Market Trading

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Lin ‘phoned me to let me know that she had found a cheap deal for a week and a half in Tunisia. Having visited Tunisia in the early eighties I wasn’t sure about making a return visit. My previous experience of the country had been mixed. The sunshine and markets / bazaars had been good fun and interesting but the behaviour of some of the men towards me had left a lot to be desired. Although I had been with my then boyfriend, the undisguised lecherous stares of the North African men had been disconcerting to a young, relatively inexperienced, 24 year old.

However, Lin convinced me that the sun would be just the fillip we needed with the autumn nights closing in and winter very much on the way. I admit that it didn’t really take a lot to convince me. Having a little of the sun-worshipper in me, the thought of being able to sit by a pool and relax for a few days was always going to win out, especially as I had some annual leave that I had to take before the end of the year or I would lose it.

We were both keen to just chill out for the first couple of days before deciding whether we would be more adventurous. We spent the time starting on our suntans by the pool at the hotel, drinking cocktails, sampling some food and flirting with some of the men at the hotel. We felt safe with the flirting because all of the men seemed to be with partners and their women were always in close proximity.

When we were in our room we would laugh about the protectiveness of the women, especially as we had both decided at the outset of the holiday to remain ‘celibate’. At least, we were not ‘on the hunt’. If the opportunity presented itself we knew we wouldn’t say “No.” but we were not planning on seeking out any sexual adventures.

On the third day of our holiday the hotel had arranged a shopping trip to the market in Nabul and Lin and I had signed up for it. When we got on the coach for the drive we weren’t surprised to see that it was mostly the women from the hotel who would be our companions for the day. One or two of the men had been dragged along by their wives but it looked as if it was going to be a girly day out shopping.

The first stop at Nabul was something of a nightmare for me. I’ve never been good at bartering and if not for Lin could have ended up paying more than the trader was initially asking for the trinkets I was buying! I remembered something similar happening on my previous visit. The important thing, though, was that we were enjoying ourselves.

After the open air market we were all dropped in the town centre and given free rein for a couple of hours. Lin and I wandered off to the enclosed markets (bazaars) to try to buy some leather shoes. As we wandered around the market we would bump into some of the others on our daytrip and they seemed to be having as little success finding things as we were.

After about half a dozen attempts to engage with traders to try to barter down their prices on their shoes we were about ready to give up and head to a cafe for a cold drink. As we turned into another aisle I spotted a pair of moccasins made of leather that I took a fancy to. As I lifted them off the stall the trader suddenly appeared. He looked to be in his early twenties with bright eyes and a lovely smile. However, instead of trying to sell the shoes to me, he seemed more interested in engaging me in conversation.

Lin joined me and we started trying to talk about a price for the shoes. For some reason, though, the trader wasn’t interested in giving us a price. He spent more time asking where we were from, how long we’d been in Tunisia, what we thought of his country … all the things tourist oriented traders talk about to soften up their ‘victims’.

We finally got him back on track but struggled to agree a price. In fact we seemed to have reached an impasse when another man appeared and spoke to our trader. The trader looked at us a shook his head slightly. His friend became a bit more insistent and the trader turned to us.

“Okay ladies, I let you have shoes if you try on these.” He said, pointing to a djellaba type garment and a scarf that he told us was actually called a cheche.

Lin and I looked each other. She raised her eyebrows but gave a slight nod and we both turned to the trader and nodded our agreement. Lin said she would go first and told me to take a photo once she was dressed up.

As she struggled to slip the djellaba on the trader and his friends’ tactics became obvious. Their hands seemed to brush against her body, at first just lightly touching her hips but then they lingered on her bum and even brushed across her breasts as they straightened the garment. Lin seemed unsure how to react.

Once they had wrapped Lin’s head in the cheche, they all turned towards me and I raised my camera. I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were prominent under the djellaba. Obviously she had enjoyed having the men’s hands on her body.

As I took a couple of photos Lin’s eyes widened and I heard a muffled “Ooh” from under the cheche. I Şanlıurfa Escort suspected the men’s hands were wandering even more than previously. I lowered my camera and the men stepped away as I helped Lin out of the djellaba and cheche.

“Watch out for some seriously wandering hands and bottom pinching.” she told me.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “perhaps I’ll let my hands wander.”

“No! You have to be careful here. You can’t be sure how they will react.”

“You’re right. I’ll just grin and bear it. Just take a couple of photos and we’ll get out of here.”

Lin moved away and I knew I had to show willing. I held out the clothes towards the men, preparing myself for a little mauling.

As I slipped into the djellaba, sure enough, hands started at my hips and took every opportunity to rub my bum and press against my breasts. Even though I was expecting it, I was still slightly annoyed at their brazenness.

Once I had the cheche on, we turned towards Lin so that she could take our photos. The men stood either side of and slightly behind me as they had done with Lin. Before Lin had the camera to her eye, hands were on my bum and the backs of my legs, stroking and pressing.

“Okay” I thought, “time to surprise you.”

I dropped my hands down by my sides and reached back on both sides. I came into contact with the men’s legs and heard sharp intakes of breath from both of them.

Lin hesitated with the camera as she saw my arms move. I slowly moved my hands upwards and before long felt a bulge with both. The stroking of my bum and legs continued as I flexed my wrists so that my hands flicked across the bulges that were becoming more prominent.

I was concentrating on teasing the men and had forgotten where I was. I felt a hand on my left breast. Then another hand pressed on my right breast. I couldn’t help myself. I closed my eyes as a tremor went through my body. I curved my fingers so that I could hold the ends of the men’s bulges.

The hands left my breasts and took hold of my hands. Before I realised what was happening I was led behind the stall. I looked over my shoulder and saw Lin desperately picking up our bags. As soon as she had them in her arms she followed us. I felt a moment’s panic as I was dragged into an area that was quite well lit.

The men suddenly stopped and turned around to face me. They released my hands and while the original trader started to unwind and remove the cheche the other man started to remove the djellaba. In short time I was standing in front of them in my dress.

The trader moved towards me, placed his hands at the top of my arms and moved his face towards mine. As his lips made contact with mine I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of the young man’s mouth on mine. I felt his lips open slightly then his tongue pressed against my lips. I could not resist the slightly spicy taste and I parted my lips to allow his tongue across the threshold of my mouth. I returned the kiss, my tongue pressing against his, trying to taste his mouth.

Then I felt lips against the back of my neck as the trader’s friend moved behind me. I could feel an erection pressing against my bum as well as my stomach. Hands again took hold of my breasts through my dress, causing me to moan. Just I was beginning to really enjoy the sensations, the trader’s lips left mine.

I looked over my shoulder past the trader’s friend and saw Lin standing by the curtain that I assumed I had been ushered through. I felt slightly reassured by her presence but, thinking back, I’m not sure what I thought she would be able to do to help me if I needed to escape from the situation I had gotten myself into.

I manoeuvred my hands so that I again took hold of the covered cocks pressing against me. I managed to wrap my fingers around both and move them my hands up and down. I wanted to see the erections I had felt against my body.

My young trader stepped backwards, a smile on his face, and slowly raised his djellaba. With the other man’s hands continuing to play with my breasts I let my eyes wander down the trader’s body to watch his clothing creep slowly up his legs. He stopped with the hem just below his prominent bulge. I continued to stare and unconsciously ran my tongue over my lips. I raised my eyes to look into his eyes and saw they seemed to be sparkling.

With a flourish he lifted his djellaba over his head. My eyes immediately dropped to his groin. He was not wearing any underwear and his cock was standing out proudly, surrounded by a thick black bush of hair. I took a sharp intake of breath and I heard Lin say “My God!” as we both saw the young lad’s cock for the first time. It was without doubt the longest cock I had seen, although it was quite thin.

Both men laughed but I stood stock still, like a deer caught in headlights. The man behind me released my breasts and placed his hands on my shoulders. He pressed down slightly and I willingly took the hint to lower myself onto my knees.

I was glad at the Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan lack of girth of the trader’s cock because that meant I would be able to wrap my lips around it and taste it properly, which I was now looking forward to doing.

I looked at the elongated cock pointing straight towards me. I licked my lips and looked up into the trader’s eyes. He smiled back at me and moved his hips a little closer to my face. I slowly extended my tongue and flicked the end of the cock. I realised that he was circumcised, which I much prefer, as I rolled my tongue around the exposed glans.

I had assumed that he was fully erect but the cock head seemed to swell a little more as I gave it a tongue bath. I groaned, sending vibrations down the shaft and heard groans from the trader and his friend in response. My next step was to take the whole head of the cock into my mouth and suck while continuing to move my tongue around it.

I reached out with my hands and took hold of the trader’s thighs. I moved my head forward slowly, enclosing the first couple of inches in my mouth. Then I moved backwards releasing the cock. The trader tried to move with me but my hands on his thighs allowed me to remain in control.

The next time I took his cock into my mouth I moved my hands from his thighs to his balls. They were tight against his groin. When I raked my nails across them his cock twitched and he uttered something in his native language that I didn’t understand but I suspected it was a compliment of some sort. I alternated between massaging his balls and teasing my nails across them as he began to slowly thrust in and out of my mouth.

I could feel pleasure building inside me and I was thrilled when I felt hands reach around and unbutton my dress. The shoulder straps of the dress were also buttoned to the bodice and they were loosened too, resulting in it just falling away from my body. Because of the anticipated heat of the sun and the support provided by my dress I had not worn a bra meaning that my braless slightly tanned breasts were now exposed. I looked down and recognised Lin’s painted nails playing with my left breast, alternating between pinching and flicking my very erect nipple.

I felt hands drift down my body towards my panties. Hands slipped inside my panties and I heard Lin whisper “Be careful.” then I felt something cold against my skin and shortly afterwards my panties fell away completely. The trader’s friend had used a knife to cut away my panties with Lin’s help.

As soon as my panties fell away fingers were thrust into my damp pussy. Having my nipples squeezed by my friend and my pussy fingered by one man while I sucked off another was sending thrills through my body. As the fingers worked in and out of my pussy I was finding it difficult to concentrate on the cock in my mouth. Then the fingers brushed over my clit and sent me over the edge. I moaned loudly around the cock as my orgasm swept through me.

It was all I could do to keep the cock in my mouth. Fortunately the trader had kept his concentration and continued thrusting himself in and out of my mouth. His strokes seemed to become more frantic as he neared his own climax. I felt his cock throb and, sensing his impending release, tightened my lips around his shaft and used my hands on his shaft to pump it into my mouth.

With a loud groan the trader climaxed. I tried to swallow as much of his semen as I could, but it just seemed to keep coming. My mouth was soon full and I had to release his cock so that I could swallow. When his cock was out of my mouth I continued to pump it with my hands and his semen first hit my face and then dribbled down onto my breasts. Lin didn’t hesitate and massaged any semen that landed on my chest into my skin.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I looked like by the time he eventually finished his climax, but Lin surprised me by whispering “My God that was so hot to watch” then leaning in and kissing my lips and my face. She licked the trader’s cum from my face then pressed her lips tightly against mine.

The trader reached down and helped me to stand up. As he did so I saw Lin move towards the trader’s friend. She pushed him onto his back, then reached down and used his knife to slit his djellaba up the front, much to his consternation. Once she revealed his cock, she reached under her dress to remove her panties then promptly sat down on him. I watched as she moved up his thighs allowing his cock to disappear under her dress.

She undulated her hips backwards and forwards, grinding her pussy against his cock. Then she reached down, lifted herself slightly and settled down again with a moan of pleasure.

The trader led me to a bench that was piled high with his stock. He lifted me onto the bench then pushed my chest so that I lay down. My legs were hanging over the edge and resting on the floor. I felt him move between them and spread my legs apart. I was expecting to feel his cock nudging at my pussy and jerked with surprise when I felt Escort Şanlıurfa his lips gently press against the inside of my thigh.

The trader’s hand rested over my mound as his lips edged upwards to the junction of my leg and my groin. He traced his tongue over that sensitive part of my skin. Then with his thumb pressing against my clit his tongue reached my pussy lips. I thanked God that I was lying down as the pleasure coursed through me again. He sucked my labia into his mouth and nibbled gently. Then his tongue penetrated between them. My hips jerked and wanted to lift off the bench but the pressure of his hand on my mound kept me in position and at the mercy of his tongue and thumb.

He worked me well his tongue, increasing my arousal. He continued to alternate between nibble on my labia, running his tongue around, over and between them, and then slipping his tongue into my slit. For a young man he certainly knew what he was doing. He was much more considerate than I expected.

I could hear grunting and moaning from the floor. From the sound of things Lin was enjoying herself with her new found friend as much as I was with mine.

The trader built my arousal again. He could tell from the pressure he was having to apply through his hand on my mound just how aroused I was becoming. I couldn’t help but groan with frustration when his mouth finally detached itself from my pussy with me on the brink of another orgasm.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see him standing over me. He moved in and I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy. Then he bent down and his cock moved away. I felt myself about to beg him to stop teasing. He bent down then when he stood up he was opening a condom wrapper. It took him only a moment to slight the condom over his cock then he moved in again.

This time when his cock touched my pussy he kept moving forwards and he slid inside. My pussy gladly accepted him. When he finally stopped, his cock was further inside me than any cock had ever reached before but he was not right up against my groin. This was going to be interesting! He took his time moving his hips backwards then thrusting forwards again.

As he set up a rhythm he was comfortable with his hands held my hips, ensuring I felt his thrusts. I lifted my feet from the floor and interlaced my feet behind his back. He released my hips and continued to thrust in and out of me. He leant forward and his hands reached towards my breasts.

He took my erect nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and proceeded to pull and twist them. The teasing of my nipples and the pounding into my pussy took me back to the brink. I used my feet to pull him into me then I set up my own rhythm with my hips as I came for a second time. This time my orgasm was so intense I could only flop backwards limply after it finished.

The young trader continued to pound into me, getting faster as he approached his own second orgasm. His hands released my breasts and again took hold of my hips as with one final thrust he groaned and then leaned forward putting his hands either side of my waist. As his cock twitched inside me he dropped his head to my stomach and rested on me whilst getting his breath back.

I allowed my legs to drop and rested my feet on the floor again. The trader slowly eased himself backwards and out of me. As he did so I lifted myself onto my elbows and looked down my body to the other side of the room.

Lin was on her knees and the other man was behind her with his hands on her hips. He was slowly moving in and out. Lin was urging him on with words of encouragement. As I watched, his pace increased. Lin dropped her shoulders to the floor then reached down between her own legs. I assumed she was playing with her own clit to get herself to her orgasm.

Sure enough, only moments later she moaned loudly, followed quickly by the man making one last thrust and moaning himself. Lin rested her head on her arms as he collapsed over her back. As they both got the air back into their lungs he slowly eased himself upwards and then backwards. As he withdrew Lin just dropped to the ground. I was surprised, but not unpleasantly so, to see that he was also wearing a condom.

Once both men had recovered they wandered towards the back of the room talking to each other in their native language. I levered myself off the bench and gingerly moved over to Lin. She opened her eyes as I touched her and her grin was a mile wide — almost as wide as mine. I helped her to her feet and we moved around the room gathering our clothes.

I only had a dress to put back on. Lin looked at me as she picked up her panties then she smiled, dropped them to the floor and kicked them under the bench. I wonder who, if anyone, found them — and what they thought. When we both had our dresses on we made our way back to the front of the stall.

There were knowing glances from some of the nearby traders but no-one actually said anything. Even so, I felt myself blushing under their gazes. Lin and I were just about to walk away when the trader and his friend emerged from the back room themselves. Of course our trader’s friend was wearing a different djellaba and that seemed to be the cause of some comment by the other traders. At least that’s what I ‘assumed’ they were shouting to him about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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