Meeting the Master

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© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me — the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story is about the first time an attractive sensitive guy meets another man – and chooses to call him Master.

Please read on – and enjoy the story.

We each had never done this before — at least not with a man. Each of us had admitted that we enjoyed a bit of erotic sex with women, but both of us were novice when it came to being with a man. This was going to be a special meeting – not just a meeting to see if we were compatible – or if we wanted to pursue an erotic adventure with a man – this meeting had a bit of kink to it: one of us was going to be slave to the other. More to the point – since I had written so many stories involving submissive males, I seemed to instinctively take to that role. And as the writer who had gotten so many guys turned on in stories about submissive males who find themselves caught – and forced to participate as a slave to a girl or occasionally with a guy, this turned you on. You are the one who didn’t want to have any emotional ties – no kissing – no hugging – just someone to adore your cock – and make you feel like a big powerful man.

The scene was set through some emails — I was to be your bitch. Your new pet – waiting to be collared and enslaved. My dick – was no longer my own. You took over ownership of it. For the previous two weeks, I had been instructed to not touch it – except to pee and wash. It was not a big thick 8 inch cock – like you posses, but rather a 5 inch clit. Yes, I said “CLIT” because for all intensive purposes, I was going to be your girl. You had no intentions of fucking anything but my mouth – but that was good enough for you. But I was going to be reduced to a ‘girl’ before you. Whenever I wrote a scene with a submissive man – he always had the more inferior dick. Sensing this, it turned you on to know that someone like me could be manipulated – or encouraged to become a slave to a man.

When the subject was first discussed — I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of asking silly questions of one of my story fans. But more and more – you wielded a tighter grasp of my balls, and my mind followed suit – until you were about to have your first sexual encounter with a man. But because I was your “Girl” and not another man – you found it easier to adjust to the idea of owning a slave of the same sex.

And so – our first meeting begins:


It is a Thursday evening — and I have gotten to the vacation house before you. We set up a way for us both to be away on a Friday and Saturday. We said it was to play golf — and yes, we’re going to play for real — but the sideline was for me to be your pet (slave) and see just how much fun it would be to obey you for two days and three nights.

I gave you directions to the place as well as the phone number in case you did get turned around. But you didn’t get lost at all.

Through prior arrangements – I was meet you and we would sit comfortably across from one another after getting unpacked. I knew that sometime that night I was going to end up naked — strapped down to a piece of furniture – or naked kneeling at your feet – serving as your pleasure slave. Instead of me being nervous about meeting you — and seeing you sit across from me — you decide to call the telephone number at the house. Telling me that you are 20 minutes away — and that I am to unlock the front door, strip down completely and put a strap around my cock and balls. I was also ordered to put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles but not to lock them together. You could hear my hesitation and when I slightly objected on the phone — you told me that the last thing I was to do was kneel down somewhere in the family room — and put on the blindfold — and wait for you to arrive.

I ask if I should put on the collar – around my neck — but you say NO — keep it nearby where you can lock it on me. I will have to beg my Master to collar me.


Shaking with nervous anticipation – I strip off my clothes — attach the cuffs and cock/ball strap and then kneel on the rug in front of the recliner chairs. I put on the blindfold — and begin to wait. My skin is cold – but yet sweat is starting to run down from my arms — it must be nervous fear.

I hear the door open — I hear you enter. I listen closely Escort Sakarya to see if I hear more than one person enter. Lucky for me – no one else has been invited by you! You walk to me calling me your pet – and commenting on the size of my body. You tell me that I will have to go to the car and get your bag later on tonight – but you brought a goodie bag in with you right now — it contains some toys you wanted to use immediately on me. Ordering me to stand and turn slowly around for you — I obey. You observe my naked body while I am unable to see you. I grin thinking of how funny I must appear in your presence. Slapping my ass, you tell me to wipe the smirk off my face, I am here to serve you. I realize that you are serious and try to act more like a slave.

Toying with my clit — you comment how it is thicker than you had anticipated, but still smaller than your cock. My clit starts to harden. Noticing your affect on me, you point out that you didn’t give me permission to get hard – and I that if I know what is good for me — I will get it soft quickly. (Of course, as a slave – if I was soft – you would be giving me heck for not being hard in your presence – even if I can’t actually see you) My mind is filled with dread, but the erotic adventure is beginning and there is no turning back now. I can’t get soft — not with the blood trapped in my clit with the strap encircling it —- You know this — but slap my clit anyway. Not hard slaps, just enough to let me know that you are boss.

You tell me that it is better this way — you can see me — play with me — and I haven’t been allowed to view you. Telling me that you have a big cock in your pants — you ask me what I want to do about it.

I reply “See it”

You object – saying that at this time — I am here to serve you, not please myself with a view of your body.

Commanding me to kneel again – you say that you are going to check out this vacation house.

Instinctively, I scratch at my balls, and try to adjust the tension I feel in my clit. Spotting this, you object telling me “Just to keep my hands from playing with your clit – you are going to have to have your hands locked behind your back.” It takes only a second for you to see the clasp – and in seconds — the cuffs are secure, and my wrists are neatly locked behind my back.

I wait impatiently while you look around. My mind is a flutter of activity – wondering what you will find in the house – to use on me. Wondering if I will really suck your cock when you tell me to? Wondering what you look like and how big you really are compared to me.


You return — I hear you sit in front me. You say “I am satisfied that this place is secluded as you said — and I have removed my pants. Now come and please me girl!”

I scoot over to your voice — bumping into your foot and trying to figure out what I need to do.

Telling me to Call you Master – beg to be collared – and plead for your permission to allow my mouth to please you. I quickly obey. “Master — please collar me. Make me your girl. Turn me in to a slut for your pleasure. Please show me how you want to be sucked off.”

The collar wraps around my throat — I feel you slip your hand under it – just to feel how tight you made it — “You have made yourself naked before a REAL man. You have called yourself a girl. You have begged to be my slut. And you have asked me to show you just how I want you to suck me off this time — and every other time while we are together. Now — I believe that most slaves are required to kiss and lick a Master’s feet. Clean mine! Show me just how good you can suck my toes – and maybe I will let you suck on something much bigger!”

Bending over — my face finds your foot — and I begin to lick and suck it. You comment how humiliating I look to you. You inform me that I am a weakling, and submissive girl. My poor untouched dick ‘clit’ — jumps with the excitement of actually being a slave to a Man.

When you tire of this – you spread your legs – and tell me to come lick your balls.

I follow your leg till I can’t go any further — and then extend my tongue — and lick and touch your ball sack. My face brushes against your thick cock, and I wonder to myself – just how big you are? You tell me that you are not going to slap my face with your cock — not while I am wearing a blindfold. But I am to now start to lick your thick shaft. Slowly I feel your cock start to stand up. I try to gauge the thickness — but I don’t have to wait too long — Telling me to suck the head of your cock – and twirl my tongue — you feed me your cock.

I imagine something that is 9 inches long and 3 1/2 inches thick (radius) since my eyes are not able to comprehend the real size. Side escort I can’t take more than 4 or 5 inches deep and I know that there is still more shaft eager to be lodged in my throat. I gag — I choke a little – but I keep trying to please you. You can sense that I want to be a good helpless slave. Moments later — you fill my throat and mouth with your thick semen. I swallow some — choke and spit out some — it is my first time. I am shaking. I am nervous. But I did it — I sucked off a Master. I sucked off you – my new Master. I sucked a cock — a Mans cock – and yet I have not seen you. You taunt me — telling me how to swish my tongue around your sensitive cockhead nerve endings. I nervously try to obey. You tell me to take your cock out and thank you for sharing your load with me.

I can’t speak without spitting or swallowing — I seem to do a bit of both “MASTER — I have given myself to you. I have sucked my first cock. I think I swallowed some of it Thank you Master — I’m thrilled to finally do what I have written about for so long.”

Then — you whip off my blindfold — telling me that I have made a mess. I must lick your cock and balls clean, slurping up the cum that has still spilled from your cock slit.

This is harder. I know that I have sucked you — you know that I have sucked you — but to be looking at your wet cock — only inches from my face — it looks so very big. It is throbbing even though it just erupted. I look into your face, and see the smile on it — I see the sparkle in your eyes. As I lean in to comply, you tell me that it was a first for you too. Although you have had lots of blowjobs in your life — you never had a slave suck it. Much less a guy – who submissively adores your cock like a young teenage girl. I clean it up — it tastes salty and warm. But I convince my mind that as a slave I shouldn’t have a say in what I am doing.

Then you point to the floor — where I originally lost some — How humiliating it feels to have you sit with your blood filled cock lumbering to one side of your leg while I lean over and smear the cum on my tongue, and obediently clean it all up.

You command me to now stand up. I roll around until I can get my legs under me – and able to lift my naked body to your command. Sitting at eye level with my clit – you order me to tell you how I compare to yours. “I admit that my clit is smaller – more insignificant than your thick powerful cock.” You play with my hard clit — bouncing it off your hand in rapid movements from under the shaft. It hardens more, but I feel the pressure of quick fingertip slaps. Telling me to not worry — this is nothing compared to what I will feel when you slap it with your ruler. You keep bouncing the clit and basically ‘beating off’ till my knees are buckling. You continue to make sure that I am submissive — and declaring that you are powerful. You want to associate my cum with your light spanking. You know that getting my mind to accept you as Master is most of the battle. Reminding me that this clit is not my own – and that I am forbidden to touch it without your permission — you will cause it to squirt – when YOU feel like it — if I cum without your permission – I will surely be punished.

Over and over you tell me not to cum – but keep tantalizing my clit – making it obey YOU – and not me. Your smile spreads across your face as you watch me trying to keep from squirting my load out my tiny clit. You realize just how much power you have over your slave – treating me this way. You keep teasing me until my concentration is destroyed. I abandon the idea of holding back until I shudder — groan —- and lose my load.

It doesn’t squirt on you or your hand – but it does land all over the floor.

“Clean it up now – Susan!” You order.

I remember that you were going to give me a girl’s name – it was going to be “Susan”. I sink back to my knees — I am encouraged to obey – and crawl on the floor and slurp up my girl juice.

Even though you know the answer — You still ask “Susan — did you obey me? Did you please me by not coming when I told you to?”

I mumble “No sir.”

“That is No Master — Susan did not obey. Susan squirted her little girl cum – and now has to lick it clean.” You order me to repeat.

I repeat pretty much what you said —- “No Master – Susan did not obey. Susan squirted her girl cum and has obediently licked it all up”

You ask if I should be punished for disobeying you — only two hours after you have arrived. I meekly agree.

“I am going to spank your butt — till it is red. But I need my bag from my car”. Putting your car keys in my bound hands – you order me to fetch your bags, and bring them to the downstairs bedroom. I look at you quizzically izmir escort bayan – wondering if you should unsnap my cuffs so my hands are not locked behind me. Sensing my questioned look, you tell me – “Go! – Be glad I don’t make you crawl on your knees and fetch it with your mouth like a real pet.”

Knowing I am totally exposed (but it dark by now) I walk outside on the deck, past the outdoor hot tub – to the driveway. The motion detector outside spotlights illuminate when there is any movement – thus light up my naked body. I click the car door lock, and find one bag. Holding it behind me I come back to the front door — which is now closed. I have to struggle with it – and then bring the bag to your Master bedroom. Dropping it beside the bed, I return to the car to fetch the other bag. This time when I get back to the bedroom – I am ordered to lie across all the pillows that you have placed in the middle of the bed.

My ass is arched in the air. I try to clench my ass cheeks — but the angle has distinctively cut down my ability to tighten up my skin and protect myself.

I hear you get out a wooden ruler. Holding it to my lips you order “Kiss it! Now beg me to teach you to be more submissive and obedient.”

I do

The first of many spanks slap against my upturned ass. My hands try to cover it a bit — but you threaten “If you cover your ass, I will hit you here!” punctuating your point by smacking the inside of my left thigh.

As you spank my ass you witness that I still have some ability to tighten my ass cheeks. I am instructed to get up so you can place even more pillows under me — giving a nice bend to my waist –and keeping my ass cheeks nice and bouncy for your amusement. It is impossible for me to flex my cheeks now and the ruler can effectively tame me. My clit hangs out from behind the stack of pillows – and you stroke it from time to time to encourage me to enjoy my punishment as much as dread it for the future. For the next 15 minutes, I count each hit, and thank you for spanking me – and plead to be more obedient. It doesn’t hurt as much as it enforces my submissive side and your dominant side.

It is amazing how submissive a girl can feel when she is being asked to count the hits, thank the master for the hit, and beg to obey in the future.

You flip me over and start playing with my clit again — I worry that you will tell me not to cum — but instead – you do the opposite. You command me to shoot off — Again, explaining how this clit is not mine — but it belongs to you. Since it is yours — it must learn to OBEY only you. I can feel my warm ass as I sit on the bed remembering what it feels like to disobey you. I watch as if in a dream — while you stroke and play with my clit. I see my new Master – who is a man my size, but unlike my submissive posture – his dominant actions really shows that he has taken over possession of my body. To my surprise – I see his cock getting hard — growing nearly twice the size of my helpless clit. I don’t feel like a man. I feel like a TOY. I erupt. I cum into the palm of his hand. I think it is odd that Master would trap it like that — but you examine the amount I spend — and tell me how pathetic it is. “Lick it clean Susan!”

I do — I feel so cheap – used. But this is how a slave feels I try to tell myself.

Reminding me in words and by stroking your hard thick shaft you explain that you have gotten hard from making my body obey you. I am ordered to start licking and sucking your thick cock again. Of course, this time — I can see everything I am doing – so it is entirely different.

I slurp along the shaft — I lick and nibble at the big mushroom shaped head. I basically turn myself into a cock sucking slut for the amusement and pleasure of a Dominant Master. Your big balls release another few shots of cum in the back of my stretched mouth.

Later that night — when we are tired and my clit and your fabulous cock are both worn out — I am given permission to use the bathroom before bed. Returning before you – I feel like a little boy – or worse – yes, a young girl who has been used by a man for the first time. I am hesitant, wide eyed, and yet extremely obedient to you. You announce that I need to lie face up in the bed with the nice warm blanket covering my naked flesh. Then locking my wrists to the headboard you depart to sleep in your Master bedroom downstairs leaving me to slowly drift off to erotic dreamland.


End of part 1

This was my first attempt at a mostly all male story.

Feel free to cast your vote — If it caused your dick to rise, or pussy to tingle vote a 5!! But for those of you who do not like this fictional work – I ask you —- If you know the title, and the section it represents and you don’t like this type of sex – Why are you here reading it – or giving it poor reviews?

In part two – the Master continues to put the pet in his place – but finds that having a real woman present is most gratifying (for them both).

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