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Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Part Three

December 2001

I left college after my sophomore year and moved back home because I was offered a great job that I couldn’t turn down. My girlfriend Belinda was still studying law in Florida and Marcela was still studying Biology in Austin. Belinda and I had stayed together despite the long distance. I didn’t have much contact with Marcela anymore, but Belinda still talked with her regularly and she would tell me about what was going on in her life.

It had been two and a half years since that magical summer when Belinda and I had brought Marcela into our sex lives and it was now becoming a memory that I was always trying to keep fresh in my mind. I had almost completely given up hope that we might all be together (in that way) again.

With Belinda living so far away, I had only one option as far as my sex drive was concerned. Most of the time when I “took care of myself,” I would bring up the memory of that glorious summer and all of the experiences the three of us had shared. I had heard from Belinda that Marcela was coming home for the holidays. I wondered if we would all get to hang out together again and, if we did, what it might be like. Then, just days before Belinda came home, she called me to tell me that Marcela had gotten engaged. I never really thought that the three of us would be together again that way, but there was always a faint hope. With Marcela being engaged, that possibility was gone. Oh, well, I thought. At least Belinda will be around. We always had great sex, especially since that wild summer. We didn’t bring it up often and we had never brought anyone else into bed with us since then, but the sex that we had, just the two of us, had gotten so much more experimental and exciting. I was looking forward to a couple of weeks where I didn’t have to take care of myself.

I had just turned 21 and was living with my two friends Derek and J.P. I had a day job, but Derek and J.P. both worked at restaurants, so I only saw them late at night or on the weekend during the day. Belinda was scheduled to get in that day and I couldn’t wait. I went to the airport with her parents and brother and we picked her up. It was a great reunion. Holding her in my arms for the first time in about six months only served to remind me of how much I missed her and how lonely I had become. We had dinner with her family, and afterwards, I took her out for a few drinks before finally heading back to my house. As usual, it was empty and our eager hands quickly undressed each other. We made love in my bed three times. The first time was slow and loving. The second was a bit raunchier. The third was all out aggressive and passionate. I had replayed the events of that summer with Belinda and Marcela in my mind so many times, that I found myself fantasizing about it as we made love and almost felt guilty for it.

After we were finished, we laid in bed panting in the dark. Belinda asked me if I had plans the next night. I didn’t. She told me that Marcela was getting in the next day and she wanted the three of us to have dinner together. When I asked her if Marcela’s new fiancée would be joining us, Belinda told me that his family lives in Minnesota and he had gone home to be with them. Great, I thought. A night with the two women I had had a number of threesomes with ages ago and there was no chance of a repeat performance. Oh, well. I always enjoyed Marcela’s company, so I would just have to make the best of it.

It was a Friday night. I had just gotten home from work when I called Belinda. She was staying with her parents as most college students do during the holidays. She told me that Marcela was already over there and I could just swing by and pick them both up. I hopped in my trusty old Ford and headed over.

As I approached the front door, I registered a strange feeling building up in my stomach. I was nervous. During our little summer, it had gotten to feel so natural being with both of them, but that was a long time ago now. “What if it was awkward?” I wondered. I didn’t want to get myself worked up so I quickened my stride and knocked on the door.

Belinda’s mother answered and greeted me with a big hug. Belinda had definitely gotten her looks from her mom. For an older woman, she was really quite beautiful. I stepped into the den and found Belinda and Marcela sitting on the couch having a conversation with Belinda’s little brother. As I stepped into the room, Belinda and Marcela both turned to me. As soon as I made eye contact with Marcela, the ice shattered. Her gaze cut through the absent years and all I saw was the girl I had known so well that summer in my backyard. She hadn’t changed much since then. Her breasts had gotten a bit bigger and her hair was longer and now sported blond hi-lights. She was actually more striking than she had been two and a half years before. Belinda stood and gave me a hug. I let her go and Marcela pushed her body into mine and swung her arms around me. I could say it was the way she felt, or the sight of her that completely brought my mind back to that summer as though it were yesterday, but I’d be lying. The truth is, it was her smell that did it. It wasn’t perfume or oils or anything else. It was her smell. My heart was suddenly floating around my ears and I was looking forward to spending the evening and catching up with my two beautiful, strong Latina women. I followed them out the front door and we were off.

We went to eat at The Cider House. Dinner was slow and relaxing. I asked Marcela how she met her fiancée. It turned out they had gone to school together. He had already graduated and was working in Austin. His name was John too. She spoke of him fondly and it was clear to me that she cared for him very deeply. I suppose that if a tiny part of me still didn’t feel like she was mine, I could’ve even been happy for her.

After we finished our meals, we moved over to the bar and sat for a couple of hours, drinking and talking. The majority of our conversations consisted of small talk. We told stories about what we’d been up to in the last couple of years and all at once, it seemed we ran out of things to talk about. Marcela broke the silence by saying “It’s so good to be hanging out with you two again. I’ve really missed you guys.”

“Awe, we missed you too Marcela.” Belinda said, pecking her cheek.

“-And that summer a few years ago? Oh my god! We got pretty crazy, didn’t we?” Marcela added.
Belinda and I both silently sipped our drinks and averted our eyes. Neither of us had expected that summer to be brought up and it was clear we were both caught off guard.

To break the silence, I said “Yes, we did.” I sipped my beer “But that was a long time ago.” We all sat in silence, clearly thinking back on that summer. I watched Belinda’s face as the hot and sweaty memories from back then unfolded in her mind. Marcela was looking up at the lamp above our table and smiling. I was peeling the label off of my beer bottle when I added “You know, I still think about it sometimes.”

Belinda looked over at me with what seemed like a mixture of anger and intrigue. “Really?” she asked.

I took another pull from my beer. “Sure.” I was trying to act cool. “I mean, my girlfriend lives a thousand miles away, so from time to time, I have to take matters into my own hands, so to speak.”

“You think about it when you jack off?” she pressed, whispering, yet wide eyed.

“Sometimes.” I said. They were both staring at me. “Come on, haven’t either of you ever thought about it?” I asked.

They both just sat quietly. I could tell Belinda was a little upset. I suppose she would’ve preferred that I only thought about her when I tugged off. Then we both heard Marcela say “I have.” She paused, “Thought about it I mean.” She then had our undivided attention. She was looking down at her dry martini. “I’d never done anything like that before. It was really fun, and I think that if it had never happened, I wouldn’t be as open to certain things as I am now.”

“Like what?” Belinda asked.

“Just, ya know. -Things.” Marcela answered. “Anyway, you should be glad Johnny’s thinking about you and taking care of himself instead of going out and trying to get laid.”

“I am,” Belinda replied “but, he isn’t just thinking about me.” She trailed off, her disappointment showing.

“I didn’t mean to start something.” I interjected. “The truth is, I think about that stuff because it was the most uninhibited I’ve ever seen you be.” I said to Belinda. “It was so sexy the way you moved with such confidence and self assurance. I mean, sure having another good looking girl there was amazing and had always been a fantasy for me and just about every other guy on the planet, but mostly, it was about you.” She raised her eyes to meet mine. She was warming back up. “You were so hot during all of that crazy shit we did and that’s what I’m thinking about when I’m.. you know. Doing my thing.” I sat back and took another swig of my beer. Then to try and lighten things up, I added “that, and Marcela’s tits.” They both laughed as Belinda socked me hard in the shoulder and we ordered another round of drinks.

“Oh shit. I didn’t even think of that.” Marcela said. “You guys live so far apart that you can’t ever have sex. Oh man, that sucks.” She took a drink. “So do you guys ever have, like, phone sex?” she asked, lowering her voice.

“We tried to a few times, but we would always end up laughing.” Belinda Kızılay Escort said.

“Oh, no!” Marcela mock cried. “You poor babies!” Then her face flashed in thought. “You know what you two should do? You guys should take dirty pictures together.”

“Sounds good to me.” I said finishing another beer.

Marcela turned Belinda toward her. “This poor guy doesn’t even have any dirty pictures of you? Shame on you Belinda!”

Belinda laughed “Okay, okay! I swear I’ll take some nudie pictures!”
I noticed it was getting close to closing time. I paid the tab and invited them both to come over to my place to hang out and have a few more drinks. When we got there, I was happy to find my roommates both out. It was icy cold outside and the house I was living in had very poor insulation, so we stood in the kitchen with our jackets on and had a few more drinks. We were laughing and drinking more and more and it started to feel like old times again. I was shocked to discover that I was actually having a great time.
Marcela kept giving Belinda a hard time for not taking better care of me. She kept saying what a poor baby I was, left to sit around alone and jack off with no dirty pictures or phone sex. This only seemed to make Belinda laugh harder. “Poor Johnny! Poor Johnny!” Marcela yelled as she pulled my head to her shoulder to comfort me.

I sat on the floor where a dining room table would have been had I been able to afford one. Belinda was still laughing hysterically as she fell to her knees in front of me. “I’m so sorry Poor Johnny.” She said as she pressed her lips to mine.

I mockingly pushed her away and drunkenly said “No, it’s too late! My sexual appetite has withered away. I’m going to die alone with a shriveled little unused wiener and be completely surrounded by cats.”

“Come on Johnny.” She persisted. She leaned in and kissed me again. “Let me make it up to you.” She was inches from my face and her breath was hot on my lips. Marcela stood behind her laughing and I started to have flashbacks of that wonderful hot summer, only now instead of being naked outdoors in the sun, I was wearing winter clothes in my freezing cold kitchen. Belinda kissed me passionately and squeezed my thigh.

Playing along, I just laid back and put my hands behind my head. “I’m sorry Belinda, but it’s too late.” I said in a pouty voice. “I have nothing left to give. It’s too late. Due to your neglect, I’m broken forever. I may never use my penis again.”

“Oh no!” Belinda cried as if she were in a hospital soap opera. “We have to fix him!” she cried as she continued to rub higher on my thigh. Marcela stumbled into the dining room and sat down next to Belinda on the other side of me.

“What seems to be the problem?” Marcela asked dramatically.

Belinda looked up at her with equal showmanship and said “This poor bastard has lost his will to live!”

In a surprise turn, Marcela reached down to Belinda’s waist and grabbed the hem of her sweater and yanked it up to expose her stomach and breasts which were tucked nicely into a black lace bra. “What about now?” Marcela asked.

Belinda laughed, briefly breaking character. Then she went right back to business. She slid her hand further up my thigh and lightly rubbed over the mound of my crotch. “Hmm. It’s too soon to tell.”
Marcela carefully slid her fingers into the left cup of Belinda’s bra and gently pulled out her breast exposing her erect nipple. Belinda continued to rub my crotch as my cock began to harden. “Wait- I think he’s responding!” I was trying to contain my excitement, and also stay in the playful mood by giggling. “We’re going to have to take a closer look.” Belinda continued. She pulled my fly cover to the side and grabbed hold of the zipper of my jeans. She slowly pulled it down, relishing the sound it made. She pulled it all the way down and then slipped her hand into the hole. The air was cold and I felt suddenly vulnerable, but also very aroused.

Marcela watched Belinda’s hand as it found my throbbing cock inside of my jeans. I had a small sense that she wanted to participate like in the old days, but she was engaged now. Then I thought that maybe her logic was that as long as she didn’t touch me and I didn’t touch her, it couldn’t possibly be considered cheating. She could play alongside us and everything would be okay as long as she remained a spectator. As I was watching her, her eyes shot open as if she’d remembered something. “Ooh, wait!” she said, darting to her feet and heading to the living room. I heard her unzip her purse and start fishing around inside of it. Belinda’s fingers were wrapped around my cock, motionless when Marcela came back into the dining room with a digital camera in her hand. She had turned it on and the lens expanded outward as she said “Pictures!– Now poor Johnny won’t have to play with himself anymore without some decent reference material.”

Belinda looked up at her. “What, are we doing a photo shoot now?”

Marcela sat down again next to Belinda and answered “Yes, and I’m the director. Now where were we?” She lifted the camera to her face and peered through the viewfinder down to Belinda, smiling with her hand in my pants. “Oh, yeah!” she said, snapping the first photo of the night. “It’s looking better, but he’s not out of the woods yet.” She was back in her doctor persona. “You have to get him out of those clothes, stat!”

Marcela grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up to help me out of my jacket. As she did, Belinda unfastened my belt and popped the button on my jeans. “Are you two trying to get me naked?” I smiled. Marcela then pulled my sweater up over my head and my t-shirt went right with it. It was freezing cold on that kitchen floor but I didn’t care. I lifted my hips up and Belinda pulled my pants down past my feet, and then removed my socks. Suddenly, I was lying on the kitchen floor, completely naked between the two of them and shivering from both the cold and the anticipation. Marcela sat back and snapped pictures as Belinda wrapped her fingers around my cock and started gently stroking me. “Is this how you did it when you were all alone, Poor Johnny?” she drunkenly joked.

“What kind of stuff do you think about Chico?” Marcela asked from behind the camera. She hadn’t called me that in years. It always drove me crazy when she did. Belinda looked over at her. All I could do was moan. “Do you think about Belin’s tits?” she asked as she reached up the back of Belinda’s sweater and unclasped her bra. She then put the camera down and pulled Belinda’s sweater up over her head and tossed it on the floor. When Belinda’s arms came back down, her bra slid off her shoulders and fell into her lap. Marcela picked the camera back up and snapped a shot of Belinda’s breasts. She then got behind Belinda and wrapped her free arm around Belinda to cup her breast from behind and took a picture from over Belinda’s shoulder. Belinda moaned a little as she reached up for my cock again. She went back to stroking me as Marcela looked down and smiled. “Do you think about her hand going up and down on your big hard cock?” she snapped another pic.

“Yes.” I moaned.

“Do you wanna know what I think about?” Marcela asked. She was now squeezing Belinda’s tit and rolling her nipple between her fingers. “I think about…” she paused as she lay down next to me and propped herself up on her elbow. Her face was right next to my cock as she raised the camera in front of her face and continued. “…all those times I watched Belinda suck your dick.” she said as she glanced up at Belinda. I felt Belinda’s warm lips wrap around the cold steel of my cock, but my eyes were glued to Marcela snapping photos of Belinda as she wrapped her lips around my pole. Marcela had changed somehow. She spoke with confidence, or maybe even authority. Belinda was playing the role of the silent slave girl, just doing whatever she was told. It was so hot and it was driving me crazy!

I reached up to squeeze Belinda’s breast, but Marcela pushed my hand back down to my side. “No touching.” She said. As I put my hand back down behind my head, Marcela reached out and cupped Belinda’s right breast in her hand, and then took a picture as she gave it a squeeze. “Is this what you wanted to do?” she asked looking at me through her lens.

“Yes.” I moaned as Belinda sucked me.

“What else?” she asked me.

“See her ass.” I said.

Marcela reached down to Belinda’s waist and pulled on her belt. She then unbuttoned her jeans. She’d been taking pictures the whole time, but had to put the camera down to get Belinda’s zipper down. She then positioned herself behind Belinda and pulled down her jeans to her knees. After that, she picked up the camera and snapped a photo of the black thong that was tucked into Belinda’s beautiful ass. She continued to circle us, snapping pictures as she went until she finally got back to her seat at Belinda’s side. “What else do you want to do Johnny?”

“I want to squeeze it.” I said.

Marcela reached out and rested her hand on Belinda’s lower back, then rubbed down to her right ass cheek and squeezed it. “Like this?” she asked, taking pictures of her hand rubbing and squeezing Belinda’s ass as Belinda continued to suck me off.


“What else?” she pressed.

“Kiss her.” I moaned.

Marcela rested her hand and the camera on my stomach, blocking my view. I felt Belinda’s lips leave my cock and the camera flashed. Kolej Escort Marcela moved the camera to get the shot from another angle and I saw the two of them tongue kissing as my dick pushed against Belinda’s cheek. I was so turned on at that point that I was shaking. I could only wonder if Marcela could taste me on Belinda’s lips. After taking two more pictures, she pulled away from Belinda and asked me “Now what would you do?” I struggled to think. I wanted to watch them do so many things, but so many of them would mean Belinda taking her mouth off my cock. Thinking quickly, I reached out and grabbed the bottom of Marcela’s shirt and started to pull it up just before she knocked my hand away. “No touching, remember?” she smiled down at me. She then put the camera down and pulled her shirt up and over her head before picking up the camera again. She was wearing a pale yellow bra and her large tan breasts looked incredible underneath. “Did you want to pull my shirt off?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I sighed. Belinda was quickening her pace.

Marcela held the camera out and snapped a photo of herself, now only wearing her bra and jeans. As she aimed the camera back at me she asked “What were you going to do after you took my shirt off? Were you gonna try to touch my tits?” she asked as she slid her hand over her breast.

“No.” I answered. “I just wanted to look.”

“Are you sure?” she asked. “Okay. Then what did you want to do next?”

My mind was racing. I thought back to that wild summer and all of the crazy things we had done together. Finally I answered. “I wanted to rip Belinda’s panties down… Ah! …and rub her asshole.”

“Wow.” Marcela replied. “you guys got kinky!” Belinda was still vigorously sucking my cock as Marcela got behind her again and yanked her panties down to her knees. Belinda then pushed off the ground and Marcela slid her jeans and panties the rest of the way off. She then put her finger in her mouth and wet it as she picked the camera back up with the other hand. She snapped picture after picture as she slid her finger over Belinda’s asshole. Belinda moaned onto my cock as she sucked me with all her might. I was beginning to understand the rules at that point, so I thought I’d have a little fun. I waited patiently for Marcela to ask me what I wanted to do next. Finally, it came.

“So now you’ve got your girlfriend giving you a blowjob. You took off her top and pulled off her panties and you’re rubbing her asshole. So what do you do next Chico?” she asked.

“I would take my bra off.” I smiled at her.

She lowered the camera and looked down at me smiling with seductive eyes. “Clever boy.” She said as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. All at once, it popped off and her beautiful breasts hung free. Her nipples pushed hard against the cold night air. She picked up the camera again and went back to rubbing Belinda’s ass as she took a picture of her own tits. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was about to cum and I knew it.

“Oh GOD!” I exclaimed. I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

Marcela slipped her finger lower down into Belinda’s pussy as she sucked me hard. She snapped pictures of all the ridiculous faces I made as I filled Belinda’s mouth with cum. It gushed out of her mouth and onto her hand and my cock. Belinda then sat up and I heard a gulp sound. Marcela leaned in and gave her a big wet kiss and when they parted, my cum made a bridge from their lips and Marcela took one final photo of that.

I continued to lie there on my back on the kitchen floor with my head spinning. Marcela popped open the battery door of the camera and pulled out the SD Card. She kissed it, handed it to me and said “Merry Christmas poor Johnny.” Belinda was on her knees still in front of me, but sitting upright now. She was smiling too. I was very content with how the night had panned out. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t over yet.

Marcela pulled Belinda onto her feet and then pulled her in close. Their breasts mashed together as Marcela dumped the batteries out of the camera onto the floor. She then dropped the camera to the ground and pushed her lips into Belinda’s. Their tongues were ravenous as they kissed with reckless passion. Marcela pulled back from her and reached down to the clasp of her belt. She unfastened it, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and quickly pulled them off along with her panties and then pulled Belinda into the living room by the hand. I was completely confused and overwhelmingly excited. Once they had disappeared from view I heard Marcela ask from the living room “You coming Chico?”

I scrambled to my feet and walked into the living room. The light was dim and warm. Belinda was standing next to the couch and Marcela had grabbed the throw that was draped over it and was spreading it on the floor in front of the television. She was a whirlwind and Belinda and I were left to try and keep up. She then sat me down on the couch and pulled Belinda down onto the blanket with her.

They were on their knees facing each other at my feet. Marcela took Belinda into her arms and pulled her close. They were both wearing mischievous grins and staring into each other’s eyes as their lips drew closer together. I pulled a cigarette out of my pack I’d left on the arm of the couch and lit it. I took a long pull and watched my two girls sharing a deep kiss. Life was good. I got up and headed to the kitchen to grab the tequila from the freezer. When I returned to the couch they were making out heatedly. Marcela was now pulling on Belinda’s nipple with her fingertips. I unscrewed the bottle and took a pull. It burned in my throat as I handed the bottle to Belinda. She took a swig and handed it over to Marcela.

I guess I had had enough of a break because my cock started to stand up again. As was the theme of the evening, I decided to just go with it. I put the cigarette in my left hand and reached down with my right to grip my cock. Marcela was leaning back taking a chug of Tequila and Belinda had leaned forward to suck oh her tit. “That’s nice.” I said as I stroked my cock.

Belinda looked at me from the corner of her eye and saw what I was doing. “You like that?” she asked, barely leaving Marcela’s nipple uncovered.

“Oh, I like that.” I replied.

Marcela looked over at me as she put the bottle down. “Just like old times.” She smiled. “Why don’t you stand up?” she suggested. “Stroke that dick for us.” I got to my feet and stood beside them. My dick was inches from their faces and I jerked it as they continued to make out. “That’s it Johnny. Jerk that cock.” She said just before going back to kissing Belinda. After a while, she pulled away and grabbed Belinda by the arms and began to turn her around. Now Belinda had her back to Marcela and Marcela wrapped her arms around her. Her left hand was massaging Belinda’s breasts and her right had found its way in between Belinda’s thighs. She gently began rubbing Belinda’s Pussy and they were both watching my hand move up and down my shaft. Then she bent Belinda forward and put her middle finger into her mouth. When she withdrew it, it was gleaming with spit. Belinda was now in front of her on all fours and her ass was sticking up in the air. I kept jacking myself as Marcela started rubbing Belinda’s asshole.

Belinda was moaning and to my surprise, Marcela reached up with her other hand and grabbed me by the cock and pulled me closer to her. She pulled my dick toward her mouth and started to rub it on her lips, mimicking the movements with her finger on Belinda’s asshole. Then she simultaneously pulled my cock into her mouth as she slipped her finger up Belinda’s ass. Belinda and I both moaned aloud in unison and Marcela smiled. She fingered Belinda’s asshole and sucked my cock matching every movement.
She continued to finger Belinda’s ass as she pulled me from her mouth. She gave my cock a gentle tug downward, so I dropped to my knees beside her. Marcela was now jerking me off and still fingering Belinda’s ass. “Belinda, does this feel okay baby?” she asked my girlfriend.

“Uh-huh.” Belinda moaned.

She smiled at me again. “Are you ready for something a little bigger?” Belinda moaned what could only have meant yes. Marcela slid to the side and pulled me behind Belinda. She finally pulled her finger all the way out of Belinda’s ass and pulled my dick toward it. She rested the tip of it on the tight opening of Belinda’s ass and rubbed it up and down. “Johnny’s gonna put his dick in your ass baby. Do you want it?”

I had fingered Belinda’s ass before and she always seemed to like it, but we’d never gone anal before, so I was very surprised when I heard her moan “Do it! Just put it in. Put that fat dick in my ass!” Marcela smiled at me and I needed no further prompting. I grabbed Belinda’s hips and gently eased my way into her. I got it in just past the head and Belinda wailed in pain. I immediately pulled out but she arched her back and moaned “Don’t stop! Put it back in! Put it all the way in!” I eased back in and the ridge of the head of my shaft popped in like a cork. She screamed again but I didn’t pull away. I just kept slowly easing my way in. It was so tight and I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. Moving slowly and gently, I finally got it all the way in. After that, her muscles relaxed and my cock glided in and out of her asshole smoothly.

I was so focused on the incredible sensation I was feeling that I had lost Maltepe Escort track of Marcela. She had positioned herself behind me. I felt her wet fingertips slide up my butt crack and graze past my own asshole. It sent another rush of excitement through me. I looked over my shoulder at her and she was smiling up at me and awaiting my response. It was so kinky that I couldn’t resist. I smiled my approval and went back to pumping Belinda’s ass. I then felt Marcela’s wet fingers slide up my crack again, only this time she stopped at my rectum and gently applied some pressure. The feeling was intense. Every nerve in my body was on fire. She massaged my asshole as I filled Belinda’s with my cock. Then I felt her hand slip away. Moments later it was back and now dripping with spit. She slid a finger in between my cheeks and found my asshole again, only this time she didn’t stop there. I felt her finger slide into my asshole and I tensed up and froze, but she didn’t pull it out. I felt her tits push up against my back and then her lips were on my ear. “Just go with it.” She whispered. “Just relax Chico.” I relaxed my body and sat still for a moment. She put her other hand on my balls and gently massaged them as she slowly pushed her finger up my ass. Once she finally got it in, she started to lightly rotate it around and pull it out and back in about an inch. The sensation was so immense that I spasmed. I had never felt anything like it. I eased back into my rhythm in Belinda’s ass and Marcela pushed up on the back wall inside me. That was all I could take.

I filled Belinda’s asshole with what must have been the biggest load of my entire life. With each burst, Marcela would push harder and somehow, more cum would shoot out of me. Belinda was now moaning too and I felt her asshole tense around my cock as it milked every drop out of me. Then I heard Marcela’s voice in my ear again. “Yeah Johnny! Fill her ass up.” I felt the last bit drip from me and I let my cock slide out of her. As it did, a river of white cum spewed out and dripped down her pussy. “Look at that.” Marcela said.

My cock was somehow still as hard as a rock. Belinda fell down onto her side and looked up at me. “Oh my God, I can’t believe we just did that.” She sighed. I had almost forgotten that Marcela still had her finger in my ass. Just as Belinda finished saying it, Marcela pushed on that little button again and another stream of white cum shot out of me and sprayed onto Belinda’s stomach. “Whoa!” Belinda exclaimed. Then she saw Marcela slip her finger out and her eyes lit up. “Oh my God! Did you stick your finger up his ass?!?” I dropped down and sat on the heels of my feet.

Marcela crawled toward Belinda on all fours. “Did you like that?” she asked as she scooped my cum off of Belinda’s tummy with her fingertip. She then rubbed the finger on Belinda’s lips before kissing her. They shared my cum in a kiss before Marcela broke away and bent down to Belinda’s stomach. She licked the rest of my cum off of her stomach and then took it in her mouth back up to Belinda’s. She held her head above Belinda’s and let my cum dribble down. Belinda saw what she was doing, so she opened her mouth and received my cum from Marcela’s mouth. Then they kissed again.

Finally Belinda stood up and said she was going to the bathroom to clean up. By then my cum was dripping out of her ass and down her legs. She disappeared around the corner and I leaned against the couch dazed. Marcela was sitting on her knees in front of me. We were smiling at each other and I saw her gaze drop downward. I looked down and saw what she was looking at. My cock was still standing straight up! I looked up to smile at her only to find that she was crawling toward me. She knelt with her knees between my feet. She put her hands on my thighs as she leaned forward. Her face was very close to mine and I oddly felt uncomfortable. I could tell she wanted to kiss me.

Despite all of the intimate things we had done together, we had never kissed, and we had never done anything without Belinda around. I could hear water running in the bathroom. Before I could think about it any longer, she leaned into me and we were kissing.

She was a much more aggressive kisser than Belinda and there was an undeniable passion between us. Suddenly, nothing else mattered. I felt her body moving closer. She brought her legs up and straddled me. I felt her hand grab hold of my cock and she guided me into her. She slid down onto me and I was suddenly inside of her. My face was buried in her tits and she rode my cock there by the couch. She leaned back and put her hands on my face. I looked up into her eyes as she bounced gracefully. She stroked my cheek and said to me in the softest of whispers “I love you.”

My response was immediate. There was no denying it and there was no reason to. “I love you too.” She pressed her lips to mine and we kissed deeply and passionately as she kept bucking on my cock. I truly was in love with her. Had I lost my mind?

We heard the water turn off followed shortly by footsteps making their way through the kitchen. She pushed her tongue into my mouth hard one last time before pulling away and arching her back. Belinda walked in and Marcela was leaning back and grinding my cock with her pussy. I didn’t know if Belinda was going to be upset, although, that would have seemed a bit of a late reaction considering. My girl didn’t say a word. She just walked in and sat down on the floor facing us.

She watched Marcela bounce up and down on my cock and then she spread her legs and started fingering herself. Marcela had turned to look at her and they both smiled. Marcela then reached over and slipped her finger into Belinda’s pussy and withdrew it, now wet with her juices. She reached behind her back and slipped the wet finger into her own asshole. She moaned and panted as she fucked me and fingered her asshole. Then suddenly she rose off of me and turned on all fours toward Belinda. “I wanna taste you.” She said. Belinda laid back, propping herself up on her elbows and spread her legs wide.

Marcela’s ass was in my face as she bent down and pushed her tongue inside Belinda’s cunt. I leaned forward and licked her from her pussy up to her asshole. I then rose to my knees behind her and slid my cock into her wet pussy. As I fucked her, her face pounded into Belinda’s cunt and they were both moaning with pleasure. Marcela put her palm just above her ass crack and spread her cheeks apart with her fore and ring fingers before massaging her asshole with the middle finger. She slid the finger in and worked it in as far as it would go. Belinda was lost in her own pleasure. She didn’t notice Marcela reaching back and pulling my cock out of her pussy and jerking it. Then she started rubbing the tip of it on her asshole. She wanted me to put it in. She wanted me to fuck her in the ass and she didn’t want Belinda to know about it. We were playing a dangerous game. I gently eased my cock into her asshole and she managed to not squeal.

She kept eating Belinda’s pussy while I pummeled her ass. We were all enjoying ourselves and I couldn’t shake the strange feelings I was having toward Marcela. She was engaged and here she was with her tongue in my girlfriend’s pussy and my dick in her ass. I was fucking her hard by then and felt my last load of the evening building up at the base of my cock. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed my dick deep into her ass all the way up to my balls and I felt a hot spray of cum pulse through my cock and deep into Marcela’s asshole. She howled into Belinda’s mound as I filled her bum with cream.

The three of us took a shower together and then went to my bedroom. We were all kissing and embracing naked between the sheets when I heard my roommates get home. After a while Belinda drifted off to sleep. Marcela and I didn’t say anything. We just stared at each other and kissed in the dark as quietly as we could.

The next morning we all woke up with mean hangovers. We laughed and smiled and eventually got dressed. I took them both back to Belinda’s place and Marcela got in her car and left. I told Belinda I would see her later and kissed her goodbye. When I got home I was surprised to see Marcela’s car in my driveway. She was sitting on my front porch.

She apologized for telling me that she loved me, but that she really did feel that way. I told her I did too.
We talked there on the porch for almost an hour about having these tremendous feelings for each other, but how it was an impossible situation. I had been dating her best friend for 6 years and she was engaged. She put her arms around me and kissed me again. Then she stood up and took me by the hand and led me back to my bedroom. We shared some passionate kisses before stripping each other down. We made love for the first time without Belinda being there. It was completely perfect.

When it was all said and done, Marcela kissed me goodbye. She went back to her parent’s house and I took a shower and went over to see Belinda. When I got there she asked me what I had been up to all afternoon.

“Nothing.” I said. “Nothing at all.”


AUTHOR’S REQUEST: “WHAT NEXT?” I wrote a list of the most exciting sexual experiences of my life and have been using it as a guideline to write these stories. So far I have told them in the order that they happened. The fourth part of this story actually takes place a great number of years after this one and there are a few other stories in between. So my question to you is “Do you want me to skip ahead and write Part 4 next, or should I continue chronologically? Please leave any suggestions as comments. Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my stories so far.

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