Making Up for Lost Time

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(A sequel to It’s About Time)

My life changed after that first night with Jenny. I still did not consider myself gay but in the space of 24 hours I had taken a big step off the fence and that felt great. Jenny and I now spent most nights together and she taught me how to give and receive pleasure in ways that I had never considered before. Her tongue was incredibly versatile and, yes, it is true that women know how give oral satisfaction better than men. She could play me like a musical instrument, moving gradually from the overture of gently nibbling on my nipples through the slow passages with soft mellifluous movements of her fingers, lips and tongue up and down my wet slit leading to small vibrato fluttering notes on my swollen clitoris and then down through the scales to circle my twitching anal sphincter before raising the tempo with alternating hard thrusts of her tongue into both holes accompanied by vigorous strumming of my cunt with her fingers until, just before the orgasmic climax, a sudden change of tempo and the slow refrain that gradually built again to the climactic finale leaving me whimpering in a wet pool of my own juices. Of course, we played duets, both synchronising our tongues and fingers to a deep and sensuous rhythm before that final cymbal clash of orgasmic pleasure.

Jenny was a virtuoso of many instruments and her bedroom often hummed to the low buzzing of vibrating butt plugs and vibrators accompanied by the percussive slaps of strap-on dildos ploughing either cunt or arse. I will always remember the day I submitted my anal virginity to Her. It started in the kitchen when she got home from work having been away on business for a few days. We drank some wine and kissed passionately with our tongues winding into each other’s mouths. Jenny pushed her hand into my panties to feel my moistening slit and remarked that I needed a shave. We both shaved each other regularly since that first night when Jenny had taken off all of my hairy bush. We were interrupted by Lydia, our other flatmate, who said irritated,

“For Christ’s sake! Can’t you two get a room?”

Lydia was an art student and a bohemian hippy chick or at least she pretended to be in order to impress her drug addled waster of a boyfriend. She showed no interest in sapphic pleasures which suited us because she was not strong on personal hygiene and looked a mess most of the time with long matted frizzy hair and unwashed disheveled clothes. She drove Jenny mad by leaving the shower drain clogged with her long matter hairs. That day, Jenny and I retired to Jenny’s room where I was soon undressed and arranged on a towel on her bed. After running the electric clippers over my cunt Jenny quickly lathered me and shaved me smooth. She then pushed her fingers under my cunt and towards my bum hole.

“Looks like you got some danglers here,” she said while tugging gently on a long pubic hair. “We don’t want those blocking the drains as well. Turn over, get onto your knees and spread your cheeks.”

I did as I was told and Jenny said, “Bloody hell. That’s a forest.”

She took up the electric clippers again and began to mow. I could feel hairs dropping down the inside of my thighs. Then, with a loud squish, a cool blob of shaving foam was spread carefully around the entrance to my rectal passage. I squirmed as the razor rasped across my exposed hole. For someone who has never had their arsehole shaved before, I can recommend it as one of the most erotic sensations that I have ever known. All too quickly, Jenny was wiping off the excess foam and I felt her tongue rimming around my sensitive hole. A well lubricated finger was inserted and I groaned with pleasure. My fingers naturally moved to my cunt and began to work vigorously in and out until I felt a sudden disappointment as Jenny removed her finger and went to the dresser, saying, “I think you need something bigger up there.”

I kept moving my fingers in my wet cunt until Jenny knelt in front of me on the bed in a strap on harness with a rubber cock attached. She positioned it at my mouth and told me to suck. After a few minutes Bayan Escort Gaziantep during which I moved inexorably towards fingering myself to an inevitable orgasm, she moved behind me. I moved my hand, waiting for the artificial cock to enter my wet cunt but instead I felt Jenny anointing my arsehole with lubricant. A small flutter of panic washed over me before I felt the first inch of the dildo slide gently into my back passage. It paused there for a few seconds and then slowly moved further in. It felt huge but I knew it was one of Jenny’s smaller toys that had fitted comfortably in my mouth. I winced at the sensation of fullness as it made another small incursion and was then pulled back a fraction. I let out a low moan as eventually the full six inches was buried inside me and I felt Jenny’s thighs pressing against my cheeks. She then pushed a small vibrator into my cunt and moved my hand up to hold it in place as she began to slowly ease the strap-on in and out of my arse. At first it stung, but eventually the feeling of fullness overwhelmed me and, with Jenny grasping my hips as she thrusted in and out, intense sensations were transmitted to my cunt which was already humming to the rhythm of the vibrator. I knew I couldn’t hold out for long before the orgasmic tsunami flooded across my body. Jenny continued to pound me until the last shuddering tremor subsided and I collapsed onto the bed.

Jenny seemed to get busier at work and spent more time away on business. She announced one day that she was being sent to sort out a problem in Australia and would be gone for six months., I resigned myself to sleeping alone for all that time and, despite our earnest promises to the contrary, skype sex is nowhere near as much fun as the real thing. I, too, was busy with my career and the time passed quickly despite a few minor irritations.

The main source of my irritation was Lydia, our flat mate. She oozed mock sympathy over my lack of a sex life while Insinuating that she was rewriting the Kama Sutra with her drunken excuse for a boyfriend. On the rare occasions that he came to our flat, I stayed in my room, only coming out to clear up the mess of beer cans, overflowing ashtrays and empty pizza boxes that had been left and to open the windows to let out the smell of stale joints. Lydia was besotted with him and eagerly engaged in his chaotic lifestyle, continuing to disregard normal hygiene rules. I often picked up her discarded panties from the living room floor and noted with slight revulsion the stains and pungent aroma. Despite her unwillingness to wash regularly, the shower plug was usually clogged with her frizzy brown hairs, although she seemed to go for days without showering at all. She missed no opportunity to regale me with stories of her hectic sex life but it seemed to me that it was intermittent, to say the least. Most of the time she seemed to be alone and waiting for the druggie loser to turn up and borrow more money from her.

Matters came to a head when I arrived home one evening and found her in floods of tears in the kitchen. She looked at me and sobbed, “Oh Karen, Max has dumped me. What am I going to do?”

I resisted the temptation for to say, “Celebrate and get a life.” Instead, I put a consoling arm around her and encouraged her to tell me what had happened. Her day had started badly when she arrived late at work. To make the rent she worked as a waitress in a restaurant. She expected to be reprimanded for being late but instead she was dismissed on the spot and told that her personal hygiene standards were below expectations. My proximity to her greasy unwashed hair and hairy arm pits at that time told me that they probably had a point but I decided not to comment. She then went to her boyfriend’s flat seeking sympathy but instead found him naked in bed with two other girls. When she protested, he told her that she had become too clingy and that as she no longer had money coming in she was surplus to his requirements.

I muttered some platitudes like, “What a complete bastard. You’re much too good for him,” and she wailed even more. Eventually she calmed down enough for me to pour some wine into her and I continued to try to console her.

“Don’t worry, Lydia. You’ll find someone else. Someone much nicer.”

She gazed at me sadly through tear stained puffy eyes and her lips trembled.

“You mean like you and Jenny?” she whispered, as she looked away and suppressed a small sob. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “You have both been very kind to me and I’ve been such a bitch.”

At that moment, I looked into her eyes and her sadness seemed infinite. I put my arm around her again and led her to the sofa saying, “It will all turn out alright. Sit down and have another glass of wine.”

When I returned with two more glasses of wine, Lydia had removed her shoes and was sitting with her legs crossed and her face in her hands, “I wish I could be like you and Jenny,” she muttered with a slow shake of her head.

“What, lesbian?” I said with some surprise.

“Well no, not that. Or maybe yes. It’s just that you both seem so, you know, together. Nice clothes. Nice hair. Nice relationship. And look at me” she spread her hands and continued, “I look like a sack of shit.”

I was too polite to mention that she smelled like one too, especially with the ripe aroma of her feet now filling the room. Instead, I sat next to her and pulled her towards me. “You can change,” I said as I recoiled from the smell of unwashed hair.

“How?” she said with a look if desperation in her eyes.

“Well,” I stretched the word out while I considered my next move. “The first thing you need to do is take a shower.” Before she could object I seized her by the hand and led her quickly to the bathroom. I undressed her and cast her clothes to the corner. I then ran the shower and proceeded to undress myself slowly. She watched like a small furry animal caught in the headlights of a giant oncoming truck. I bundled her into the shower cubicle and began from the top by emptying a bottle of shampoo onto her hair and massaging vigorously followed by a handful of conditioner. She stood stiffly with her hands simultaneously trying to cover her tits and her cunt but eventually she began to relax and let her arms fall as I turned her round and massaged soap into her breasts and under her hairy armpits. Her tits were surprisingly large and firm but as she hardly ever wore a bra, I had not noticed them before. I gently pinched her nipples before moving down to her pubic thatch. It was massively hairy with a slightly crusty texture. Lydia gasped and then turned to face me. She let her lips move closer towards mine and kissed me, slowly at first and then passionately. Her fingers fumbled around my nipples and then fell down to my cunt which was beginning to tingle.

“Wow. It’s so smooth,” she whispered, “will you do me?”

“Later” I said. “Let’s get rid of the rest of this fur first.”

I shaved her legs quickly and then her armpits. I felt her cunt and then pushed around to her arse. She gasped with pleasure so I led her out of the shower and into my bedroom. I did my best to comb out the tangles in her hair but without much success. No matter, my plan was to take her to see Mary, our barber, as soon as possible. As I brushed her hair she seemed much calmer and even smiled. She was surprisingly pretty and I said, “There, you’ve scrubbed up nicely.”

“Thank you,” she said meekly, “and now do you want to fuck me?”

“Not so fast,” I replied. “First I’m going to take care of that birds best between your legs.”

She melted backwards onto the bed and spread her legs wide apart to show her wet gash and hairy lips I stood at the end of the bed between her legs and held up the large clippers before switching them on with a loud click. I had never experienced the pleasure of mowing a very hairy cunt. Jenny did mine first but her pubes rarely grew beyond stubble length before I shaved them down. It took no time to reveal Lydia’s pretty cunt that had been hidden by a mass of stinking hair just an hour before. I grabbed a handful of the fluffy brown hair and let it fall onto Lydia’s tits. She giggled and said, “Are you going to do it to my head?”

I had not thought of it until then but I smiled wickedly and said, “Yes, maybe. If you are a good girl. “I flipped her over ran a smaller set of clippers around her arse hole. She was now very aroused so I ran a finger along her wet lips and pushed it into her cunt. She squealed and wriggled deliciously while moaning, “Please, don’t stop.”

I shook a can of shaving foam and squirted it all over her cunt before shaving off the remaining stubble. I quickly got to work with my tongue on her clitoris and she came violently, bucking her hips into my face and screaming loudly. She fell back to the bed in a limp pile. I moved to her head and whispered in her ear, “Did you enjoy that?”

She replied with a long, “Mmm, it was so nice. You are too good to me. What can I do for you?”

I felt my hair which had not been cut for several weeks and made up my mind.

“I want you to buzz my hair,” I said. Lydia looked uncertain for few moments and then grinned impishly. She jumped up, placed a chair in the middle of the room and patted the seat while beckoning me over. She picked up the large clippers and selected an attachment. Then she started at the front of my head and slowly shaved a path down the middle of my scalp allowing a clump of hair to fall on my shoulder and then drop across my tits and into my lap.

“I really love seeing girls with short hair,” Lydia purred, “but I’ve never had the nerve to do it to myself.” Another clump of hair fell to my lap and I felt my cunt moisten again. Lydia slowly went over the top of my head several times before changing the attachment to a smaller one and pushing the clippers up above my ear. I closed my eyes and felt the exquisite vibrations pulsing through my skull as more hair fell. I began to finger my soaking wet cunt and the wet squelching sounds made Lydia giggle as she pushed the clippers up the back of my head. I could feel her fingertips running sensuously over the shaved areas and searched with my hand for her nipples. She picked up the smaller clippers and cleaned around my ears and neck before lifting a leg across my thighs and sitting in front of me on my lap while running her hands over my newly shorn head. I moved my tongue around her nipples and she ground her crotch into my thighs. We were both close to coming but I broke the clinch and pushed her down to kneel in front of me.

“Now it’s your turn,” I said as she bowed her head and waited for the clippers to go to work on her matted hair. I moved them slowly and purposefully sending the whole scruffy pelt to the floor in one continuous fleece leaving a soft layer of stubble. I lifted her face and was struck by its simple beauty as her large eyes stared back at me. We kissed again and I pushed her back onto the bed before burying my face in her freshly shaved cunt. She groaned as I rotated through one hundred and eighty degrees to give her access to my dripping slit. She hesitated briefly before taking her first tenuous lick of girl juices. The rest of the evening was an ecstatic orgy of pleasure as I introduced my newly shorn hippy girl to the full menu of female pleasures. The next morning, I awoke early and surveyed the scene. Lydia was asleep in my bed and I still could not believe how sexy she looked with a buzzed head. Around us on the bed and on the floor were the sex toys that we had used during our unexpected night of passion. The floor was also covered in various shades of brown hair. The sight of so much hair aroused me and my hand moved to my cunt so that I could begin a slow leisurely wank. My rising excitement woke Lydia, who was initially confused. Her hands moved slowly over her head and probed her cunt area. I smiled and rolled on top of her so that I could kiss her full on the lips. She looked at me intently and with a look of deep sorrow.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, “I have forced myself between you and Jenny.”

I laughed and said, “I’m sure Jenny won’t mind sharing me. In fact she will be delighted with what we’ve done.”

“She will? Why?” Lydia quizzed.

“She hated all your hair and pubes clogging up the shower more than I did.”

Lydia giggled and we embraced again.

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