Ma Petite Mort Ch. 02

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Foreword: All persons in this story were/are 18+ and consenting adults.


She was short and curvy, 5′ 1″, size 16 with a vast arse and a tiny waist. Her tits were a small 36B, but perfect for me. I got more than I could ever want from her perfect arse. She had the most inviting hazel eyes and light brown curly hair which sat on the small of her back.

We were opposites. I’m 5′ 4″, size 10 with black hair that reaches my arse, olive skin and big brown eyes. I’m of medium build with curves in all the right places.

Although opposites, we went together like coffee and cream, and our sex was truly spectacular.

I’d text her one Saturday afternoon asking if she wanted to stay the night with me. A reply came in quick succession and our night was confirmed. I immediately set to getting ready; shaving, exfoliating and preening myself, ready for her touch.

By this point, we were past being polite and ripped each other’s clothes off most of the time. I was lying on my bed when she came into my bedroom; her cheeks flushed red and a smile on her face, wearing those familiar pyjama pants she did every weekend.

She set her bags down, took her shoes off and found her way to my bed, sitting next to me and leaning over for a sweet little kiss on the lips.

I told her to get in, so she pulled back the covers and slithered inside, still shivering from the cold outside.

I turned onto my side and took her hand in Antep Escort Bayan mine, pulling her close to me. She soon realised I wasn’t wearing any clothes as she slid her leg between mine and ran her hand over my waist and to my back, holding me close against her. We kissed and took in each other after a week apart and drank in each other’s company.

We lay embraced for a short while before I put my hand underneath her top and into the cup of her bra. I circled her nipple with my finger as we kissed deeply and hungrily, she ran her finger from the nape of my neck, down my back and bottom, stopping occasionally to squeeze my arse and run a cheeky finger across my pussy which was now soaking wet; I wanted her so badly.

She told me I was naughty for not wearing any clothes, and I loved that. I told her she was naughty for playing with me before I’d even taken any of her clothes off.

Before long, her mouth found one of my tits and she darted her tongue up and down on my nipple, sucking it hard and making me groan under my breath. She always looked up at me as she did, smiling to herself.

As she licked and sucked on my tits, her finger found its way between my legs, and she gently ran it from the bottom to the top, playing in my wetness and teasing me.

I lay on my back and pulled her on top of me, so she was kneeling above me, her finger playing with my pussy and her head bowed, sucking on my tits.

I told her to stop and to sit up; she did as she was told. As she rose, I took her top in my hands and pulled it over her head, putting my arms around her as she sat in her bra and unclipped the hooks. I pulled the straps over her arms and threw her bra onto the floor, before leaning down and sucking her tits as she had mine.

She put her hand on the back of my head as I sucked, and bowed her head, moaning softly and gently into my ear.

I gently pushed her backwards onto the bed so she was lying down, and sat astride her. I varied what I was doing between kissing her deeply and sucking on her tits, she moaned satisfyingly throughout, her eyes closed but opened occasionally to smile sleepily at me.

Before long, I wanted her pyjama pants off, so planted kisses down her stomach and stopped at her waistband, looking up at her. She smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Take them off then”.

I did as she asked and pulled her pants towards me, leaving her naked. I left her pussy alone, although I could see she was wet, and I carried on kissing her and playing with her tits.

Before long, she told me to sit up and sat astride me. I could feel her pussy was wet against my thigh as she sat on top of me.

I leaned backwards and raised my leg; her pussy was still wet against my thigh. We kissed deeply as I put my hands on her hips and began to force her into a rhythm, knowing my thigh would be stimulating her. Before long, she picked up her own rhythm and bucked her hips, getting off against me and moaning softly as we kissed.

Before I realised, she had straightened her right leg and slid it underneath mine. She moved closer towards me as I felt the connection between my pussy and hers. I felt her juices warm against mine as she plugged our pussies together and lay backwards. We bucked our hips in time, moaning and playing with our tits. It eventually got faster until I couldn’t take anymore and needed to feel her inside me. I sat up and grabbed her hand, forcing her fingers inside me. She got onto her knees and lowered herself, sucking on my clit while thrusting two fingers inside me. I needed to cum, and I told her to go faster and harder.

It wasn’t long before she was finger fucking me hard and I was moaning loudly while she bit her bottom lip and fucked me like I wanted.

She curled her fingers as she fucked my pussy, hitting my G Spot with every dirty thrust of her fingers. I told her to go as hard and as fast as she could as I began to reach orgasm. “I’m cumming”, I told her and she fucked me as hard as she could, her teeth gritted.

I asked her to kiss me and she quickly leaned forward and thrust her tongue deeply into my mouth, the finger fucking consistent and hard. Before long, I felt my hips begin to thrust and my whole body tingled. She never gave up on making me cum and always knew how long to go for.

We fell into each other’s arms and I sleepily played with her wet pussy with my eyes closed as we kissed and embraced tightly under the covers.

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