Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 14

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Two weeks after the talent show, around dinner time, Emily’s phone rang. It was Sierra.

“I’m so bored. Want to go to the beach with me? It’s almost deserted because it’s getting too cool for the tourists.”

“Sure, that’d be fun. Anyone else going?”

“Nah, just you and me. I had an idea though.”

“What?” Emily knew if Sierra had an idea, it would be full of mischief and possibly risky.

“What if we invited Mister Ted to come? Get him away from his wife for a couple hours and let him be a teenager again?”

Emily’s heart raced. Going out with Ted in public was only a dream, but if he were with more than one person, would it seem out of place? Ted sometimes gave youth members rides home after activities, and sometimes even stopped at an ice cream shop, or a Starbucks, but it was always at least three people, and usually mixed genders. When he took her to and from church he sometimes went through a drive-through for fries or a drink, but they had never gone anywhere in public as a separate thing. Both thought it was too risky if they were seen by someone from the church.

“Haha, that’d be fun, but I doubt his wife would let him.” Emily was quite right there.

“I’ll text him and see,” answered Sierra, and she hung up.

Emily raced to text Ted first.

Emily: Sierra is about to text you, wait a second to reply

Ted: Just got it, she wants to go to the beach??

Emily: Yeah, she called me first and then said it’d be fun to kidnap you and bring you along. I told her there was no way you’d be able to.

Ted: Yeah, I was about to tell her that.

Emily: Okay

Ted: Unless…


Ted: Hang on…

Ted texted Sierra back with an idea.

Ted: I’m sure it’d be fun to get out, but I don’t know if my wife would think it appropriate if I went out on a date with two of my class members, haha. (big smile)

Sierra: Awww c’mon…you know you want to… (wink)

Ted: Actually I’d love to get out for some fresh air, but you know there’s no way I could do that without catching crap from my wife. However…

Ted’s adventures with Emily had turned him into a schemer, and each day he thought of bolder, more risky things to do. Since Sierra had sent him the nude pictures, Ted knew she would be a willing partner Avrupalı porno in a secret scheme, if it was fun.

Sierra: What??

Ted: You’ve trusted me in the past to keep your secrets, and I have, every time.

Sierra: Yes?

Ted: If I go out with you two and say I’m going out with an old school friend, would you keep quiet about this? Because I’d honestly love to get out and relax and the beach would be pretty deserted. I’ll buy you guys dinner as thanks.

Sierra: Deal! How am I going to get you though?

Ted: I’ll walk down to the corner and say my friend is meeting me.

Sierra: Cool cool I’ll get you soon. I’m getting Emily first.

Ted: Okay, text me when you’re in the neighborhood.

Ted got up to get his jacket and walked to the living room, where his wife was watching a football game.

“Hey, you remember Paul from high school?” he asked cheerily.

“No, why?” She was only half paying attention, as she was mostly focused on the TV.

“He just got in touch with me and wants to catch up. We’re going out to grab a bite and shoot the breeze. Maybe play some pool or go bowling too.” He hoped his quick story sounded plausible. Ted did enjoy billiards and darts but hadn’t played in years, and his bowling shoes didn’t even fit any more, so when he took the youth on activities, he had to rent shoes each time.

“Okay… wait, who is this?” She caught the part about going out, that was about all.

“Paul Crenshaw. I don’t know if you knew him; we used to hang out before I met you and we kind of lost touch when he transferred to another school.” The more he lied, the more confident he felt. It worked.

“Oh, uh, okay, I guess. When will you be back?” She really didn’t care.

“Not past bedtime, I promise,” he kissed her on the top of her head and headed for the door. She didn’t take her eyes off the game.

Ted was ecstatic. Not just Emily, but Sierra? He’d have to behave with Sierra there, but he knew he’d be able to get away with some playful flirting and maybe touching, as Sierra was just the type for that. He’d have to make sure he payed attention to both girls so Sierra wouldn’t suspect anything, but he figured Emily wouldn’t mind as she’d be there. He began walking towards the convenience store Video porno that was a few blocks away from his subdivision and texted Emily.

Ted: May I call?

His phone rang almost immediately; it was Emily.

“I’ll assume that’s a yes,” he chuckled.

“I’m waiting in my driveway, she said she was on the way and she said you were going too??”

“Indeed. I’m going out with an old school friend.”

“Oh my gosh, that’s awesome!!” Emily was thrilled.

“I’m walking down to the QuikStop, y’all can get me there.”

“Okay!” she answered.

Soon the three of them were on the highway towards the beach, music blaring, and everyone laughing and talking loud. Sierra had a pile of school books in the front seat, so Ted and Emily were both in the back. Neither had a problem with this arrangement.

Sierra was doing most of the talking, and soon there were teasing remarks about Ted and Emily making out in the back seat, and Ted played along by putting his arm around Emily, making everyone laugh. Sierra didn’t see Ted’s other hand on Emily’s thigh, working its way towards a spot between her legs. Likewise, Emily was soon rubbing Ted on the outside of his jeans, causing an uncomfortable tightness in the fabric.

Sierra kept looking in the rearview mirror at the couple in her back seat, and egging them on. “Go on, kiss her, you know you want to!” She had no idea how true it was.

Ted and Emily looked at each other, trying to read the others’ expression. Ted had stressed how important it was that absolutely NO ONE could know their secret, but he saw an advantage in having a silent partner in this game, especially if it meant having someone to cover for them on their meetings. Emily understood the message he was trying to convey with his eyes, and she nodded. She joined Sierra in her teasing, hoping to set the situation up to their advantage.

“I dare you! I totally dare you!” she teased and laughed.

“What?” Ted replied innocently.

“I dare you to kiss me,” Emily answered.

“Do it!! Do it, oh my God that’d be awesome!!” added Sierra.

“You guys are terrible. Do you know what big teases you both are? You’re going to get me in a crapload of trouble,” he said, setting up his excuse that he tried to say no to what was about to happen.

“I won’t tell anyone, I swear!” promised Sierra.

“You know I won’t tell, my mom would kill you and me both, and then your wife would resurrect us both and kill us again,” said Emily, and she meant it.

Ted agreed, “Yes, then she’d burn our corpses and use them as compost in her flower bed.”

“Just do it!!” goaded Sierra.

Ted couldn’t wait any longer. He was completely caught up in the rush of being out with these two young girls; he felt like a teen again himself. He put his other arm around Emily and kissed her, and not in a shy manner. Tongues came out immediately.

Sierra whooped with delight at the sight in her mirror, almost running the car off the road.

“Okay, there,” Ted said after reluctantly ending the kiss. “You got what you wanted to see. Now turn right at the next light, I’m taking you guys to Georgio’s”.

Georgio’s was a busy Italian place close to the beach, but far enough from town that Ted was relatively sure they wouldn’t run into anyone they knew. As a bonus, it was full of booths and fairly dark. The girls had lasagne and Ted had a small personal pizza. The server assumed it was a father with his two daughters, or a daughter and a friend.

After dinner, they went on to the beach, and the three of them walked on the sand barefoot, sometimes wandering close enough to let the surf wash over their feet. Ted held hands with both girls and sometimes held his arm around Emily. It looked perfectly normal to an observer, and Ted loved being out in public with Emily.

He did his best to make it appear that he was getting a big crush on Emily, telling both girls wistfully about how he never should have married so young, and how he envied all the youth that were dating so many different people and having new experiences. He ended his monologue with the admission that he wished he were thirty years younger and single.

The conversation drifted to more personal things, as Ted’s confession was an invitation for the girls to ask him questions they had never had the nerve to discuss before. They learned more about Ted during that walk than they had in all the time they knew him before. Each of the girls, in turn, also shared some secrets that Ted didn’t know, and a bond grew strong between the three.

Ted reluctantly told them it was time to go, and they walked back to the car. Sierra, always the one with the blunt questions, said, “Mister Ted, when was the last time you had a really good blow job?”

End of part fourteen.

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