Marco and Laura

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AN: I hope this is the right section for the story. I also hope I’ve correctly translated it (English isn’t my first language) and that you’ll be kind enough to comment it.

Death is a custom that everyone, sooner or later, has to respect.

(Jorge Louis Borges)

October 18th

It all feels like being back in high school, when I used to spend hours bent over my diary writing about my problems or the boy I liked. Unfortunately, this time it’s different. I started writing so that I’d have something else to do, something that could help me keep a sense of time passing and distract me from the mess that happened months ago.

Four, to be precise. Four months since, for a still unknown reason, the dead woke up and began to attack the living.

People immediately went into a panic. Most tried to leave the cities, only to end up clogging the highways and creating even more chaos. Those who remained stayed in army held areas, or in their homes behind armored doors, convinced that somehow they would be safe.

It looked like something out of George Romero’s movies. The dead returning to life for mysterious reasons, the abandoned cities, the military trying to salvage the situation.

It was horrible.

Marco and I stayed barricaded in my apartment in Milan for a while, but in the end we chose to escape before the city became too dangerous to live in. We hid in a mountain village whose name I don’t even remember. We chose it because it was far from the main cities, and we thought we would be safe. We have chosen a lovely house on the outskirts of the village, with a large courtyard. At the back is a small garden with a vegetable patch that has seen better times and a tree whose species I cannot identify. The gate and the wall surrounding the house seem solid enough, but should anyone be able to enter we would be ready to react.

There’s no signal up here, so our phones don’t work. There is no TV. The only way we have… or rather, we had to find out what’s going on in the outside world is an old radio that stopped working the day before yesterday. But at least the water and electricity are still there.

The village is empty. There’s neither people nor animals. I hope they managed to escape and are now safe. I’ve seen what happens when the undead attack someone, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

The house has two floors. We barred the doors and windows on the ground floor for safety. Now I’m in the upstairs bedroom, the one where I believe the owners used to sleep. From the photos I saw around the house, they must have been an elderly married couple. I wonder what happened to them. I like to think that somehow they managed to escape to safety, even if a part of me keeps saying that they are almost certainly dead, or are somewhere out there looking for people to devour…

Enough, I mustn’t think about this stuff.

As soon as I’m done writing, I’ll have to go into the cellar to get something for lunch. I hope there is still some canned meat. I also hope that Marco has better luck with his search today…

* * *

Laura stopped writing and put the pen away. She stroked a lock of her long red hair and pushed it behind her ear. Every time she mused on what had happened, she couldn’t help but think about her relationship with Marco.

Marco, with his raven black hair and his boy-next-door face. The one who had accompanied her on the journey to that house and who had saved her twice from the zombies. The boy she had watched grow up, and with whom she now shared a bed.

Before all this, Marco and Laura used to live in the same building. Her apartment was across from his, and she had babysat him for years, as well as helping him with his homework throughout school. There had always been a strong bond of friendship between the two. Now, instead…

It was all so weird.

She had never felt attracted to much younger men. Marco had turned eighteen just a few days before the undead outbreak, while she herself was thirty-eight. She could think of herself as a “milf” (even though she hated that word).

And she had never even considered sleeping with Marco. Still…

It had happened one evening, shortly after their arrival in this house. They were both sitting on the sofa in the living room, chatting. He had started talking about his parents, how he had seen them die devoured by the undead. He had burst into tears, and she had tried to comfort him with a hug. Then, by a strange twist of fate (and with the complicity of some bottles of the excellent wine they had found in the house), they kissed, and in a few moments they found themselves making love on the floor.

It had been Marco’s first time.

Since then they had started doing it regularly, even several times a day. Aside from the non-negligible physical pleasure of the act, it was also a way to fight loneliness and not think about the horror that surrounded them. They had no condoms, although being sterile, she didn’t have to worry about unwanted tandoğan escort pregnancies. The initial embarrassment had faded, though for her it was still a little strange (sometimes she felt almost like a pedophile, even though Marco was of age and she certainly hadn’t forced him).

Of course, such a situation had both its pros and cons. Marco, being so young, was always ready to have sex, and was able to get hard again in a moment. On the other hand, there was the issue of his speed (their first time had lasted only a few seconds) and lack of experience. Luckily, he was a fast learner. If… as soon as things returned to normal, he would be able to make use of his experience with a girl of his own age.

She also had a strong suspicion that Marco was in love with her. Laura, for her part, cared much about the boy, and every time he went out in search of supplies (he always insisted to go by himself, in a display of chivalry that she found old-fashioned and sweet at the same time) she was terrified she would never see him again. But actual love? No way. She sincerely hoped it was just a passing crush, and above all that she would never have to bring it up with him. The last thing she wanted was to break his heart.

With a sigh, he took up the pen again. She nibbled on it and murmured. “So, where was I…”

Just then she heard the sound of the downstairs door opening, soon followed by a series of footsteps up the stairs.

Laura smiled. Her young lover had returned. She dropped the diary and walked to the door of the room.

Marco appeared a few seconds later. He looked tired, and carried a large bag over his shoulder.

“Hey there, did you miss me?”

“A lot. Did you find anything?”

Marco put the bag on the floor and opened it. “It went well. I took a lot of cans and bottles of water. I also managed to find some apples, some bread and a couple of salamis. And then… where the hell did I put them… ah, here they are.” He took out some books and handed them to her.

They were Paulo Coelho books, one of her favorite writers. For a moment she wondered if he too had become a zombie. She took a quick look at the titles, and her joy increased. She had never read them. Finally now she had something more to pass the time with.

“Wow, thanks. Where did you find them?”

“They were in an abandoned car. I also took a lighter and a crowbar from there, in case we need it. Unfortunately there wasn’t even a drop of petrol, but I guess you can’t expect too much from life, can you?”


They remained silent for a few seconds, then Marco hugged her and kissed her passionately, first her lips, then her neck, and then travelled up to her ear. The redhead dropped the books and returned the boy’s attention by squeezing his ass. At which he slipped his hand under her sweater, and since she wasn’t wearing any kind of underwear, he immediately found the soft flesh of her breast. He massaged it well, and Laura reacted with delightful moans of pleasure.

“Do you want to…?” he whispered in her ear.

“Yes. You?”

He responded by slipping his other hand between her thighs. She let him, and soon after they both moved onto the bed.

* * *

“Ahhh… mmmh… oh, Laura…” moaned Marco, sitting on the edge of the bed, enraptured by the luscious sight right in front of him.

Laura was kneeling between his widespread legs, slowly bobbing herself up and down, with his cock wrapped between her firm and large breasts. Every now and then she spat on it, to make it slide better.

That morning, after breakfast, they had decided to try something new. It had been Marco’s idea. He had asked her if she had ever done it, and if she liked it. Laura had answered yes to both questions. In the past, she had used her melons several times to please a man, and even though physically speaking she didn’t feel much, she liked watching how much he enjoyed being surrounded by her feminine warmth.


That groan made her realize that Marco was now close to the edge. She briefly stopped and lowered her head, to tease the tip of his glans with her tongue. She then began to move again, locked her eyes into the boy’s, licked her lips and seductively whispered: “Come.” As an expert connoisseur of men, she knew that when they were horny, a simple word was enough to make them loose control. And Marco, after all, was a man.


Laura increased her hold, knowing that doing so would feed Marco even more pleasure. And just then, his manhood erupted like a volcano between her magnificent boobs, gifting her a copious amount of white cream. One shot, two shots, it seemed as if it’d never end. She was left flabbergasted. Marco had never ejaculated that much. She felt flattered at the thought that it was all thanks to her.

“Oh… Laura…” whispered the now completely empty boy, looking at the woman’s features decorated with his seed.

“Hush.” she silenced him. She caressed his dick, then with türbanlı escort a finger she scooped up some of the sperm on her chest, finally bringing it to her lips. She had always loved swallowing, and luckily for her, Marco tasted pleasantly enough. She savored it slowly, as if it were a glass of fine wine. She did this some more times, never breaking eye contact with Marco.

When she was about to finish, Marco stopped her with a wave of his hand. “Wait, I want to do something.”


“Just lay on the bed.”

She complied. Marco followed her on the mattress. He brought his lips to the last drops of his semen left on her body, and licked them off. He then greedily grabbed both of her breasts, first massaging them, then moved on to sucking on her swollen nipples. Laura stroked his hair affectionately and giggled.

Marco loved her tits. He always focused on them with so much passion, that at times he seemed to get lost for an eternity between those sweet flesh mounds. This gratified her a lot. She had always been proud of her large assets.

Nonetheless, after a while she felt a desire for something else. She patted the boy’s head a couple times, and he stopped and looked at her confusedly.

“You’ve done enough for the Twins.” That was their nickname for her juggs. “Now, how about a little trip down south?”

She smiled and slowly spread her legs, showing him her warm and inviting sex. It was soaking wet, with a little tuft of red hair on top. Marco didn’t waste time. He jumped between her legs, and hungrily began to lick.

Then, suddenly, something happened that would forever ruin that beautiful moment.

From outside came a series of thuds and strange grunts. The bedroom window was half open, and they could hear everything clearly. They both jerked their heads up. Shuffling footsteps made them get out of bed, alarmed. Someone must have entered the courtyard.

Laura walked over to the window. She peered through the blinds, and her eyes went wide with shock. “Shit.” Two zombies were staggering in the courtyard, while a third was climbing up the gate.

“What… how did they get in?” Marco exclaimed.

“No idea.”

“Is it just those three?”

“Let me see… yes, just them.”

“Good. Now listen: you stay here safe, I’ll go downstairs and take care of them. If I don’t make it, get ready to leave.” Meanwhile Marco had grabbed his clothes and started to get dressed.

“What the hell are you saying? You can’t face three zombies all at once!”

“This isn’t the first time I face them. They’re just rotting corpses, anyway.”

“Those rotting corpses have wiped out entire cities! No, Marco, I’m coming with you…” The boy interrupted her by planting a kiss on her lips.

“I’ll feel much better knowing you’re here, safe. Besides, I always got away with it. Have a little faith in me, for fuck’s sake!”

Before she could reply, Marco had already bolted out of the room.

“Shit.” The redhead gritted her teeth and cursed herself for not insisting more. She picked up her clothes from the corner where she had thrown them and dressed, then stood by the window and looked out.

The third zombie had joined the other two. They were all walking slowly towards the house. Laura wondered what had pushed them here. Maybe they had somehow felt their presence. She took a quick look at the walking corpses. Their appearance suggested they had died recently. All three were men, and one was wearing a worn Carabinieri uniform.

“Hey, assholes! Come here!”

Marco was out of the house, running towards the three zombies with something in his hand. Laura narrowed her eyes and saw that it was a crowbar.

“Marco…” she said in a faint voice.

The three zombies turned toward the human. The Carabiniere moved first. He stretched out his arms and opened his bloody jaws, emitting a series of incomprehensible gurgles. Marco hit him on the head with the crowbar. Blood and brain matter scattered on the ground as the zombie fell.

Laura decided to stop looking. It was something she had already seen, and she wished she would never have to see it again. She sat under the window and wrapped her arms around her legs, incredulous at how quickly she had changed in the morning. She and Marco were enjoying a moment of happiness, and then reality had to rear its ugly head once again. Why did this have to happen? It wasn’t fair! Hadn’t they been through enough already?

She closed her eyes and tried to not think about the sounds coming from outside. She hoped with all her heart that Marco would make it.

Shortly thereafter, silence fell. She stood up and looked out again, ready for the worst.

The three undead lay sprawled on the ground, their heads smashed. Nearby she saw the crowbar. Marco was nowhere to be seen. Good. He had made it.

Her heart beating madly, she ran out of the room, while the sound of Marco’s footsteps could be heard from the stairs.

They met soon after. Laura’s joy at the boy’s return was quickly replaced by concern as she noticed how he was clutching his left shoulder with his right hand. She saw blood, and her concern turned to terror.

“Oh my God… what happened?”

“It’s… it’s nothing…”

“Nothing? You’re bleeding! Let me see.”

She took Marco’s hand off his shoulder. There the shirt had been torn, and there was blood all around it. It seemed to come from a wound.

“Take off your shirt, quick!”

Marco obeyed reluctantly. He threw the garment to the ground, and Laura could see the wound better. She recognized it immediately. It was another thing she had already seen.

The mark of a bite.

A wave of panic washed over her. She knew what it meant, she had seen it happen to so many other people, and she had heard the news. Zombies spread the infection by biting the living. Within a few days or just hours, Marco would become one of them.

“Oh… oh, fuck…”

* * *

October 25th

Marco has been in bed for two days. He is terribly ill. At first he was throwing up, but now he’s stopped and his fever has worsened. He tries to not show it, but I know he’s scared to death. I am too. I’m afraid of what’s going to happen. It always goes like this, first you get sick, and then… you become one of them.

Why? Why did it have to happen to him of all people? He’s just a boy.

* * *

They were in the living room, in front of the lit fireplace, the flames casting orange shadows on their naked bodies. It was evening, and outside the house it was raining. Five days after that tragic event, they had decided what to do.

They would make love one last time, then Laura would shoot Marco in the head.

She didn’t like that solution one bit. She would have cut her arm rather than hurt the boy. But it was the only way to keep him from becoming a zombie.

At that moment he was lying on the ground, a rudimentary bandage wrapped around the bitten shoulder. She was beside him, on her knees. She was masturbating him slowly, and at the same time she played with herself, in order to arouse both of them with minimal effort on his part. In his condition it was already a miracle if he managed to get hard. Not far away, the pistol they would later have to use (an old one she had bought a long time ago. They had rarely used it since coming here, preferring to spare the bullets).


Laura stopped and looked at Marco. “What’s up?”

“I feel awful…” He started to raise his head, but she stopped him.

“Don’t move. I’ll do everything tonight.” She sighed and added, “I’ll make you feel good.”

“You have… you always have…”

The redhead smiled, and decided to stop. Better not waste too much time on foreplay. She caressed Marco’s belly, going up to his chest, where some black hairs could be seen. They had only recently begun to appear, and… and now he would never have a chance to grow more.

Enough bad thoughts! The woman told herself. Just focus on Marco.

She climbed onto the boy’s body and straddled it. Leaning on her knees, she placed one hand on his chest while she grabbed his length with the other one and slowly guided him inside her, until she had completely welcomed him in. With that done, she rolled her hips slightly and began riding the boy. She put all her passion into that act, all her femininity, so that the last moments of Marco’s life would be unforgettable. She gently stroked his chest and face, alternating every now and then with little kisses.

After a while Marco decided to take a more active role. He began to slowly move his hips to Laura’s rhythm, while he ran his hands along the redhead’s body. He paid particular attention to her beautiful heart-shaped butt, slapping her cheeks and eliciting approving moans from the woman.

Suddenly Laura felt one of the boy’s fingers tickle her anus, and then it entered slowly. That gesture was enough to send a jolt of pure pleasure up her spine. Her anus was one of her most sensitive areas, and Marco knew it well. She had taught him, after all. His finger then began to move, alternating slow and fast movements. Together with the penis in her other orifice, that finger helped to give her a nice feeling of fullness.

“Mmh… yes, like that…” the woman moaned. She used two fingers of her right hand to tease her clit and closed her eyes, completely abandoning herself to pleasure. She forgot about everything else that had happened to her in the last few months. The zombies, their escape, the world that was falling apart. What she would have to do soon. Nothing else mattered. Right now, there was just the two of them. Only Marco and Laura. Their moans and sighs filled the room along with the crackle of the flames.

They came almost simultaneously. Never stopping moving, Laura threw her head back and howled like a possessed woman. Marco gave one last push, and, shouting her name, he emptied himself into the woman’s body.

Both panting, spent, they looked at each other for a long time without saying a word.

“Laura… oh, Laura I love you…”

Poor boy. Poor, unlucky boy. She felt like crying, but held herself. She couldn’t let her tears ruin that moment.

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