Mary and Roberta Go to the Pet Park

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Editor’s note: this fictional work contains scenes of fictional incest or fictional incest content.


Mary crouched in her cage. She wasn’t thinking about the funky smell of the black cloth bag over her head. She wasn’t thinking about how if she wasn’t let out soon she would have to empty her bladder leaving her kneeling in a puddle of her own piss. Like all good slaves she was thinking of the well-being of her master. She was in the cage because she had been “put away” as owners do when they are not using their slaves. She didn’t enjoy being put away but she knew it reminded her that she had no real existence apart from her master. Her master, Gary, had been putting her away more often and for longer periods.

She was afraid that as he became older that he was losing his vigor and becoming depressed. She knew that it wasn’t just because she was older. He was showing less interest in ass fucking their daughter Roberta and she was only twenty-eight. Her son, Jim, fucked Roberta more often and to tell the truth Jim fucked Mary more often lately. She hoped that Master Gary would be accepted for the clinical trials for vrilium, the new vigor drug. The drug companies like to test drugs like this in Briarton. If the subjects became sexually insatiable they had willing slaves to take care of their needs. The thought of Master Gary becoming sexually insatiable like he was when he was younger made Mary’s clit twitch. She’d love to be fucked until she could walk like she used to.

She heard some movement. “You’re taking Berta to the pet park,” Master Gary’s voice said. “Why don’t you take the old bitch with you.”

Mary perked up. She was the old bitch. It had been a while since she had been to the pet park. Pet play could be strenuous so younger slaves were usually used for it. Despite that it would be nice to get out of her cramped cage and into the fresh air where she could see the other slave pets and maybe have some fun herself. She heard the cage door open and someone pulled the bag off her head. Her son, Jim, was at the door. Her daughter, Roberta, was on all fours behind him. She was dressed in her puppy girl get up: leather leash attached to her collar, mitts, butt plug “tail”, knee pads, slippers. She scampered away and came back carrying a tail for her mom in her mouth. Jim firmly inserted it into Mary’s asshole. Roberta made several trips until Mary had all the gear she did. Jim got his mother set up for their outing. Roberta gave a happy little bark, talking wasn’t generally allowed in pet gear. Mary could tell that Roberta was glad to have her join them.

“Wait,” said Master Gary. “Don’t forget İstanbul Escort the old bitch’s mask.”

Roberta didn’t wear a mask or even dog makeup. She was young and pretty so it only took putting ribbons in her hair to turn her into a fantasy show puppy. Mary was an old bitch so maybe it was best if her face was covered. Jim went to the gear box and dug out her old PVC basset hound mask. It covered her face completely except for her eyes and mouth and fit snugly around her neck. She glanced at herself in the full length mirror in the other room. If she didn’t look like an old bitch before she certainly looked like one now with her floppy ears and sad, droopy expression.

Jim picked up their leashes and they walked to the front door, Jim upright and the two slave pets crawling in tandem ahead of them. While they made their way down the front walk Mary sidled onto the lawn, squatted and peed. Their next door neighbor paused from trimming the hedges to watch her relieve herself. While they were walking to the playpark that contained the pet park they met a woman they didn’t know.

She smiled brightly. “Your dogs are so cute! Are they friendly? Can I pet them?”

Jim said, “They’re very friendly. Feel free to pet them.”

Starting with Robeta and then Mary she began to pat and rub them all over their bodies. It was quick but Mary was sure the woman stuck at least two of her fingers in Mary’s cunt. Mary and Roberta swayed their asses from side to side to get their tails going to show they enjoyed the attention. The woman continued on her way. Mary hoped she enjoyed sniffing their cunt smell from her fingers.

When they got to the playpark they stopped briefly at the monitors desk. The monitor is there to keep out minors and non-residents. Charlene the monitor waved them through; she was familiar with their family.

They walked along the path to the pet park. On the way they glanced at all the fun various slaves were having with their owners and others. The playpark was filled with equipment to bind slaves to so their owners could do whatever they wanted while other people watched.

They got to the pet park, a fenced area within the larger playpark. It was grassy with obstacles, a pool with a hose, “fire hydrants” and other things to piss on and benches for owners to sit and watch their pet’s antics. It was a nice day so there were many pets in the park. Some people brought German shepherds, golden retrievers and other actual dogs to the park. Even in Briarton, sexual contact with actual animals is not acceptable. ( But there’s no telling what folks get up to in the privacy of Kadıköy Escort their own homes.) Still having actual dogs there enhanced the excitement by making the pets feel even more animalistic.

Jim took his pets inside, found a bench with a good view, sat down and took off their leashes. Roberta (or Princess, her pet alias) scampered off to sniff the butts of the other puppies. Mary (Bluebell) stayed by Jim. She was the oldest pet there. She didn’t want to interfere with the puppies’ fun by intruding. She would stay by Jim and if anyone came up to her or beckoned her over she’d join in the fun.

She and Jim watched as a woman took a tight cock cage off her male pet. He was wearing elaborate, artistic dog makeup. He trotted over to Princess and sniffed her butt. Then without further warning he mounted her and began giving her an enthusiastic fuck.

“Happy, bad boy!” the pet owner cried. “You can’t just fuck any bitch in the park. Do you want me to have to put your cage back on?”

“Oh, so that’s Happy.” said Jim. “It’s okay. Let them have their fun. I don’t know Happy but Princess does. When she’s not being a pet she’s the cop that gives him treats a couple times a week”

The woman laughed. “That is officer Roberta. I didn’t recognize her out of uniform and on all fours.”

Princess thrust her ass backwards into Happy in order to get a deeper fuck. Another puppy girl scampered toward her and began licking Princess’s face. She waggled her ass and tinkled on the grass.

“That must be Happy’s friend, Pippa.” said Jim, enjoying the show.

A sad, unshaven old man in a raincoat and a fedora dawdled into the park. He sat next to Jim and sighed.

“Is that old bitch at your feet yours, son?” he asked.

“Actually she belongs to my dad but I have free use of her.” replied Jim. “She’s my mom but you can call her Bluebell. That puppy girl between those other two puppies is my sister, Princess. I guess you could say I am her uncollared litter mate.”

By now Pippa had rolled over on her back and Princess was licking her pussy. Princess preferred men but was not above eating out a friend.

“You know,” said the old man. “I used to have an old bitch but she died a year ago. I had her since she was younger than Princess. Those are good memories but what I really miss are the fucks we had when we were both older. Her cunt was perfect for my cock and she knew just what I liked. I remembered the night before she died. We both knew that the end was coming and she was in a lot of pain, the bad kind, but she still begged me to give her one last fuck…” He trailed off and Jim and Ataşehir Escort Mary (who was listening carefully) were afraid he was going to burst into tears. “Son, you don’t know me but could you see your way to let me fuck Bluebell. It would…” Again he trailed off, his words insufficient to express his emotions.

Jim hesitated, “Um, I don’t know”

Mary thought this would be a chance too good to pass up. She could help a lonely old man and be fucked in public by a man she just met. She decided to break the pet rules and speak, “C’mon Jim let him do it. If your dad doesn’t like it he can just punish me.”

After all the years she belonged to Master Gary, he knew she belonged only to him. Therefore he was more amused than jealous by her sluttish ways. He probably would punish her but she felt she could use some strict bondage and a thorough flogging. It was more exciting than crouching in her cage for hours.

Jim lashed herpull six times with her leash. “Bitches don’t talk!”

He turned to the man, “Do you have a card?” Lending out slaves is expected in Briarton but it was only sensible to exchange contact information.

They exchange cards. Jim smiled and read aloud, “Abel Johnson.”

Bluebell was thinking that she certainly hoped so.

Mr. Johnson unbuttoned his raincoat. He wore nothing underneath. He carefully knelt down between her legs and positioned his dick outside her pussy, Then he violently thrust it in her. Bluebell knew this was going to be good; he wasn’t quite as big as Master Gary and certainly not as big as Jim but he was rock hard. It was obvious that he had looked forward to fucking a bitch like her for a long time. He started pumping her with surprising vigor for such an old man. She began to bay with pleasure.

Princess was about done with Happy and Pippa. He had pumped cum in her pussy and Pippa had squirted in her mouth. Happy took advantage of Pippa’s tail falling out to bugger her. Princess looked over to see why Bluebell was making so much noise then crawled over to get a closer look. She sat like a good puppy and watched her mother’s face. It had been a while since Bluebell had gotten a public stranger fucking and she was in ecstasy. Mr. Johnson was enjoying himself also and seemed determined to go until he couldn’t anymore. After he came for the third time and Bluebell had lost count of her orgasms, he regretfully pulled out. Roberta could see he had tears in his eyes.

She said, “Mister Johnson, you know they could use a man like you as a volunteer at the slave nursing home. It is filled with horny slave women whose masters have died or become infirm. You could ease the staff’s workload tending to their needs.”

Mary frowned. As always, Roberta meant well but sometimes she wanted to slap her. Didn’t she see that Mary was trying to figure out how to get Master Gary to arrange for her to have regular rendezvous with Mr. Johnson.

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