks and his dick with my talents. The complete package for his package. But I could feel that he was close and wanted to get my reward I’ve worked so hard to get. I took him down and at this point, my throat had acclimated to his dick, as much as a throat could taking 9 hard inches of man meat.

I began to work faster and faster and used both my hands whenever my mouth wasn’t on the dick. I felt tears began to form in the corners of my eyes again as I continued at this record speed and felt his dick throb more and more until I saw his balls twitch and took all 9 inches down feeling it expand more as if his dick wasn’t already thick enough.

I felt his first blast rocket down my throat straight into my stomach moaning as he did so, followed by a second. He eased the pressure on my head, and I was able to pull his dick out until only 2 inches remained in my mouth being able to breathe again as my lungs burned from lack of oxygen. I jacked him off through his orgasm as a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth shot sprayed into my mouth filling it up completely. His taste filled my mouth making me moan again in pleasure at his salty-sweet manly flavor.

I tried to swallow his seventh shot but couldn’t keep up with his relentless pace and had to pull it out of my mouth. He sprayed an eight-shot from the center of my mouth to the top of my forehead. The ninth shot went wide and covered my left eye, blinding me. Finally, in the tenth shot, he got some control back and aimed it at my tits giving them a cum glaze. His dick began to sputter out little shots that were smaller compared to the first 10 until finally, the onslaught stopped. In the view of my right eye, I saw him back up into his chair to recover from his orgasm looking at his handiwork.


That orgasm was the best I’d ever felt. I looked down and saw her covered in my cum and thought she’d never looked hotter. Her face was covered and it slowly began to run down and drip down onto her tits covering them even more making them look even hotter.

I saw that her cheeks were puffed out and then saw and heard one of the most erotic sights and sounds in my life. She opened her mouth, carefully, to show me all my cum, closed her mouth, and audibly swallowed once, twice, three times making sure to moan in-between swallows. Then opened her mouth again to show me that it was all gone. She smiled showing how thankful she was. “Delicious.” Then laughed super sexily at my stunned reaction.


I’d never seen a guy cum so much in my life. Fuck, he painted me with cum from my head to my tits. God, he was such a stud and made me so wet for him. To tease and make him hard again I made a show of playing with the cum on my face and tits and would constantly spoon it into my mouth until it was all gone. Moaning as his taste filled my mouth again. He tasted so good, like a salty vanilla milkshake, and I couldn’t get enough. Next time I’d make sure to not spill a drop as he came in my mouth excited at the prospect of drinking it straight from the source.

Giving him a sexy smile. “I hope you’re not done after that.” Standing up, he grabbed me around the waist in that possessive grip that sent butterflies to my stomach as he grabbed my hand. He lowered it to his still rock-hard dick. “Does this look done yet slut?” Smirking back.

To Be Continued…

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